How To Pick The Perfect Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Ready to choose a new hair color? No matter what colors you plan to choose, read this guide to find out how to pick the perfect hair color for your skin tone.

How To Pick The Perfect Hair Color For Your Skin Tone


  1. Picture perfect hair colors
  2. Determine your skin tone
  3. Brown hair colors for your skin tone
  4. Blonde hair colors for your skin tone
  5. Red hair colors for your skin tone
  6. Black hair colors for your skin tone
  7. Give your hair color personality
  8. Pamper your hair color
  9. Perfect hair color accomplished

Picture perfect hair colors

The weather is getting warmer, summer is almost here, and it is time for a hair color change! The winter hair color just needs to go, and it is time to freshen up your look. Scrolling through Instagram, there are so many amazing hair color inspirations to choose from! So, how do you decide which hair color is right for your skin tone? Read on to find tips and tricks for finding your perfect hair colors based on your skin tone and how to protect that beautiful color once you have found it.'s post
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Determine your skin tone

First, determine what skin tone you have. There are some tests that you can do to be sure that you know your skin tone. These tests should be done in natural light. Artificial lights can make your skin tone appear different than what it is. But why is it important to know your skin tone? Skin tone is important for choosing hair colors and shades because you should choose one that is the opposite of your skin tone. If you have cool skin undertones, you should choose a warm color. The opposite is true if you have a warm skin tone. With warm skin tones, you should choose a cool tone of hair color. Now, let's see where your skin tone fits in.

Vein test

When you have found natural light, turn your wrist over and look at your veins. Do they have a blue or purple tint to them? If they do, then you have cool undertones. Are your veins more of a green color? This would mean that you have warm skin undertones. If you can not tell either way which color your veins are, you most likely have a neutral undertone.

Sun test

You are sitting outside on a beautiful summer day just hanging out with friends. The sun is streaming down on you. Are you most likely to leave with a tan? If so, your skin tone is probably warm or neutral. If you sunburn easily or get freckles in the sun, your skin tone is most likely cool.

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Jewelry test

Take a piece of gold jewelry and a piece of silver jewelry out. Place them individually on your wrist. Which color looks better against your skin? If the gold looks better, then your skin tone is a warm tone, and if the silver looks better, your skin tone is cool. Both look great? Your skin tone is neutral.

Colors test

The last test for your skin tones is the color test. Hold a blue or purple shirt up to yourself and take a selfie. Repeat the test with a red or yellow shirt. Which looks best? If blue or purple look best, you have warm skin tones. If you look better with yellow or red, you have cool skin tones. If both colors look great, you are likely neutral. The color test can also be used by determining your natural hair and eye color. If your eyes are blue, green, or gray, and you have brown, blonde, or black hair with blue, violet, or ash undertones to it, you likely have cool skin undertones. If you have brown or hazel eyes with brown, strawberry blond, red, or black hair, with gold, red, orange, or yellow undertones to it, then you likely have a warm skin tone.

Congrats, now that you know which skin tone type you have let's read on to see how to use your skin tone to find the perfect hair color for you! Please note that if your skin tone is neutral, then you are in luck! Any of the following hair colors and shades described are likely to look great on you. Happy hair color hunting!

Brown hair colors for your skin tone

Despite what you may think, brown does not have to be boring! And the color can seriously look great on anyone and everyone. With so many variations between the shades, it can be very overwhelming when deciding which brown color will work best for your hair and skin tone. This article provides a break down for you, and you can take a look at what brown shades will work best for warm skin tones or cool skin tones. Any shade listed can look great on neutral skin tones.

Warm skin tone

When choosing a brown hair color for your warm skin tone, you will want to look for a shade that offers hints of cool colors such as a blue. Choosing a cool shade of brown hair color will contrast well with the yellow undertones in your skin. This will create a soft and glowing look to your skin. Adding highlights of different shades can add depth to your color. Perfect shades for you include chestnut, dark chocolate, dark auburn, and mocha.

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Cool skin tone

When choosing a brown hair color for your cool skin tone, you will want to avoid making your skin appear washed out. Finding a shade of brown with warmer tones, including reds or golden hues, to contrast with your cool skin tone can really make your skin look amazing. A perfect shade of brown for your hair can also make your eye color pop. Perfect shades of brown for you include mahogany, caramel, amber, golden brown, cinnamon, and honey.

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Blonde hair colors for your skin tone

As the saying goes, blondes always have more fun! Okay, while the saying may not necessarily be true, blonde is a great hair color for summer. Even if you are not a natural blonde, it is possible to find a shade that will match your skin tone. Whether you want to go with a light or a dark shade, there is a blonde hair color that is best for you and your skin tone. Read on to find that perfect shade of blonde hair color for your skin tone.

Warm skin tone

If you have a warm skin tone and want to choose blonde hair color, it is important to choose a shade of blonde that will contrast with your skin tone. Choosing a warm blonde color may end up making your skin appear red and unhealthy. A contrast of cool blonde with blue undertones will lessen the red tones in your skin, giving it a healthy glow. Perfect shades of blonde for you include platinum blonde, champagne, silver, ash, and ice blonde.

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Cool skin tone

You will want to avoid making your cool skin tone look dull and washed out when choosing a blonde hair color. The best blonde hair color choices for those with cool skin tones are those shades that have red or yellow undertones. This will contrast with your cool skin tone to make your skin look radiant and bring out your facial features. Perfect shades of blonde for you include honey, butterscotch, gold, and caramel blonde.

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Red hair colors for your skin tone

Feisty and fierce looking, red is an amazing hair color choice for summer. Have confidence and stand out from the crowd of blondes and brunettes. And guess what? There is a perfect red for every skin tone. Even yours! Read on to find out how you can find your perfect shade of fabulous red color.

