Amazing Makeup Ideas To Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

Everyone with small eyes, even Indians, want to make their small eyes appear biiger. Here are a few makeup tips on how to do that

Amazing Makeup Ideas To Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger


  1. Amazing Makeup Ideas To Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger
  2. Pay Attention To Your Eyebrows
  3. Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Before Makeup
  4. Take Care Of Dark Circles Under Your Small Eyes
  5. Add Dimension To The Crease Of Your Small Eyes
  6. Use Shimmer At The Inner Corners Of Your Small Eyes
  7. Use Eyeshadows In Makeup For Small Eyes
  8. Tightline The Upper Waterline Of Your Small Eyes
  9. Use The Eyeliners Sparingly In Doing Makeup Of Small Eyes
  10. Use Curler On The Lashes In Makeup Of Small Eyes
  11. Give A Nude Look Makeup To Your Inner Rims
  12. Don't Forget The Mascara In Makeup
  13. Use False Lashes In Makeup
  14. Lining The Lower Lash Waterline Of Small Eyes
  15. The Cat Eye Makeup For Small Eyes
  16. Big Contact Lenses
  17. Cut Crease Makeup For Small Eyes
  18. Summerizing

Amazing Makeup Ideas To Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

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Elongated and big eyes have been in trend since the days of Cleopatra. Since then women be it American or Indian, with big eyes have been appreciated. And it is since then that women have been trying many different tips and tricks for making their small round eyes appear bigger. It makes their face look more beautiful and glamorous. As the saying goes- Eyes are the windows to our soul. Not everyone is born with big beautiful eyes. And I don't know anyone, especially Indian, who doesn't want their eyes to look big and face to look beautiful. Big eyes make your face look young and you, awake. Don't get me wrong here. Eyes of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, even the small almond-shaped eyes and round eyes. But not everyone is complemented for that. So if you have small eyes don't get disheartened. Using the clever makeup technique you can make your small and round eyes appear bigger and make your face look more expressive and beautiful. Makeup is like an optical illusion. Makeup does something to how others see your face in 3D. The techniques of makeup for making your eyes appear bigger might not be trendy but they do the job. They have been used by the professional artists for makeup for giving the eyes a bigger look for a long time. If you learn how to do that will benefit you in many ways. It will come in handy at all the occasions and you don't have to spend a fortune over a professional for doing this. Here are certain tips on how to do that with makeup.

Pay Attention To Your Eyebrows

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Not everyone knows that eyebrows make a lot of difference in making your small eyes appear bigger. So you need to pay attention to them by visiting Salon frequently and keeping those brows in good shape. Have your eyebrows done in the natural shape of your eyes. If you want to keep bold eyebrows remember that you need to maximize the space you have. This will create an illusion of the small eyes being bigger. Thick, bold and Beautiful eyebrows bring everyone attention to your eyes. Don't have your brows over-tweezed. The natural looking eyebrows makes you appear innocent while the over-tweezed arches will make you look older. Brush them up with a clear brush for getting full and expressive brows. While doing makeup don't forget to define your brows. They should be more elongated at the outside corner. So, you should fill them up with the eyebrow pencil. Once it falls into place nicely, your small eyes will appear bigger than they really are.

Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Before Makeup

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Pamper your eyes is the right way to get them looking gorgeous. If the area around your eyes is puffy and swollen it will make them look tiny and small. So sleep well and wash your face with cold water often. Tannins in tea make your skin tight so you can also place used cold tea bags over your small eyes. Also exercise regularly and reduce the salt intake to keep your small eyes free of puffiness. It will make your dull and small eyes look full of light beautiful and big.

Take Care Of Dark Circles Under Your Small Eyes

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And I'm not talking about the concealer or makeup. Sleep well and take care of your eyes for keeping them free of dark circles. However, if you still get dark circles under your small eyes due to sudden reasons you can use concealer before starting makeup. Concealer hides the dark circles under your eyes but it will not make your small eyes look bigger. And you will not draw attention to your eyes of someone who is looking at your face. Use an illuminating concealer for correcting your blemishes and dark circles. For lifting and enhancing your look, use the foundation that is a shade darker than the concealer.

Add Dimension To The Crease Of Your Small Eyes

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Make your small eyes pop by adding some dimension to it. You can do this by adding a soft Rose color or a matte warm brown color to the crease while doing eye makeup. It will add a little length to your small round eyes and make your face look glamorous. Even Indian women can use this makeup hack for making their eyes look deep and little smokey.

