25 Clear Signs He Is Cheating on You

Be wary of any sudden unusual sign of change in your partner implying his cheating. You need to know every possible sign if he is cheating on you.

25 Clear Signs He Is Cheating on You


  1. These signs confirm that he is cheating on you
  2. 1. Excessive use of phone is a clear sign of cheating
  3. 2. Sudden privacy demands is a sure sign
  4. 3. Gets into unnecessary fights
  5. 4. Relationship status not updated on social media is a warning sign
  6. 5. Follows many women online
  7. 6. Making comparisons to other women is a direct hint to cheating
  8. 7. Reduced intimacies is a discouraging sign
  9. 8. Growing selfishness is sketchy behavior
  10. 9. Started avoiding you is an alarming sign
  11. 10. Increased outings without you
  12. 11. He is bored of you
  13. 12. Lack of intimacy could mean cheating
  14. 13. Constant criticism of you
  15. 14. Suddenly conscious about looks
  16. 15. He is not jealous anymore
  17. 16. Unusual credit card records
  18. 17. Smells different
  19. 18. Strange diseases
  20. 19. Weird texts
  21. 20. Empty call history
  22. 21. Different holiday suggestion
  23. 22. Doesn't need your help for laundry
  24. 23. Blackout periods
  25. 24. Demands solitude
  26. 25. Blank and expressionless eyes

These signs confirm that he is cheating on you

Nothing can be more devastating in a relationship than treachery. The moment you sense infidelity, days become harder and nights sleepless. If any couple can't get along each other, they must prefer mutual breakup and make it a sensible termination. That generally doesn't always seem to be the story. If a girl finds out about her husband or boyfriend indulging in any other illicit relationships, it becomes equally exasperating for her to confront him or stay quietly observant. That period of interrogation of fact-finding is torturous, especially when you're doubtful of the real scenario. There are some unmistakable signs of a guy who is trying to cheat on his wife or spouse. Most of these signs are universal. Women are gifted with this innate quality of sensing if there are similarities and patterns of that kind. Men, however, are mostly unaware of this and often keep repeating those mistakes. This makes it easier for girls to catch hold of them. This spying, however, cannot be that ruthlessly simple. Carelessness can be a signal of him being more careful, and women need to be consistently adamant on not giving up without knowing the truth. Here is a list of some clear signs that you can use to help you find out whether or not your man is cheating on you.

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1. Excessive use of phone is a clear sign of cheating

His use of phone has suddenly and inexplicably increased. A phone obviously becomes the first victim of any doubt, but it’s the most reliable sign too. If your man is using his phone unnecessarily too much even if you're with him, there has to be something you need to know. Watch his facial expressions and promptness. He may be adept at deleting texts and not leaving any evidence behind. I know a friend whose husband deleted every call and SMS records before meeting her and kept several unknown numbers in block list, raising an obvious eyebrow.

2. Sudden privacy demands is a sure sign

He is suddenly demanding privacy. Here is where the problem begins. He may or may not like you hanging out with strangers or people close to you he is unaware of, though. However, he will seek privacy in his personal decisions of going out with someone. Now, if there is nothing to hide, such demands are unquestionable, but otherwise it simply indicates his involvement.

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3. Gets into unnecessary fights

If he has become too cranky of late, that could be a sign. One gets easily frustrated over someone he doesn’t really love or care about. If your man has been attracted to someone else of late, he genuinely won’t love you the way he used to when you were his beloved girlfriend. In that case, lashing out at you for trivial things becomes more common. Men will never get livid over their girlfriend or wife easily if they truly care about them. Any disagreements can be solved amicably. If he doesn’t have the same feelings strongly enough anymore, this simply entails more clashes and unwarranted fights.

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4. Relationship status not updated on social media is a warning sign

His Facebook profile has not been updated. Well, there can be multiple reasons for that. However, if you're married to him or dating him for very long, your relationship is already known and highlighted among your peers. In that case, not updating the dating history can be something to murmur about. It is possible that he is looking for other suitors. There can be no other reason for hiding your girlfriend from the world.

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5. Follows many women online

He follows a lot of women on social media. This might seem awkward because men will obviously try to befriend gorgeous celebrities online, but wait. It's not just about hot actresses. If he follows a lot of gorgeous female friends online, you might have to worry about his dwindling interests even in future. When he is susceptible to ogling at them and gets easily distracted, that should be a red flag.

6. Making comparisons to other women is a direct hint to cheating

He has started comparing you to other women. An irrevocable love has no comparison. He chose you because you're uniquely beautiful and your character is adorable. If suddenly he starts comparing you with other women, it simply means he has lost interest in your charm. This is contrary to his emotional self when you were his charming girlfriend.

