45 Trendy Pastel Color Hairstyles

Are you looking for some trendy pastel hair colors that would look great on you? Well, look no further because these pastel colors are just what you need.

45 Trendy Pastel Color Hairstyles


  1. What is pastel hair?
  2. #1 Dark pink mixed with light pink highlights
  3. #2 Pink ice
  4. #3 Silver and blue
  5. #4 Rose hair colors
  6. #5 Soft blush
  7. #6 Dark red to light red hair
  8. #7 Green and purple hair colors
  9. #8 Pink, purple, yellow, and orange
  10. #9 Dark roots, pink, and blonde
  11. #10 Emerald green hair
  12. #11 Pink and green hair colors
  13. #12 Pastel purple ombre
  14. #13 Magenta hair colors
  15. #14 Medium pastel pink
  16. #15 Pastel orange
  17. #16 Pale pastel pink
  18. #17 Rainbow hair
  19. #18 Silver and copper hair colors
  20. #19 Hot pink hair
  21. #20 Pastel purple tips
  22. #21 Cotton candy pink
  23. #22 Pastel pink ombre
  24. #23 Green ombre
  25. #24 Silvery rose hair
  26. #25 Watermelon pink
  27. #26 Icy blue
  28. #27 Rose gold hair
  29. #28 Pastel pink tips
  30. #29 Sunflower yellow
  31. #30 Faded rose hair
  32. #31 Streak of pink
  33. #32 Green, purple, and blue
  34. #33 Light pink mixed with golden yellow
  35. #34 Lavender pink
  36. #35 Mint green
  37. #36 Dark roots, pastel pink
  38. #37 Blush hair
  39. #38 Rainbow highlights
  40. #39 Strawberry and copper
  41. #40 Lilac and silver
  42. #41 Champagne pastel hair
  43. #42 Turquoise ombre
  44. #43 Pink and gray pastel
  45. #44 Copper and purple
  46. #45 two toned
  47. Some tips for pastel hair colors before you go

What is pastel hair?

Pastel hair is a growing trend that adds subtle color to your hair and makes you look great. While the bright colors may also be in, the more subtle pastel colors are a great way to color your hair. These new hairstyles are fun and new and just good if you need a change. The best part is that they can be achieved all on your own without you having to spend hundreds of dollars at the hairdresser. At any drug store or retailer such as Walgreens, Walmart, and Target, you can pick up the perfect box mix. Loreal is always a safe brand to go with but other brands are Revlon, Nice n' Easy, and Manic Panic. Depending on the brand and color, these pastel hair colors can be temporary or permanent or semi-permanent.

As for colors, pastels can range from pink to purple to blue to green and anything and everything in between as long as it isn't as dark and bold as traditional colorful dyes and treatments. Overall, if you want to color your hair a color that isn't blonde, brunette, or natural red, pastel hair colors are a good and fun way to go.

#1 Dark pink mixed with light pink highlights

minhaversaomae's post
29094938 424568494647143 8150654931922059264 n

Dark pink hair with some light pink highlights, otherwise known as "pink lemonade" is a fantastic pastel hair color. As with most hair colors, the lighter your hair when you start, the better and more permanent your results. So, bleach that hair, separate into simple sections, and dye to your hearts desire.

#2 Pink ice

vanitasespai's post
26864068 158933228230007 2450392719130886144 n

This icy pink look is achieved by putting a light pink layer of color over some icy blonde hair. This is a great pastel hair color for anyone who wants a more subtle colored look.

#3 Silver and blue

taras_haircreations's post
20837044 111421262858811 4301784843617828864 n

This gorgeous look is unique and a great pastel hair color. Dye your hair a nice silver color and highlight with some streaks of your choice of blue, and there you have it, a great new look. While the silver dyes tend to be more permanent, the blues have a tendency to be more temporary, so I recommend starting with a darker blue that you can let fade and still look great.

#4 Rose hair colors

saraihairwizard's post
30087828 844911825675584 189431461030395904 n

Rose is a gorgeous pastel color to dye your hair. As with most colors in this range, it is always easier to bleach your hair beforehand. There are multiple types of safe bleach that you can use on your hair. Loreal has a great permanent hair bleach in their Colorista brand that is safe and that I have used myself before. It works well and is effective, but be careful because letting it sit in its bottle after use can cause it to bubble over the cap. Just be sure to read any and all instructions before use.

#5 Soft blush

myhaircareandbeauty's post
18512986 444079742608267 8613794131761692672 n

Soft blush is a gorgeous pink color for you pastel hair of choice. It is subtle, yet it can still make a strong statement. Everyone will notice when you walk into the room with this fantastic pink pastel hair color.