Use Shimmer At The Inner Corners Of Your Small Eyes

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While doing your eye makeup make sure you had a little shimmer at the inner corner of your small eyes. Adding a little shimmer at the corner will catch the light. This will make your small eye appear more awake and open, thus making them seem bigger and smokey.

Use Eyeshadows In Makeup For Small Eyes

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Eyeshadows play a very important role in the way your eyes look. It can make your eyes appear hooded, small, big, sultry and just the kind you want. Use these eyeshadow tips for making your eyes appear bigger

Opt For Light Neutral Coloured Eyeshadow Makeup For Small Eyes

For contouring, use light and neutral eyeshadows. According to the rule of contouring in makeup, use light colors for the areas where you want the light to be reflected. The areas you want to push back use darker shades. For bringing your eyelids forward use light colors at the center. For applying take a brush and put some shadow on it. Remove the excess shadow and then apply it gently at the center. As long as the shadow is a light color it doesn't matter if it is shimmery or matte. This makeup trick will make your small eyes appear bigger.

Eyeshadows Above The Crease Of Your Small Eyes

For making your small eyes look bigger, apply a matte eyeshadow of neutral shade above the crease while doing makeup. Blend it nicely upwards.

Makeup On The Lower Lid Of Your Small Eyes

On The lower lid, apply the natural shadow while doing makeup that mirrors the natural color of the shadows of your eyes. In a few words, you are just sculpting the shape of your small eyes.

Dark Eyeshadow Makeup On The Lash Line

Apply gray or brown colored makeup shadow on the lash line with a wet thin brush. Go as close to your lashes for creating a natural look. Do not, remember, do not go down to the center of your small eyes if your eyes are close together. However, if your eyes are at a regular distance from each other, you can stretch the line and go beyond the center of your eyes. This will make your eyes deep and smokey as well.

Tightline The Upper Waterline Of Your Small Eyes

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Tightlining the upper waterline during makeup makes a lot of difference in making your small eyes appear bigger. For this use the black liner, it will make your eyelashes appear full after makeup. It will also make your small eyes look open and big. Indian women can also use waterproof kajal if they are not comfortable in using liner on their waterline. Tightlining your upper waterline will also make your small eyes appear deep after makeup.

Use The Eyeliners Sparingly In Doing Makeup Of Small Eyes

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Apply the eyeliner into the outer third on the lower lash line. Then soften it out using a smudger or a brush. While applying the liner on the eyelid while doing makeup, keep the line closer to the lashes, as close as you can. Give it a little flick and then make it thicker at the end gradually if you want. You can also make your small eyes look smokey with this eyeliner makeup trick.

Double Line Makeup Technique

This one's a tricky technique to master. But once you have it, it can reshape your small eyes in a big way. You can create different effects by either extending the line or curving them. Begin with the top lid and draw a classic cat eye there with a dark color. Now pick a lighter color and draw a line, a thin line, right under the lower lashes at the end of the small eye. It will make your small eyes appear deep and smokey. You can experiment the makeup technique with liners of different colors to see how you can layer them. Trust me, its fun.

Blue Eyeliner Makeup For Bigger Brighter Eyes

Contour the upper lash line with blue eyeliner or blue Kajal. It will make your small eye pop and correct any redness in your eyes, thus making you look more awake. If you have brown eyes, you must go for the blueliner. Draw a thin subtle line and smudge it a little with a brush. However, if you haven't taken care of the dark circles, don't go for the blue liner in eye makeup. It will draw the attention to your dark circles.

Avoid Kajal And Thick Eyeliner On Small Eyes

For small eyes, using black eyeliner makeup could be hazardous. Black eyeliner and Kajal can make your small eyes look smaller and they won’t give you the smokey look you want. So just use it on your upper lash line. As mentioned earlier, you must draw a very thin line with your eyeliner. Applying thick eyeliner makeup will make your eyes look droopy and small. It’s hard to draw a thin line that is too close to the roots of the eyelashes. But with practice, you can master the technique of achieving symmetry. Also, just flip the wand a little outwards for making your small eyes appear bigger.

Use Curler On The Lashes In Makeup Of Small Eyes

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What a sports car means to men, similar is the eyelash curler stands for women. Fully cup the lashes in the curler and ensure that it is closer to the roots for giving your small eyes the bigger look.

Give A Nude Look Makeup To Your Inner Rims

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You can achieve big looking Eyes by loading them up with black Kajal. Well, this is what most people think. The truth is you cannot. Black kajal, in reality, makes your small eyes look boxed in and smaller. For being on a safer side, go nude with the makeup of your lower Lash. It will give your small eyes a full look and make them appear bigger and deep.