Warm skin tone

You may think that if you have a warm skin tone with reddish undertones, red hair color cannot work for you. It can work! Choosing a cool shade of red hair color can actually lessen the appearance of your red skin undertones. Using a shade of red that combines cool undertones of blues, grays, or purples, will take away from the red undertones in your skin. Your skin and hair will both look amazing and healthy. Perfect shade of red for you include burgundy, auburn, and true red.

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Cool skin tone

A warm shade of red hair color is perfect if you have a cool skin tone. The warm red of your hair will contrast perfectly with the cool blue tone of your skin. A red hair color with warm tones can make your cool skin tone stand out. The shade of warm red hair will keep your cool skin tone from appearing pale. Perfect shades of red for you include copper, rust, strawberry blonde, and amber.

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Black hair colors for your skin tone

Black hair is gorgeous for summer! Black hair can frame your face, make your skin look bright and gorgeous, and really give your eyes some pop. Show off those gorgeous facial features! You do not have to be scared to go with a darker color in the summer. The best part about black hair is that anyone, no matter your skin tone, can pull off the color. It is all down to finding which shade works best for your skin tone. Here is how to find your perfect shade of black for your skin tone.

Warm skin tone

Choosing a cool shade of black hair color can be the perfect contrast to a warm skin tone. A cool shade of black can counter against the yellow undertones of your skin, leaving your skin with a stunning porcelain-like appearance. Perfect shades of black for you include espresso, licorice, true black, and blue-black.

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Cool skin tone

Choosing a shade of black for your hair when you have a cool skin tone can be tricky. It best to choose a shade of black hair color that has a slight undertone of brown to warm up the hair color. Choosing a warm shade of black hair color will help your skin look amazing. Rather than looking washed out, the warm black shade of your hair can leave you with a natural and healthy glow to your skin. Perfect shades of black for you include brown Black, dark mocha, and cocoa.

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Give your hair color personality

Why stick with the normal and basic hair colors? Summer is the perfect time to let loose and show off your fun side! Add some personality to your hair color by choosing a fun color. Fun hair colors are so trendy, and it is great to be able to show off your personality. You just need to know which colors will work best for you and your skin tone to make sure your fun look is still upscale and stylish rather than cheap, shabby, and washed out looking. Knowing your skin tone is especially important when choosing a color that is unnatural and different. Keep reading to find out which fun hair colors will work best for you and your skin tone to match your personality!

Warm skin tone

Choosing a fun shade for your warm skin tone is easy if you remember to contrast it by using cool colors. Shades of blues, purples, and other jewel-toned colors look great on warm skin tones. Try to avoid paler or more pastel tones of hair colors, especially if your skin is a darker shade. Pastel colors can leave your skin appearing washed out and dull.

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Cool skin tone

If you have a cool skin tone and want a fun color, choose a hair color with a warm undertone. Hair colors with undertones of pinks, reds, and oranges work great for cool skin tones. If your skin is very fair, opt for a lighter and more pastel shade to avoid having your skin appear dull. Avoid any cool colors such as purples or blues. Purple, blue, and other cool tone hair shades will blend in with your skin and can leave you looking pale and unhealthy.

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Pamper your hair color

Now that you have found your perfect hair color for your skin tone, what is next? Whether it is brown, blonde, red, black, or any other fun color, it is important to take care of it. Taking proper care of your hair color will ensure it will be long lasting and continue to look amazing. Before dying your hair, make sure that it is not already brittle and damaged. If your hair is already heavily damaged, adding color to your hair may make the damage worse. This is true if you are going lighter with your hair color. Try to avoid lighter hair colors and extreme dye jobs if you have already weak and brittle hair. Check out a few more tips for keeping your hair color looking great.

1. Shampoo and conditioner

After changing your color, it is important to use a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for color-treated hair. This will keep your new hair color lasting longer, and your hair will stay healthier. Avoid using any shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfates, especially if you have dyed your hair a shade of blonde. Sulfates in shampoos and conditioners will strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture. It can also strip your hair color, meaning that your color will not last long. Use a dry shampoo at least every other day and up to four times a week rather than shampooing in the shower every day. The more you shampoo in the shower, the quicker your color will fade. You should also wait 72 hours after your hair is dyed to shower for the first time so that your color can set. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner, and knowing how often to use it, can make all of the difference in a beautiful and long-lasting hair color.

2. Leave in treatment

Your hair needs extra protection when it has been color treated. Using a leave-in treatment will provide your color-treated hair with the moisture and goodness that your hair looses when using hair dye products. Leave in treatments can also protect your hair color from sun damage if you choose one with UV protection. Since it is almost summer and you will surely be outside in the sun often, it is important to protect your hair color from fading. UV protection in a leave-in product is one way to ensure your hair color lasts as long as possible. Leave in treatments can come in many forms such as serum, sprays, and gels. Research labels and reviews to find which leave in treatment is best for you and your hair type and color.

3. Heat protection

Your color-treated hair must be protected from the heat that comes from hair dryers, curling irons, and straightening irons. Heat already strips hair of moisture. Adding a color treatment on top of that can quickly speed up the damage process. To avoid heat damage, use products specifically made to keep moisture in and humidity out while using your heated styling tools. Heat damage sprays are excellent for keeping your amazing hair hydrated. Your color will last longer, and your hair will be less likely to become damaged and brittle.

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Perfect hair color accomplished

So, there you have it. A great guide to finding your perfect hair color based on your skin tone. You have decided on a color and have taken steps to ensure that your color will look great for as long as possible. Now, what's left to do? Go out and enjoy your summer! Take that confidence you have in your new hair color and make it the best summer ever.


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