70 Sexy and Gorgeous Long Hair Ideas For 2018

Tired of your dull and boring long hair? Ready to update your long hair? Read on to find 70 sexy and gorgeous long hair ideas for 2018!

70 Sexy and Gorgeous Long Hair Ideas For 2018


  1. Sexy and gorgeous long hair
  2. Long hair ideas: layers
  3. Long hair ideas: bangs
  4. Long hair ideas: wavy
  5. Long hair ideas: straight
  6. Long hair ideas: going lighter
  7. #49 Auburn blonde
  8. Long hair ideas: going darker
  9. #58 Mahogany brown
  10. Long hair ideas: go crazy
  11. Sexy and gorgeous long hair, don't care

Sexy and gorgeous long hair

Long hair is sexy and gorgeous. But, if you have long hair, then you know that it can sometimes be a real pain to deal with. Need an update to bring it into 2018? You have found the right article! 

Read on to find 70 sexy and gorgeous ideas to update your long hair and give you a style that you will love.

Long hair ideas: layers

Adding layers to your long hair length will add body and volume to your hair. Often times long hair, especially if straight, can look dull and boring. Layers are the perfect way to spice up your look a little and still keep the long length.


#1 Long layers

Long layers can look great in any length of hair, but they work especially well for long hair. The layers should look natural and give you volume.

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#2 Mixed layers

Mixed layers are perfect for adding texture and volume to long hair lengths. Your hair type and face shape should be taken into consideration before deciding how short your layers should go.

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#3 Face framing layers

Face framing layers are a great way to show off your beautiful face. The shorter layers at the front and sides curl around your face, highlighting your best features.

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#4 Feathered layers

Sexy and gorgeous, the feathered hairstyle is back! A feathered layer is a great way to add character to your long hair length.

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#5 V-shaped layers

A v-shaped layer is a great style for long hair lengths. This style works especially well if you have thick hair because it will allow your heavy hair to move more freely.

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#6 Tousled layers

Tousled layers are similar to beach hair. Style your layers using a salt water spray and let loose! This style is perfect for any time of year.

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#7 Ombre layers

Ombre layers are super sexy on long hair lengths. Nearly every layer will have another color, cascading from roots to ends.

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#8 Straight layers

Straight layers are exactly as you would imagine- slight layering that looks as though there are no layers at all. This style looks stunning on long hair lengths that are completely straight. You can use a straightening iron if desired.

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#9 Medium layers

Medium layers are similar to straight layers with one exception. The edge of the layer ends near the middle of your head instead of closer to the bottom. This gives you a little more volume while still keeping a straight style.

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#10 Choppy layers

Choppy layers are great for a relaxed long hair look. Uneven, or choppy, layers give a nice windswept effect leaving you with sexy and flowing long hair.

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Long hair ideas: bangs

Bangs are a great way to frame your face so that it stands out from your long hair. It is essential to find a style of bangs that will work well with your face shape. Styling bangs can be a challenge, but the outcome is well worth it.

#11 Wavy bangs

If your long hair is curly then you may think bangs are impossible for you. Not true. Wavy bangs are a gorgeous way to update your curly hairstyle.

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#12 Wispy bangs

Wispy bangs will give your face a light and romantic presence. Your long hair will not get into your face, and it is a great way to show off your sexy eyes.

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#13 Long bangs

Long bangs are almost another layer of your long hair. Cut just shorter than your other layers, long bangs are a great way to add a sultry and mysterious look to your style.

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#14 Choppy bangs

Choppy bangs, also referred to as baby bangs, are a short and uneven style of bangs. Although a bold haircut move, the look will draw attention to your eyes and have a slimming effect on your face.

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#15 Middle part bangs

Middle part bangs are exactly what you would expect them to be. The middle part will draw attention to your face and can be used to frame it.

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#16 Asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetrical bangs are an edgy way to update your look. Cut at a diagonal upwards in one direction, asymmetrical bangs will leave your long hair looking dramatic.

