20 Gender Neutral Clothing Brands On The Rise: The Pros & Cons

As fashion changes, new trends appear. But no matter the style, be it children's, professional, or trendy, you can always find gender neutral clothing.

20 Gender Neutral Clothing Brands On The Rise: The Pros & Cons


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  3. 20 Gender Neutral Clothing Pros & Cons
  4. 1. 69 Clothing
  5. 2. Guess His & Hers
  6. 3. Muttonhead - Li'l Mutts
  7. 4. Madison Paige & Photo/Genics Media
  8. 5. Selfridges - Agender
  9. 6. Gardner & the Gang? Jaimie King Collection
  10. 7. Butchbaby & Co.
  11. 8. FLAVNT Streetwear
  12. 9. Toogood London
  13. 10. TILLYandWILLIAM
  14. 11. Sharpe Suiting
  15. 12. NotEqual
  16. 13. Rad Hourani
  17. 14. One DNA
  18. 15. Gender Free World
  19. 16. ASOS
  20. 17. Marimacho
  21. 18. River Island
  22. 19. ZARA
  23. 20. VEEA
  24. The Future of Fashion & Gender Neutral Clothing

Gender & Fashion

Fashion is the world of art. Fashion is the one industry where imaginations are allowed to run wild. There is no judgement in the world of fashion as self-expression is the only rule to be followed. Fashion has changed over the years, but the one thing that remains the same is that people love to look good. No matter the background of the individual - be it children, adults, women going through maternity, professionals, trendy folks, you name it - looking good is the name of the game, and fashion has all the styles and trends one could ever desire. Over the years, as society has changed, more and more gender neutral clothing choices have come onto the scene of fashion. Gender neutral clothing can range from a simple tee shirt, a sweatshirt, a button down shirt, a pair of trousers, or even a suit. Gender neutral clothing is making its way from the runway to everyday wear. As more individuals become comfortable with themselves (regardless of their sexuality), some are leaning more towards gender neutral clothing as comfortable wear for their daily adventures. Gender and fashion go hand in hand, be it the luxurious styles seen on the red carpet, or the daily fashionable, trendy styles seen on the streets of London, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. People always find creative ways to style their fashion pieces and make them fit their personal style. Now that self-expression is more respected, gender neutral clothing is becoming more popular. The future is paved with self-confidence and self-expression, and gender neutral clothing is available to all to share their creativity with the world.

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Gender Neutral Clothing

So what exactly is gender neutral clothing? To begin, in the world of fashion there are specific pieces of clothing that are directed at specific genders. For example, everyone knows and understands that dresses and skirts are for females (or women); while pants can be worn by any gender. However, even with pants, there are specific styles that are directed to females (or women), while other styles are specific for males (or men). Clothing overall is changing due to society's changes. Nowadays, it is more common to find clothing pieces that both boyfriend and girlfriend can wear interchangeably. Though gender plays a specific role in society, clothing is taking a more neutral route. Clothing is becoming that one thing that can be used to express the self and let the world know who you are. For example, on a bad day, a girl might wear a sweatshirt that expresses that though she is anxious to head out into the world and live her life, she is not feeling up to par and chooses to dress more comfortably to take on life's adventures. Meanwhile, she may run into a male friend who is wearing a similar sweatshirt. This is how society is merging with fashion and creating a more neutral form of self-expression. While the sweatshirt worn by the young girl is expressing the need to be more comfortable, the young man might be wearing the sweatshirt because it is his favorite. Sweatshirts are not the only fashion pieces that are gender neutral clothing. There are many styles and items that find themselves in the gender neutral clothing realm. For example, skinny jeans are now becoming more popular among all genders. Both men and women find comfort in wearing a pair of skinny jeans. Therefore, this piece of fashionable clothing is not only gender neutral but also very trendy.

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20 Gender Neutral Clothing Pros & Cons

As society continues to discover itself, the role that fashion plays in the world will become more pronounced. Gender neutral clothing will become more prevalent in our daily wardrobe choices, allowing individuals to become more confident in sharing their true selves. Here are 20 gender neutral clothing brands and the pros & cons related to each.

1. 69 Clothing

The brand 69 is a clothing brand based out of Los Angeles, California which explores and plays with fashion in the gender neutral clothing world. The brand has been worn by a multitude of celebrities including Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. Pros: The brand is fashion-forward and exciting with many expressive pieces that can be worn interchangeably within the gender groups. Most importantly, 69 can be worn by those who follow fashion trends, are going through maternity, or simply want to look good. Cons: The brand is not for those who are on a budget. With pieces costing as much as $400, the brand's target audience are those living without financial limitations.