#6 Dark red to light red hair

nikki.elizabeth_'s post
31711469 1995326247451432 1303288034761900032 n

While this may not seem like the most traditional of pastel hair colors and styles, it is a great choice for anyone who wants a unique and fun look. For this style, you can keep your natural roots (if they are already dark) and just bleach the tips. There are multiple foolproof ways to achieve this look, but if you are bleaching your hair, leave the bleach on your hair for different amounts of time. Don't go too drastically different, though, because this could create unwanted stripes as opposed to the ombre look you are going for.

#7 Green and purple hair colors

carry_on_my._assbutt_son_bitch's post
21295081 138699846738769 8193013175000498176 n

This is a fun mix of pastel colors that can make you look unique and fun. (Also a plus if you happen to be a fan of the Joker from Batman, but this isn't necessary to work this look). Now, the style you see above isn't your only option for mixing these colors. Half of half of your hair is fun, but you can also mix them throughout your head, or even dye your hair one of the colors as the main element and use the other as a highlight or low light.

#8 Pink, purple, yellow, and orange

xostylistxo's post
31421834 907117612804418 2095848168188018688 n

This gorgeous look reminds me of a beautiful summer sunset. Who wouldn't want their hair to reflect something as beautiful as that? This look can be achieved by mixing a couple of awesome colors such as pink, purple, and orange. For awesome bright colors such as these, and a semi-permanent look, the brand manic panic will have your back. The bold colors that manic panic produces are to dye for (get it?).

#9 Dark roots, pink, and blonde

fullhairalchemist's post
28766056 175049323290025 3648935310521270272 n

This subtle pastel look for your hair is fantastic. While this Neapolitan pastel hair may seem on the lighter side, it is just as bold as full hair coverage. In my experience, pinks are often more on the temporary side, but if you find the right pastel pink ( Loreal sells a great smoky pink pastel hair dye), you'll be set.

#10 Emerald green hair

matrix's post
27580651 367490333727281 326408877316767744 n

This look isn't traditionally pastel but if you dye your hair this rich shade of emerald, worthy of Oz himself, you can treat it to turn into a nice pastel look. This works especially well for semi-permanent colors. Trust me, this look is awesome and versatile.

#11 Pink and green hair colors

veyonceeeeeeee's post
31557078 1824113857889905 8149856145314414592 n

These lovely hair colors remind me of a juicy summer watermelon. This color combo is fun and out of the box. A bold green mixed with a nice pastel pink creates a look to love. This also means that if you have dark hair you won't have to hardcore bleach your whole head of hair. Bleach the tips for a bolder pink, but leave your dark roots slightly lightened and you should be all set.

#12 Pastel purple ombre

colorfulhairr's post
30907847 161236594548418 7125906233659228160 n

I am absolutely in love with this pastel purple ombre look. I'm seriously considering trying it out on myself. This lovely pastel hairstyle combines darker purples with lighter purples to create a nice flow of dark to light on your head. Ombre is in style currently with more traditional hair colors, so why not try it out with the pastel hair colors as well?

#13 Magenta hair colors

curtiscolorshair's post
29738172 131699434341558 7753088616993128448 n

Magenta is an awesome shade of pink. I absolutely love it. This style is similar to the emerald green look, where it may start out as a deeper shade, but as with most hair dyes, temporary and permanent alike, it will fade. And when it does, that is your opportunity to turn it into a great pastel hair look.

#14 Medium pastel pink

kittiexxamber's post
31109156 162177581130099 5935672110474067968 n

This is a Manic Panic brand pink if I ever saw one. The color is bold yet soft. This pastel hair look is a bit on the darker side, but trust me, if you try out this look, your hair will look great. 

#15 Pastel orange

thebestinalternative's post
13108619 1591525674492302 5537061 n

Now, this pastel orange hair definitely veers away from more traditional ginger looks, and it looks great. It is bright and soft and makes you look like a fun cartoon character, in a good way. This is a color that can be hard to get right, especially for naturally darker hair colors, but if you find the right shade, this pastel hair will blow you away.

#16 Pale pastel pink

atarahmayhew's post
30084544 346259205863576 6614938836357087232 n

This pale pink is soft and reminds me of Loreal's smokey pastel pink hair dye. It is a great look for anyone and is totally in right now. Does it remind anyone else of the famed millennial pink color, or is it just me?

#17 Rainbow hair

she_runs_withscissors's post
31942531 968191323355536 4204159743058509824 n

The pastel rainbow hair look is so in right now. It is bold and creative, just like you. This look combines every color under the sun and can be done in any way you want. You can set a base color to your hair and add multi-color highlights or you can separate strands of your hair and dye them all a different color.

#18 Silver and copper hair colors

wellahair's post
30593307 172295246702555 503837708641107968 n

This metallic look mixes copper and silver to create a shiny and innovative hair look. It is just gorgeous and a more subtle pastel look for anyone who wants to try this hair trend but isn't yet ready for the bolder colors. It's like money in your hair!

