Ultimate Makeup And Hairstyle Guide For Different Colors Eyes

Here is the ultimate makeup and hairstyle guide for different colors eyes including green, hazel and dark brown eye colors.

Ultimate Makeup And Hairstyle Guide For Different Colors Eyes


  1. Ultimate Makeup And Hairstyle Guide For Different Colors Eyes
  2. Blue Eyes
  3. Pink And Gold For Blue Eyes
  4. Go Smokey With Blue Eyes
  5. Hair Color For Blue Eyes And Warm Skin Tone
  6. Hair Color For Blue Eyes And Cool Skin Tone
  7. Green Eyes
  8. Smokey Gray For Green Eyes
  9. Green Eyes With Gold And Brown
  10. Red And Brown Hair Color For Green Eyes
  11. Avoid Gold, Copper And Auburn With Fair Skin And Green Eyes
  12. Go Pale With Cool Skin Tone And Green Eyes
  13. With Warm Skin Tone And Green Eyes Go For Rich Blondes
  14. Know These For Olive Skin And Green Eyes
  15. Hazel Eyes
  16. Rich Autumn Colours Are For Hazel Eyes
  17. Chocolates And Chestnuts Colour For Warm Skin Tone
  18. Brondes And Browns For Hazel Eyes And Cool Skin Tone
  19. Go Bright With Olive Skin
  20. Go Red With Hazel Eyes And Warm Toned Tan Skin
  21. Amber Eyes
  22. Bronze And Copper Are Good For Amber Eyes
  23. Go Warm In Hair Colours With Amber Eyes
  24. Gray Eyes
  25. Orange Tone For Gray Eyes
  26. Make Your Gray Appear More Green
  27. Cool Colors For Gray Eyes
  28. Cold Hair Shades For Gray Eyes
  29. Dark Brown Eye Color
  30. Dark Green For Dark Brown Eyes
  31. Go Softer With Gray Shadows For Dark Brown Eyes
  32. Gold Is Good For Dark Brown Eyes
  33. Go Bold With Violet
  34. Go Matching
  35. Dark Brown Eyes And Cool Skin Tone
  36. Honey And Copper For Warm Skin Tone
  37. Chocolate Brown For Your Tan
  38. Wrapping It Up

Ultimate Makeup And Hairstyle Guide For Different Colors Eyes

Every woman loves makeup, but sometimes the makeup doesn't love them back. In early days women used to make more than one major makeup faux pas. But now there are a lot of things to consider before you pick your makeup, you have to consider everything. In this article we have picked a particular factor, that is, your eye color and what makeup and hairstyle will go with the color of your eyes. Some shades go with the color of your eyes while there are some that look mismatched. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment. However, it's a fact that what works for Beyonce might not work for you and you will need to accept it and move on. That doesn't mean that you should give up on makeup altogether. We are here to help you choose your makeup and hairstyle based on the color of your eyes.

Blue Eyes

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If you are a blue-eyed girl, you should go for the palettes that are orange, brown, gold, peach and pink. These color palettes complement the blue of your eye, allowing it to stand out. If you want to bring out the pupils, try the colors that focus on the outer corner of your eyes. Always finish your eye makeup with the coat of mascara. It is an essential step if you want to add intensity to your eyes. Try to avoid wearing the eyeshadows that are blue. It is a general rule for everyone. The blues and greens reduce the intensity of your eyes, making them appear dull.

Pink And Gold For Blue Eyes

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The warm and shimmery pink eye color will give you a natural and the complete look. You could use shimmer a lot of time as it will help you create a more wide-eyed look. It is perfect for office wear. The warm golden-tone color creates a warm frame for blue eyes creating a contrast with the icy coolness of blue eyes. Not only this, but it also gives you a sun-kissed skin tone without the need of exposing too much under the sun.

