The Braid Hairstyle Bible: 50 Different Types Of Braids

Looking to try something new with your hair? Here are 50 different types of braids that you have to try to change up your hairstyle.

The Braid Hairstyle Bible: 50 Different Types Of Braids


  1. Different Types Of Braids
  2. Traditional Braids
  3. Pig-Tail Braids
  4. Different Braids For Formal Events
  5. 12. Braided High Pony Twist
  6. 13. Four Strand Braid
  7. 14. Loose Side Braid With Bangs
  8. Braid Up-Dos
  9. Fish Tail Braids
  10. Types Of Advanced Braids
  11. Different Crown Braids
  12. Types Of Half Up Braids
  13. Dutch Braids
  14. Different Braid Styles
  15. Trying Different Types Of Braids

Different Types Of Braids

Braiding your hair is a fun way to change up your look without a ton of work. Here are fifty different types of braids that you can try on your hair. Guys will love the new looks, and you'll have fun trying new hairstyles!

Traditional Braids

If you're looking to add some easy braids to your repertoire, start with these easy traditional braids. These braids are easy to do on your own and they'll look great!

1. Traditional Three Strand Braid

braids_by_valeriya's post
23594888 162864097791514 2124472621977305088 n

This is the braid that your mom probably threw in your hair at the last minute when you were running late. For some reason, guys can't figure out how to weave the three strands together into this braid, but they love to look at it. A traditional three strand braid is great to add to your usual hairstyles if you don't usual braid your hair. Try adding extensions to make the braid longer and fuller!

2. A Side Braid

jennyfhair's post
12142613 1722220951332582 878657390 n

Pulling your hair to the side when you braid it adds a bit of a formal look to a traditional three strand braid. Plus, it's fun to pull this braid to the front and flip it back when you want to show your attitude through your hair.

3. French Braid

stephanie.sorenson's post
28765360 587274841626748 3448060952807735296 n

French braids are a different twist on traditional three strand braid hairstyles. French braids require you to keep picking up hair as you go, adding to your three strands, and creating a braid close to your head. A French braid will stay in your hair longer than a regular three strand braid if you have an active day!

4. Loose Braid

feelunique's post
17817890 1411210398931131 5690442259695140864 n

While a traditional three strand braid uses a tight, strong weave, a loose braid is more of a casual look. Leaving some shorter strands out and letting your braid fall naturally will keep your braid loose and fun.

5. Three Braid Braid

how_dough_you_do's post
26070110 404540456642175 5828966920770027520 n

You can really change things up by braiding three sections of your hair and braid them together. This gives you a thick braid that guys will love. Hairstyles using braids and then braiding them are a really fun way to think outside of the box of your usual styles and try something different with your hair.

Pig-Tail Braids

6. Traditional Pigtail Braids

pale.goddess_'s post
28427375 229064704329700 4734228199955759104 n

You don't have to be a little kid to throw your hair into pigtail braids. These are a great beach look if you want to keep your hair from blowing into your face, and they're a fun throwback to your childhood.

7. French Pigtails

wellrounded_beauty's post
28436305 411192179333830 7501636479588761600 n

Divide your French braiding skills in two and create this stylish pigtail look. It's different and fun. Pigtail braids are great for working out or going out, and they'll stay tight against your head for as long as you want them there!

8. Boxer Braids

bsalonarmitage's post
28435674 2504816806409375 513048841532997632 n

A different take on the many types of pigtail braids is trying out a boxer braid. This is a look that guys will totally love because it looks like it takes some effort, but it's really super easy!

9. Short Hair Braids

braid.lab's post
28751234 1659738457426655 491280581477269504 n

You don't need hair extensions to wear awesome braids. You can try this different take on traditional styles by French braiding your hair until the top of your neck and finishing it off with a short ponytail. Girls with longer hair, you can use this look too. Leave long ponytails at the top of your neck for a half braid/half pony look!

10. A Switch Braid

thebeachwaver's post
28151999 215640355844568 3070918972602843136 n

Think outside the box by combining two different types of braid with this switch up. Start with a French braid on top and transition into a fishtail braid once you get to the top of your neck. You can play around with different styles of braid, too, to create your own switch braid. You can even start with a braid on top and switch to regular pigtails at the bottom.

