How To Make Any Lipstick Matte - 5 Simple Steps To Follow

Have a favorite lipstick that's too shimmery for your liking? This article contains easy tricks for you to make any lipstick in your collection matte.

How To Make Any Lipstick Matte - 5 Simple Steps To Follow


  1. What is matte lipstick, and can you make it?
  2. Use translucent or any setting powder to make matte lipstick
  3. Make your own lipstick from crayons
  4. Make your own matte lipstick with eyeshadow
  5. Use your eyeshadow as a setting powder
  6. Use tissues to help make your favorite lipstick matte

What is matte lipstick, and can you make it?

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With all of the talk about matte lipstick lately, you may be wondering: what is it? Matte refers to the finish of the lipstick you're wearing, specifically to the amount of shine or sheen a lipstick appears to have when applied to your lips. A matte finish means the lipstick has the least amount of shine or shimmer that it can possibly have. Be aware that the matte lipstick one company makes may be less matte than another one makes! Matte is a general term for no shine. The matte finish gained popularity in recent years when liquid lipsticks became popular. The matte finish helps lipstick stay on longer, and it adds a pop of color to your face without looking like too much, as shine and color often can be. Of course, you can purchase lipsticks with a matte finish at almost any beauty store nowadays. However, what if you already have your absolute favorite perfect shade of lipstick at home, but it's too shiny for your liking? Don't worry! You can make any lipstick have a matte finish right in your home with some of the tricks below.

Use translucent or any setting powder to make matte lipstick

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You can use translucent powder to make your lipstick matte, and it is the easiest thing to do! Setting powders were designed to absorb extra shine and oils from your face, and any extra oils that are in the foundation you're wearing. You can use either a matte translucent powder (most of them are matte, or at least very close to having a matte finish, but definitely don't use a powder with sparkles or shimmer!) or any foundation or setting powder that is a very light shade. Apply your lipstick and then place a thin tissue over your lips. Take a makeup brush with some powder on it and dab it over your lips. To make a more intense matte effect, apply the powder directly to your lips without the tissue in place. Be careful to not wipe off all of the pigment from your lips! You only want to gently add the powder to your lips so it can absorb the oils from the lipstick, which it will do on its own. When finished applying the powder, lightly rub your lips together to help distribute the powder over the lipstick. You now can make any of your favorite shiny or satin lipsticks matte!

Make your own lipstick from crayons

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Most people have crayons in their home, so this is a great option to make your own matte lipstick. It's more involved, but you can make any shade of matte lipstick you want! This is perfect for the creative makeup lover, or when you're short on cash but need that green matte lipstick shade! Even though crayons are waxy and seem to have a glossy finish, the lipstick you make will indeed be matte and not have that same glossy finish, so don't worry. Also, keep in mind that this method works best with very vibrant colored crayons. You can mix shades and create your own combinations, but you may need to add more crayon if the color isn't very bright. To make your own crayon lipstick, you will need the crayon color of your choice and some liquid to mix it with. You can use coconut oil (1/2 tsp) and vegetable oil (1/4 tsp), as these oils make a perfect liquid mixture for your lipstick base. 1. This is a very important step! You need to peel the paper off of your crayon. Make sure to check that all of the paper is off, as you definitely do not want any of that paper to end up in your lipstick mixture. Gently cut the crayon into smaller pieces using a butter knife. The crayon being in smaller pieces makes the melting process speed up. 2. In a small glass jar or bowl, add the oil and the crayon pieces. 3. You then need to place the bowl or jar into a pot of boiling water, creating a makeshift double-boiler. Be careful! Remember you're dealing with boiling water. You don't want the water to be at a raging boil. Once it begins boiling, turn the temperature down a bit, so the water retains its temperature without going wild. 4. Stir your mixture together until it is smooth and completely mixed together. It may be best to use a disposable tool for this, or something wooden. 5. Now you pour the mixture into a mold of your choice. Be careful, as the bowl or jar will be HOT! You want the container to have a cover, as this is where you will be storing your lipstick! 6. Move the mold to your refrigerator or somewhere cool in your home to chill and set for at least 15 minutes. Again, make sure to be careful, as the liquid matte lipstick is essentially hot wax. 7. For cleaning purposes, it's best to let all of the wax mixture cool and harden on your utensils and tools, and then peel it off before washing. Congratulations! You now know how to make your own matte lipstick in whatever shade you desire!