#19 Hot pink hair

_kelly_thehairstylist_'s post
29716693 294629377738907 2643559624887762944 n

Hot pink. Nearly enough said. This look is bold and beautiful. You can even mix in some pinks that are more on the pastel side of things in your hair for an even more creative and awesome look.

#20 Pastel purple tips

daniellewadehair's post
23734593 1628520737211515 976097520641900544 n

Pastel purple tips are lovely and subtle. If you want to dye your hair a color out of the range of blonde, brunette, or black, going for just the tips is safe and still just as fun. Or even try out just dying the underside of your hair. These pastel colors will not disappoint. Manic Panic and loreal both have great color options for dyes such as these as well as Sephora brand. 

#21 Cotton candy pink

omghairmakeup's post
30855429 170298647002589 2597338041546702848 n

Cotton candy pink, for hair so light and fluffy it could be made of sugar and air. This awesome pastel color is a strong choice for your hair and one you won't regret. As with most dyes, this light, bleaching your hair beforehand is a good idea to achieve the ultimate pastel hair look.

#22 Pastel pink ombre

colorfulhairr's post
27579109 144679672873445 1876289130778853376 n

Much like the pastel purple ombre above, this pastel pink ombre is a fun look that won't let you down. Pink hair is probably my favorite when it comes to pastel hair and this look isn't deterring my love. The ombre pink is a creative choice that takes your even more out of the box than just dying your hair a regular pastel pink.

#23 Green ombre

bubblinaa's post
31999225 232676743979703 3263244709014798336 n

Green hair is unique and not something I personally believe a lot of people can successfully pull off. That often has to do with the choice of color. Anyone can do green as long as they choose the right green for themselves personally. A green ombre is a safe way to go. I just love ombre hairstyles.

#24 Silvery rose hair

kdcmhair's post
30946303 2045898652325852 2477591437051428864 n

This pastel silvery rose look adds some nice pastel rose to hair that has been dyed silver. It is creative and adds a nice layer of fun and personality. As with most lighter looks, remember to bleach your hair before trying any of these looks as they will always look better when you start with a lighter base.

#25 Watermelon pink

idigyourhair's post
30915407 1781917585263230 7667251535214018560 n

This pink hair is ready for summer. This bright and cheery look is great for anyone with a bright and cheery personality who loves summer and looks great in pink. It is bold and brilliant. It even reminds me of the great pink of a watermelon (or anything watermelon flavored and artificially dyed).

#26 Icy blue

hair.by.adam's post
26151954 433040953765772 6718823259044839424 n

Stepping away from the pink pastel hair colors that seem to be most popular, we step into an icy blue pastel hair look. This is a fantastic color to try out. Great for a winter color, but honestly this color will look good in your hair all year round. For this, mix some light blue and silver dye in your hair (layer or streak) to try it out. This fun look usually comes with dyes more on the temporary side, you may be able to find the permanent dye that I haven't been able to.

#27 Rose gold hair

beautiesbestfriend's post
32359153 200465337418028 7175284854186049536 n

Rose gold is a color that is in style for phones, jewelry, and even household accessories, so why not your hair? A rose gold pastel look is one that you can't go wrong with. Try it out and you'll see how much you'll love this look.

#28 Pastel pink tips

briteorganix's post
19425420 677214705799684 2028703849232990208 n

As mentioned above, dyeing your hair pastel tips instead of dying your whole head is a safer choice for anyone reluctant to try out these bolder dye colors. You can even ombre your tips, like in the picture above, starting with a lighter, more pastel hair color and ending at the ends of your hair a bit more bold.

#29 Sunflower yellow

jaymz.marsters's post
31184314 219944028767364 4987731025330176000 n

This look is definitely the step away from blonde that you may be looking for, and yet it's not that far off. Switch up the natural blonde for a brighter yellow pastel that reminds you of sunflowers and sunny days. This look is creative and one that you may not see a lot, so if you want to try out the pastel trend, but stay away from the more common pastel colors like pink or purple, this may just be the pastel hair look for you.

#30 Faded rose hair

rwollsch's post
12231036 495252867346870 1659265392 n

Faded rose is a subtle and beautiful hair color. It mixes well with bleached blonde hair and can really look good on anyone. Try out any pastel pink for this color and mix it with some copper. It is a great pastel hair look that you won't regret. 

#31 Streak of pink

kadeeqj's post
13126713 1596248147354492 1227700897 n

Much like pastel pink tips, a pastel pink streak in your hair is about as subtle as you can go for hair color. And hey, pink hair also stands for breast cancer awareness, so that is a major bonus for throwing some pastel pink in your hair.