Different Braids For Formal Events

There are tons of types of braided styles for your hair that will make guys fall all over you. Go outside the box with these formal braids for your next big event.

11. Half Braid

studiocsbologna's post
26068332 248283689042250 6757492275539869696 n

French braid the top of your hair and leave the rest down in a curly waterfall for this fun braid. Add extensions to make your hair extra long, and make sure to put a jeweled embellishment at the change from braid to ponytail to make this a beautiful formal look.

12. Braided High Pony Twist

lavictoiregreat's post
13525273 1815141728707072 2095841678 n

Braid your high ponytail and twist it, leaving a bit falling down your back to make this beautiful formal braid that guys will love. You can add your extensions to make sure your hair is long enough for this kind of hairstyle!

13. Four Strand Braid

jennishairdays's post
28751603 220704981815511 4814440940456378368 n

Four strand braids take boring hairstyles and turn them formal. Elevating a normal three strand braid and making it into a four strand braid turns your hair into a beautiful, formal style. Extensions will help make this braid longer, too.

14. Loose Side Braid With Bangs

rachelathair's post
28433328 876741662505213 2712657707285872640 n

A good formal look is to take a seemingly casual side braid and elevate it with loose bangs. This look is beautiful and is the perfect hairstyle for an elegant evening.

15. Waterfall Braid

theupdogirl's post
28154226 158896034908486 6532806400093978624 n

A waterfall braid is an out of the box formal look. Anyone who sees you will think you put in a ton of time creating this beautiful, elegant braid but it's really a quick and easy look to style!

Braid Up-Dos

Braided up dos are great hairstyles for any time of year, but especially summer when you want to keep your hair off your neck so you can keep cool. Try these different types of braid up dos that guys will love.

16. Braided Bun

Braid your hair normally or with extensions and then twist it up into a nice bun. Use bobby pins to keep it in place, and you'll have one of the easiest types of braided up do! Change how tight your braid is to change the look. A loose braid will give you a beach look while a tight braid will be a more sophisticated style.

17. Double Braid Bun

hairbyjols__'s post
28430441 2030366427230802 7553303737863766016 n

French braid two sides of your hair and then have them meet in the back in a messy bun. You can also do a fishtail braid if you want to change up this hairstyle.

18. Fancy Braided Up Do

princessz.goodhairdayz's post
17076525 390030478033315 2322199400023064576 n

This is another up do that can go fancy or casual. Make a bun and wrap the base with braids to create a beautiful look. Make the braids loose and the bun messy for a casual hairstyle or use different types of braids for a more formal look.

19. Clashing Braids Up Do

strangelystyled's post
26185477 394488544331280 7247432217335431168 n

Create a fun up do by braiding your hair in two different ways and wrapping them together on the top of your head. Experimenting with different types of braids will allow you to use this same hairstyle multiple times a week.

20. Pinned Side Braid

hairbyjarmin's post
18299553 124348344788510 255882963105873920 n

Do your favorite side braid, but instead of leaving it to flow down over your shoulder, pin it up against your scalp to create an elegant up do that everyone will love.

Fish Tail Braids

Fishtail braids have become a staple in fashion. These types of braids are easy to dress up or dress down. Try these fishtail braid hairstyles to elevate your usual look.

21. Traditional Fishtail Braid

steph.lynn.lee's post
28763872 2024768231119289 2135760822528376832 n

If you're new to fishtail braids, start off simple with a traditional braid. Use the fishtail technique on your hair and let your braid fall easily down your back. You'll love the way it looks!

22. Side Fishtail Braid

stephizmua's post
29089088 2107876252572810 777400324800380928 n

Shifting your fishtail braid to the side gives you the sassy hairstyle you want, but it also looks sleek and professional at the same time. Side fishtail braids are perfect for in the office and out on the town.

23. Chunky Fishtail

hairbykate_houston's post
28766347 971182486384608 8183499895454302208 n

When people think braids they usually think of a tight weave or a loose, casual look. They don't usually think big. Try this large, chunky fishtail to change how people think of braids. You can do this in a single braid down your back or as pigtail braids.

