15 Fall Vegetable Recipes You Absolutely Have To Try

So the weather outside is not quite frightful, but fall is in the air and you're in need of vegetables to put in your soup, well here's some recipes.

15 Fall Vegetable Recipes You Absolutely Have To Try


  1. Fall is in the Air
  2. Vegetables....Are They for Everyone?
  3. Which Fall Recipe Works Best for You?
  4. 5 Simple Fall Vegetable Recipes
  5. 5 Fall Soup Recipes
  6. 5 Fall Side Dishes You Need to Try
  7. Fall Recipes to Delight

Fall is in the Air

Every fall season, you make a list of recipes you are destined to incorporate into your celebrations. These recipes were past down from generation to generation. But never before would you speculate the thought of a pure vegetable (Vegan????) recipe. You've thought about it of course, but never took the idea seriously. You trying Vegan recipes??? Never!!! But there you are, sitting in front of your laptop or Ipad, searching through Google's records, for any and all new and fun vegetable recipes to incorporate into this fall seasons' fun dinner parties. You're thinking of ways to impress your co-workers, your partner's co-workers, your in-laws, the kids, pretty much everyone you enters your home. These recipes are to be the most talked about meals of the entire season. Now, before you head off to the grocery store and spend beyond your budget, let's first sit and contemplate on your theme this fall season. Which vegetables do you and your family most enjoy eating? Do you guys really even like vegetables? And if you were to enjoy these vegetable meal choices, would you incorporate them past the fall season? These are the things to think about prior to making a single purchase or even heading to the grocery store. Once you've thought about these questions, we can move forward with your new endeavor.

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Vegetables....Are They for Everyone?

The thought of vegetable recipes has not only been something that's been on your mind, but you've even taken the action towards the thought. Many times, you've gone to Pinterest, created vegetable recipe boards, and have even gotten a few followers. But the last action needed to be taken was to start your own small garden. And checkmate- you started that last summer. A small little indoor garden in your kitchen which you use to grow herbs like thyme, oregano, basil, and rosemary. This little herb garden has created a great harvest which you've been using to season your meals and incorporate into your recipes. However, you find yourself thinking whether this upcoming spring season could be the best time to tap into your green thumb and grow some vegetables. You've been so successful with the herbs, why not add some vegetables to the harvest? Of course nothing difficult to grow, maybe some bell peppers, tomatoes, and chili peppers. You know, just start small. But as quick as the thought has come into your mind, fear and doubt take over and you wonder: Are vegetables really for everyone? Can you grow and harvest vegetables in your home? Do you need a class to be successful at this seasonal harvest attempt? Are you pushing the line too far? The answer to those questions are, yes vegetables are for everyone, yes you can grow and harvest vegetables from your home, no there is no class needed, and no there is absolutely no line to push. You should be proud of yourself, you are trying something new.

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Here are a list of vegetables and fruits that can you can grow and harvest in your home without a garden:

Vegetables to Grow from Home this Fall

When growing these vegetables, you have the option to continue your harvest indoors or to later grow your vegetable plants in soil outdoors or in individual pots. 1. Lettuce 2. Celery 3. Lemongrass 4. Bean Sprouts 5. Avocado 6. Potatoes (& Sweet Potatoes) 7. Tomatoes 8. Ginger 9. Bell Peppers 10. Onions

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Fruit to Grow from Home this Fall

Though these fruits will need to transport to the ground after some growth, you can start growing the seeds from your kitchen and replant the trees in your backyard. 1. Pineapple 2. Cherries 3. Apples 4. Peaches 5. Lemons

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Which Fall Recipe Works Best for You?

Now that you've become more comfortable with the idea of vegetable recipes, growing vegetables and fruits, and the harvest process, we can discuss which recipes work best for you and your kitchen. To begin, ask yourself these questions: 1. Am I a soup person? 2. Do I like to cook or bake? 3. Am I a sauteed type of gal? 4. Do I prefer to boil my vegetables? 5. Would I try a recipe that is sweet and sour? 6. Would I like to add fruits to my recipes? 7. Am I looking for side dishes only? 8. Is this a phase that I'm going through that is seasonal? 9. Am I serious about growing and harvesting my own fruits and vegetables? 10. Am I ready for this endeavor?

5 Simple Fall Vegetable Recipes

These five simple fall vegetable recipes can be side dishes or main dishes. The fall vegetable recipes below are able to be enjoyed during the fall season or throughout the year as well. Just because you're feeling seasonal this fall does not mean your recipes have to be. So enjoy and have fun.

