50 Easy & Fabulous Updos For Shoulder Length Hair (Medium Length)

The world of shoulder length hair can be filled with bands, hairdos, updos, which can be worn in many colors like black. Let's explore these hairstyles.

50 Easy & Fabulous Updos For Shoulder Length Hair (Medium Length)


  1. Shoulder Length Hair & Many Updos
  2. Many Reasons to Keep it Natural
  3. 50 Updos for Shoulder Length Hair
  4. Updos for the Summer
  5. Festive Updos for Shoulder Length Hair
  6. Updo Hair Styles for Natural Hair
  7. Ombre Hair Updo
  8. Wedding Day Updos
  9. Updo Hairdo for All Events

Shoulder Length Hair & Many Updos

Having should length hair can prove to be difficult when deciding on the many fun updos that can be worn to the  many occasions that exists. From weddings to parties, the events that may fill your life might leave you wanting to practice endless updos hairstyles that may help bring your medium hair length to new found glory.

Many Reasons to Keep it Natural

All women reach that point when they only want to keep their hair as natural as possible. Natural hair is healthier, it grows longer, and is more simple in maintaining. So, just because you choose to stay natural does not mean you have to have boring hair. Natural hair is easily styled in many new fashionable ways and can be a great load of fun to try. 

Natural hair is fun, fabulous, and can be transformed into many updos that will make your friends think your hair budget is out of this world.

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50 Updos for Shoulder Length Hair

As you enjoy your year, changing your hairstyles might become a priority. However, you are not inclined to changing the length of your natural medium shoulder length hair. A list of varying hairstyles that can be worn to all occasions is listed below for your choosing. So, get out that blow dryer, hot curler, and hairpins and let's get your shoulder length hair in an updo.

Updos for the Summer

Summer is filled with events and surprises. This summer, take your events to new heights with these fun updos hairstyles that can be worn with natural, medium shoulder length hair. 

1. Messy Updo Hairstyle

Regardless if it's a wedding or a simple gathering, you'll enjoy the event even more wearing this messy, natural, shoulder length updo. This hairstyle could be worn with or without a band. Making this a go-to hairdo will add a festive look to any ensemble.

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2. Greek Wedding Shoulder Length Updo

You'll be the bride no one will ever forget in this magical Greek hairdo. This hairstyle will make every jaw drop in the room and the magical evening will be filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Your hair will thank you for this one.

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3. Dutch Braid...Low Bun..Summer Fun

This wedding season, bring your shoulder medium length hair to life with this updos hairstyle. You'll be the bridesmaid of the year wearing this unforgettable hairstyle.

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4. Summer Ombre Updo Shoulder Length Hair

Summers are to be filled with adventure, why not bring that adventure to your natural, medium, shoulder-length hair. You might not have realized it, but those locks need some spice. This summer, ombre it up with some color and bring a band along to add life back into your hairstyles.

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5. Prom Updo for Shoulder Length Hair

You're going to be the fairest one of all this prom season, but your natural medium shoulder length hairstyle might need some help. Well, a band of lilies, a beautiful dress, and an updo hairstyle that will make your date fall madly in love is what we have to offer.

Prom updos hairstyles for a night filled with magic.

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6. Messy Bun Updo for Shoulder Length Hair

It's messy, it's chic, and more importantly, it fits your natural medium shoulder length hair perfectly. The updo that makes your natural hairstyle look unforgettable this prom and it can be worn with or without a band.

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7. Ombre Melt Updo Shoulder Length Hair

It can be worn to a prom or a wedding. With this natural updo for your medium shoulder length hair, the center piece of your ensemble is your hair. This hairdo is guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor all night long.

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8. The Sultry Summer Bride

She sexy and she knows it. This summer she will be the bride that everyone's talking about with this shoulder length updo she'll party the night away and get swift off with her groom in tow.

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9. Braided Belle Updo

Summer girls night out and you want to make your mark on the event. This updo will bring eyes to your shoulder length hair that you normally wear natural. So grab those drinks and dance the night away.

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10. Adventurous Warrior Hair

It was suppose to be a simple Youtube research and now you've found yourself in front of the mirror. What more can you say when your warrior comes out to play. You have no choice but to add some spark to your natural shoulder length hair with this fun updo.

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Festive Updos for Shoulder Length Hair

Be it comicon, a music festival, art show, or simply an afternoon at the park with friends. Your natural shoulder length hair needs a few things to bring to to life, which includes a band and an updo hairdo.

11. Updo for Days

It looks like you whipped this hairdo in a salon, but you were just feeling adventurous and wanted to try something new. This updo will be worn for days while keeping your natural shoulder length hair out of your face. 

