25 Fabulous Hippie Makeup Ideas & Tutorials

Interesting in hippie makeup for halloween or your next costume party but need some ideas? Check out this article for your next hippie makeup look.

25 Fabulous Hippie Makeup Ideas & Tutorials


  1. Hippie Makeup
  2. 1. Basic Halloween Hippie Makeup
  3. 2. Zombie Hippie Makeup
  4. 3. Rainbow Hippie Makeup
  5. 4. Boho Hippie Makeup
  6. 5. Pink Hippie Makeup
  7. 6. Wedding Hippie Makeup
  8. 7. Flower Child Hippie Makeup
  9. 8. Rave Hippie Makeup
  10. 9. Natural Hippie Makeup
  11. 10. Glitter Hippie Makeup
  12. 11. Glowing Hippie Makeup
  13. 12. Purple Sparkle Hippie Makeup
  14. 13. Sunshine Hippie Makeup
  15. 14. Dark Hippie Makeup
  16. 15. Blue Hippie Makeup
  17. 16. Flower Design Hippie Makeup
  18. 17. Neutral Hippie Makeup
  19. 18. Simple Hippie Makeup
  20. 19. Purple Hippie Makeup
  21. 20. Floral Hippie Makeup
  22. 21. Brown Hippie Makeup
  23. 22. Fancy Hippie Makeup
  24. 23. Teal Hippie Makeup
  25. 24. Cool Hippie Makeup
  26. 25. Green Hippie Makeup
  27. General Tips Before You Go

Hippie Makeup

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Hippie makeup is a great style to know for Halloween costumes, costume parties, weddings, and even day to day life. Because there are so many different styles and ways to do them, there are tutorials that show you how to do each look.

Get prepared to transport back to the '60s and the '70s because below are 25 different hippie makeup that you can try out for your next Halloween costume or costume party.

1. Basic Halloween Hippie Makeup

This makeup style is one that you can use for a basic hippie Halloween costume. For this makeup look, you can choose to dress more towards the '60s or the '70s because it works for both. Check out the simple tutorial below.

For this style, add a neutral or gold color to your eyelids and top off with a brown pencil liner. Add mascara, and you are all set. Add a braided headband around your hair, crossing over your forehead, completing the hippie Halloween look.

2. Zombie Hippie Makeup

This style adds a bit more creativity into your average hippie makeup look. I present to you: the zombie hippie makeup style. This look goes far beyond the '60s and the '70s and straight into the undead. 

For this style, add a silver eyeshadow to your lid, line with black eyeliner. Now, add pea-sized dots around your eyes, going over, under and to the side. You can leave this look be, or you can emphasize the zombie feel by adding more makeup to the rest of your face, sticking with the gray/silver undead theme. Throw some braids in your hair to complete this hippie makeup look.

3. Rainbow Hippie Makeup

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Stepping away from the undead and more into a central theme of the hippie culture, we will now look into some rainbow hippie makeup ideas. This psychedelic look will make you stand out at your next costume party.

Gather up some bright eyeshadows in the ROYGBIV family. Personally, I recommend a light red to orange, skipping the yellow, and going to green then blue, for a look where you can actually distinguish between colors, but it is all up to you. 

Starting with your lower lid, apply a line of red eyeshadow, then follow with the rest of the colors. Make sure to blend them into each other well enough that it doesn't look like lines, but not enough to rid the colors from their individuality. Add some gold liner to your lid and top with mascara. Under your eyelids, add some pea-sized white dots.

To finish the look, add a rainbow headband to your hair, maybe some braids, and call it a day and a good look.

4. Boho Hippie Makeup

Boho hippie makeup combines too really awesome looks and trends. This look will be one that you love.

Sweep on blush colored eyeshadow onto your lids and line with a brown liner. Add some brown or black mascara. Finish off your face with light pink lipstick and natural looking blush. This simple and sweet look combined with loose fitting, stylish clothing will help you reach your boho hippie dreams. 

