Life Hacks: How To Lose Up To 15 Pounds In Just 2 Weeks

Is it possible to lose pounds in a month? But of course! You can do it in 2 weeks even! Here are some life hacks you can do for easy weight loss.

Life Hacks: How To Lose Up To 15 Pounds In Just 2 Weeks


  1. Want to Lose Pounds In A Month or A Few Weeks?
  2. Lose Extra Pounds With the 1000 Calorie Diet
  3. Losing Pounds In 2 Weeks? Prepare Your Own Meals!
  4. Lose 15 Pounds in A Month or 2 Weeks by Light Exercises
  5. Cut Down Sugar on Your Diet
  6. Lose Pounds In 2 Weeks With the Help of Water
  7. Let Fruits Help You Lose Those Extra Pounds
  8. Refill Your Energy With A Cup of Coffee
  9. Have Your Cheat Day!
  10. Lose Pounds with Body Weight Exercises
  11. Trick Your Mind by Chewing Gums
  12. Have Enough Rest and Sleep
  13. Reminder! Health Should Still Be Your Priority

Want to Lose Pounds In A Month or A Few Weeks?

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A lot of people say that “food is life, food is love!” And probably, we can all agree to that! Who can resist a dark chocolate cake, a pizza, or a hamburger, right? But while we enjoy eating so much, we gain something that is very much uninvited too—you guessed it—weight! For most ladies, gaining weight is the worst enemy, ever! Suddenly, you’d just find out that the shirt you’re wearing weeks ago wouldn’t fit already. But anyway, can you lose weight in a month or even 2 weeks? The answer is, yes you can! It’s not going to be easy to achieve it though because you will have to double the work and the discipline to get results faster. You will have to cut down calories and go on a diet almost immediately and the time you’ll have to spend for workout activities should be prioritized. Most people resort to taking slimming pills or any other medications to lose pounds easily; some even go to the extent of undergoing surgery. But such solutions are way too risky for your health. Why go under the knife when there are safer plans and options for losing that unwanted 15 pounds off your body? Here are some of the life hacks you can apply to easily lose weight in 2 weeks. But before that, just a quick reminder though—our list is based on some people’s experiences and is just meant to be informative. If you are aiming for an accurate and the healthiest options, it’s still recommended that you plan your weight loss journey with a professional.

Lose Extra Pounds With the 1000 Calorie Diet

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We just love eating so much! In our daily plans and activities, food is always on the list. Admit it, even after a workout session, you are just always tempted to cheat. However, with that being said, we don’t realize that we consume calories more than what we need for the whole day. If you’re planning to lose weight in a month or a few weeks, the first thing you have to control is your eating habit. As much as possible, consume only 1000 calories per day although you have to know too that it won’t be enough for you to function well because you’ll probably feel sluggish so it’s recommended if you’re going to avoid hard physical activities for the weeks you’re on a 1k calorie diet. But this is an option only if you’re in a hurry to lose that extra 15 pounds off your body.

Losing Pounds In 2 Weeks? Prepare Your Own Meals!

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So how would you keep and maintain this 1000 calories diet for a few weeks or so? Well, the best solution is to cook your own meals! Eating out on a fast food or restaurant will make you consume more than what you need because most of the time, food establishments serve huge portions. Furthermore, if you cook your own meals, you have control over what ingredients you’re going to use. For example—instead of using olive oil, vegetable oil, or butter, use a cooking spray. Olive oil is healthy; unfortunately, it’s 120 calories per tablespoon. And don't worry about the cooking being extra work for you, just focus on the results after. You'll have that desired weight you're aiming for!

Lose 15 Pounds in A Month or 2 Weeks by Light Exercises

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A lot of people believe that exercise and going to the gym to workout are the best solutions to lose weight or a few pounds in just a few weeks. That is true but not entirely especially if you’re trying to achieve something in such a short time! Vigorous workout sessions will only have its effect after long months of hard work so it’s actually useless to waste your energy on hard physical activities. However, light exercises are okay. Instead of an intense workout, you can instead resort to jogging, walking, or swimming. It’s still up to you though if you really want to do hard physical activities, but before doing so, at least try to let your body to get used to it by starting off with simple exercises. Do you know that a one-hour walk can burn 200 calories?