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12. The No Filter Ombre Updo

This hairdo grabs the attention of all attendees at your event and leaves nothing but questions in their minds. Your natural shoulder length updo will make you unforgettable and you'll enjoy all the attention you'll get the entire time.

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13. The Classic Bun

The classic bun meets the natural shoulder hair length that can't be tamed. If you're a bride be ready for a multitude of selfies at this wedding. If you're just attending an event, be ready to be the talk of the evening. This hairdo guarantees all eyes to be on your classic bun, and that band of flowers that adores your bun will leave everyone mystified.

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14. Curly Pony

A day at the beach or pool and you're wondering what to do with your natural shoulder length hair. Well, a natural pony never hurt anyone and if you're feeling up to it, add a band to really bring this hairdo to life.

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15. Risky Twists Updo

It's up now, but after a night of dancing your updo might return to its natural state. But, who says you can't enjoy the moment of wearing your natural shoulder length hair in this risky updo twist?

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16. Crazy Braids Updo

No matter the event, this updo will leave everyone in awe of how you managed to tame that head of natural shoulder length hair.

Dizzy braids that go on for days.

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17. Red Side Bun of Glory

Who said blondes have all the fun? This side  braided bun will leave your natural shoulder length hair looking like a work of art. This updo can be work as is or with a soft band of lillies to finish the hairdo.

Red braids of fun is what they'll call your hair.

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18. Crazy O's Updo Hairstyle

It's fun and shows your wild side. If you're heading to a party where you want to surprise the crowd, this updo hairdo is just what was ordered for your natural shoulder length hair. 

Updo with all the flavor.

19. Vintage Hair Updo

This fun retro updo will have any vintage themed party lasting all night long. Let your guest know that you wear your natural shoulder length hair in more than one style.

Throwback updo to bring life to your hairdo.

20. Waterfall Updo Hair Style

Be it to make a statement of just to look glamorous, this hair style will be everything you need to make that statement.

Bring the party to your hair with this waterfall updo.

Updo Hair Styles for Natural Hair

21. Double Twist Updo

This style can be worn for a single day's event or for a work week. No matter the reason for this style, your natural shoulder length hair will look magnificent.

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22. Updo Messy Bun

It's messy, but fun, this updo will add flare to your shoulder length natural hair. 

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23. Princess Leia Dreadlocks Updo

Be it for cosplay or just a fun night out, let your natural shoulder length hair have some fun with this updo. You're bound to be the center of the night and receive many compliments on your creativity and style.

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24. Classic Updo Dreadlocks

The go-to look for updo dreadlocks and it remains the most classic of all looks for your shoulder length natural hair. 

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25. Updo Twist Hair

This updo makes Mondays possible. As you enter your place of work looking fabulous, don't forget to tell that story of inspired this magical hair style.

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26. Band of Beads Updo

How did your stylist manage to add a band to your shoulder length hair while constructing this updo you may never know. But all you know is that you love it and are going to enjoy wearing your natural hair in a different style for once.

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27. Clothed Updo

Not to say that the updo wasn't working for you, but this addition of a hair cloth adds style and grace to your hairdo.

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28. Simple Bun Updo

Of course you must try the go-to bun option for all "bad hair" days. This simple bun tells the world that you had no time to be creative with your shoulder length natural hair, but were not going to head out of the house looking a mess either.

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29. Ombre Bun Updo

You've heard the fuss about ombre and wanted to try it. Yep, you love it and decided to try a bun with your newly ombre natural shoulder length hair. And it looks marvelous.

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30. Double Pony Updo

With this updo, you'll have nothing but fun. Pull that natural shoulder length hair up and go have some fun.

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Ombre Hair Updo

Ombre hair is thought to be worn by only the risky, however, there are many stylish, classy ombre updo hair styles that can be worn to most events. Try out some of these styles to bring some excitement to your hair.

31. Ombre Hair Blonde Bun Updo

After completing that blonde ombre, you can add a bun and head to that event with confidence. This ombre hair style will be stylish and festive. Your shoulder length hair will look beautiful.

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32. Ombre Hair Sunny Updo

This stylish updo can be worn to a party or a wedding and receive admiration. You'll look stunning in this updo and your hair will get all the compliments.

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33. Rose Gold Ombre Hair Updo

Be it a small gathering or a large social affair, you'll make a statement with this stylish ombre updo.

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34. Blue Ombre Hair Updo

This ombre hair updo is a fantasy brought to reality. You'll look enchanted wearing your medium shoulder length hair in this wonderous style.