Go Smokey With Blue Eyes

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Since you guys don't require a lot of introduction just a little smokey eye makeup with bronze is good enough for accentuating the blue eyes well. Define the outer corners slightly and add the halo for making it just the right everyday wear. If you want to keep it a little low key, you can choose the smokey matt brown eye makeup. It will still create a mesmerizing look for your eye color. Don't make shimmer the part of your picture.

Hair Color For Blue Eyes And Warm Skin Tone

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Now, this is something a man can use as well. If any male or female have a warm skin tone with blue eyes, you should opt for the warm brown hair color. Brown and all its shades suit people who have warm skin tone except for the ashy shades. Choose darker shades as they will do a better job of complimenting the blue color of your eyes. If you already have dark hair and you are not willing to take any chance, make sure you stick to warm brown that are two shades of your natural hair color. If the man or the woman have light skin, the golden blonde hair color that will compliment your Blue Eyes. If you don't know what blonde is, it is a combination of brown and blonde. But if you are keen on Blonde, you should stay as far away from the ashy colors. Instead, go for a warm golden blonde hair color since it will better compliment your skin tone. Your warm skin tone can pull off the Ginger hair color better than anyone else. And this goes for male as well. The hair color that best suits your eyes and warm skin is the bold red. It will not only create a beautiful contrast with your cool blue colored eyes but will also compliment your skin tone. And yes you can't forget burgundy. The beautiful purple and red undertones in this color will bring out the warmth of your skin and pair incredibly well with the blue of your eyes. You could also pick dark brown. It is one color that suits almost any skin tone and color.

Hair Color For Blue Eyes And Cool Skin Tone

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Platinum is a color that doesn't stop slaying. And if you have a cool skin tone, you can pull off platinum look better than any other. Even if you are a male. But if you wear it with medium and dark skin tones, it can get a bit risky. And if you are a natural brunette, your hair can go through a lot of damage if you are trying to get this color. But what's stopping you if you have light skin and light hair? The blue-eyed girls with olive skin, you could go for mahogany hair color or sandy blonde. You could also opt for black, hazelnut, purple or green if you are feeling crazy. If you like crazy colors, you would be incomplete without the ones that with blue or violet undertones. You can experiment with various shades of blue depending on the color of your skin and find the one that is right for you.

Green Eyes

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If you have green eyes, you should go with blue in all its variations like plums, purples, pinks, etc. Apply a little dark green liner onto your eyes for really highlighting the green of your eyes. For more dramatic evening look you could add a dark eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eyes for bringing out the brightness. Purple is one of the favorites for green eyes so you should load up your makeup kit with purple eyeshadows. You can smudge a purple pencil around the eyes and then top with the Purple shadow.

Smokey Gray For Green Eyes

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You can also go for smokey gray shadows as these shades look incredible with green eyes. Remember gray and silver shadows are entirely different things. Silver does not have the same standard effect as Gray. So you should always be up for deeper matt Shadows. Also, the big old black liquid liner is a staple no matter what eye color you have, and it does wonders to green eyes when it comes to creating the enviable alluring gaze.

Green Eyes With Gold And Brown

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You can also go for the antique gold eyeshadows since many green eyes have flecks of gold in them. So using a gold Shadow will brighten the use and bring them out for an ultra flattering look. You could also opt for the smoldering Brown eyeshadow as the changes option any makeup look, the perfect go-to shade for every time you want your eyes to stand out subtly.

Red And Brown Hair Color For Green Eyes

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If you have green eyes with fair skin, you should go for deep and bright red or brown hair colors with red tones. Shades of maroon work wonder on fair skin, especially if you have a warm tone. All shades of brown look good on fair skin, ranging from warm tones like golden brown and rich chocolate to cool ashy blonde. You could also experiment with plain blondes, white and honey blondes. If you have extremely pale complexion, avoid black hair color, but if you have some color in your cheeks, black hair can look beautiful on the fair skin. A male with green eyes could go for brown hair Color.

