PHOTOS: Emily Kinney's 10 Best Instagram Pics

You are about to see Instagram pics of Emily Kinney and you'll have the opportunity to learn more about her. Below are facts about the actress that perhaps you never knew, including her overall net worth.

PHOTOS: Emily Kinney's 10 Best Instagram Pics


  1. Emily Kinney: 'It’s Complicated'
  2. Facts to know about Kinney and her Instagram pics

Emily Kinney: 'It’s Complicated'

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For most of us who love Emily Kinney, it’s just her ability to act that delights us. We're also in love with her smile. Kinney is not just an American actress, but she's also a singer, and a songwriter. The 32-year-old was born in Wayne, Nebraska and when she was a child she and her family moved quite often. One of the places they lived was the city of Nevada, Oregon though they also lived in various regions throughout the state of Nebraska. She briefly studied for one semester at New York University but she graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University. The singer and actress has starred in television shows and in movies such as 'The Walking Dead’, 'Love on the Sidelines,' ‘Conviction,' 'It’s Complicated,' and 'Concussion.'

Facts to know about Kinney and her Instagram pics

Kinney can’t live without coffee

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Kinney once worked at a coffee shop before she became famous. Perhaps the actress worked not only to earn money and to pay her bills but also to be close to her favorite beverage. A fan asked her on Twitter what her favorite food was and Emily Kinney responded that coffee was a necessity. Well, it might be food to her as well, because she drinks it throughout the day. Kinney probably has pics of her with her coffee on Instagram.

She acted on Broadway

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Kinney stayed in New York after she graduated from college and pursued her acting career. She started with minor roles in regional productions before she earned a role on Broadway in 'Spring Awakening' in 2008 after one of the cast members dropped out. In 2009, the actress experienced her first tour and after that she began earning minor roles on-screen. She probably has memories of her humble beginnings in the form of Instagram pics.

She and Lauren Cohan are like sisters on-screen

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In earlier seasons of 'The Walking Dead’ Kinney and Lauren Cohan’s characters acted all sisterly and they began to care deeply for one another. Speaking to AMC, Emily Kinney said that she felt like the middle child and that she had a great older sister on set. She also mentioned that she could really relate to that dynamic. Cohan and Kinney became like sisters on set and they would talk about boys, clothes and also hang out with one another. There are probably some pics of them together on either’s Instagram.

Kinney is a vegetarian

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Kinney is one of the actors in 'Walking Dead' who admitted to being a vegetarian. Another actor who is a vegetarian is Norman Reedus. Kinney went to say that if her role required her to eat meat, she would do it and that she regretted the guinea pig scenes. It was very gross for her to eat the guinea pigs. She shares pics of her veggies quite often on Instagram.

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Starring in movies and in television shows such as 'The Walking Dead’, 'Love on the Sidelines,' ‘Conviction,' 'It’s Complicated,' and 'Concussion,' has made Emily Kenny very popular, and we love seeing her Instagram pics.