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#17 Bettie bangs

Look pin-up perfect with the Bettie bang! Bettie bangs are dramatic at the front and curve up the sides. A gorgeous throwback style with modern updates.

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#18 Side swept bangs

Almost any long hair length can pull off the side swept bangs style. Natural and windswept looking, side swept bangs are a low maintenance hairstyle.

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#19 V shaped bangs

V-shaped bangs are similar to Bettie bangs. But, rather than being cut across, they form a v-shape at the middle of the forehead.

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#20 Shaggy bangs

Shaggy bangs add a bit of rock and roll edginess to your hair style. It is like beach hair for your bangs!

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Long hair ideas: wavy

Long hair is perfect for waves! Waves give long hair volume and definition, leaving your hair looking sexy and gorgeous. So, put away that straightening iron, and read on to find your perfect long hair wavy style.

#21 Beach waves

Beach hair, don't care! Add in a little sea salt spray, and you are ready to go.

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#22 Tight waves

Tight waves will give you the Shirley Temple look for your long hair. Fun and different, you will definitely grab attention with this style.

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#23 Layered waves

Layered waves will give your limp hair even more volume. Perfect if you love the messy hair style.

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#24 Middle part waves

Middle part waves are a great way to style your long hair. Easy to style, this will keep your hair out of your eyes and frame your sexy face.

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#25 Side swept waves

Sweep your long waves to one side for a dramatic effect. This will draw attention to not only your face, but your gorgeous wavy long hair.

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#26 Relaxed waves

Relaxed waves are a perfect everyday hairstyle for long hair lengths. Similar to beach waves, relaxed waves can look great on anyone.

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#27 Sleek waves

Sleek waves are definitely attention getting. Shiny and kept, sleek waves are stunning on those with long hair lengths.

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#28 Feathered waves

Flashback! But feathered hair is making a comeback. Any color works on feathered hair, and it is incredibly sexy if you already have a bit of a throwback style.

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#29 Spiral waves

Spiral waves are a high maintenance choice of long hair wavy styles. However, the finished look is absolutely gorgeous.

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#30 Airy waves

Airy waves are perfect if you want to keep your long hair style simple. Perfect for achieving the girl next door look.

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Long hair ideas: straight

Straight long hair does not have to be boring! Add a little personality to it, and your hair can truly shine. Perfect for any time of year, let your long hair down.

#31 Side part straight

Adding a side part to your straight hair can change the entire look of your style.

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#32 Middle part straight

A middle part is often favored by those with long and straight hair. It is a very low maintenance style.

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#33 Ombre straight

Ombre looks amazing on long hair because there is so much length to work with. Choose a dark color to start at the top and gradually the color should fade.

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#34 Messy straight

Get that fresh out of bed look! Okay, so maybe it is not quite that extreme. But messy straight hair for those with long hair can be fun and virtually maintenance free.

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#35 Sleek straight

Sleek straight hair styles are loved by professionals and celebrities. Update your look with this classic style.

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#36 Vivid straight

Add drama to your straight long hair with a vivid look. Use opposite coloring, such as a dark brown and a light blonde, to create a super vivid contrast to your hair style.

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#37 Edgy straight

Definitely not boring, an edgy hair style is great for your long straight hair. There are no rules to this style.

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#38 Sleek ponytail straight

A sleek ponytail is the perfect long hair idea, especially for summertime. Keep your hair out of the way, but still looking super classy.

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#39 Side braid straight

Like the sleek ponytail, a side braid is another perfect idea for keeping your hair out of the way. This style is especially great for windy days or hiking.

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#40 Feathered sides straight

Just because you have straight hair doesn't mean that you can't feather it! Get that retro 70's style look today.

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Long hair ideas: going lighter

When the weather starts to warm up, you may start thinking about lightening your dark hair. Tired of the same boring colors? Spice up your look with these trending lighter styles for long hair.

#41 Platinum blonde

Go as light as you can! Platinum blonde is the perfect color for 2018.

