20 Cute And Easy Braids For Women With Short Hair

Who said you couldn't wear braids due to your short hair? Women can wear braid hairstyles with short hair and it makes them look cute. Here are some easy braids to wear in your short hair.

20 Cute And Easy Braids For Women With Short Hair


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  2. 20 Cute & Easy Braids for Short Hairstyles
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Big Chop & Braids

Maybe it was summer coming or you were going through a mid-life crisis. You can't fully remember why you did that big chop but you did and now you're left with short hair. Maybe it was that seventh beer and that dare and you know you don't take a good dare too lightly. But your shoulder, mid-back, or lower back hairstyle is now super short and now you're going through the phase of wanting braids. You might think that braids are not the hairstyle you dare undertake with short hair but you're wrong. Most women with short hair make braids into a fashion statement. Regardless the color of your hair, black, brunette, or blonde, short braid hairstyles are attainable. Women have worn braid hairstyles for centuries, and you should not think that your short hair style can't be braided.

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20 Cute & Easy Braids for Short Hairstyles

Easy Short Braid #20: Macrame Braid

Who ever said short braid hairstyles couldn't be elegant. This easy short braid hairstyle can be worn to mostly any event. The looser the braid, the better. So if you're heading out on the town, to church, or even a wedding, try this easy short braid hairstyle and have some fun.

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Easy Short Braid #19: Side Plait

Feeling funky, then try this one side plait. If you wear your hair in a short bob, an easy side plait will enhance your bob. Your hair color can be blonde, black, or yellow for that matter. No matter the woman, this easy side plait will make your hairstyle fun and funky.

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Easy Short Braid #18: Mohawk Hair Braid

Heading to a concert, or a simple girl's night out? Women will enjoy this easy enhancement to their Mohawk. This short braid hairstyle will make an woman stand out in the crowd.

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Easy Short Braid #17: Short Hair Twist

Women heading to the beach, a picnic, or a sunny day out will enjoy this easy, cute short hair twist. It's a simple, easy style that only takes minutes to accomplish. Women with black hair will enjoy this braid style as it allows their color to shine bright in the sun.

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Easy Short Braid #16: Top Bun

The top bun hair braid style can be worn with or without a weave braid-in. This braid hairstyle allows the wearer to go on with their day once it's completed. With your hair braided in this style, your creativity will be shown and you will have to opportunity to display your inner fashionista.

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Easy Short Braid #15: Pigtails

The pigtails hair style is fun, spunky, and is able to be worn by women heading out for a weekend get away. It's a fun and easy hair style that can be worn with your natural hair or with weaves. Women should try to keep their hair black in order to show the beauty of the pigtails.

Easy Short Braid #14: Thin Box Braids

Box braids are a hair style that can be worn with weave added to your hair. The best results are attained from a professional beautician with experience in weave braiding. Women should add a little color to express themselves when wearing box braids, or keep the box braids black if you work in a professional environment.

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Easy Short Braid #13: Large Box Braids

Large box braids are fun and can be worn for any occasion. Large box braids are cute, easy, and fun to wear. Large box braids can be the most functional during those busy summer days when a bad hair day is simply not welcomed into your schedule.

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Easy Short Braid #12: Loose Double French

The double loose french braid is cute and fun with some added color, or it can be worn with black hair. Women who don't mind being the center of attention should try this easy braid style. You will find the spot light on you with this simple hair braid style.

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Easy Short Braid #11: Side French

Fun women like the french braid, adventurous women love the side french. This easy braid hair style will be essential for a fun date night. As shown, women with black hair will have the fun they've wanted to have with this easy braid hair style.

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Easy Short Braid #9: Messy Pull Back

For those days of many errands, women of all backgrounds will enjoy the easy messy pull back braid hair style. This style allows women to go about their busy days completing whatever errands they need to do without any stresses over their hair.

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Easy Short Braid #8: Cornrows

Possibly the go-to short braid hair style for all types of women, the cornrow lets you show your bad girl side while keeping some mystery. The darker your hair the better, for these cornrows look most dominating on black hair. But don't be afraid to try them if you've taken a walk on the blonde side. Cornrows look spectacular on all hair colors and can be worn with outfits that show off your wild side.

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Easy Short Braid #7: Loose Wrap Around

These braids may look like they were done by amateurs, but they only display the artistry of the wearer. If your hair is super short, and you want to add some fun to your day, this easy loose short wrap around braid hair style is perfect for you. As you can see, adding spunky colors to your hair only enhances the style, so have some fun.

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Easy Short Braid #6: Girl Meets Boy Braids

This short hair braid style is most functional for cheerleaders who are heading out to a competition. But this hair style can be worn by mature women as well. This cute style can be enhanced during the Halloween season and brought to life with a specific costume of choice.

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Easy Short Braid #5: Get It Together

It's casual Friday and you're experiencing the worst bad hair day ever, but you don't want to throw a hat on your head. This would let the world know what's going on top of your head. Instead, this cute braid style can be used. It's functional, stylish, and did we mention cute.

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Easy Short Braid #4: Loosen Bob

For that adventurous bride whose nontraditional, this short braid style is perfect. Try it with some color or simply in black.

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Easy Short Braid #3: Waterfall Braid

It's cute, fun, easy, messy, and if you're heading to the beach, lake, or river, it's perfect. Have fun with your short hair wearing this braid style.

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Easy Short Braid #2: Wavy Bob

After adding some waves to your natural short hair, why not add some fun to it with this cute one-side braid.

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Easy Short Braid #1: Crotchet Braids

It's functional, cute, and long-lasting. These braids can be worn throughout a complete month and they only get better with time.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Hairstyles

So as you can see, braids don't discriminate against a woman's age, personal style, or career. Any type of woman can wear braids and have fun with their hair. So, if you've been thinking about wearing braids on your short hair, pick a style from the list and have some fun.


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