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7. Reduced intimacies is a discouraging sign

He is not getting intimate with you. A man loves to fantasize about his woman, and men always have higher libidos. If you find your man disinterested in you lately, sexually or physically, it's an alarming sign. Men are often always ready and high on life. If he has started fantasizing someone else, he won’t like to get close to you and will eventually drain expectations.

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8. Growing selfishness is sketchy behavior

He has become uncompromising and hardnosed. If he ignores your requests or orders completely and has become completely self-indulgent, it's a clear sign of disinterest in you. Selfishness is the first cause and characteristic of infidelity.

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9. Started avoiding you is an alarming sign

Avoiding you for "work" could be a sneaky way to cheat. There can be no other reason for more workload than his indulgence in some other woman, because if there was any you would know. You obviously know your partner's nature, and any aberration in his emotional approach can easily be noticed.

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10. Increased outings without you

He is hanging out with friends more or pretending to do so. He might move out and see another girl on the pretext of meeting or partying with friends. You can take a note of the pattern and inquire about them to stay assured they aren't cheating.

11. He is bored of you

He is bored with you and admits it. Nobody can be a 24/7 entertainer, but two people who love each other can never get enough. If your man clearly shows signs of being bored with you, it might mean he has found someone more he thinks is more interesting, exciting, or better than you.

12. Lack of intimacy could mean cheating

Love-making has become less frequent and more of an obligation. If he not is making a move himself or trying to woo you into bed, it's like his physical attraction towards you has been fading drastically. This is like a nail in the coffin. What other proof do you need to know? That once emotional and lovable boyfriend suddenly is not showing any interest in making love. This behavior cannot be ignored.

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13. Constant criticism of you

He is constantly criticizing you for everything unnecessarily. It can be either unintentional behavior or by design. When two people are in love with each other, there can never be a destructive or negative criticism. They are emotional and their hearts are connected. If there is any criticism, you guys need to have a serious talk about it. If there are things he simply cannot explain disliking, it's a sign of other preoccupations.

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14. Suddenly conscious about looks

He has become too conscious of his looks and is constantly doing something to improve it. Maybe he is cleaning his shoes too much, trimming his beard carefully and doing his hair daily. That's a different person from the careless mate who loved you incessantly.

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15. He is not jealous anymore

He is not jealous of praising someone else or is paying no attention to your talks. If your partner is cheating on you, he will have no candid concern in what you talk about. If he's not jealous, this behavior simply means he doesn't care that much like before and is ready to move on.

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16. Unusual credit card records

His credit card statements are abnormal and not customary. It can be evidence of his splurges while he is blatantly cheating on you. Maybe someday you discover an all-new credit card you had no idea about. It may be used to camouflage his spending on someone else with whom he is cheating on you.

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17. Smells different

Now comes a cliched and theatric point. A different smell of cologne from his clothes. This old age tactic can never go wrong. Even a slight divergence in his clothes can be clear sign of the fact that he can't be trusted anymore. His behavior has already become intolerable. Time to take action.

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18. Strange diseases

He has some sexually transmitted disease, but you don't. If you're sexually connected, any STD has to be mutual. If you discover some illness in him that is completely unrelated to you, there is another source involved.

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19. Weird texts

He has mistakenly texted you something totally out of the box and has no clear explanation for it. He might come up with something nonsensical later, but the damage has been done. This behavior of carelessness makes it quite clear he is not loyal to you anymore.

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20. Empty call history

He often clears his entire call history and other details in the phone. He might be reluctant to give you his phone in the first place. There's no reason for you staying with him while he is unfaithful, but he is there for no good reason.

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21. Different holiday suggestion

He is suggesting that you take vacations at a different time than him. It's a dangerous and risky move on his side, but he may well give it a try just to see if it will work. If you're gullible and naïve enough, he might plunge into a way of cheating with new energy and freedom in your absence.

22. Doesn't need your help for laundry

He always insists on doing laundry himself, and if you offer, he gets agitated. He doesn't want you to do his laundry so that you don't find any evidence about his deception and involvement in another relationship.

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23. Blackout periods

There are blackout periods for your boyfriend or husband. It can be when you simply can’t reach his phone while he is late, or he hasn’t given you any prior information about extra work or a late-night party.

24. Demands solitude

We all need some alone time every once in a while. However, if your boyfriend or husband is often going into seclusion and solitude without informing you, you need to know the truth behind such sudden activities.

25. Blank and expressionless eyes

When you first met, he only had eyes for you. Now he just doesn't look at you the same way. If you've been with your partner for long enough, you can stare deeply into his eyes and know that not enough love for you is left in him.

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Infidelity is gross and immoral. It is a most diabolical reality of a relationship that shows lack of concern, respect, and commitment. If a man is losing interest in his partner, he must try to build the relationship enthusing a vigor and energy into him. Some efforts of reconciliation, love, and enthusiasm can re-energize any relationship. Infidelity is cowardly and contemptuous, a sign of a weak man who can never be trusted.

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