Avoid Gold, Copper And Auburn With Fair Skin And Green Eyes

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Golden isn't a good option for fair skin and green eye color since it undermines the greens of your eyes, setting your features off balance, even in a male. Similarly, copper hair can make the redness on your face and skin stand out, and auburn can bring out blemishes on your face which many of us don't always get the time to cover up with makeup. Avoid black hair on as they present a harsh contrast between your skin and hair color. You should also avoid golds, caramel, honey and anything with an orange base.

Go Pale With Cool Skin Tone And Green Eyes

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If you have a cool skin tone with green eyes, you should go for pale, strawberry, ash, white and Platinum hair colors and the shades of blonde. You could also opt for purple tint and purple burgundy. The soft chestnut brown and ash brown will also look good, and you could also use colors with blue or violet base.

With Warm Skin Tone And Green Eyes Go For Rich Blondes

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The girls with green eyes and warm skin should go for rich blondes like honey, champagne, butter platinum, toffee, rich chocolate browns and light caramel Browns. The rich red hair color, mainly the red-based burgundy shades will also look good on warm skin and green eyes. A male with green eyes could consider this as well. Even with warm skin tone black should best be avoided along with Ash blonde, Brown, and colors with blue or violet base.

Know These For Olive Skin And Green Eyes

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For green eyes and Olive skin tone rich golden bronze will look amazing, making your skin glow. You could also go for copper-based colors, chocolate browns, rich golden browns, and auburns. If you have green eyes with olive skin tone, you should avoid Platinum, Blonde or anything that is ashy along with blue, violet and green base hair colors.

Hazel Eyes

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Girls with Hazel eyes are extremely lucky as they can wear whatever color makeup they want, ranging from golden brown to white since every shade will bring out your pupils. You can also add some drama by applying gold brown or black liner, finishing up with the volumizing mascara.

Rich Autumn Colours Are For Hazel Eyes

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The rich autumnal colors like brown, golds and greens are your perfect palette. And of course, you can't go wrong with the shimmering pans of dusky gold, rich chocolate, creamy bone and forest green. In the basic language of makeup, you should opt for earthy brown, warm green, the gilded which is the mix of gold and bronze and the eggplant shade of shadows and liners with metallic black mascara. You could also go for hot pink makeup all black and gold glitter eye makeup. The mermaid eye makeup also looks great on the girls with Hazel brown eyes. You could also go for bronze or a topical sunset makeup. In fact, even the Classic black smokey look will make you stand out in the crowd. As already been said that girls with Hazel brown eyes could use any number of makeup so go ahead and put the color that makes you shine.

Chocolates And Chestnuts Colour For Warm Skin Tone

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If you have fair and warm-toned skin with Hazel eyes, you should go for rich chocolate and chestnut brown. It goes even for a male. If you are a red lover, you could go for dark mahogany or burgundy with a hint of berry. In light hair color, the rich golden blonde will complement the Hazel in your eyes especially if you have fair skin. Avoid colors like brown, platinum blonde, black and blue or green base colors.

Brondes And Browns For Hazel Eyes And Cool Skin Tone

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If you have hazel eye color and cool skin tone you should go for black, even a male, you can also opt for blondes, ash brown, and hazelnut browns. Perfect color for cool skin tone and Hazel brown eyes the light buttery blondes, platinum blondes, white blondes and cool silver tones will also emphasize your skin tone and eye colors. If you like going for bold colors, you can opt for blue and green based colors. Avoid red-based colors, rich golden blonde, strawberry blonde and shades of orange along with gold based browns.

Go Bright With Olive Skin

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For cool toned tan skin with Hazel brown eyes, you could opt for yellow based colors like rich blondes and blondes. You could also go for dark brown hair with yellow based highlights. Blue and purple based hair color also looks amazing. And if you want to highlight your Hazel eyes, burgundy is the best option. Use a Yellow or red based ombre on black hair. Don't go for hair colors with orange shades and browns that are too close to your skin tone.

