120 Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Here are some funny questions you can ask to get to know your boyfriend better! Pick funny questions to ask and watch your boyfriend laugh out loud.

120 Funny Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend


  1. What funny questions can I ask my boyfriend?
  2. Funny Questions About Food
  3. Funny Questions About The Bedroom
  4. Embarrassing Funny Questions
  5. Funny Questions About School
  6. Funny Questions About Work
  7. Funny Questions About Your Relationship
  8. Funny Questions About Pets and Animals
  9. Funny Questions About Traveling
  10. "This or that" funny questions
  11. Random funny questions
  12. Still talking? Here are more fun questions to ask your boyfriend

What funny questions can I ask my boyfriend?

When you're in a relationship, it's important to keep the fire burning and your boyfriend interested in you. If he seems to be getting bored during your conversations, bring out a few of these funny questions to revive the spark between you two. All the funny questions in this article are all open ended. Why? Because they're so much more interesting that way! Open ended questions are clearly superior to simple "yes or no" ones as they can lead a conversation to great and exciting places. Funny questions are especially ideal for this, as one person's answer can remind the other of their own hilarious or crazy story. This back and forth type of banter ensures that the conversation between you and your partner will flow smoothly, and stay that way for a while. Depending on what you've wondered about for some time now, or what topic is currently being pursued in your texting thread with your boyfriend, you can choose from this handy list of funny questions. This article has been organized by theme so what you want to ask is easier to find. Just copy and paste your chosen question, then send that text! These questions will also work if you have you have your eye on a cute guy you've been texting for a while! Icebreakers can be awkward to set up, but funny questions help both people in a conversation relax, have fun with texting, and eventually open up to one another. Besides, making a new crush laugh is a surefire way to win his heart. Here is a list of super funny questions that will have the two of you laughing out loud all day and night. Enjoy your time with each other, and have fun!

Funny Questions About Food

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We all have our favorites when it comes to food. Maybe you and your significant other tend to have trouble agreeing on where to eat on dates. Use these fun questions to ease the tension and help the two of you finally agree on something gastronomically tasty. One thing's for sure, though: everybody loves food! So why not bond over it? This first set of funny questions will come in handy if you and your boyfriend ever get bored during a dinner date. Between the appetizers and the entree, ask your boyfriend the following funny questions. You'll soon be laughing so hard your stomachs will hurt. Just be sure you can still eat dessert after!

Deliciously funny questions to ask your boyfriend

1. Have you ever laughed so hard that your drink came out of your nose? 2. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 3. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? 4. What is the grossest thing you've eaten? 5. If you were a new pizza flavor, what would you be? 6. What is your dream crazy ice cream flavor? 7. Do you have any weird eating habits? 8. What food combo do you absolutely love that most people would probably hate?

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Funny Questions About The Bedroom

Not everything about making love has to be seductive. Surprise your boyfriend by asking him one (or two, or all) questions from this next set about his experiences in the bedroom. While he may be laughing, he'll surely appreciate your fun and unique take on getting down and dirty. Be careful about texting him some of these questions though! He may not always be in a situation when it's safe to read or reply to them (ever heard of the term NSFW or Not Safe For Work?). Save these funny questions for a chill, romantic night in with your man to keep him from getting bored at home.

Ask your boyfriend these intimate but funny questions

9. What is the weirdest thing that's happened to you in bed? 10. What personal body part do you like most? 11. Have you ever farted loudly during an intimate moment? 12. What was your worst kiss like? 13. What is the dumbest thing you've done in the bedroom that initially seemed like a great idea? 14. What happened during the worst date of your life? 15. If you woke up one day as a woman, what's the first thing you'd do? 16. If you could only use one position in bed for the rest of your life, what would it be? 17. What is the weirdest place you've done the deed in? 18. Have you ever gotten a cramp when trying a position? 19. Do you think pillow fights are fun or too silly? 20. Would you wear a onesie to bed?

Embarrassing Funny Questions

A little embarrassment every now and then is part of life and nothing to be ashamed of. We're all human, and we all make mistakes. It just so happens that some of those mistakes are funnier than the rest! When you ask your boyfriend the following questions, don't tease him too hard about his answers. Laugh with him, not at him, and help him see the bright side of every funny situation. Just have fun with it and go with the flow. "All is fair in love and war," as the old saying goes. If you're getting your boyfriend to open up about stuff he doesn't normally talk about, don't get coy when he asks you to do the same! He'll probably want to ask you these questions too, so get ready to blush! You can make it into a fun game by comparing notes on your stories and giving a prize to the person with the most embarrassing answer. Read on to see the funniest set of questions yet.

