30 Best Crazy Hair Color Ideas You Should Definitely Try Out

So you want to try some crazy hair colors. Well, let's get the facts on dye brands, and have fun with your hair colors.

30 Best Crazy Hair Color Ideas You Should Definitely Try Out


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Color You Beautiful

It's officially summer!!! You've been looking for ways to bring some excitement into your life and have decided your best option is to change your hair color. Wanting to try unusual colors in your hair is fun, and you choose to give it a go. So the mission impossible began for you.

What hair dye brand do you use?

What color ideas should you follow?

Should you try an unusual color?

How will your hairstyle look with your choice of hair colors?

Should you stick with traditional colors or fun colors ideas?

Will you have fun hair or boring hair?

Well, sit back, relax, and read below as this will be the only guide you need to review to make that summer-fun hair color choices. And by the end of this read, you'll be ready to try some crazy hair colors and look amazing all summer.

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Crazy Fun Hair Colors

You want fun hair for the summer right. You want unusual colors, crazy, fun styles, but the first step to getting the fun, crazy hair color going is to figure out your hair type and the right hair dye brands to that best suits your hair. We have to keep in mind that hair color ideas are to be fun, but safe for your hair type. We don't want you trying crazy hair colors or unusual colors that will damage your hair so let's do some homework.

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Hair Type Encyclopedia

No matter your hair type you should understand that the texture can vary and react differently to hair dye brands.  Know that all hair types come in three textures; A, B, or C. Texture A is always fine or thin. Texture B is medium. And, Texture C is coarse.

By understanding your hair type and hair texture, you'll be well equipped with the right knowledge when deciding the kind of hair colors to try: crazy hair, fun hair, or the traditional hair colors.
So let's explore the different hair types and textures and learn all you need to know to make the best decision.

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Type 1: Straight Hair & What You Should Know

As discussed earlier, all hair types do come in three textures, but what does this mean for your straight hair? Well, if your type 1 straight hair is a texture 1a than you have hair that tends to be very soft, oily, and is difficult to curl. Your type 1a hair will also be difficult to damage as it will not mend to the many styles you'll want to try which will make you stick to wearing it in simple straight styles. 

When it comes to hair dye being used on your type 1a hair, it can also be a difficult situation even though you have the most coveted hair type. Though your type 1a hair is sleek, stylish, and shiny; you still want to change the styles and colors now and then, this could prove to be an impossible task if you either don't know what you're doing or can't afford a pricey trip to the beautician.

On the other hand, there are type 1b hair textures. Type 1b hair is medium in volume and is full of body. Type 1b works better with styles and hair dye then type 1b. 

And finally, there is type 1c which is coarse in texture. Type 1c hair is most common in Asian women and is bone-straight is also challenging to curl.

No matter your texture, you will find that there is hope when it comes to your type 1 straight hair. Here are some pros and cons concerning your type 1 hair:

Pros of Type 1 Hair:

1. Type 1 hair is tough and handles brushing and styling better than most other hair types.
2. Type 1 hair is shiny and requires less styling products than other hair types.
3. Type 1 hair grows easily and makes it more resilient.

Cons of Type 1 Hair:

1. Type 1 hair can lack volume making it look thin.
2. Type 1 hair gets greasy easily and should be washed twice a week to keep it looking clean.
3. Type 1 hair can be boring as it is difficult to manipulate, unlike other hair types.

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Type 2: Wavy Hair & What You Should Know

If you're a lucky woman with type 2 hair, then you have the potluck of hair types. As though type 2 hair comes in the three textures, it is more versatile and fun to style and work with.

For example, type 2a hair though it is wavy is fine or thin and has a defined 'S' shape making it receptive to a variety of styles.

Type 2b hair is medium and becomes frizzy and can be difficult to style, but is still fun to work with once a maintenance plan is established.

Type 2c hair is course and has thicker wave patterns and can be more resistant to styles, but similar to type 2b once a regimen is established, it is fun and exciting to work with as well.

