How To Write A Romantic Love Note For Her

If you can't express your love for her in person, you can always send her love notes. Here are some tips you can follow for a perfect love letter.

How To Write A Romantic Love Note For Her


  1. Love notes are old-fashioned, but so what?
  2. 1. Let go of your fear
  3. 2. Think of how much you love her
  4. 3. Think about the past, present, and future
  5. 4. Make a draft of your love notes for her
  6. 5. Forget about how your love notes for her should look
  7. 6. Be true to yourself

Love notes are old-fashioned, but so what?

Women are very emotional when it comes to love. As much as possible, they always want to hear from their partners that they are loved and appreciated. They always look for effort and they just love men who are romantics! We have so many ways of expressing our love for someone that sometimes we can't decide which is the more romantic one to use. So, is there something unique and different you can do to steal her heart? Because almost everything is being modernized today, even expressing your love for someone is much easier— text message, phone call, chat apps, dating apps, you name it! But, these are very common and somehow, we get the feeling that these ways are not enough to show her that you do really love her. Have you ever thought of sending her love notes? Yes, at first, you'll probably think it's too corny and that it's a "thing of the past". But so what? If you are not very vocal about your feelings but you want to be a romantic, this is the perfect way to show her that you love her. And since it's quite old-fashioned, I am sure she'll appreciate it more because it's all about the effort! You have to admit it too, even in these modern times, you once wished to receive love notes. A letter is something that we can touch and keep for many years, so it's different from when we receive instantaneous e-mails or text messages. A letter's sentimental value is special. So, if you want to try writing a love note, keep reading these tips!

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Your love notes for her can be funny or emotional!

The way a love note is written will depend on you. Oftentimes, people depict love notes as something emotional and sad. We even buy scented stationery, use formal writing and use heartfelt words to make it even more special. But, if you don't want these love notes to sound emotional and too dramatic, you can write it to sound the way as if you're teasing her. You may include jokes you laugh at together or hilariously funny puns in the letter. It doesn't matter however you write it as long as everything in it comes from your heart and is true.

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1. Let go of your fear

Writing love notes can sometimes be as nerve-wracking as confessing in person, especially if we are not really vocal about our emotions. Some people have the tendency to fear that they might use the wrong words or they might sound ridiculous and corny. But for you to be able to write a romantic letter, you have to let go of that fear. Just remember that you're doing it for someone you love and that you should not be embarrassed to show her how you much you love and care for her.

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2. Think of how much you love her

There are moments when we just think of nothing else but that someone we love. Or perhaps, you get lost in thought and wonder why you're so in love and how you can't live without her. Sometimes, the tears just fall down unconsciously because you are that thankful to have her. It's those days where you can tell that your love for her is stronger than anything you've ever felt before. Think about her purpose in your life. How do you feel when she's around you? How happy are you when you're holding her hand? Do her smiles make you feel at ease? What is her existence to you? They are very simple thoughts and often taken for granted, yet every romance starts with these. You can use these thoughts to help you write loves notes. You can even go somewhere private to prolong these kind of moments. Make sure to carefully write down and describe in detail what you're currently feeling. This will help you determine what you want to say in your love letter for her.

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3. Think about the past, present, and future

It's normal to be at loss for words while writing an emotional love letter. It's either you lost your deep-in-thoughts moment or you really don't have any clue what to say in it. In times like these, you can use the past, present, and the future to guide you.

Remember the memories

Surely, you've shared a lot of moments together with your significant other. You can use these memories to write an emotional yet romantic love letter. Remember the time when you first saw her and where you went out on a date. How did you feel when you first kissed her? Or held her hand? What was it like to finally stare deeply into her eyes? Can you still remember what she was wearing that time? You can also include the times when you hadn't met her yet or when you just had a crush on her. You should know that these memories doesn't necessarily have to be the good ones only. You can bring up the arguments you had, the silly quarrels, and embarrassing moments. But make sure that you write them in a way you can both laugh at it together. Don't make it sound as if you're trying to make her feel guilty.

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Think about what's happening now

While the memories play a big part in your relationship, it's also important to think about what's currently happening between the two of you. Ask yourself how much you still love her up to this day. Include in your letter how you notice even the small changes she's developed, or your plans for your date together next week. Tell her what you're feeling while currently writing your love letter for her.

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What's in the future?

Lastly, if you are really committed, think about the most important part in your relationship: your future with her. Include in your love notes the goals and dreams you have for both of you. Yes, even the simplest ones. Tell her the kind of wedding you have in mind, or the places you'll travel to together. Assure her that your love for her will never change and that you'll stay with her until the two of you get old.

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4. Make a draft of your love notes for her

While writing your letter for her, you can be sure that you would not make it perfect on the first try. Though the grammar should not matter that much because it's the message that counts, I am sure that the thoughts you've collected from reflecting on your feelings will be somehow so jumbled that you wouldn't know how to start putting them altogether. Get a piece of paper and just write everything that comes to your mind. Don't worry about the errors just yet.

Remember that it's for her

The love note you're making is meant for her to read so write the things that you know she'd appreciate. As much as possible, avoid putting any negativity in the letter. Also, there may be instances where you want to sound funny or smart and put in phrases that would likely bring up confusion. And, though you may not mean anything bad, she might misunderstand. Write a letter that you know the person you're writing to would want to receive. Always focus on "you" or "we", not "I" or "me".

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Informally or formally written love notes should not matter

When you think about love letters, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is that it should be emotional and formally written. And, the tendency is that you would search the internet for different formats on how to write a love letter. Know that how you write it isn't that important. True, you still have to choose the proper words to write but as long as it is not offensive, it's OK. If you are confident, you can even include an illustration or a drawing. Don't stress yourself out and follow every instruction you're given on how to write a proper letter. They are just guides to help you start, but you are still in control of what you'll put in it.

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The length is not important

Another aspect of a love letter that people stress about too much is the length. I remember I had a friend who was nagging me for hours to help her think of something else to add to her love letter for a man she deeply admires. The letter was already long enough, she almost filled up the whole sheet of paper so I just told her to give it already if she can't think of anything more to say. She thought it's a waste of time if it's just a one page love letter. Remember that however short or long the letter is, it won't matter. It's not the length but the message you've written that will carry a lot of weight. Even if it's just a one liner, but it comes from your heart deeply, it's enough. Love letters are as good as saying "I love you". The difference is, we get to keep the letters for years.

5. Forget about how your love notes for her should look

Yes, you have to admit that there is something about a love note that is written with fancy handwriting on scented stationery, complete with an envelope. However, know that romantic love letters doesn't necessarily have to look like this. You can just write it on a normal sheet of paper as long as it's clean and new. Keep in mind that you also don't have to practice calligraphy to attain that fancy and swirly handwriting usually depicted in love letter photographs. If she cares about you and she loves you, she would appreciate your letter however it looks.

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6. Be true to yourself

All these are just guides to help you write a love letter for your beloved, but the most important thing will still come from you. That is being true. A love letter is nothing if everything written on it doesn't come from your heart, even when it looks perfect. It would be just a script in fancy handwriting. Do not be afraid to put all your emotions into words. Do not be fearful of sounding ridiculous and cheesy. If you can, put your personality into the letter. A woman will easily notice if you're being true to your words.



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