24. Fishtail Braid Bun

Create three fishtail braids on your head and then tie them together in a messy bun. The multi braid look is a lot of fun and really easy!

25. Multiple Fishtail Braid

mastersofbraids's post
28434732 1291717277628818 3766101133592887296 n

Using multiple fishtail braids in your look is fun and stylish. Cross a few braids on the back of your head and then braid the rest of your hair down your back. This look can be paired with a sun dress or a formal dress!

Types Of Advanced Braids

Once you've mastered some easier braid styles, you can try these more difficult braids. They may be advanced, but they're still doable!

26. Upside Down French Braid

missysueblog's post
29094212 1793733004256641 6120168039901036544 n

Unlike the traditional French braid, this one starts at the top of your neck and moves up. Braid your hair as you go up and finish with a nice bun at the top of your head. Don't try this one until you've mastered the regular French braid, but it's a fun trick to impress anyone who sees you!

27. Loop Braid

braidsbyjosefina's post
26186403 263920240808634 8420606562917154816 n

The loop braid requires braiding together multiple sizes of strand of hair. You use thick and thin strands to create this beautiful look. Make sure you've mastered a regular braid before you go for this one because it's harder to work with different thicknesses of strand than to just braid three strands together!

28. Interwoven Braid

morganshairstyles's post
11385233 817708221647377 1074169019 n

This braid definitely can't be done if you're in a rush. It requires weaving your hair together with intricate detail. It's not impossible, but it's on the more difficult side in terms of braids. The end result is worth the work, though!

29. Braided Chignon

karinchanmakeup's post
20766719 501064880237647 5344022051709517824 n

The braiding itself in this one isn't the hard part. You use simple braiding techniques to form the different parts. However, getting it to look like this beautiful design is what makes it a more advanced braid!

30. Ponytail Wrapped In French Braid

_hair_c_'s post
13423072 1720748614847141 1429336258 n

For this intricate braid, you put your hair up in a normal ponytail. You then use regular French braiding technique to create a wrap around the ponytail. This is one of the more difficult braids to do, but it looks awesome.

Different Crown Braids

Crown braids are beautiful and fun for fancy or casual events. If you want to feel like a queen, try these awesome crown braids to complete your regal look.

31. Simple Crown Braid

sweethearts_hair's post
26863813 323687244809103 7362716836141465600 n

The traditional crown braid goes around your head like a perfect halo. If you want an easy, simple look, go for the the traditional type of crown braid. Add flowers or other enhancements to make the look fit even better with whatever you're wearing.

32. Fishtail Crown

stylinandsmilin16's post
28158851 1940024372980219 5286999879749468160 n

The fishtail crown can look like the simple crown braid with a different texture because of the different braiding technique. You can also do the braid on the top of your head while leaving some of your hair free, so it's a crown with some excess at the bottom. Curl your excess hair or leave it straight to change up the look.

33. Crown Into Braid

nedl1's post
15043774 1026523104137186 1478009000875261952 n

With a traditional crown braid, your hair is pinned up to keep the crown on the top of your head. Instead, try a crown braid but leave the excess hair down and continue the braid. This creates a crown braid with a side braid that looks beautiful.

34. Headband Braid

styledbymeghanveve's post
29093949 215066882377109 9213145839982084096 n

Braid your hair into a headband at the front of your head. The rest of your hair remains unbraided and can be left down with beach waves or put up into a tight bun, depending on the look you're going for!

35. Goddess Braid

daniellelopreti's post
11268713 1445691089076882 1827588632 n

Bring out your inner Greek goddess with a goddess style crown braid. This is a crown braid that is layered when you pin the braids up, creating a goddess look. You can leave it as is, or add some olive branches to really complete the Greek look.

Types Of Half Up Braids

Sometimes you don't want to put your hair all the way up and you don't want to leave it all the way down, either. Try these half up braided hairstyles when you want to switch things up a bit.

36. Braided Bangs

kimmyisqueen's post
24178220 1899178320109810 2813881234524995584 n

If you don't want to put your hair totally up but you want to keep your bangs out of the way, try braiding your bangs and pinning them back behind your ears. It's a simple half up look that will keep your hair out of your eyes and elevate your look.