Type 2 hair is simply one of the most versatile and fun hair types of them all. Here are some pros and cons of type 2 hair:

Pros of Type 2 Hair:

1. Type 2 hair always looks natural and beach ready.
2. Type 2 hair responds best to many styles due to its versatility.
3. Type 2 hair is the easiest to change styles.

Cons of Type 2 Hair:

1. Type 2 hair can become frizzy easily.
2. Weather patterns affect type 2 hair more than other hair types.
3. Type 2 hair can become flat if too much product is used on it.

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Type 3: Curly Hair & What You Should Know

So you are one of the women who was born with type 3 hair, and you find your curls to be liberating and fun to style. Yes, you should feel this way as you have a natural hairstyle that women with type 1 hair always wish to try and find it difficult to attain. Type 3 hair comes in two textures.

Type 3a has loose curls in a defined 'S' pattern that is thick, full of body, and sometimes frizzy.

Type 3b hair has tight curls in a spiral pattern.

Here are some pros and cons of type 3 hair:

Pros of type 3 Hair:

1. Type 3 hair is the low fuss hair of all the hair types. 
2. Type 3 hair makes everyday styling easy.
3. There are no "bad hair days" with type 3 hair.

Cons of type 3 Hair:

1. Type 3 hair gives narrow options to hairstyles.
2. Type 3 hair has coils and resistant to style, making it have a mind of its own.
3. Type 3 hair can require more product than other hair when trying wavy or straight styles.

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Type 4: Kinky Hair & What You Should Know

Finally, if you're the many women born with type 4 hair, then you hold a crown that is easily adaptable to many hairstyles. However, your hair is very fragile to heat and many products. Type 4 hair is known as really curly hair and many African, or African-American women have this hair type.

Type 4a hair is tightly coiled in an 'S' pattern. Type 4a hair is kinky and soft, but is very fragile.

Type 4b hair is kinky and wiry and has a 'Z' curl pattern that is sharply angled.

Type 4c hair has no defined curl patterns and is tightly kinky. Type 4c hair holds an afro hairstyle easily.

Here are some pros and cons of type 4 hair:

Pros of Type 4 Hair:

1. Type 4 hair is the most versatile of all hair types when it comes to styling.
2. Type 4 hair is easily detangled.
3. Type 4 hair has the stronger roots.

Cons of Type 4 Hair:

1. Type 4 hair requires more time management than other hair types from washing to styling.
2. Type 4 hair suffers from shrinkage which makes it look shorter than its actual length.
3. Type 4 hair grows slower depending on the texture.

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Dye Brands

When it comes to hair dye brands, the more you know, the better decisions you will make, so let's explore:

1. Never dye your hair if it is damaged. You should get professional treatment and a haircut before applying hair dye.

2. Never dye your hair if your are regrowing your hair. This will not be beneficial to your growth.

3. If you don't have good time management when it comes to your hair, do not dye your hair.

Now, if you have healthy hair and great time management, let's dive into some hair dye brands:

No matter your hair type, these hair dye brands are safe to try and won't damage your beautiful crown.

1. L'Oreal Paris: this hair dye brand is ammonia-free and comes in some crazy colors to try for the summer.

2. Clairol: is a brand that has been around for a long time. Clairol has a quick applying process and is ammonia-free. For those crazy hair colors, Clairol is perfect as it is not a permanent color and washes away after 28 shampoos.

3. Garnier: when it comes to variations of colors, this product wins as there are over 22 different shades to try. Application takes only 10 minutes and are affordable, so you can try crazy colors all summer or year round.

4. Revlon: one of the most reputable hair dye brands around. Revlon offers a wide selection of color choices, from the traditionals to the more fun and crazy hair color options.

5. Matrix: this hair dye brand offers a wide range in selection for highlights and grey coverage. So if you're trying out some crazy highlights, or just want to cover up those greys, Matrix is the right hair dye brand for you.


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Unusual Colors

What do you think of when unusual colors come to mind? Is it turquoise? Pink? Maybe yellow? How about orange? Could you see yourself walking the streets with a head of rainbow colors bouncing around? 

