10 Fun, Creative, Easy DIY Choker Necklaces You Should Try

Make your own DIY chokers out of different fabrics such as lace, ribbon, and pearl. These necklaces are sure to please and compliment every outfit.

10 Fun, Creative, Easy DIY Choker Necklaces You Should Try


  1. Why You Should Definitely Make DIY Chokers
  2. 1. Ribbon Choker
  3. 2. Ribbon Choker with Clasp
  4. 3. Ribbon Choker with Clasp and Charm
  5. 4. Classic Stretch Choker
  6. 5. Lace Choker
  7. 6. Wrap Choker
  8. 7. Pearl Choker
  9. 8. Flower Choker
  10. 9. Beaded Choker
  11. 10. Layered Choker
  12. Make the Chokers Yours

Why You Should Definitely Make DIY Chokers

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Have you ever been all dressed up in your finest outfit ready for a night out on the town, when you look in the mirror and realize that something is missing? You stare at yourself for a good five minutes and then that's when it comes to you - your neck is a little bare. But of course, not just any necklace will fix this. The only necklace that will enhance your outfit is a choker. Not just any choker, but one that you made yourself. Being able to express your uniqueness and creativity is very important. Putting on a DIY choker every morning or every evening to complete an outfit is one way to express how unique you truly are. Women have been wearing chockers for many decades. Although they haven't been a thing since the 90s, chokers are certainly making a comeback. Of course, you can go out and buy them, but why waste your money when it is easy and straightforward to make your own chokers at home?

Below are ten easy examples of different chokers that can be made from the comfort of your home with simple materials bought from your local craft store. Each choker will be just as unique as you are and look as if you purchased them in a store. By the time you're done making these DIY chokers, you'll have one to show off every day. You'll even be able to wear two different chokers a day, one during the daytime and one at night.

1. Ribbon Choker

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Let's start by making the ribbon choker. Which is one of the simplest DIY chokers you will ever make. Materials: - velvet ribbon - scissors

Instructions: In order to make this DIY choker, take the piece of ribbon and measure it by wrapping it around your neck. Next, add four more inches of ribbon to your neck measurement. Then cut the ribbon. The last step is where some people can get lost so make sure you pay close attention. Take the ribbon, wrap it around your neck, and then tie it in a bow in the back with the extra fabric hanging down your neck. The results are a beautiful and simple DIY ribbon choker that is easy on and easy off.

2. Ribbon Choker with Clasp

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The next DIY choker you can make is essentially the same as the previous choker, but it is a great variation to have in your collection. Materials: - velvet ribbon - scissors - clasp and chain - needle and black thread

Instructions: You will begin by measuring the length of the ribbon you need by wrapping it around your neck, as you did previously. This time you will cut the ribbon about an inch shorter than your neck. Flip the ribbon over to its underside and begin to sew the clasp to one side of the ribbon. Then on the other side of the ribbon, sew on the chain. Ensure that both pieces are securely sewn onto the ribbon. Finally, cut the extra chain from the clasp so it is not too long on the underside of the ribbon.

3. Ribbon Choker with Clasp and Charm

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This last velvet ribbon choker that you can make can be achieved by adding on to the one that you previously made. For this choker, you are going to add some charm or some bling to your choker. Materials: - velvet ribbon - scissors - clasp and chain - needle and black thread - pendant or charm

So now that you know how to make velvet ribbon chokers with clasps, the last thing to add will be a decorative piece. This can be any pendant or charm. For this, there are so many options that you can choose from. You can browse your local craft store or your favorite flea market. You can even use a charm you already have or maybe a family heirloom. Once you have decided what charm you want to use, sew it onto the middle of your ribbon choker. This way, it will hang perfectly at the base of your neck.

4. Classic Stretch Choker

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We all remember those classic stretchy chokers that almost everyone wore back in the 90s. Well, here is a step by step guide on how to make your own. The materials needed for this choker are: - 2 feet of stretch string - tape - scissors

Instructions: The first step is to fold the stretchy string in half. Once folded, tape the loop to a solid surface, such as a table or a clipboard. The second step is to begin the pattern by taking the left string and loop it over the right string. Then tuck the left piece through the opening and pull until the loop you made is at the top. The third step is to take the right string and loop it over the left string. Again, tuck the right piece through the opening and pull on the string until the loop is on top. Repeat the second and third step until you have made the pattern long enough to stretch around your neck. Then complete the choker by tying the loose ends around the beginning loop and trimming the extra string.