Don't Forget The Mascara In Makeup

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Mascara is the magic wand for the eye makeup. A good mascara has the power to make your small eyes look bigger and thicker as well and that too in no time. There are things you can do with mascara. You can also make your small eyes look bigger by using the mascara the right way in makeup.

Use The White Mascara Makeup

White mascara makeup can do magic to your small eyes when trying to make your small eyes look bigger. On the upper lid apply 2 layers and on the lower lid apply 3 layers of white mascara makeup.

Apply Volumizing Mascara In Your Small Eye Makeup

You can use any volumizing mascara. Push the applicator all the way to one side of the bottle. Also, tilt the bottle a little that side. Now, you have a lot of mascara on one side and very little on the other. Use the side with lots of mascara and apply it on your lashes, about 1 -2 mm away from the roots. It will make your lashes look fuller and longer, in turn making your small eyes appear bigger appear bigger.

Mascara Makeup On The Lower Lash

Go over the area of the under eye with concealer makeup first before applying the mascara on the lower lid, it will really make your small eyes pop. The contrast of the brightened skin and dark mascara makeup will frame your entire small eye. Any product on the lower lash has high chances of being smudged, so using the waterproof products in makeup are the best option. Dust a light layer of the powder on the top for keeping in place the eye brightening concealer.

Use False Lashes In Makeup

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False lashes are among the good ways of faking small eyes into appearing bigger eyes. However, you should be careful about what kind of false lashes are you using. For example, cat eye false lashes elongate your small eyes. Thus they create more of the almond-shaped eyes. So, if you want your small eyes to appear bigger, use the lashes in makeup that don't have long wings towards the end. Also, using false lashes on the upper fringe is okay, but on the lower one, use false lashes only at the center. It will give you doe-eyed look after makeup.

Lining The Lower Lash Waterline Of Small Eyes

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Use white eyeliner on your lower lash waterline. It makes your cornea look bigger. The cornea is the white area that is found outside your pupil. Immediately, it makes your small eye appear bigger.

The Cat Eye Makeup For Small Eyes

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Cat eye makeup makes your small eye look elongated and draws attention to them. This makes it a good choice if you want to make your small eyes look bigger. For this, wing your eyeliner further, then smudge the deep brown shade on the outer part of the wing. Finally, blend it with the light shade that you have used on your lid. This make technique creates depth even with the darker shades like navy or black. This makes it perfect for making your small eyes appear bigger.

Big Contact Lenses

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If you are an anime fan, you would know what I am talking about. If you don't, these contact lenses come with a larger diameter than the usual ones. They also have thick and darker outer rim. You can pick any iris color. However, first consult the eye specialist before going for any kind of contact lenses. Always keep the lenses disinfected and wash your hands first. Never apply lotion before handling the lenses. Also, always put the lenses first before putting eye makeup. This will keep the lenses safe from any accidental touches of oils and makeup.

Cut Crease Makeup For Small Eyes

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This popular European technique of makeup is for all the ladies who desire to make their small eyes appear bigger. In this technique use the light colored eyeshadow over the entire lid. Then softly line the upper lash line and above the crease. It will create different volumes for the shape of the eye. Elongate the small eyes by drawing a parallel line to the eyeliner. You can slightly curve the line above the crease for making your small eyes appear doll-like rounded. It not only will make your small eyes appear bigger but also creates a gorgeous look for small eyes and almond-shaped and hooded eyes.


Techniques of makeup can take your looks to an altogether different level. If you know the right things to do you can make your face and its part appear the way you want them. Bigger eyes are no more a wistful thinking now. You can achieve the elongated eye look, almond eye look, doe-eyed look or even doll eye look with just the right style of eye makeup. These are the things that even the celebrity makeup artists use for making the eyes of celebrities look bigger and glamorous. They are a little hard master but if you get them right, you can have your eyes appear bigger than they are any time. However, makeup can't make a dull eye appear lively and dark circles and eye pouches are hard to hide. So you need to sleep well and take good care of your eyes. Always remove the makeup, especially from around the eyes before going to bed. Keep washing your eyes with cold water and apply cucumber or rose water mask over them for relaxing. You can only make your eyes beautiful and glamorous if they have that potential in them. As mentioned, avoid black Kajal and putting on a lot of liner. Many Indian women love doing that. This only makes your small eyes appear smaller. So, contour your eyes and don’t forget your brows. They play a vital role in making your eyes look bigger. Right makeup will give you the desired effects. Go ahead and try it on.


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