37. Braided Pinned Bangs

haliehairstyles's post
21689072 121876758471350 708248675570155520 n

Rather than just pinning your bangs behind your ears when you've braided them, braid a little bit more than just the bangs. Take the two braids and bring them to the back of your head and pin them there, flipping the excess over itself and securing them tightly. Leave the rest of your hair down straight or in chic curls for this half up, half down look.

38. Half Up Braid

wunschadrienn's post
28753983 1936550506356292 2565071451195441152 n

Traditionally with a French braid, three strand braid, or fishtail braid, you're using all of your hair in the braid. Instead, only use the top layer of your hair in your favorite style of braid and let it fall over the rest of your hair. It makes for a fun up do that is really easy to finish!

39. Faux Hawk Braid

updoqueen1's post
26278827 332147083936728 403678573082181632 n

Start your French braid at the very front center of your head and work your way back, leaving the bottom layer of your hair down. This creates a faux hawk look with the braid, and gives you some room to play around with the rest of your hair.

40. Half Up Side Braid

carissamccoy's post
18094511 515719705484281 4278831898437877760 n

Only braid one side of your head with a French or fishtail braid. Make the braid as big or as small as you want. You'll have a cool half up braided hairstyle that is fun on one side and more sophisticated on the other.

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are similar to French braids except you're going under instead of over, giving you a different look. Try these Dutch braid hairstyles to change up your traditional look.

41. Simple Dutch Braid

suzannedusekmakeup's post
28754283 695951540591129 6921192248197513216 n

The Dutch braid works just like a French braid and can be worn down your back like all other types of braids. Use the Dutch braid technique through all of your hair from top to bottom to create a simple Dutch braid that can be worn for any occasion.

42. Double Dutch Braid

maddie_claudia's post
13556755 157268308010123 1978388807 n

Creating two dutch braids to create a nice double braided look is a great way to change how you normally wear your hair. This braid looks awesome and it's not as hard as it seems!

43. Dutch Braided Pigtails

fanta_z_faces's post
27879707 169565523829400 1852219704555339776 n

Dutch braided pigtails are a fun different style to use in your hair. Leave the weave a bit more loose to make the braids puffier for a fun, new look.

44. Formal Dutch Braid

glamlorenzab's post
28433488 368285560241704 6056465724916891648 n

The Dutch braid makes for a beautiful formal up do. Create a traditional Dutch braid and twist it into a bun for a great wedding or other formal event look.

45. Dutch Ponytail

dreamhairjaguarshoes's post
28754582 2085218271756387 4036806290830262272 n

Braid your hair in the Dutch style until the top of your neck and leave the rest of your hair in a ponytail for this look. You can also use the same technique for pigtail braids into ponytails.

Different Braid Styles

Use these other styles of braids to change up your daily hairstyles. These go above and beyond the regular three strand, Dutch, fishtail, and French braids. You'll impress your friends with these exciting different braiding styles!

46. Milkmaid Braid

byulrikaedler's post
12346180 1494723137501599 1243185001 n

This braid uses a traditional three strand style, but it does so in a different way. Braid your hair on one side and pin it behind the opposite ear for this special braid style.

47. Box Braids

braidsbykiahoquai's post
28753239 177962409494004 5254440054801039360 n

Box braids can be worn in any style and can constantly be changed up depending on your mood or the events you're attending.

48. Five Strand Braid

braidsbyjosefina's post
27581967 1760937447301832 5071038891062984704 n

After you've figured out the three and four strand braids, you can step up your game with a five strand braid. You can use this braid to do pretty much any hairstyle, up or down, once you've mastered it!

49. Lace Braid

beloverlyblog's post
28429524 1758729914179274 492132608499515392 n

A lace braid is like a French braid but you only add hair to one side as you work your way down. This creates a beautiful lace look that can be dressed up or dressed down.

50. Ladder Braid's post
11875471 1046172265417153 1933532385 n

A ladder braid combines the waterfall braid and the lace braid to create a ladder style with your hair. You can adorn the ladder with flowers or other embellishments to really make this hairstyle the best it can be.

Trying Different Types Of Braids

Use this list of new and exciting braid ideas whenever you're looking for a new hairstyle to try out! You won't regret learning how to braid your own - and other people's - hair in these fun styles.



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