Christine Taylor: 10 Hottest Pics Of All Time

You are about to know more about Christine Taylor who is the former wife of Ben Stiller. Below are facts to know about her and her Instagram pics.

Christine Taylor: 10 Hottest Pics Of All Time


  1. Christine Taylor: Actress and Ben Stiller’s ex-wife
  2. Facts to know about Taylor and her Instagram pics
  3. Her net worth

Christine Taylor: Actress and Ben Stiller’s ex-wife

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Some of us admired the couple that Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller were, but sadly, they separated in 2017 after a 17 years long marriage. But we still love Taylor with her broken heart and her movies are fantastic. If you go through her Instagram pics, you will wonder why Stiller divorced such a pretty woman. 46-year-old Christine Taylor was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her father Albert E. Taylor is a security company owner, and her mother, Joan, is a homemaker. Christine Taylor grew up in Wescosville, and she has a brother. Her parents raise her up a Catholic and when she even attended a Catholic High School. Christine Taylor has starred in “Zoolander,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Zoolander 2”, “The Brady Bunch Movie,” and “Hey Dude.”

Facts to know about Taylor and her Instagram pics

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Taylor can’t blue steel

Christine Taylor’s ex-husband can blue steel perfectly, but she can’t. In an interview, Taylor said that Ben Stiller used to do the whole routine and it was one of the most fun things they did when they were married. She added that people would yell at Stiller “Blue Steel’ while they were walking on the street and he would do it in a heartbeat. Taylor’s son has also mastered it. She has probably put the pics on Instagram.

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The actress got more roles after Brady Bunch Movie

After Christine Taylor appeared as Marcia in “The Brady Bunch Movie,” she made some several comedic guest appearances on “Ellen” and landed a lead role in “Party Girl” a TV series, which was based on a 1995 film with the same name. Taylor also landed other roles including minor ones in “Seinfeld” and “Friends.” She still celebrates that humble beginning by sharing those old pics on Instagram.

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Taylor is an impulse buyer

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When asked about what kind of shopper she is, Christine Taylor said that she is the kind of person who shops when she feels like doing so. She added that there were many things she could online apart from updating her Instagram with new pics because she has two kids and she felt like that was the easiest way to shop without taking a whole day.

Christine Taylor met Stiller while on set

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Her net worth

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Christine Taylor has a net worth of $10 million.

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The “Zoolander,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Zoolander 2”, “The Brady Bunch Movie,” and “Hey Dude” actress, Christine Taylor is now a free woman. That could be some good news for all the aspiring men. But wait, are you ready to take care of Ben Stiller’s kids? Think about it. Meanwhile, you can check out Taylor’s pics on Instagram.

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