If so, well, the list below should be fun for you to explore. We promise these hair colors are crazy, fun, and unusual.

30 Crazy Best Hair Color Ideas

Should your hair match your personality?
Nope, your hair should show off your inner self this summer. You know who you are deep inside right? That fairy that's been wanting to say "hi" to the world your whole life. Or maybe you were naturally born with the soul of a unicorn and have to be something else, like an accountant. laugh
No matter who you are inside, this summer live out loud and let your hair tell the story.

1. Turquoise Belle

Not one for the blue hair, but want to stay in the family. This fun hair color is a must.

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2. Crazy Hair Color: The Family of Red

So you want to wear your fave color palette but can't decide. Well, just have a family reunion and make it a festival to remember.

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3. Crazy Hair Ombre

This dark root, blonde and yellow highlighted tip hair color is fun, lively, and will bring all the parties to you this summer.

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4. Crazy, Unusual, Light Grey Ombre

Yep, you felt it the first time you saw 'X-Men,' you were born to be Storm. Why not be your true self all summer long.

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5. Won't Make Up my Mind Crazy Colors

Whether you're a Gemini or find it hard to commit, this choice is perfect for you.

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6. Crazy Blue/Green Affect

Under the sea, where you will be. Enjoy your summer with this beautiful blue/green hair color combo.

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7. Crazy Color: Pretty in Pink/Orange

So you like pink, but you also like orange. Mix them and have fun.

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8. Purple Ombre Crazy Color Idea

Make casual Fridays like no other day in the office with this fun, crazy color choice.

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9. Underneath, We All Full of Rainbows

You want just to add a little spice to your natural color, so keep it underneath and go about your day.

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10. World of Wonder

Making up your mind wasn't the problem, it choosing the color ideas. So, you tried them all in one sitting. Good for you.

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11. Crazy Aquamarine Sensation

There's a mermaid in all of us. This summer, yours is coming out to play!

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12. Apple Red Belle

Not one for the casual colors, so you chose red. And not just any red, bright apple red to make this unusual color pop all summer.

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13. Crazy Ombre Color Fest

Your black hair didn't agree with going blonde, so you decided to change it all at once. This crazy, fun ombre color fest is perfect for your style.

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14. Tropical Paradise

It's a margarita-inspired paradise on your head and who else could wear it so beautifully.

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15. Pink Peach Chill

You're not one of those girls who goes all out for attention, but you do admire a nice color. This pink peach color will keep your chill personality alive while bringing the right attention into your life.

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16. Black & Red Strike!

You wanted streaks but in your fave color. Great decision!

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17. No Rainy Day Summers!

Look at you brightening all summer days with this lively crazy color choice.

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18. Rainbows & Glitter

You're always the serious one, but on this summer's vacation, the laptop goes away, the drinks come out, and the hair color is crazy and unusual.

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20. Starfire Go!

This is a crazy hair color that will make you look like a superhero, so go for it.

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21. Skittles...Taste the Rainbow

Are crazy, fun, summers filled with laughter contagious? Yes, taste the rainbow!

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22. Rainbow Spray On

Want a temporary style that can wash out by the end of the weekend, well try this crazy, unusual color.

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23. Pink Afro Goddess

Add some flare to that kinky hair this summer.

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24. Purple Sensation

Purple looks great on you. Give it a try.

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25. Blue Moon

After that new haircut starts growing out, give it a boost with this blue combination crazy color palette.

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26. Orange/Blue Fun

You're fun right? Well, this color is unusual, fun, and crazy. It's a match!

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27. Pinky Promises

Not one to stick with jet black hair, well, let's pinky promise to keep it an exciting summer.

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28. Fun Underneath

Add some fire to your natural hair color with some fun underneath.

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29. Fire Meets Night

This unusual color is crazy and fun all at once. Give it a try!

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30. The Natural Born Unicorn!

You read the title, so . . .

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Have Fun with Your Hair!

Life is too short, so have some fun with your hair this summer. With all the styles to choose from, you have to find one that is suiting to your personality and go for it.


MJ Faublas
Hope you enjoy.