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#42 Strawberry blonde

Afraid of going to light? Strawberry blonde is a perfect shade of blonde with a hint of warm reds and browns.

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#43 Ash blonde

Ash blonde is sexy on long hair as long as the color will not dull your skin tone.

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#44 Butter blonde

Creamy yellow in color, butter blonde is a great choice for warm weather. Can't you just imagine yourself on the beach with this stunning color?

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#45 Silver blonde

Visually striking, silver blonde is one of the hottest hair trends for 2018. The blue undertones work well with warmer skin tones.

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#46 Summer blonde

Summer blonde will remind you of lazy days relaxing by the pool. It's perfect for long hair, especially when mixed with darker highlights.

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#47 Dirty blonde

Don't want to go too blonde because of your skin tone? Dirty blonde is the perfect color for your long hair.

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#48 Honey blonde

A beautiful and shining head of long honey blonde hair will definitely get attention this year. It is the perfect color to wear year round.

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#49 Auburn blonde

A dark shade of blonde, auburn blonde is perfect if you want a change for your long hair, but nothing drastic.

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#50 Copper blonde

Containing hints of red, copper blonde is a striking look for any long hair. Highlights can add dimension to your long locks.

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Long hair ideas: going darker

Who says blondes have more fun? 2018 could be your year to go darker with your hair color. Not dull or flat, these color ideas are a perfect way to update your look.

#51 Golden brown

Golden brown hair color on your long hair can make it look luxurious and rich. With hints of gold shimmering in the sun, you will not regret this color.

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#52 Honey brown

Similar to golden brown, honey brown adds a little drama to your long hair color.

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#53 Caramel brown

Rich and delicious looking, caramel brown is a great year round choice for your long hair color.

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#54 Sandy brown

A slight hint of red will give your sandy brown long hair a gorgeous shimmer under the summer sun.

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#55 Cocoa brown

Dark and fierce, cocoa brown is an amazing color to add drama and intensity to your long hair.

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#56 Dark chocolate brown

Rich and sexy, dark chocolate brown hair is a stunning color for long hair. A cool brown, this color will work great for those with warm skin tones.

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#57 Chestnut brown

Chestnut brown looks great on long hair for those with cool skin tones. A warm red color adds depth to your style.

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#58 Mahogany brown

Similar to chestnut, mahogany brown is a beautiful dark shade with warm tones.

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#59 Plum brown

Really want to shake things up for your long brown hair? Use plum brown and give your hair an amazing purple undertone.

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#60 Jet black

One of the most stunning looks, jet black hair looks amazing on long hair.

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Long hair ideas: go crazy

Who says that you have to stick to the rules? It's 2018 and anything goes! That includes breaking the rules for your hair.

#61 Rose gold hair

One of the hottest colors this year has made it to the hair. A gorgeous rose gold color is perfect for your long hair.

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#62 Peanut butter and jelly hair

Named so because the colors mimic the sandwich, pb&j hair is so fun! And can we say attention-grabbing?

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#63 Colored roots hair

Need a drastic change for your long hair? Change the color of your roots to contrast with your hair color. So 2018.

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#64 Unicorn hair

No description needed.

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#65 Pink hair

Pink hair can look amazing on your long hair, and it doesn't even matter if you have brown hair or blonde.

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#66 Babylights

Unlike highlights, babylights are small changes of color to your long hair. The effect is thought to mimic the gradual change of a child's hair.

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#67 Balayage

Similar to babylights, balayage is one of the hottest hair trends this year. Gradual coloring gives a more natural look than the change of an ombre color.

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#68 Sombre hair

Sombre is an even more gradual effect on your long hair than balayage for a stunning and natural look.

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#69 Fruit juice hair

Exactly as it sounds and great for your long hair. Juice box hairs works especially well on cooler skin tones.

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#70 Crimped hair

The style has not left! Crimped hair can add amazing volume and texture to your long hair.

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Sexy and gorgeous long hair, don't care

Have fun and update your long hair style for 2018! Whether you go drastic or subtle, sexy and gorgeous hair is in your future.

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