Cut Down Sugar on Your Diet

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Before you decide to lose extra pounds in a month or even weeks, you have to understand that you’ll definitely have to cut down sugar. Pasta, bread, cookies, and cakes are definitely the best foods out there but not for weight loss so you will have to avoid them if you’re in a hurry to lose those 15 pounds! Instead, make your daily diet consist of lean protein, vegetables, and fiber-rich fruits. This diet will also make you feel full so it should be a no worry for you to cut down sugar for a few weeks or even a month, right?

Lose Pounds In 2 Weeks With the Help of Water

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One thing we usually take for granted is our daily consumption of water while in fact, it’s one of the most important things if we’re planning to go on a weight loss journey. After eating a limited amount of calories, it’s expected that our body will look for more. And if you’re trying to lose extra pounds in just 2 weeks, you’ll try your hard to not give in to your cravings, right? The best solution for that is to drink water in between meals to trick your stomach into thinking it’s full. Furthermore, water can also help your metabolism and improve your skin condition. So, before you satisfy yourself with carbonated and sugary drinks, always remind yourself that it’s better to have a bottle of water with you as it will help you, even more, to lose some extra pounds in just a few weeks.

Let Fruits Help You Lose Those Extra Pounds

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Let’s admit it, the main secret on how to lose pounds easily in just a few weeks is a healthy eating habit. If we’re to choose between a hamburger and a juicy apple, it’s obvious that most people will choose the hamburger. However, if you are in a hurry to lose pounds and in just 2 weeks too, you have to force yourself to choose fruits and vegetables over any junk food. Before meals, try to eat fruits so you’ll feel full instantly. Plus, they will help you to ignore your cravings for calories. But unfortunately, fruit juices do not count because they do not contain fiber and they’re sugary.

Refill Your Energy With A Cup of Coffee

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Losing pounds in just so few weeks is difficult so you will need a lot of energy for you to use in your exercise and workout sessions. But since we eat less calories than usual, it’s expected that we will be lacking energy too. The secret to feeling energized? Coffee! Before doing your daily exercises, try to consume a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of milk but without sugar. This will help you to not feel sluggish after. Aside from that, coffee helps you to lose pounds because it will burn more calories as it contains antioxidants.

Have Your Cheat Day!

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It’s a ritual for those who’re trying to lose pounds to have at least their cheat days every now and then. But if you’re trying to attain something in just 2 weeks, well, you’re allowed to have at least one cheat day. This is okay because it will be something to look forward to while you’re trying to cut down calories for several days. It’s going to be easier to keep the discipline if you know that you’re waiting for a reward. However, that’s not the only reason. There’s also a scientific explanation why you’ll need your cheat day too. If you deprive your body of its needs for too long, it will switch to survival mode which will slow your metabolism and you won’t be able to function well if that happens. Lose pounds in a month or weeks if you want but your health should still be your number one priority.

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Another effective way to lose extra pounds is to do body weight exercises such as push-ups and lunges as these physical activities can help you build lean muscle mass. So even when you are at rest, your body is burning calories. Aside from that, they are physical activities which are easy to do and can be done anywhere and any time of the day.

Trick Your Mind by Chewing Gums

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Your mind will try and try to convince you to snack on something especially if your intake of calories is really lacking. But there is an easy way to trick yourself to not give in to your cravings and that is to chew a gum! Chewing a gum will trick your body into thinking that it’s consuming food. Aside from that, you will less likely put food into your mouth if you’re already chewing something, right?

Have Enough Rest and Sleep

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To be able to lose pounds in just a few weeks, a less of everything is not the only solution. Because there is still something that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of and that is rest and sleep. For you to function well every day, you should have at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night. Having enough rest will help your brain to think properly and make food choices. It will not make you feel so sluggish after waking up as well. A good amount of sleep will improve your metabolism too that will help your body burn more calories in the process. But the best part is, a good sleep will increase the recovery of your muscles that will help you through your workout session for the whole day.

Reminder! Health Should Still Be Your Priority

There are actually a lot of ways to lose weight in just 2 weeks but these are some of the most effective ones. Just a reminder, it’s not always guaranteed that every life hack will work the same for everyone as our bodies have different ways of coming up with different activities. So if you feel that these options are doing you bad rather than the opposite, it’s recommended that you consult a health specialist so you can find better options. Furthermore, losing weight in 2 weeks is not really different from losing weight in a few months. So if you find yourself having difficulties in coming up with these strategies, go at your own pace and go with where your body’s going to be more comfortable.



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