PHOTOS: Rachael Taylor's 10 Best Instagram Pics

Rachael Taylor is one of the sexiest actresses in the industry today. Here is a compilation of some of her 10 best pics that can be found on Instagram.

PHOTOS: Rachael Taylor's 10 Best Instagram Pics


  1. A brief about Rachael Taylor
  2. Hot pics on Instagram

A brief about Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor is undoubtedly one of the sexiest actresses in the industry today. Before her debit in Hollywood she was a contestant in a Miss Teen Tazmania contest. Taylor is an Australian model and actress best known for her roles on the TV remake of 'Charlie's Angels'and as Dr. Lucy Field on 'Grey's Anatomy.' She also appeared alongside Megan Fox in the movie 'Transformers' in 2007. Taylor later starred in ABC's upcoming supernatural drama '666 Park Avenue' in Fall of 2012 . 'Grey's Anatomy' was an American medical drama television series that premiered on March 27, 2005,on ABC as a mid-season replacement. '666 Park Avenue' was an American supernatural drama series that was aired on ABC from 2012 to 2013. Rachael Taylor played the part of Maggie Madsen in 'Transformers' movie released in 2007 and she also portrayed Trish Walker in 'Jessica Jones.' Marvel's 'Jessica Jones, 'or simply 'Jessica Jones,' is an American web television series created for Netflix. Taylor was also a part of the erotic thriller, 'The Loft.' 'The Loft' is a 2014 American-Belgian erotic thriller mystery film directed by Erik Van Looy.

Hot pics on Instagram

Rachael Taylor has undoubtedly one of the best bodies in the industry. The super talented actress is gifted with a natural curvy body with a hot and sexy appeal factor. Time and again her pics have been googled and she is one of the most sought after actresses today. She enjoys a huge fan following and she's one lucky woman--Not too many women have the perfect combination of beauty and brains but is definitely one of them. For all the Rachael Taylor fans out there we have compiled 10 of her hottest pics found on Instagram:

rachaelmaytaylor's post
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1. This is a candid post workout photo. You sure need to work hard to get a body like that!!

rachaelmaytaylor's post
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2. Chic and stunning... that LBD

rachaelmaytaylor's post
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3. She captions this pic as 'Got Fancy'.. and we are loving it!!

rachaelmaytaylor's post
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4. Pouty face / fab make up selfie time /

rachaeltayloritalia's post
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5. Rachael Taylor at the closing of the 15th Annual Monte Carlo Ceremony.

vidharr's post
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6. Those perfect features!

7. A penny for your thoughts!

8. Such a tease!

epilepticbear's post
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9. A still from 'Jessica Jones.' Taylor has proved in her television series that not only does she have a beautiful body but she's a talented actress too.

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10. Pretty!

Taylor has definitely made it big in Hollywood. Fans are going crazy over her sex appeal and her lovely face. She is lined up for a lot for projects in the future and we hope to continue seeing this beautiful actress again and again.



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