Make your own matte lipstick with eyeshadow

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Like the crayons method, you can make your own lipstick at home with eyeshadow colors! Like the crayon method, this method of making matte lipstick works best with vibrant colors as well. After choosing which color you want to use, take a clean mascara wand or another tool to scratch off some eyeshadow powder into a small jar, probably the one you will store your lipstick in. You need to scratch the eyeshadow to make more eyeshadow fall out of the pan, and therefore make more pigment for your lipstick. If you're using a pastel or light eyeshadow shade, you will need more eyeshadow. This method results in a slightly glossy version of matte lipstick. Your final lipstick will have a satin sort of effect to it. You can also make your own glossy lipstick with more of the liquid ingredient if you want to make both a matte and a shiny version of your lipstick shade! 1. Scratch off some of your desired eyeshadow color. You need a lot of pigment to make the color shine through! Don't be shy about this part. 2. Then place a small amount, no more than a teaspoon, of a product like Aquaphor or petroleum jelly into a small jar. This will be the base of your lipstick. 3. You then mix your pigment in, scratching off more pigment and adding as you see fit. Using a toothpick or small spoon works well for this mixing step. If you'd really like this lipstick you made to be perfectly matte, apply more eyeshadow over the top of it or try the translucent powder method.

Use your eyeshadow as a setting powder

You can also use eyeshadow as a replacement for translucent powder or setting powder over your lips. Simply apply the lipstick of your choice to your lips and gently place a matching (or non-matching, your choice!) eyeshadow over it until your lips reach the desired level of matte. Remember that some eyeshadows, even matte ones, can have a creamy sort of consistency to them. This may affect the way they absorb oils from the lipstick, so translucent powder is the way to go! If you want the color of the eyeshadow to really be noticeable, you will need to make sure to have more pigment for your lipstick. Scratch off a decent amount of eyeshadow from the pan and apply all of it to your lips. Keep in mind that some eyeshadows are satin finish, so they won't provide you with a matte lipstick look. The eyeshadow you place over your lipstick will need to be matte.

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Use tissues to help make your favorite lipstick matte

If you're in a rush and don't have time to use one of the other methods to make your lipstick matte, try this. Using a tissue is fast and easy, and doesn't result in the intense matte look that the other methods can give you. Take one single tissue, either a facial tissue or even toilet tissue, and blot your lipstick with it gently. This allows the dry tissue to absorb any oils from the lipstick, taking away shine and leaving your lipstick matte! If the tissue you have is thicker, try peeling the layers apart first. Blot your lips once with each piece that you get. The thinner sheets of tissue will make it easier for the oils in the lipstick to be absorbed off of your lips, and you can blot twice to really make sure that lipstick is matte! Keep in mind that when using this technique, some color is going to come off onto the tissue as well. Don't try to compensate for this by applying layers and layers of lipstick first. All that will do is add more oils to your lipstick and make it harder to make matte. Another option is to combine this tissue technique with the translucent powder technique. Place the thinner piece of tissue over your lips and dust the powder over the lipstick.

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Great! Now you are armed with multiple techniques to make any of your favorite lipstick shades matte. Matte lipstick is all the rage now, but people forget to make sure their lips are prepared for a matte finish. The lack of shine means that all the flaws in your lips are visible: dryness, cracks, etc. To minimize the look of dry, chapped lips, make sure to exfoliate your lips before you apply any lipstick. It's also important to keep your lips moisturized, especially in the timeframe leading right up to when you apply the matte lipstick. Enjoy your flawless set of renewed matte lipsticks!



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