Take turns with your boyfriend asking each other these silly and funny questions about embarrassing moments for loads of fun

21. Has anybody ever walked in on you naked? 22. Have you ever burped or farted really loudly when the whole room was quiet? 23. Have you ever called somebody by a completely wrong name? 24. Have you ever walked into a glass wall or door? 25. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? 26. What song do you totally love that everyone else thinks is annoying? 27. Is there a TV show you love to watch even though it might be dull or shallow? 28. Have you ever released a really smelly fart then blamed it on someone else? 29. Have you ever accidentally broken something then hidden the evidence? 30. Have you dropped food on white clothes while eating out? 31. Have you ever ripped your pants in public? 32. Have you ever gone out without deodorant then only remembered when you smelled something funny? 33. Have you ever tripped over your own shoelaces? 34. Have you ever walked into the wrong bathroom at the mall? 35. Have you ever walked in on someone else while they were naked? 36. Has anybody ever walked in on you while you were busy in the bedroom? 37. Has milk or any other drink come out of your nose when you sneezed? 38. What is the most ridiculous outfit you've ever had to wear in public? 39. What is the most embarrassing thing you've said to someone you found hot? 40. Have you ever accidentally entered an occupied toilet you thought was empty? 41. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever been caught doing? 42. Have you ever caught someone else doing something super embarrassing?

Funny Questions About School

Your boyfriend's school years are sure to be full of lots of funny stories. Don't listen to him if he says he was always bored in school or at home! There are loads of good stories waiting to come out. He probably just forgot about them because they happened so long ago. Coax some of those good childhood and early youth memories out of him with this next bunch of funny questions. Additionally, if you didn't go to the same high school or university, this is a great opportunity to find out what your boyfriend was like before you met him. You may also find that you shared some similar traits or circumstances in your early years. Alternatively, listening to a childhood that was completely different from yours might be an eye-opening experience. You'll never know what you two have in common until you open up and share more about yourselves!

Remember the good ol' days when you ask or text your boyfriend the next few questions

43. Did you ever fart really loudly in class? 44. Did you ever call your teacher mom or dad? 45. Were you ever caught texting in class? 46. Did you usually text people in class? 47. What was your favorite subject in school? 48. What was your worst subject and why? 49. What was the dumbest project you ever had to do? 50. Were there any awful school performances you had to join? 51. What was your dumbest field trip like? 52. Did you ever have a crush on a teacher? 53. Did your crushes ever find out that you liked them if you didn't tell them directly? 54. Did you ever do something silly in front of your class crush? 55. Did you ever walk into the wrong classroom? 56. Have you ever laughed really loudly when the whole class was quiet? 57. Did you ever have food fights in the cafeteria? 58. Were you good at gym classes? 59. Did you ever make a huge mess during art classes? 60. Did you ever skip class to do something fun? 61. Did you ever go to school drunk or hungover? 62. What's the dumbest thing you did because you were bored in class? 63. Did you ever become friends with any of your teachers? 64. What high school clique would you put yourself in then? How about now? 65. Were you ever caught passing notes in class?

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Funny Questions About Work

Work may be a drag, but it can still have a good side! Help your boyfriend find the humor in his daily tasks by asking him about his boss, co-workers, projects, and office life in general. Hopefully you'll be able to relieve his stress by making him laugh about the craziness of his 9 to 5 grind. However,no matter how tempting it may be to do so, please refrain from texting any of the questions in this section while your boyfriend is actually at work! Don't do it even if he complains about being bored at his desk. Let him do his job; he can talk about the fun side and all the perks of it when he's out of the office. This will also give you some added and welcome insight into his work if you aren't in the same profession or company. Take careful note of his answers, particularly about the names and personalities of his boss and co-workers. You may be introduced to them someday, and a little background knowledge will help you make a good impression on them. However, it's probably best to not reveal the stories that were your source of information.

Ask him these funny questions about where he works

66. Have you ever accidentally called your boss or a co-worker mom or dad? 67. Have you ever called someone in your workplace the name of an old teacher? 68. Do you think you could or would hang out with your boss outside of work? 69. Would you get ridiculously drunk with your boss? 70. Could you imagine what it would be like to date your boss? 71. What is the grossest job you would do for a million dollars per year? 72. Have you ever farted loudly during an important meeting? 73. Have you ever heard someone fart during a meeting then pretended like nothing was wrong or stinky? 74. Have you ever caught your co-workers doing something against the rules in the office? What did you about it? 75. Have you ever joined your co-workers in doing something completely against your office rules? Were you guys caught in the act? 76. What is the wildest thing you've seen happen at a company party or outing? 77. Did you ever think you were texting someone else something funny, but then it was sent to your boss?

Funny Questions About Your Relationship

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a great way to make your relationship stronger is actually to laugh at it! Not only will you two have fun and avoid getting bored with each other, but you'll also gain new knowledge on how your partner views the relationship and you as a girlfriend. Remember, this is a time to enjoy yourselves and not start a fight! If your boyfriend says something you don't agree with, ask him for further details and stay calm. Always keep a clear head when discussing something on which the two of you butt heads. It could be a pathway to resolving issues you didn't even know existed between you two before.

Talk about the fun side of your relationship with the following questions!

