Katelyn Nacon: 10 Hottest Pics Of All Time

Today you're about to learn more about Katelyn Nacon and while getting to see some of her Instagram pics. Below are facts about 'The Walking Dead, and'Too Many Cooks,' actress who is also a musician. Here is everything you need to know about her, including her overall net worth.

Katelyn Nacon: 10 Hottest Pics Of All Time


  1. Katelyn Nacon: 'Too Many Cooks'
  2. Facts to know about the actress and musician as well as her Instagram pics

Katelyn Nacon: 'Too Many Cooks'

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We all love watching 'The Walking Dead' because we love to see our favorite actors and actresses in action both on and off screen. One of the beautiful actresses from the popular television show is Katelyn Nacon. Going through her Instagram pics is like a walk in the park and for those who haven’t followed her on Instagram, you need to do so, right now. Nacon is only 18, she was born in Atlanta, Georgia and she began acting when she earned a role in the movie 'Loving Generously.' Her first television show role was in 'Resurrection, and aside from being an actress, Katelyn Nacon is also a musician. She has stared movies and on television shows such as: 'The Walking Dead,' 'T@gged,' 'Too Many Cooks,' and 'Love in May.'

Facts to know about the actress and musician as well as her Instagram pics

Her brother accompanies her to events

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'The Walking Dead' actress brings her brother to most of her events and maybe that's because she finds comfort in having him close by. Or maybe she does it, perhaps, to expose her brother to life in Hollywood. Managers and agents often ask Nacon who her brother is but at this time in his life he has no interest in acting. You can see their pics together on her Instagram.

She hates bugs

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Most of us don’t like bugs and Nacon is also one who doesn't care for them. No matter how many zombies she has slain, she still fears tiny little creatures. The actress and musician cannot even squash a bug regardless of its size. This is weird and funny when you remember that she is the one who kills flesh-eating zombies for a living. If you choose to recall, she is also the actress who ate a turtle in her first appearance on the show. Who wouldn’t want to see her Instagram pics as she runs and screams after seeing a bug?

The actress met her manager at a summer camp

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Katelyn Nacon was at an acting camp when she met her manager and it was perhaps the most natural place to find someone to elevate her along her intended career path. It’s common knowledge that managers and talent scouts comb through camps trying to find talented actors who can go to Hollywood to make a living using their talents on the big screen. It might look opportunistic, but in reality, it helps to grow the star because managers know the way to the top.

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Nacon has had a successful career even though she is a teenager. Her roles in movies and on television shows like 'The Walking Dead,' 'T@gged,' 'Too Many Cooks,' and 'Love in May have won her a lot of recognition, and a lot of Instagram pics as well.