25 Cute & Easy Ways To Style Your Short Hair

Summers around the corner, so let's have some fun. Here are some different cute ways to style your natural, curly, wavy short hair.

25 Cute & Easy Ways To Style Your Short Hair


  1. How Many Ways Are There To Style Short Hair?
  2. 5 Ways To Wear Your Blonde Short Hair
  3. 5 Ways to Wear Your Curly Short Hair
  4. 5 Ways to Wear Your Natural Short Hair
  5. 5 Ways to Wear Your Wavy Short Hair
  6. 5 Different Ways to Wear Short Hair Styles
  7. Let There Be Summer Fun!

How Many Ways Are There To Style Short Hair?

As summer makes its way into our worlds, nothing is more important than that summer hairstyle you'll be sporting for the next 90 days. Last summer you tried something long and flowy, but this summer you've decided to cut it all off. Your hair is important to your look and so cutting your hair into a short style didn't come as an easy decision. Of course, your friends tried to talk you out of it, but after a massive Google search and no success, you find yourself here reading this article.

What can you do with that massive bush on your head that will scream "I am ready summer, for love, life, and whatever else comes my way." Well, feel free to grab a cup of cocoa, coffee, or tea and enjoy the list below as you are guaranteed to find a style you like regardless if your hair is natural, wavy, or curly. These cute, different styles will fit into anyone one of your summers. And feel free to try as many different styles as you'd like this summer, there are many ways to wear your short hair, and you should explore every last one of them.

5 Ways To Wear Your Blonde Short Hair

So you'd decided to dye your hair blonde awhile back and have committed to the decision. That doesn't mean you can cut your hair and have fun with the different cute short styles your blonde can be molded into. So, grab some hair products, lock yourself in your bathroom, and get ready to become whatever your fantasy desires; as long as its blonde short cute ways to wear your hair. Let's have some fun:

I. Braided Pixie Hair Style

Who said you couldn't have fun with the pixie, by braiding the pixie into a Mohawk, this brings life to the short hairstyle making it different and cute. This is a hairstyle that can be worn to any summer function, and you'll be the center of attention.

Summer Braided Pixie

Maegan Porto on Instagram: “cute way to spice up your grown out pixie 🧚‍♀️ styled w/ @euforainternational . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #burlon #burlington…”

II. Platinum Diva Hair Style

The rule of going blonde is your level of commitment. This platinum pixie proves that you are a blonde who has all the fun. This platinum pixie is different, it's cute, short, and can be worn in many ways to spice up the style. This summer will be filled with laughter and beach parties if you sport this platinum pixie.

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III. Curly Bob Hair Style

So you've decided on the blonde, but want to add some spark to your head of short marvel, why not darken your roots? surprise This, of course, is only for the truly committed and those not afraid to be different. You will add some funk to the typical bob hairstyle by darkening your roots telling the world to fudge off,  and by making it curly, you will feel as beautiful as ever. 

Your summer is guaranteed to be memorable with this cute curly hairstyle.

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IV. Front Bang Pixie Hair Style

You read that right, a bang with your short pixie that happens to be blonde. Whoa. This summer might be more adventurous than you planned for. Let's see what your friends have to say about this adventurous hair style.

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V. Blonde Bang'd Bob Hair Style

You've thought long and hard, but you simply can't separate with your short bob hairstyle. So, let's add a bang to it, making it different, cute, and fun to sport all summer.
Who said bob hairstyles had to be boring or serious?

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5 Ways to Wear Your Curly Short Hair

Curly, short, different, cute, that is how you see your summer hairstyle. But where could you possibly find such styles? cool
Well, look below and be prepared for amazement:

I. Curly Bob Hair Style

It's curly, it's fun, it's short, and you look good wearing it. The simple curly bob hairstyle can be your go-to for all summer functions. The curlier, the better.

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II. Curly Diva Hair Style

A summer in Miami, Florida and you can't decide on a short hairstyle. Yes, let's go curly and be a diva for 90 days. Let's wear our sunglasses and act so important; we get into all the luxurious nightclubs on South Beach.
Let's redefine the meaning of 'caliente'. Let's wear this short curly style as if this is our last summer of fun, sun, and Miami.

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III. Curly 'Fro Bob Hair Style

Looking for love? Great, well, this short hairstyle should attract your summer love. This curly 'fro makes the statement that you're looking to make this summer. By making it blonde, you're telling the world that fear is not an option this summer.
All your summer desires are to be fulfilled by the start of fall, and you're taking no prisoners in this quest for summer love.

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IV. Short Curly Boy Cut Hair Style

If ever the time was right for a short boy cut, well now is that right time. Your face is flawless; your long hair could use some sprucing, so, why not cut is so short that you're not recognizable. You'll look marvelous in this short hairstyle and your friend will give you extra cool points for taking your hair to a new level of awesomeness.

Sexiness has met its match with this short boy cut hair style.

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V. Dark, Short, Curly Pixie Hair Style

It's a summer filled with art museums, poetry lounges, and music. How can you exhibit your artistic side without exposing too much of your mystery? This short curly, hairstyle will have you gaining new fans of your work and telling a story normally left untold.

