PHOTOS: Rinko Kikuchi's 10 Best Instagram Pics

Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi has starred in many Hollywood movies. Check out 10 of her best Instagram pics in this post.

PHOTOS: Rinko Kikuchi's 10 Best Instagram Pics


  1. Rinko Kikuchi: Pacific Rim's Mako Mori
  2. 10 Best Instagram Pics

Rinko Kikuchi: Pacific Rim's Mako Mori

Rinko Kikuchi is a Japanese actress who has appeared in many Hollywood movies. She is best known for playing Mako Mori in "Pacific Rim" and its sequel "Pacific Rim Uprising". Kikuchi started her acting career when she was a teenager. She acted in Japanese films and TV shows. In 2006, Kikuchi starred in her first international film called "Babel" where she received various acting nominations. Kikuchi went on to appear in other Hollywood movies including "47 Ronin", "Pacific Rim", and "Pacific Rim Uprising". Kikuchi has also recently joined the cast of "Westworld". In 2014, Kikuchi married fellow actor Shota Sometani. They welcomed their first child in 2016.

10 Best Instagram Pics

Rinko Kikuchi has over 65,000 followers @rinkokikuchi on Instagram. If you browse Kikuchi's Instagram account, you'll notice that the actress likes posting pics of her magazine covers, her red carpet looks, as well as pics with her co-actors. Another thing you'll notice is Kikuchi's many different looks. The actress can really transform her look for any movie or photoshoot, and we think it's impressive. Scroll down and check out 10 of Rinko Kikuchi's best Instagram pics!

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Rinko Kikuchi looks red carpet ready in this photo. The "47 Ronin" actress is one of the many celebrities who attended this Chanel event.

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Even with minimal makeup, Rinko Kikuchi looks gorgeous. This photo is from the cover of Violet Book Japan.

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Here is Rinko Kikuchi on the cover of a Chinese magazine. The actress has gained international popularity for her work in films like "Babel" and most recently "Pacific Rim: Uprising".

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Yes, we know it's not a real guitar. But Rinko Kikuchi still looks like a cool rockstar in this photo.

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Rinko Kikuchi gives off a classic Hollywood vibe in this Chanel outfit.

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The "Pacific Rim" actress seems to be fond of wearing Chanel haute couture. Here is Rinko Kikuchi rocking the red carpet at the Rome Film Festival.

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Rinko Kikuchi is not just an amazing actress, but she is a great model too. She is just great at transforming her look. Whether it's fierce, glamorous, or simple, Kikuchi can pull off any look.

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Rinko Kikuchi might be in her late-30s but she looks very good for her age. The actress is married to fellow actor Shota Sometani. Kikuchi is also a mother of 1.

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Rinko Kikuchi is almost unrecognizable in this shot for Vogue Japan.

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Rinko Kikuchi looks effortlessly stylish with her short pixie cut. The actress knows how to put together a stylish look even on a casual day.