#32 Green, purple, and blue

hairplay_byjaquie's post
32178375 612728495759178 3785613419126718464 n

The mix of these colors creates an awesome look for your hair. Mix some pastel green with some bold purples and blues and you have an innovative look that no one can match. You'll look great and you'll feel great with this hairstyle.

#33 Light pink mixed with golden yellow

oo0caroline0oo's post
14156133 1194130743963682 793613856 n

This light pink and orange pastel hair reminds me of a sunrise instead of a sunset. It's softer, yet just as beautiful. I love this look so much. The two colors mixed together seamlessly are great and just plain awesome for pastel hair looks.

#34 Lavender pink

theyoungamericansalon's post
23595769 363488914075587 3420973929806692352 n

Here's another example of mixing colors, this time its some pastel lavender with some pastel pink. These similar colors mixed together create a bold look that is hard to miss and hard not to like. As always start with some bleach and some great bold pastel colors. As mentioned above, Manic Panic is a safe bet for great and strong colored hair.

#35 Mint green

josh.does.hair's post
28158209 196321387622182 6412167602042306560 n

While regular green may not be the most popular choice for pastel hair, mint green is. As many of you may well know, Kylie Jenner has a wig in this color. Mint green pastel hair is a great look that is just plain fun. It's different, yet still blends in the perfect amount.

#36 Dark roots, pastel pink

amyjoyhair's post
31942526 164218170940657 2867547160126160896 n

Similar to ombre pink or even the Neapolitan look, this pink pastel hair brings some nice dark roots to a great pastel look. Rember to be careful with your hair and read all the instructions on the box if you're going for your pastel look by yourself.

#37 Blush hair

constancerobbins's post
29717539 183892985752661 7026084566565650432 n

I love all pink hair, but I think I love the more subtle pastel pinks the most. Blush is a great pink that almost looks like a natural hair color, only with a few pastel highlights.

#38 Rainbow highlights

thehairstylish's post
28150814 148018242559322 2099598026824744960 n

Rainbow highlights are a great pastel look for someone who is just looking to spice up their normal hair color with some extra colors. Dye only part of your hair strands (like the tips) or go for whole streaks, this look is up to you.

#39 Strawberry and copper

schwarzkopfcan's post
15338512 221252824967505 3998537015531405312 n

This combination is fantastic and very similar to the one I rocked last summer. Strawberry pink and copper make a great pastel look that will keep people talking.

#40 Lilac and silver

clarissa0112's post
14368932 328056187527458 1304083097 n

Lilac and silver hair is a gorgeous pastel look. Mixing the pastel purple with shiny silver creates a dense look that will last and look great. Remember starting with bleached hair is always a plus when it comes to dyeing your hair fun pastel colors.

#41 Champagne pastel hair

justbreathemakeup's post
29402280 2056472817932497 6937660823552655360 n

This pink pastel look is a great one. Looks like strawberry tinted champagne, meaning it is classy and just overall awesome. This pastel look will be one that you will want to keep around.

#42 Turquoise ombre

mandyberkhoff's post
32430531 2055481904723603 325154618017316864 n

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors in general, so why wouldn't I want to try it out on my hair? This ombre look starts with a darker blue that fades into a more pastel turquoise. This is another look that will look great as it fades as you can turn it into a stunning pastel look.

#43 Pink and gray pastel

hologrambeauty's post
16464698 1708152439475122 4109029730735357952 n

Pink and gray pastel. What a stunning look! This combo is bold and out of the box and not one that will be forgotten. Try it out with pastel pink, and even pastel purple and green. Silver is so in and mixing it with other pastel colors is a must.

#44 Copper and purple

underlyingpigment's post
17881797 1706566476307586 4406176373094219776 n

Copper and purple are two colors that I love, so mixing them together to create this look is a must. The look is great and bold. Honestly, just fantastic.

#45 two toned

kikibabemagic's post
31112843 2139125526322417 3658178505344024576 n

While we have been mixing two or more pastel colors before, this look separates them. Half of your hair is one awesome pastel color while the other half is an equally as awesome pastel color. Enjoy and rock this look.

Some tips for pastel hair colors before you go

Before you go, here are some general tips for you pastel hair colors. Blonde always makes the color bolder, but for some colors and some dyes, it is not always necessary to start with that as your base color. Also, do not wash your hair right after you dye it. Wait at least a day, preferably two. The more often you wash your hair, the quicker your temporary colors will fade. Also, if you can get someone to help you out, that is always better. The kits that Loreal and other companies make are often designed for use by yourself, but trust me when I say that getting the back of your head completely covered evenly in color can be very difficult by yourself. Lastly, just make sure to read the instructions on any of your pastel hair coloring kits. They are there for a reason, and that reason is to help you from making a mistake.


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