5. Pink Hippie Makeup

I've shown you some more simple looks; now I'll take you into the more bold looks. This look requires a bold, pink eyeshadow and a bold pink look. (And even pink hair if you're feeling extra pink).

Sweep a couple of different shades of pink eyeshadow onto your lids, blending them together. Add on a thick layer of liner, but not too thick. Throw in some pink lips and a natural blush, and your pink look will look great. 

To achieve the hippie look, add a white flower crown around your head. This look is soft and gorgeous.

6. Wedding Hippie Makeup

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People like to have themes for weddings, and that sometimes includes a hippie theme. Even if it is a hippie theme, the bride may still want to look like a bride. For that reason, here is a tutorial to achieve the ultimate hippie wedding style.

Simple and shimmery makeup is ideal for this look. Add a light layer of rose gold shadow to your lids and line with brown liner. Add on black or brown mascara. Next, add a shimmery shade of rose-colored lipstick or gloss to your lips.

Complete the look with small white and pink flowers in a lovely flower crown. 

7. Flower Child Hippie Makeup

This hippie makeup look goes more for the traditional look from the '60s and '70s, and you will love it. 

Go for a simple eyeshadow of brown or tan and line with black liner. Add on some mascara. To complete this look, add some multicolored dots under and above your eyes. Even add a flower crown to your hair with any color flowers that match your outfit.

8. Rave Hippie Makeup

This hippie makeup look is ideal for a party like a rave. It is fun, simple, and totally noticeable. I recommend using some safe glow in the dark makeup for this look.

This look is great with a pink smokey eye. Add pink eyeshadow as a base to your lid. Next, using a darker brown shadow, blend into the corners and into the crease of the eye. Line the eye with black or brown liner. Add some mascara and your eye look is almost done. Add glow in the dark dots above your right eyebrow and bring them down to below your left eye. Throw on some bold lipstick and a flower crown, and you're ready to party!

9. Natural Hippie Makeup

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This look is one of the simplest hippie makeup ideas on this list. This hippie makeup style combines the simplest of looks to create one of the best styles.

Take an eyeshadow that is close to your skin color with a little shimmer in it and apply it to your lid. You can blend with a darker shade or leave it as is; it is up to you. Line with brown liner and add some mascara. That's it. Simple and ready to be paired with some braids or a flower crown.

10. Glitter Hippie Makeup

This fun hippie makeup look is great for parties because it helps you stand out. Glitter is always a good look if you want to be noticed.

Choose a glitter shadow, probably pink or violet and apply it to your eyelids. Line with black eyeliner and add it some mascara. Add some glitter dots below your eyes. Now, add a bold color to your lips, and your makeup is done.

Add a flower crown or headband to finish off the hippie look.

11. Glowing Hippie Makeup

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This hippie makeup style will make it seem as though you are glowing. Choose a nice light blue or silver eyeshadow for this makeup look.

Apply an aqua like color to your lid and then brush a darker blue into your crease. Line with white eyeliner and add some mascara. Finish off with a light pink lip tint and add a braided headband around your head. You're all set for your day!

12. Purple Sparkle Hippie Makeup

Pinks and purples are both great colors to go with a hippie makeup look. In this case, we are going to focus on purple, and add a little sparkle to the makeup.

Apply a light lilac purple to your lids and then add a shimmering purple over. Line your lids with a dark purple sparkle liner. This hippie makeup looks great with a purple flower crown or a purple braided headband for the ultimate hippie look.

13. Sunshine Hippie Makeup

This bright and fun hippie makeup look embodies the culture as a whole. The bright and sunny makeup will look great on anybody.

Get out your yellow shadow and apply it to your eyelids. Add a brown liner and some mascara. Add some yellow dots above or below (or above and below) your eyes and check out this powerful makeup look.

14. Dark Hippie Makeup

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This makeup goes in the opposite direction of the sunshine and goes for a darker hippie makeup look. 

