Cancer Man Aquarius Woman: Love, Sex & Attraction Compatibility

A relationship between a Cancer Man and an Aquarius woman can be quite challenging. Find out more about their love, sex and attraction compatibility.

Cancer Man Aquarius Woman: Love, Sex & Attraction Compatibility


  1. Combination of Air and Water Sign
  2. The Cancer Man
  3. The Aquarius Woman
  4. Relationship Between the Two
  5. Love Chemistry
  6. Sexual Attraction Between Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman
  7. Final Verdict

Combination of Air and Water Sign

The combination of a Cancer man with an Aquarius woman can be rather strange. Although both of them have a lot in common, they have their separate personalities which can clash sometimes. A Cancer man is a homely person whereas the carefree Aquarius needs her freedom. A little bit of give and take is necessary to make their relationship work. But if both manage to work out their differences, they can have an enriching relationship.

Cancer is a water sign where as Aquarius is an air sign. Their combination is a challenging concoction. What one desires and believes in, the other might think just the opposite. A Cancer man mostly wants a very personal and committed relationship while the Aquarius woman seeks friendship in her relationship. This could lead to clashes, but as they both together progress in love and life, they might give in to each other's needs and blend beautifully in a strong relationship.

Let us read about their love, attraction and sex compatibility. 

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The Cancer Man

The Cancer man gives the utmost priority to his home. He is someone one can rely upon because he has a very strong intellect along with a soft heart. A quintessential family man, he does not stop himself from displaying his emotions. He is someone who can achieve a lot in life with his strong determination and innovation skills. In this life partner, he would seek a woman just like his mother.
To him, his mother has and will be the epitome of perfection, and he would want the same attributes in his life partner too. When in a relationship with an Aquarius woman, he can offer her life-long security regarding commitment, happiness, and love.

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The Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is a very friendly human being who has nothing to hide in her life. She likes to keep her life as an open book. There are friendliness and transparency in her personality. She is someone who stays miles away from diplomacy and is very open in her approach. Although she takes time to show her real compassionate self to people, she is quick to show her empathy.
When in a relationship with a Cancer man, she loves his homely side and enjoys listening to his fascinating ideas. But she is not quite sympathetic in her relationships, and this attitude of hers saddens the Cancer man. He feels insecure and unloved at times with an Aquarius woman. This attitude if not checked in the initial stages might lead to a breakup later on. 

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Relationship Between the Two

Both the Cancer man and the Aquarius woman have different aspirations in life. The Cancer man usually limits himself to his set goals or desires in life and is many a times unaware of all the other wonderful qualities that he might possess. The strong Aquarius woman introduces him to his own hidden facets. The Aquarius woman convinces him to let go of his past and discover newer horizons in life.

In spite of being so opposite in their interests, they experience a strong attraction towards each other. The saying that 'opposites attract' hold true in their case. An Aquarius woman loves freedom in a relationship whereas he loves being homebound. She loves to discover newer things in life where he loves familiarity and hates change. But when in a relationship, he is struck by the cupid real bad. He loves her spontaneity and is drawn by her fresh perspective in life. 

A relationship between the two may lead to a breakup after a few years if neither of them agrees to change a bit for each other. The Cancer man treats his lady love differently and as his priority. He also unknowingly tries to teach her life lessons and tries to convince her to do many things in an appropriate way. But his preachings are not well accepted by the Aquarius woman who hates taking instructions from anyone. 

The Aquarius woman gives a lot of importance to humanity and compassion after freedom and independence and as the Cancer man is very compassionate, she is willing to let go a bit of her freedom for him. An Aquarius woman is a humanitarian and very kind but at the same time she can be a little insensitive to other's feelings. She knows that her Cancer man is very sensitive for others and she loves this quality about him. 

Although the Cancer man recognizes the kind spirit of his Aquarius woman, he worries that she may leave him someday. He fears a breakup deep within and tries to bind her to himself. But they both can sense each other's feelings for each other and know for sure whether their relationship will last long or will end up in a breakup. To the outside, their's is a weird match, and people would wonder how they get along in the first place. But a small give and take is all that will take for this romance to blossom forever. 

An Aquarius woman, when in a relationship with a Cancer man, can get very irritated with his unpredictable moods. The Cancer man should stop expecting her to read his mind everytime and instead tell her why he is upset. He often gets into a sulky silence which irritates her to no end. The Aquarius woman prefers open discussions. They both need more verbal communications between them. 

The good part is that an Aquarius woman is a fixed sign and she does not give up easily. If she is commited to make the relationship work, she will try her best and make sure that they do not break up. The Cancer man will also try with his determination to make things work and hence rarely; they might end up in a breakup. It is this shared force of will that works so well. Their romance might not be very smooth, but their breakup is a rare occurance. 

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Love Chemistry

The love chemistry between them is infectious and evident, but only if they feel it too from inside. As far as they are happy with each other, one gets to feel an aura of happiness around them. The energetic and fun-loving Aquarius woman manages to show newer horizons to the Cancer man and he too, in love with her, agrees to explore new things.
An Aquarius woman, on the other hand, feels warm and secure in his love and starts to understand the value of real love. A Cancer man brings humor and tenderness in their love life while she balances it with freshness and fun. They both fall into a true romance with each other. After a few years in love, they will understand and accept their differences and enjoy each other's company. 

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Sexual Attraction Between Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

While talking about their compatibility sexually, it is important to understand their different elements. When air and water come in contact with each other physically, it can be a very smooth combination. A Cancer man regards sexual intimacy as the most important aspect of their relationship, while the Aquarius woman finds it humorous and fun. Only when both of them get more close to each other emotionally, they can make their romance more passionate. Sexually, their's is not a very good match in the beginning, but the Cancer man manages to explain the importance of sex in their relationship, and slowly she surrenders herself beautifully to his charms. Their excellent power of imagination takes them to great heights sexually. 

For the Aquarius woman, sex is not a priority in a relationship and this attitude of her will highly irritate and sadden the Cancer man. She understands how important sex is for him and will make efforts for him but her very lack of interest will sadden him deeply. He would have preferred her to have the same excitement for sex as he has.
But he will appreciate her effort and forgive her. She however, cannot make proper commitments to him which he desires. If the Cancer man leaves a certain things to time and circumstances instead of being demanding, their relationship could be smoother on the sexual front. 

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Final Verdict

The final verdict on this combination is that although it is a little tough in the beginning, these two get into a harmonious relationship eventually whether sexually or in the day to day matters. They both appreciate a lot of things about each other.
The Cancer man finds her very original in her attitude but at the same time is saddened by her easy-going approach in a relationship. If she shows a little more concern and sensitivity to his feelings, he would be thrilled. An Aquarius woman, on the other hand, loves the determination and cautious nature of her man but does not approve of the way he clings to his past. If he understands her need for freedom, he can be delighted with her.
An Aquarius woman should respect the Cancer man's need for privacy and give him enough space. The Aquarius woman should try on being a little more homey for her husband. She should let her man take the reigns of the household on his own, and she should only try to add color and warmth wherever possible. 

Although in majority cases, a Cancer man and an Aquarius woman are not like usual happy couples because their relationship gets a little stressful after some years with Cancer man wanting more intimacy in the relationship. But if they manage to work out this one flaw, they could together lead a wonderful life together.

It may seem like a roller coaster ride with these two signs, but with love and effort they can build a life of happiness.

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