5. Lace Choker

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The next of the simple DIY chokers is the lace choker. A lace choker can be dressed up or dressed down. Whether worn with a simple tank top and shorts or a dress for a night out, this choker is sure to please. Materials: - a piece of lace (any color) - a button - scissors - needle and thread (the thread should be the same or close to the same color as the piece of lace you choose)

Instructions: The first step is to measure the piece of lace fabric around your neck. Before you cut it to size, add an extra two inches. The second step is to make a loop on one end and sew the loose end of the loop to the underside of the lace. The third step is to sew the button onto the other side of the lace choker. You are all ready to wear this lace choker now! With the loop you created on one side, you will be able to secure that over the button to keep it on your neck.

6. Wrap Choker

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Wrap chokers are simple and easy to make and wear. Wrap chokers should wrap around your neck once or twice and then dangle like a long necklace. Materials: - any cord-like fabric - Two pendants or charms - Two jewelry clasps - pliers

Instructions: At each end of the cords, use the pliers to attach the jewelry clasps. After attaching the clasps, attach a pendant or charm to each clasp. After the pendants have been secured, take the cord and wrap it around your neck once or twice. Allow the pendants to hang and tie them together if you want to keep the cords together.

7. Pearl Choker

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DIY pearl choker necklaces are an easy accessory to add to a formal outfit or even a business casual work outfit. You will be able to take pride in these pearl chokers knowing that they enhanced your professionalism and that you made them yourself. Materials: - a thick string or cord - pearls - clasp and chain - pliers

Instructions: Make sure the cord or string is long enough to fit around your neck. The length should be a couple more inches than your neck because the pearls will make the choker thicker. Attach the clasp to one end of the string. Then start putting the pearls on the string. Have the pearls fill up a majority of the string, and it is perfectly fine to keep using your neck as a reference for how much more pearls you need! Once the size is correct, tie the end so that the pearls do not slide around on the cord or string. Then, using the pliers, attach the chain part of the clasp to the completed end. Now you have successfully completed a pearl choker!

8. Flower Choker

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Making flower chokers is where you can let your creativity run wild and free! There are so many different styles, fabrics, and patterns that can be used for these necklaces. Materials: - a thick ribbon (maybe you have some left over from the ribbon chokers you created!) - hot glue gun, or needle and thread

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Instructions: On the thick ribbon or piece of fabric you have chosen, start decorating the middle of it with flowers! (You must put them in the middle so the flowers will show at the front of your neck.) One idea could be to use the hot glue gun to attach small ceramic flowers along the top side of the necklace. Another idea could be to sew on other pieces of fabric that have flowers on them. These are only two examples, and they are not meant to limit your imagination. Hopefully, you use them as starting points to make this choker your own. Once you have designed and created your choker, use the loose ends of the fabric to tie into a bow at the back of your neck. Some flowers are wild and free, so the way you tie this choker should be too!

9. Beaded Choker

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Beaded chokers are another way to express your creativity, and they are also fun to make. With all the different color and style options available, any DIY choker you make will be one of a kind. Materials: - a thin but sturdy string - beads, beads, and more beads! - clasp and chain - pliers

Instructions: The first step, as always, is to measure the string around your neck. Once measured, add a couple more inches in length before cutting the string. Then use the pliers to attach the first part of the clasp. The second step is where you can express yourself! Use one color of bead, beads in the same color but different hues, or beads that are so different that they simply fit together. If you are in need of some inspiration, it helps to have all your bead options spread out in front of you. This will allow you to play with different options and patterns. Once you string your beads, use the pliers to attach the chain to the other end, and your beaded choker is done!

10. Layered Choker

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The last simple and easy choker is the layer choker. This is not one that you will make, but one that you will style. You have just finished making nine different chokers, and now it's time to wear a few at a time. One way to do this is by layering your pearl choker with your ribbon choker. You could also layer the wrap choker with the lace choker or the stretch choker. Any combination you can think of, you can layer together.

Make the Chokers Yours

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Now that your choker collection has grown, it's time to wear one all the time! With all the different options, you now have a choker for each and every event or outing. DIY chokers made from home are great ways to express your creativity that maybe you did not even know you had. This is also an activity that you can share with friends. Turn making DIY chokers into a bonding event by inviting your friends to your home with maybe some wine thrown into the mix. Just an idea! At the end of the day, whether you make the chokers by yourself or with others, the results are sure to please and look beautiful.


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