78. What movie do you think best describes our love story? 79. If we were to make a movie about us, which actor would play you? And which actress would play my part? 80. Did you ever think you were texting me, but then the message actually went to someone else? 81. What were your thoughts when I first did something gross in front of you? 82. Are there any gross or weird things that you're too shy to do in front of me? 83. What is your weirdest habit that I haven't seen yet? 84. What cheesy song would you pick for our theme song? 85. What cliché romantic trope do you secretly want us to check off our bucket list? 86. Do you have any cheesy date ideas that you've been dying to go on? 87. What was going through your mind when you first did something gross in front of me? 88. What do you think is my weirdest or most unusual habit? 89. What wild, insane, out of the box date idea do you want us to try? 90. On a scale of boring to insanely cheesy, how romantic do you think you are? Why?

Funny Questions About Pets and Animals

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You and your boyfriend may both be cat lovers or dog people. Maybe you two like unusual and exotic pets (piranhas, anyone?). Or maybe one of you totally loves animals and the other is not into anything with four legs. Whatever the case, animals are a great topic to bond over. Your differing perspectives or similar insights would make for some great conversation material either way. Tell each other your funny stories about zoos, pets of friends, and animals you encounter in your daily life. Animals are naturally funny and lovable, so you and your boyfriend will have a great time talking about them for ages.

Cute and funny questions about animals you can ask your boyfriend

91. Do you have an irrational fear of any animals? 92. If you were an animal, what would you be? It can be a real or mythical one. 93. What kind of animal do you think I'd be? 94. Has a bird ever pooped on you? 95. Have you ever stepped in poop with no shoes on?

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Funny Questions About Traveling

Yes, travel is an awesome way of expanding your horizons. As the old adage goes, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page." At the very least, traveling, or even just exploring a new part of your hometown, is much better than staying home and texting all day. But with all those great adventures come a small side of silly mishaps. It's an inevitable part of the human experience. With this set of funny questions, ask your boyfriend about his funny experiences while traveling and share some of your own! You'll get to learn about how he deals with unexpected situations in an unfamiliar city or country. Hopefully someday, the two of you will get to see the world together.

Funny questions about exploring the world that you can ask your boyfriend

96. Have you ever gotten ridiculously lost in a new city? 97. Have you ever tried to say something in a different language only to have it come out wrong? What were you trying to say, and what did you accidentally end up saying? 98. Has a local of a foreign country ever mistaken you for one of their own? What did you do about it? 99. What was the most exotic dish you've eaten while traveling? 100. What was the most unusual thing you've seen in another country or city?

"This or that" funny questions

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Get your boyfriend to voice his opinion on seemingly silly but important matters that have been on your mind! These funny questions range from the world of mundane, everyday objects and choices to the most outlandish things you could think of (and then some)! Take turns trading opinions on these questions, then debating over why your answer is better than the other's reply. This collection of funny questions is guaranteed to provide laughs for hours on end to any couple that just wants to chat and have a good time.

Multiple choice questions to ask your boyfriend

101. Do you prefer texting me so we can spam each other with emojis or calling so we can hear each other laugh? 102. Would you rather rip your pants in public or pee your pants in public? 103. Would you rather clog the toilet in your office or clog the toilet in my parents' house? 104. What is a more satisfying feeling after you do it: farting or burping? 105. Assuming you could live just fine without either one of these activities, what would you rather give up for the rest of your life: eating or sleeping? 106. Do you prefer sunny side up eggs or scrambled eggs? 107. Are pineapples on pizza gross or delicious? 108. Would you rather get a sunburn or brainfreeze? 109. Would you rather go completely bald or have extreme hair growth? 110. Would you rather have someone mistake you for being 10 years older or 10 years younger than you are now?

Random funny questions

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This final set of funny questions are the wildest and wackiest of the bunch! Guaranteed to keep boredom away and bring in lots of laughs, they cover everything from superpowers to celebrities to your favorites in fiction. Ask your boyfriend any of these questions to seem thoughtful but still hilarious. He'll be laughing so hard, he'll barely be able to answer you. That's a good thing, though; don't worry. Just sit back and enjoy the sound of his laughter until he's ready to give you an answer.

111. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? 112. What celebrity do you think I look like? 113. What celebrity do you think you look like? 114. Can you handle the feeling of wet socks? 115. What season would you be, and why? 116. What is your favorite temperature on the thermometer? 117. Which cartoon character do you feel is most representative of who you are as a person? 118. Which fictional character's life do you wish you could steal? 119. If we switched bodies for a day, what would you do? 120. Why are you so weird?

Still talking? Here are more fun questions to ask your boyfriend

Now you're armed with over a hundred funny questions that will guarantee neither you nor your boyfriend will ever be bored in each other's company! Remember, this list is meant as a general guide for funny questions. You can either use the ones quoted here directly or as a basis to put your own unique spin on things to ask your boyfriend. Also, be careful about sensitive topics. Some questions may trigger bad memories for your boyfriend. If that happens, look at it as a chance to bond on a deeper level. Getting him to open up about issues in his past may be hard at first, but it will ultimately strengthen your relationship. Let your boyfriend fire the questions back at you too! You'll eventually get bored if all you're doing is listening to his fun stories. A good conversation means an equal exchange of information between two partners. It's called a dialogue, after all, not a monologue! If you've already exhausted all options in this article, why not check out the following lists? Keep asking your boyfriend funny questions to keep the conversation, and therefore your relationship, bright and happy.



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