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2. Guess His & Hers

For the more fashionably trendy types, Guess His & Hers has come out, and the traditionally All-American look is taking risks with its first gender neutral line. The fashion clothing is not only stylish but comfortable enough to wear by all genders on those trendy days and chill days. Pros: The pieces available are for self-expression and can be worn mostly anywhere. For example, the coats can be worn in the professional environment. Who says looking professional has to be boring? Also, the pieces can be worn in many other occasions. Cons: If you are budget wise, you might want to limit the amount of Guess His & Hers pieces that you buy. The price of each item ranges from $59 to $498. So be wise when shopping at Guess His & Hers.

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3. Muttonhead - Li'l Mutts

The brand Muttonhead has been creating and presenting gender neutral fashion to the adult world since 2009. However, with its recent release of a children's line, the brand is taking risks and allowing fashion to be explored by the younger generation. Pros: The pieces are fun and cute for children and can be worn by children of any gender interchangeably. The line allows parents to share the fashion world with their children without staying within the box. Cons: If you desire to explore the world of Li'l Mutts, forget about color. The fashion line is made up mostly of the colors gray, black, red, and white.

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4. Madison Paige & Photo/Genics Media

For the many of us that like to look stylish, fashion-forward, and trendy while sporting a more relaxed look, the fashion line of Madison Paige with Photo/Genics Media is ideal. This brand includes fun tee-shirts and snapback hats that can be worn to display your style. Pros: The style of the line is very fashion forward and clean. Overall pricing is reasonable and most pieces can be added to supplement your wardrobe or worn alone. Cons: Being a new line means there are not yet that many options to choose from.

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5. Selfridges - Agender

For a more casual look, the brand Selfridges - Agender is possibly one of the most successful in displaying an array of fashionably trendy items. From jackets, sneakers, jumpsuits, the brand has many pieces to choose from. The pieces range from trendy to professional. Styles can be worn by those going through maternity or individuals who simply want to look stylish. Pros: There is a multitude of styles to choose from. Cons: The budget conscious individual might only be able to obtain one or two pieces.

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6. Gardner & the Gang? Jaimie King Collection

Probably the most successful brand in gender neutral clothing for children, the Gardner & the Gang? Jaimie King Collection explores the fun side of children's clothing. The brand does not discriminate against color schemes as there are pink styles for boys and blue styles for girls. The stylish pieces will have all children looking fashionable and cute all at the same time. Pros: There's a variety of styles to choose from so parents can have fun with their children. Cons: Once again, budgeting might take control of that shopping finger while scrolling through the company website. The prices are reasonable, but might become pricey after adding a few items to your cart.

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7. Butchbaby & Co.

Here's a fashion company that lives outside of society's box. Butchbaby & Co. is a maternity (or alternity) fashion line for gender neutral parents. The gender neutral clothing line has simple pieces that are both fashionable and comfortable for gender neutral parents and their maternity partners. Pros: The fashion line is fun, simply put together by two college friends. Styles can be worn in the professional and everyday world. The maternity line is full of stylish pieces. Cons: The company is still under development, so shopping online is not yet available.

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8. FLAVNT Streetwear

A company that aims at making all genders look good is FLAVNT Streetwear. The company's fashion line has sweatshirts, T-shirts, tank tops, and accessories that can be worn and styled by all genders. FLAVNT Streetwear shows that being gender neutral does not have to be boring or purely political. Pros: The company is structured around self-expression and so the pieces are suitable for specific tastes. Cons: Because of its popularity, some items may be sold out.

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9. Toogood London

Who knew that a company started with a mission and personal agenda would later become a fashion icon? Toogood London was created by two sisters to express their political views on the subject of gender neutral clothing. Later, the fashion line would become one of the most successful gender neutral clothing lines in London. Pros: The gender neutral pieces are fun and expressive, while allowing each wearer to show off their artistic sides individually. Cons: You have to know it exists to buy it. Toogood London is not mainstream, and so you would have to be in the world of gender neutral fashion to know where to find it.