Go Red With Hazel Eyes And Warm Toned Tan Skin

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Girls with hazel brown eyes and warm toned tan skin could go for red and berry tones or golden and caramel blondes. Since they have a skin tone that is among a very few complexions that could flaunt orange based hair colors, so you can opt for that as well. You could also go for rich, warm brown hair color with highlights. Never go for platinum and buttery blondes and blue and purple based colors.

Amber Eyes

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Amber eyes are also referred to as wolf eyes. These are rare and extremely beautiful eye color with strong golden-yellow hue. For such a vivid eye color, makeup can be difficult to choose. Girls with amber eye color, purple and plum colors are your new best friends. Bright eggplant purple, violet-purple or red-toned burgundy purple enhances this rare eye color and highlight the golden things in it.

Bronze And Copper Are Good For Amber Eyes

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You could also go for bronze and copper eyeshadows. The earthen greens and gray paired with bronze or gold also gives the Amber eyes a fabulous look. Use eyeliner for creating depth to your eyes and defining them and instead of using black use a dark brown eyeliner for a natural look. If you want to go for the dramatic look, use a deep purple, navy blue or dark forest green eyeliner. Even in mascara, you could try colors like purple, green and burgundy apart from black and brown. If you're going for natural eye makeup, opt for bright lipstick and if you are going for bold eye makeup pair them with soft peach lips.

Go Warm In Hair Colours With Amber Eyes

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Amber Eyes could use colors with a warm burst of sunlight like the copper red or dark golden auburn, butterscotch or golden highlights, warm tawny bases and shades like sandy and candlelit. Avoid darker shades like black, burgundy or the deep browns.

Gray Eyes

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Grey eyes, like Amber, is one of the rarest eye colors but they can be played up with makeup in endless numbers just like Amber eye color. Gray eye colors are like the hazel in the blue-eyed family. They are generally a combination of Gray, Blue, Green and around the pupils, a small amount of yellow. Orange-red or violet palette makes it appear more blue, green or lighter Gray.

Orange Tone For Gray Eyes

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If you want to make your eyes appear bluer, you should go with orange tones like neutral brown, copper, peach, salmon, melon or even bright orange. These Colors will make the flecks of blue in the gray colored eyes stand out. You can put a touch of light blue shimmer on the inner corner with those shades as they will bring attention to the already existing blue in your iris. If you prefer a softer and more natural look, go for a coral shimmer instead of blue.

Make Your Gray Appear More Green

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If you want to make them appear greener, you should pick colors like red-brown, pink, wine, maroon plum or purple. The contrast of the green and yellow in the iris with red and violet tones will make the green stand out. If you want to add definition and make your eye color pop, instead of black eye pencil, use the chocolate brown liquid eyeliner along the waterline.

Cool Colors For Gray Eyes

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And for making them appear lesser gray stick to tones such as silver, gray, charcoal or black. On the lid and lower lash line using a medium matte grey shadow. Use charcoal or black Shadow for smoking out the outer corner of the eye. You could also use silver shadow on the upper lid and inner, for brightening your eye. Finish your makeup with the nude lips as the neutral color of the lips will not contrast any of the other colors in the iris.

Cold Hair Shades For Gray Eyes

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Many stylists believe that gray-eyed people should only go for cold shades of hair like grey and nothing more than a cold tone. Your grey eyes are quite rare, and it is more often found in combination with black shade. So you should remember that cool shades do not tolerate warm shades of hair and this goes for all hair colors that carry a golden sheen. For your gray eyes, the perfect hair colors will be ash, gray, cold blonde, light brown, frosty chestnut, black and blonde. These colors go well with light skin tone.

