Waxing 101: Differences Between The French, Bikini And Brazilian Wax

Welcome to waxing 101. This article is meant to inform and educate women about the differences between French, Bikini and Brazilian waxes.

Waxing 101: Differences Between  The French, Bikini And Brazilian Wax


  1. Waxing 101
  2. Differences Between French, Bikini & Brazilian Wax
  3. Before And After Treatment

Waxing 101

Welcome to Waxing 101! I'm sure lots of you have heard of women who wax their pubic and genital areas for a cleaner, smooth finish on their skin. Whether it be for the bikini you want to wear for the summer, for your significant other, special occasions, etc, here is our guide. They all have their pros and cons, depending on how comfortable you are when you get waxed. Yes, this method can cause some slight pain or ultra pain depending on your pain tolerance but it's always good to be informed and educated on what exactly you're doing when you go in for a wax. There are several types of ways to wax your bikini line/genital areas. There are three main and very popular ways to wax. The beginner and more original one is the Bikini wax. The most common method of waxing, named after its' country of origin is the Brazilian wax. Last but not least, we have the French wax. Waxing is considered a part of skin care so when you do decide on what to wax and which style of waxing you prefer make sure to take into consideration what the after treatment will be for each wax.

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Differences Between French, Bikini & Brazilian Wax

French Wax

A French wax is very similar to a Brazilian wax and even a Bikini wax. What the French wax has in common with the Bikini wax is that they both leave a small amount of hair on the genitals. In this case the French wax consists of a vertical strip that doesn't go beyond the anus. Everything is bare, except the vertical strip. The aesthetician doesn't wax the anus so the French wax style is used mainly when you want to be clean and bare, sport a thong, but not be traumatized or terrorized from having to wax your anus. Warning: For the French wax you will need to have your panties off during this method. It might not bethe entire time but for most of the procedure.

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Bikini Wax

A Bikini wax is the most common and go to wax for beginners or for those who want a clean presentation to be able to wear that bikini you've been waiting all year to sport at the beach or on vacation. It's similar to the French wax only because the French wax also is considered for beginners and doesn't take off all your pubic hair leaving you completely bare. The bikini wax consists of waxing the bikini area which consists of the sides of your legs/thighs, your panty line and below the naval. This allows the bikini wax to form a neat inverted triangle of hair. Very complimentary to your bikini line. Warning: A bikini wax is mainly for beginners as it won't take off much hair. The bikini wax is meant to prepare you for more painful waxes. A bikini wax is best called for when you want a quick clean up. A bikini wax doesn't require you to remove your panties so for those who aren't comfortable being naked around a stranger, a bikini wax is the one for you!

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Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian wax is another common wax just like the Bikini and French wax. Though it is considered to be the most severe, pain wise, compared to the Bikini and French wax, it is the most wanted wax amongst women. Unlike the Bikini or French wax, this wax involves the removal of hair of the entire pubic region including the peach fuzz on your bum. This isn't a beginner's wax. If you're experienced at getting waxed then its most likely you won't choose something that involves leaving more hair on the body like the bikini or French wax. The bikini wax is just the tip of the iceberg in the waxing world. If you like the idea of being completely hairless down and you know where, a Brazilian wax is something you might consider. If you aren't sure about the pain or the idea of being completely naked, its best to start off with a bikini wax, then a French wax and then Brazilian wax. Warning: You will have to have your panties down/off the entire time. You will also be asked to open your legs wide, bend your knees to your head so your waxer can get to your most private parts.

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Before And After Treatment

When you decide which path you would like to go down to get a wax there are other things you have to take into consideration when you are waxing. Of course you want to consider the ultra pain you'll feel in your most sensitive lady parts, but like everything this is something you'll ease into, that is if this method is for you. Some don't feel comfortable or they can't tolerate the pain. Before and after the French, Bikini or Brazilian wax there is some treatment you should partake in to make sure you skin down there is prepared and being treated. Waxing is definitely apart of your skin care because just like you have to exfoliate and moisturize your face you have to do it to your private areas as well. Make sure your bikini area and pubic hair is trimmed to mere centimeters or 1/4 of an inch. Longer hair will be more painful to wax. Make sure to exfoliate before and after your Bikini, French or Brazilian wax session. Regardless of which wax you choose, Bikini, French or Brazilian, they each call for before and after treatment. This will keep your skin smooth and ingrown hairs at bay. You can use a loofah to exfoliate if you wish, but be gentle. Also make sure to moisturize that area with aloe vera gel to soothe and reduce irritation and red spots.


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