5. Fall Lemony Brussels Sprouts

Lemony Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts and Bacon: These Brussels sprouts are cooked as normal, but to add taste and flavor pile on some walnuts and bacon (Vegan bacon of course!) So this fall, add some spice to your dinner parties with these lemony Brussels sprouts.

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4. Fall Vegetable Fritters

These fall vegetable fritters include carrot, zucchini, broccoli, and if you'd like, add some Vegan cheese. This fall vegetable fritters can be an appetizer, side dish, or snack. But overall, this fall recipe is fun and delightful to the taste buds.

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3. Fall Mixed Veges Galette

With all the vegetables you've planted over the season, you now have a variety to choose from. So head into your little kitchen garden and grab some of those vegetables and top off your galette using some color and flavor. This will bring some interest into your fall celebrations and have your dinner party guest in awe of your creativity.

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2. Fall Zucchini Bites

If you like zucchini then you'll love this recipe. This fall recipe can be a side dish or appetizer and can be added to any dinner party.

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1. Fall Radish Pods, Peas, & Tomato Recipe

To warm up your guest bellies, add this fall radish pods, peas, and tomatoes recipe to your dinner party. This fall dish is enough on its own or with more meal options. Either way, your guest will enjoy your creativity and their taste buds will thank you for days to come.

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5 Fall Soup Recipes

Who can celebrate the fall season without some soup recipes? Soup recipes have been shared by families for generations. Soup is not only a comfort food but can be a way to bring out your creativity. A simple soup can become a work of art with the right vegetables. So enjoy these five soup recipes that can go from seasonal to annual easily.

5. Fall Vegetable Blend Soup

This warm fall soup can be a blend of all the vegetables you planted in your kitchen garden. Just chop them up and add them to the pot with some vegetable broth. Your adventure begins when you begin adding the spices and herbs to your pot of soup delight.

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4. Fall Carrot Ginger Soup

Impress your guest with this fall carrot ginger soup recipe. All you need is carrots, ginger, sweet potato, caramelized onion, smoked paprika, and carrot bacon. This will be a delight to your Vegan friends' taste buds and will shock the taste buds of your omnivore friends. You are bound to be the talk of your circle with this recipe due to its pretty presentation. They might nickname you "Chef". Have fun and enjoy.

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3. Fall Sweet Potato Soup

Now that the sweet potatoes you've planted have grown, you can put them to use in this festive seasonal fall sweet potato soup. Pair this up with some more recipes or serve as the night's main course.

2. The Fall Whatever Vegetables Soup

Just as the title states, use whatever vegetables you have available, grab some vegetable broth, and add them all to a pot. This fall vegetable soup will be a delightful dinner for your family and become a go-to when you're in need of a quick meal.

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1. Fall Quinoa & Black Bean Soup

This fall quinoa and black bean soup can become a go-to for the season. Whether it's to warm you up on those cold nights or simply to enjoy in front of a fire, this fall soup will become one of your favorites.

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5 Fall Side Dishes You Need to Try

5. Fall Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

If you're not Vegan and are only looking for some recipes to add to your seasonal celebrations, this fall rosemary roasted potato recipe can be just what the chef called for. Just as you would normally roast your potatoes, do so, and add some rosemary to spice up the meal.

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4. Fall Green Beans w/Onions

As your harvest blooms, you may be excited to try out your new plants. Well, with the new onions you planted, you can try out this fall green beans recipe. Your dinner guests should be filled with delight this fall.

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3. Fall Quinoa Sweet Potato Salad

Add some color and fun to your seasonal recipe with this fall quinoa sweet potato salad. This salad can be added to any dinner and become the most talked about meal of the night.

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2. Fall Shredded Kale & Brussels Sprout Salad

This fall shredded kale and Brussels sprouts salad can become one of your favorites after just one try. If you'd like to add some sweet flavor to this salad, just sprinkle it with some cranberries or dried strawberries.

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1. Wild Rice & Fall Vegetable Casserole

This wild rice and fall vegetable casserole is best served with some wine and a simple main dish. Try it on your guest and get ready for the compliments that will be heading your way.

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Fall Recipes to Delight

When you first took on this endeavor, you were nervous, scared, or even lacked confidence. Now that you've tried planting your own garden and harvesting your new vegetables, you can now try out the many recipes you've been introduced to. No matter your stage in the kitchen, success is all about reaching outside of your comfort level, getting all the ingredients needed to prepare your meal, and giving it your best try. So now that your confidence has been built this fall season go into your kitchen with pride that your new dishes will win all your guests over. The fall season as you've learned does not have to be filled with soups, but can also incorporate fun, flavorful recipes. So this fall season put on your apron, add some spice to your recipes, and have some fun in the kitchen.



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