Ivana Horvat Wiki: Everything To Know About Stefan Kapicic's Wife

Ivana Horvat, the Croatian British model turned actress is more popular as Stefan Kapicic's wife. She had a role in the film, 'The Wedding Date.' Here we discuss her movies, net worth and her marriage

Ivana Horvat Wiki: Everything To Know About Stefan Kapicic's Wife


  1. Ivana Horvat: Model turned actress, movies such as 'The Wedding Date.'
  2. Wife of Stefan Kapicic
  3. Net Worth

Ivana Horvat: Model turned actress, movies such as 'The Wedding Date.'

Ivana Horvat started her career as a model and then she slowly ventured into the movie industry. Horvat is of Croatian descent and she is popular for her role in 'Zora Dubrovacka. This movie was released in 2013 and since then she has gone on to star in several other movies, movies such as 'The Wedding Date,' to increase her net worth.

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Horvat is a theater, television, and movie actress who debuted in 2013 in 'Zora Debrovacka.' The Croatian- British model turned actress was first seen on the big screen in a miniscule role where she played girl smitten with love in 'The Wedding Date' in 2005.

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'The Wedding Date' was a romantic comedy that was written by Dana Fox and directed by Clare Kilner. Horvat had to wait a few years before she would finally get recognition as an actress in a full-fledged movie but know she's becoming a household name. It won't be long and we'll be seeing her in many other films on the big screen. She is a popular model and now that she has ventured into the movie industry, she is making a name for herself in the movie industry as well.

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Wife of Stefan Kapicic

Though Horvat is a well-known model turned actress, she is even more popular as Stefan Kapicic’s wife. Kapicic has made his name in the entertainment industry through his role in the movie 'Deadpool' where played the role of Colossus.

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Kapicic and Horvat began dating each other in 2014 they got engaged in 2015 and in 2017 they got married. Both of them have stayed away from controversy and link-ups and there are no such rumors about the two in the industry.

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Both Kapicic and Horvat are committed to each other for life and now that they are married everybody is wishing them a happy married life. Her Instagram account is filled with photos of her personal and professional life.

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Horvat keeps updating her photos with Kapicic to keep her fans updated with what is happening in her life.

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Net Worth

The net worth of Horvat for the year 2018 is still under review. Horvat is a popular model and she has done quite a number of commercials with popular brands. Her pay for those modeling assignments has helped her gain a solid amount of net worth.

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Horvat is not just the wife of Kapicic because she is more than that. The model turned actress was featured in 'FHM 100 Sexiest Women' in the World for several years in a row. Horvat also did nude modeling for the magazine ‘FHM’.