Top 20 Most Popular & Trendy Haircuts For Women In 2018

Looking for a cool new haircut for 2018? Us too! We've done the research for you, so check out these popular and trendy haircuts for women!

Top 20 Most Popular & Trendy Haircuts For Women In 2018


  1. Cool Summer Haircuts for Women in 2018
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Cool Summer Haircuts for Women in 2018

As the temperature heats up, I find myself wanting to try something cool to change up my look. I don't like to wear much makeup once the temps near triple digits, so I tend to look at my hair to breathe life into my look. 

Before heading to the stylist, I scour the web for hours, saving pictures of haircuts on my cell, looking for just the right haircut to try. I'm always looking to try something new.

From short hair to long hair, straight to curly. For young moms chasing around toddlers, for slightly older moms of teens. There's surely something here for you to try. GO on, take advantage of my research on haircuts to see the top looks for 2018 for women! 



After trolling instagram for quite awhile, one thing definitely sticks out. Short hair is in. From pixie cuts to long bobs, celebs are trading in long locks for short coifs. 

Katy Perry's take on the pixie--left a bit longer on the top, this shaggy version of the pixie leave a lot of room to play with your look. Take another idea from Katy and put a cool twist on the haircut with a fun color. 

katyperry's post
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Zooey Dechanel chopped off her signature locks and has debuted this lob, or long bob, still with bangs. This is a haircut that works well for most face shapes as well. 

zooeydeschanel's post
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Kata Mara's bob is shorter in the back and angles toward the front. The textured cut gives her hair a lot of body and volume. This haircut also works well air-dried, so for women chasing toddlers around the house, it can be a great go-to haircut. 

katemaraa's post
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Here, Lineisy Montero's naturally super curls give volume and height to a rockin' do. 

Another thing I noticed was the trend towards working with your natural hair. Especially if you have waves or curls. Put away those flat irons and enjoy all that natural beauty. 

lineisymontero's post
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Kacy Hill's cropped bob goes retro with the short blunt cut bangs. This haircut is great for the cool, funky, quirky woman that loves wearing retro clothing and playing vinyl. 

kacyhill's post
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Vanessa Hudgen's bob is kept fun and lively with her natural waves. This is a cut that works for any age as well. So women with toddlers, through those with teens, can look to this haircut as fun and easy to do. 

vanessahudgens's post
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One major benefit of shorter haircuts is the time you save. If you're a busy person that doesn't have a lot of time to wash, dry and style, these shorter haircuts can be a great option. Plus, the modern takes on them still leave plenty of room to be funky and cool. 


Not everyone is ready to go as short as a pixie or bob. For those women, a midi, or medium, length might be for you. 

From growing out natural tight curls to a modern-day shag, this is a great way for women to try something a little different, without going too drastic. No matter which you choose, these haircuts are on trend and cool. 

Halle Berry's haircut is a modern day long layered shag. And I love it. Full of texture and life, this look just screams beaches and sunshine. 

halleberry's post
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Alanna Harrington's signature natural curls are a glowing example of letting your natural beauty shine. Have your stylist cut some layers to keep your curls from getting weighed down and leave natural curl in your bangs. 

alannaarrington's post
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Jennifer Lopez's long bob haircut is razored on the ends to keep it choppy and not weighed down. Her highlights and mussed texture keep it cool and not overly maintained. 

jlo's post
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Emma Stone's fine hair is cut into a layered long bob with side swept bangs. Sexy, cool and fun, this haircut works for women with various hair textures and face shapes.'s post
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For those with natural curls, Julia Garner's look allows you to show off what you've got. She exhibits an old-school retro cool. 

juliagarner94's post
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Leaning towards long, with this haircut, Taylor Swift's wavy locks are accompanied by bangs. Swift has been rocking bangs for as long as I can remember, and is still showing us that they are a great option. 

taylorswift's post
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Gal Gadot's shoulder-grazing haircut with deep side part and slightly wavy, but not too high maintenance, exudes playful Saturday in the park. 

gal_gadot's post
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Kerry Washington is usually seen with sleek locks on television, but here, she appeared at the MET Gala with this amazing look. This haircut has long layers that are teased slightly to create the volume in this look.

kerrywashington's post
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Lucy Hale's haircut gives us another example of a long bob, this time without bangs, that is again textured and layered for movement. 

lucyhale's post
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Selena Gomez's haircut is a long layered bob. It has a tough and lived in look, sporting a new color technique that has been dubbed Nirvana blonde. The 90's are definitely back, and I'm loving it. 

mundopop13's post
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Some women just make long hair work so well, why change it? I am not one of those women, but I envy them. These ladies show us just how it's done. 

Not much even needs to be said about Beyonce's ever changing but always IT style. However, here, she has beautiful, long, and curly hair. 

beyonce's post
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Jessica Biel's haircut is a simple cut, with long layers to give it movement. A slight side part gives it body at the roots. 

jessicabiel's post
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Another style-ista, Kim Kardashian West, is back to her signature long locks and dark, brunette haircolor. 

kimkardashian's post
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Ciara often sports different hairstyles, but this retro, tight curled look with bangs is definitely one of the best haircuts I've seen. 

ciara's post
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Ashley Graham's haircut is long and natural looking with a slight wave and off-center part. Another haircut that says beachy and sexy and cool. 

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After looking through all of these pictures, I'm very glad I have an appointment with my stylist this weekend! Now, I have to pick just one. Run to your stylists, ladies, with these haircuts in mind and enjoy the summer!



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