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For the fashion expert who dabbles in the gender neutral clothing realm, TILLYandWILLIAM is perfect. The pieces available are not only fashion forward, but they make a profound statement by the gender neutral wearer. Pros: The styles are fun, exciting, and make a statement. Cons: If you are not a "center of attention" type, don't try to wear these pieces. These styles are designed to make a fashion statement, and your presence will be known and felt by all bystanders, no matter their gender.

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11. Sharpe Suiting

For the professional gender neutral types, Sharpe Suiting is perfect for everyday business attire. The fashion line is designed to help gender neutral individuals dress professionally and yet comfortably with its suits, dress shirts, and accessories. Pros: The pieces can be worn as an ensemble or alone. Cons: There aren't any cons with this brand; fashion pieces can be worn for any occasion and by all individuals, gender neutral or not.

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12. NotEqual

The brand NotEqual lives up to its name; the styles push the limits of all genders' imaginations. For gender neutral individuals willing to take the fashion risk to expose their inner style and passions, NotEqual is perfect for such adventurers. Pros: The clothing line is ideal for making a political statement of who you are. Cons: If your personality has not reached that level of confidence in self-expression, NotEqual might be a brand you should try on later in your life's journey.

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13. Rad Hourani

Here's a brand that caters to its wearer. Rad Hourani exposes the commonalities between the two main genders' bodies. The clothes are simple and yet fashionable. Pros: Simply beautiful and fashionable, can be worn every day. Cons: Prices might be too high for the budget conscious fashionista.

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14. One DNA

A versatile brand that was inspired by Iceland, One DNA pieces can be worn by both genders and for most occasions. With oversized sweatshirts, sleek pants, and a variety of colors to choose from, one could update their wardrobe and go out into the world looking like a conqueror. Pros: The pieces are sleek and attractive to all genders. Cons: While the style is versatile, the budget conscious individual might limit their cart size.

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15. Gender Free World

The brand Gender Free World displays an array of styles that are meant to suit any body size. The goal of the company is to meet the needs of the many body shapes that its customers have, no matter their gender. Pros: The styles are free-flowing and can be worn for most occasions. Cons: Though reasonably priced, a button-down shirt can set you back $80.

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16. ASOS

It's the ideal online department store. Moreover, ASOS has begun selling pieces in the gender neutral clothing department. If you're an expert online shopper, you will find this website fun and exciting to explore. Gender neutral shoppers can shop both female and male departments and find the perfect pieces to complete a look or just add to their wardrobe. Pros: Ideal for online shoppers who like style and variety. Cons: The options may be too much for someone just looking for a single item or piece of clothing.

Women's Clothes | Shop for Women's Fashion | ASOS

17. Marimacho

This company turned a derogatory word into a political fashion statement. "Marimacho" being a derogatory word for "butch" was set to be the name of the swimsuit company designed for "masculine-built" women. Pros: The fashion line can be a go-to for the gender neutral vacationer. Cons: Finding items to buy may be a bit difficult to accomplish as the company's website experiences system errors frequently.


18. River Island

River Island is another online department store that aims at bringing more gender neutral clothing brands to everyday shoppers. The online store offers adult and children's clothing in gender neutral options. Pros: Colors, colors, colors! The online store has every color and style you can imagine. Cons: If you don't have the time to sift through all the styles, you might want to come back another day or create a shopping schedule for yourself.

River Island – Fashion Clothing for Women, Men, Boys and Girls

19. ZARA

Another online department store that travels the gender neutral clothing path and makes it look easy. Zara offers gender neutral clothing for online shoppers to enjoy. Pros: Zara offers a variety of styles to choose from with a variety of price ranges. Cons: Be prepared to spend a few hours on the site if it's your first visit.


20. VEEA

VEEA is a made-to-order high fashion shirt line. The company is mainly centered around men's wear tailor-made for women. VEEA is perfect for the businesswoman who does not have the time or the desire to head to the mall for some leisurely shopping. Pros: Being tailor-made makes the shirts personal and perfect for your body. Cons: For those who wish to wear the style, be prepared to pay the cost.

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The Future of Fashion & Gender Neutral Clothing

The future of fashion is happening before society's very eyes. What was once a profoundly controlled subject has gained fluidity. Fashion and gender have joined together in creative matrimony, and nothing can break this powerful union. As more members of society take control of who they are, fashion will continue to explore its creative and gender neutral side. No one knows where this will lead, but overall, the future of fashion and gender is paved with enlightenment and freedom.



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