Dark Brown Eye Color

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The shades of plum compliment dark brown eyes extremely well and they also carry the other feel. Pair it with Brown eyeshadow, dark purple eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Use the brown shade with pink undertone in the crease as a transition shade. Then apply a plum shade at the middle and the inside of the island and the dark purple in the outer corner. Blend out the dark purple eyeshadow and lastly apply the mascara and eyeliner.

Dark Green For Dark Brown Eyes

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Dark green is a very pretty color, and it makes dark brown eyes look gorgeous and enchanting. You could pair it with Matt or shimmer. Keep the map for the outing during the day and the summer but the party night. You can also combine it up with the warm brown eyeshadow, black eyeshadow and mascara and eyeliner. Use the warm Brown eyeshadow in the crease as a transition shade then apply the dark green shade all over the eyelid. Use the black to the outer corner and then finish it up with the eyeliner and mascara.

Go Softer With Gray Shadows For Dark Brown Eyes

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If you want a softer look, try gray eyeshadow. Pair it up with soft brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner, silver eyeliner, and mascara. For the transition in the crease use the soft brown color and then apply the grey eyeshadow to the eyelid blending it well. Apply the black winged liner and then add a Silver Line below the wings for completing the look. Finish the look with mascara.

Gold Is Good For Dark Brown Eyes

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The gold eyeshadow works well on brown eyes, and it is because the pigment helps to bring out the tiny flecks of gold that a present and brown eyes. You can pair the gold eyeshadow with brown eyeshadow, black gel eyeliner, and mascara. When you apply the brown eyeshadow into the crease extended slightly into the brow bone and blended it well. Then apply a thick went liner. Use the gold over the rest of the eyelid. Make sure that the gold and the black parts are blended well. Apply the concealer in the crease with a clean liner brush. Put on muscular and smoke out the bottom lashes with the Brown eyeshadow.

Go Bold With Violet

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If you're feeling bold, you could go for violet eyeshadows combining it with soft Brown and black eyeshadows. You could also go for the green eyeshadow with the slight touch of orange around it. You could also parrot with a winged liner and false lashes. When we are talking about the dark brown eye color, we can't leave out the bronze eyeshadow which is the great option for parties and night outs, and of course, the rose gold eyeshadow. You can pair the rose gold nude brown and mauve eyeshadows.

Go Matching

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If you are the matching kinds, you could go for the soft Brown eyeshadow pairing it with brown eyeliner and mascara. You can also use taupe eyeshadow for adding mystique to your dark brown eyes. Parrot with silver-white eyeshadow. You could also go for the metallic shades of eyeshadows complimenting your dark brown eyes.

Dark Brown Eyes And Cool Skin Tone

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Now if you have brown eyes with fair complexion and cool skin tone you should go for the natural black hair color and dark brown hair color. Avoid blue-black hair colors as they will make you look tired. It will also bring out the blue undertones in your skin. You could also go for black-brown hair color if you have a medium complexion and cool skin tone. For a cold skin tone in the similar complexion, baby lights in light brown color would add subtle dimensions.

Honey And Copper For Warm Skin Tone

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If you have a warm skin tone, you should go for honey-colored hair and copper colored hairs. If you have warm skin tone and medium complexion you can opt for caramel highlights or brunette balayage. Caramel highlights will bring out the golden undertones of your skin and eyes.

Chocolate Brown For Your Tan

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Go for chocolate brown hair color with a few baby lights in light brown color if you have a tan complexion and cool skin tone. You could also opt for different shades of purple in your hair like a hue of purple, eggplant color or burgundy. On the other hand, if you have a dark complexion and warm skin tone you could go for coffee color or just the right amount of touch of toffee highlights towards the end of your hair.

Wrapping It Up

Not many realize, but your eye color plays a vital role in determining your looks and what kind of makeup and hair color you should opt for. Different eye colors, different complexion, and different skin tones make your look different with different palettes of makeup and hair color. So, it is important that you pick your makeup and hair color carefully according to your eye color and you will stand out of the crowd for sure.