Mysterious, artistic, summer ready.

Alister Marie Shull on Instagram: “I got my hair cut at #curlco today and Alisia did such an amazing job! I feel way more like myself than I have in a while! What do you…”

5 Ways to Wear Your Natural Short Hair

You went natural awhile ago and needed some fun ways to wear your hair. Let's see what's on the menu this summer:

I. Natural Mohawk Hair Style

So the cut happened awhile back, and you're looking for ways to spice up that curly hairstyle, why not make it into a Mohawk.
I know, I know, it's a bit risky, but hey, it's summer and fun is on the table.

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II. Natural 'Fro Hair Style

So the Bahamas is the destination, filled with beach, water, and sun. Who has time for wigs, weave, or any other attachments to your head? Throw them all away, sport your 'fro like this summer is filled with runways. You'll look irresistible to those vacationers, and guess what?
You might just get your groove back.wink

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III. Natural Throwback Pixie Hair Style

Remember those days when Toni Braxton wore that short natural curly pixie hairstyle? Of course, you do. Why not bring the 90's back with this different retro hairstyle that will have your friends thinking you're so throwback.

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IV. Natural & Curly: Best of Both Worlds

So your summer is destined for NYC, and you're looking for a way to combat the humidity and busy schedule. Let's live in two worlds simultaneously, curly and natural. How much fun will you have sporting your city fashion while sporting this fun short hairstyle?

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V. Edgy Fun Hair Style

Color? Yes, please! A 'fro? Why not! 

You were looking for a fun way to sport your natural hair, and this edgy, funky, blonde 'fro fits the bill. You can bring all the excitement into your choice of summer events and look like a million bucks the entire time.

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5 Ways to Wear Your Wavy Short Hair

You've tried short blonde, short curly, short natural, but have you delighted your hair in short wavy? Well, the mirror is not going to look at itself.  devil

I. Natural Wavy Pixie Hair Style

You promised yourself this summer would be different, no weaves, no braids, just your natural locks of hair. So, why not be different and cut your natural locks into a short wavy pixie.
This will show your friends that you can wear your hair in different styles and ways, but most importantly, will allow you to enjoy your summer with no worries of your hair.
For this short, wavy pixie style can be worn in many different ways and could make its way into your permanent hairstyle if you can't get enough of it.

Wavy Natural Pixie

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II. Short Wavy Bob Hair Style

You've been invited to that event with that person you've always wanted to meet. How do you wear your hair? How about you keep that blonde bob hairstyle and bring some waves to the party.
This will show that person that you're not only stylish but adventurous as well.

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III. Short, Wavy, Flawless

Ok, you're totally into the short wavy styles, now let's take it up a notch and add some color. You'll find the brighter, the better.

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IV. Short, Wavy, Sexy Grandma

Whoever placed an age restriction on sexiness will have to learn a lesson this summer. Regardless if you're a coupled grandma or single and ready to mingle, this short wavy sexy hairstyle will have everyone giving you a second look.

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V. Wavy Blonde Ombre Hair Style

Wanting to try ombre all year and was too afraid. Well, grab all your supplies, add that color of choice, wash and dry. Now grab that curler and add some waves to that ombre hairstyle.
Make it as wavy as you want. This style is bound to get a date, adventure, or a good time out on the town.

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5 Different Ways to Wear Short Hair Styles

No matter who you are, what chapter you find yourself in your life, I can promise you there is a short hairstyle for you. So, explore them all, there is a different hairstyle for each week of the summer, so have fun and enjoy the good times.

I. Sexy Soccer Mom Hair Style

Of course, this summer will be filled with practices, meets, and other activities that will not allow you to give your hair the attention you'd like. So, this sexy soccer mom pixie hairstyle is perfect. Whether you're on the go, need a hairstyle that allows you to wash-and-go, or your summer is just too busy for different ways of styling your hair, this is perfect for you.

Who said moms couldn't feel sexy all summer long?

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II. Ombre Pixie Hair Style

Yep! Be a unicorn. Who says you have to be a human this summer? Spend your summer with a head filled with rainbows and sparkles. This hairstyle is guaranteed to bring light into your summer. Regardless if its a summer filled with laying out on the beach or eventful parties, this hairstyle is the life of all events.

Be a unicorn this summer!

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III. Add a Little Color Hair Style

Your pixie already exists, so why not add a splash of color. The color is your choice, but adding it is not an option. The brighter, the better.

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IV. Glam Mom Pixie Bob Hair Style

So your daughter thinks she has the umph. Well, let's show her where all that style came from with this glamorous hairstyle that will make you the coolest mom on the block.

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V. Going for the Dramatic Change Hair Style

Oh, you've become so bored with the typical long hairstyles. I mean buns, long straight, long wavy, long curly, long boring. Now it's time to take on a new dramatic change.
Whomever judges loses, so have fun with your hair and show off your edgy side.

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Let There Be Summer Fun!

As you can see, this summer promises to be filled with surprises if you only open yourself to them. Your hair might now seem so important now, but by simply changing the style, you're guaranteed to have a change in your life, attitude, and summer experience.
So, let summer begin and bring on the fun.


MJ Faublas
Hope you enjoy.