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35. Ombre Hair Low Bun

This ombre hair updo is sophisticated and has a braided band that adds excitement to the style. If you're personally celebrating a moment in your life, this style will be a beautiful addition to your ensemble.

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36. The Ombre Hair French Twist

The french twist meets the ombre hair in this classic and traditional style. No matter the occasion, you'll take breaths wearing this style. You'll show your attendees that your shoulder length natural hair has more to it than that simple bun you always find yourself wearing.

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37. Ombre Hair French Twist

It's a twist on the french twist and you look amazing wearing it. No matter your age, this style shows your youth is still intact, and you're unafraid of sharing it with the world.

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38. Funky Ombre Hair Pigtail Updo

Be it Halloween, Mardi Gras, or a simple girls night out; this ombre hair style will charm whomever you find yourself near. It's fun, irresistably whimsical, and shares your flirty and fun side with the world.

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39. Braided Ombre Hair Updo

Where could you possibly wear this style you ask. Well, there are a few places where this style would fit well, but you might have a special place in mind already. So, have fun and let your hair do all the talking.

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40. Messy Ombre Updo

Heading out to grocery shop, or are you taking the kids to the park or a playdate? This funky, but messy ombre hair style will tell all in your vicinity that yes ,you're a mom...but you're a mom on a mission who happens to look fabulous while completing your tasks.

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Wedding Day Updos

It's that memorable, special day and you wish to have all of the attention on that beautiful face. An updo will be exactly what's needed to complete your magical day. Here's a few to choose from:

41. Inspirational Bridal Updo

This updo is a bridal style that will bring tears to the eyes of guests in attendance. Not only will you look beautiful, but with your groom standing next to you, everyone will be in awe of how inspiring you look. So, enjoy that day you've been planning and be as beautiful as you want to be.

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42. The Classy Bridal Updo

Your friends always knew you were the classy one in your circle. Always knowing which type of wine to enjoy with specific meals, you tedious knowledge that no one cares about. But with this updo, your bridal party, guest, and most importantly, your groom will be in shock of just how magnificent you look on this beautiful day.

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43. The Simple Bridal Updo

You've always been known as the simple, but chic girl. Nothing has changed and now that you're planning your wedding, it is only right for you to sport a hair style that is simple and chic as your personality. This style promises to share your classic beauty with guest and of course your handsome prince charming.

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44. The Glamorous Bridal Updo

Her besties are Diamond and Pearl. Yes, she's that glamorous and if anyone thought her bridal hair would be simple, well, simply lost their mind. This glamorous bride needs a hairstyle befitting the queen that she believes she is. This bridal updo will meet her needs and exceed her expectations once her entire ensemble comes together.

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45. The Boho Bridal Updo

No one expected her to not be wearing flip flops and that favorite floral dress of hers on this wonderous day; but she always aims to surprise. And today, she looks marvelous and even created an updo that brings class to her shoulder length natural hair.

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46. Ribbon Band Updo

She's always had a classy style that most in her circle envied. Her ability to bring magic into any ensemble she puts together makes everyone wonder why she'd not gone into a career in fashion. No one was surprised when she created this magnificent hairdo and to add a band of ribbons made it even more magical. This wedding will be a part of everyone's conversations for years to come.

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47. Textured Updo

This updo can be worn by any bride who wishes to add some layers to her hairdo. The hair styled with textures and fits any bride who wishes to have a hairdo that befits a queen. The style is modeled in blonde hair, but will look beautiful no matter the bride's hair color.

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48. Diamond Doll Updo

Diamonds are a girls bestfriend and she's decided on making her bestfriend the center of her hairdo at this wedding. The simple updo has spark and marvels the eyes of guest with the addition of diamonds along the side of the hairdo. This bride is bound to be remembered as the most creative.

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49. The Lovely Bride Updo

This hairdo fits her personality well as everyone knows her as the lovely girl. The style is beautiful and yet simple, fabulous and yet easy to complete. She will hold her groom's eyes captive when she walks down to aisle with the lovely updo made for a princess.

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50. The Crochet Bridal Updo

She wanted to keep her natural shoulder length hair simple for her wedding day. Complicating your hairdo was not in the plans for this memorable day planned for two. And so, and updo with crochet braids that band around her head is perfect to match that beautiful dress she will adorn her guest with. This special event is bound to be memorable and joyous.

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Updo Hairdo for All Events

No matter the event, there is a hairdo that can be worn to enhance your look. Be it running to the groceries, a wedding, or just hanging out with friends. There are numerous hairdos that you can wear with your shoulder length natural hair that will seem complicated but are easy and will make you look fabulous. So, grab those pins, hairspray, and mirror and be prepared to be surprised by your ability to try new styles with your hair. Have fun!


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