The Different Types Of People In The World: Which One Are You?

Different types of people exist in the world just as we have different types of personalities. Which type are you based on the categories set for here?

The Different Types Of People In The World: Which One Are You?


  1. Personality Types: Why Bother?
  2. The 5 Types Of People In The World
  3. Conscientious People
  4. Neurotic People
  5. Extroverted People
  6. People Open To Experience
  7. Agreeable People
  8. On A Final Note

Personality Types: Why Bother?

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It is hard to understand others if one does not, first of all, understand oneself. It is when I know who I am and what I can tolerate that I can understand people around me well. Psychologists have grouped all human beings in the world into 5 categories and these categories represent the various personalities the people of the world belong to. 

These personality types should not be confused with temperament as they are not the same. As we check out the 5 different types of people below, you can get to know the difference and then judge yourself by determining which of the categories you see yourself as belonging to.

The 5 Types Of People In The World

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These 5 different types of people are also called the "5-factor model" by psychologists. It has been posited that everyone has a trace of each but one takes prominence out of the five and so, the one that takes prominence becomes the one you are called by. Here are the five types.

1. Conscientious people
2. Neurotic People
3. Extroverted People
4. People Open to experience
5. Agreeable people

Conscientious People

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To be conscientious is to be articulate in doing things the way it should be done and at the time it should be done. People who are categorized as being conscientious are usually very efficient and do not believe in using fire brigade approach. If there is anything to be done, whether in school, offices, department, or agencies, conscientious people would plan ahead, think big, and even plan for the unplanned.

There is a saying that when we get to the bridge, we'll know how to cross it. That's not the philosophy by which conscientious people operate. They must plan how they would cross the bridge even before commencing the journey in the first place. If you are looking for a spouse to help ensure that your productivity at work increases, a conscientious person is that individual to look out for.

The setback of this category of people is that they can be worried about so many things that could just have been left to happen on their own. As humans, the limitations are there and we cannot always plan for everything that we do or that happens to us in life. We just need to sometimes live one day at a time.

Neurotic People

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You can guess who these people are from the name. They are emotionally unstable folks. This moment, they can be excited and the next they feel downcasted. They are among the types of people whose emotion can be easily manipulated because rather than acting, they react to issues.

If they are your friends at school or you meet regularly at the gym, neurotic individuals would not enter into controversies with you because they are set to always win your approval at all times. They do things that would make people applaud them rather than take them on.

Extroverted People

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Extroverted people are social and sociable. They make friends and make people like them. These ones don't need to know you from anywhere before approaching you for anything or even offering to help. You don't see them where everyone is seated with sad and pale faces. They know how to turn events around and make everyone around them feel good. 

If you have a friend that you feel he's always trying to steal the show at any gathering, chances are that your friend belongs to this category. Extroverted people just love attention and cannot survive burying their face in obscurity when in a public gathering. They are never elusive.

People Open To Experience

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People belonging to this category are not narrow-minded. They believe that the world is vast and there are different types of everything that exists on earth. These people are always open to learning and do not fear to challenge the status quo. You can't keep them in one place and expect them to remain there forever. They are always curious and ready to ask and be asked questions.

Great scientists of antiquity belong to this caliber of personality description. Curiosity separates them from the other personality types. These ones can be on a subject for ages trying to unravel all the mysteries surrounding it. They are good detectives and you'll often find them working with the FBI's and CIA's of this world.

However, they are not usually perceived as a strongly religious person because they hardly hold any view as absolute. These ones are termed by people of other orientations as liberal and undependable for holding forth the pillar of truth.

Agreeable People

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These ones are always on their way to make peace. They are not trouble lovers. If they get to the gym before you and you deny them of the usage, they won't argue or put up a fight. They are very kind, compassionate and affectionate and observers who don't know them for who they are may think they are just being stupid, inexperienced, or naive, 

However, among the personality types discussed, these people tend to do well in business more than the rest because they're kind and fit well into the economic theory that says customers are usually right.

On A Final Note

There you have the different types of people psychologists say we have in the world. How much of the 5 types do you have if you have to grade yourself over ten for each? Or maybe we should ask if you have objections to these categorizations.

Anyway, human beings are not static and a person can begin life as being neurotic and end up being agreeable later in the future. The essence of coming out with the different types of people in the world is to help you understand yourself first so you can understand others better. We hope you found it useful.



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