Grab your plumbs and navy blues for this dark and smokey hippie makeup look. Apply the plumb to your lid and brush the blue into the crease. Line with black liner and add some mascara. Add a bold and dark lipstick, and your make up is done.

To complete the hippie look add a dark flower crown or braided headband.

15. Blue Hippie Makeup

This hippie makeup look is great for anyone who loves the color blue. The makeup is stylish and bold and really make your inner hippie come out.

Grab a light blue eyeshadow and a gold shimmer. Add the blue as a base and layer the gold over the blue. Add black liner and mascara. Lastly, add some blue dots below your eyes and a braided headband or blue flower crown for the ultimate hippie makeup style.

16. Flower Design Hippie Makeup

This hippie makeup look is a little different because it adds an actual complex design to the makeup.

Draw a flower over your eye, making your eye the center. You can do this over one or both, but either way, it creates a creative hippie look that everyone will love. Add some eyeliner for detail and some mascara. If you only do it over one eye, make sure the eyeshadow on the other eye matches in color. 

Add a flower crown for the best makeup look.

17. Neutral Hippie Makeup

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This hippie makeup look combines some great neutral colors for a great hippie makeup look.

Choose a color that is neutral for your skin tone and apply it to your eyelids. Add in a neutral lipstick and a simple flower crown, and your hippie makeup look is complete.

18. Simple Hippie Makeup

This simple hippie makeup look combines a neutral makeup style with some simple gems next to your eye.

Apply the neutral eye makeup, adding some eyeliner and mascara. Add some blush and a light lipstick to complete the hippie makeup look. Add a few colorful gems to the corners of your eyes for a hippie style that is simple yet bold. And, as always, for the ultimate hippie look, add a flower crown. 

19. Purple Hippie Makeup

Get your purples ready for this hippie makeup style.

Apply bold purples to your eyes, blending them in naturally. Add some black liner and mascara. Now, add purple dots above and below your eyes for a fun hippie look. Even add some purple lipstick for the total package.

20. Floral Hippie Makeup

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This fun floral hippie makeup look combines bright colors with a bold design.

Apply a pink shadow to your eyes, then draw a small flower at the corner. This look is fun and adventurous. And don't forget the flower crown! This hippie makeup look is one that you will love.

21. Brown Hippie Makeup

This hippie makeup look brings in a great neutral color: brown.

Combine your browns for this great look. Apply some brown eyeshadow and go with a brown liner. Even add burgundy to nude colored lipstick for the ultimate look. Add a braided headband, and your hippie style is good to go.

22. Fancy Hippie Makeup

Bring out the glitter and the jewels for this fun hippie makeup look. 

Line your eyelids with a gold glitter eyeshadow, filling the middles with rose gold. Add brown or black eyeliner and throw on some mascara. As opposed to drawing on your dots, line your eye with jeweled dots for a fancy fun makeup look.

23. Teal Hippie Makeup

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Get your teals ready for this hippie makeup style.

Apply bold teals to your eyes, blending them in naturally. Add some gold liner and mascara. Now, add teal dots above and below your eyes for a fun hippie look. Even add some teal lipstick for the total makeup look. And of course, a teal flower crown.

24. Cool Hippie Makeup

This cool hippie makeup look is a great style to try out. 

Do a brown smokey eye for this makeup look and add a bold lip for color. The accessories are what make this look cool so don on your best-braided headbands and outfits for the total hippie look.

25. Green Hippie Makeup

Get your greens together for this hippie makeup style. This is an earthy and fun look.

Apply solid greens to your eyes, blending them in naturally. Add some brown liner and mascara. Now, add green dots above and below your eyes for a fun hippie look. Even add some green lipstick for some extra green. Add a leave crown instead of a flower crown.

General Tips Before You Go

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Before you go, remember to always start with a primer for makeup and wavy and curly hair look great for hippie styles. Have fun with these looks!


Katherine P. Haley