Different Shades Of Blonde Hair That You Should Consider Trying

Blonde hair on women is a great way to have a natural look. The ideas for different shades can span anywhere from light to dark and are all fun to try.

Different Shades Of Blonde Hair That You Should Consider Trying


  1. Why Women are Going Blonde
  2. Ice Blonde Hair
  3. White Blonde
  4. Golden Blonde
  5. Chestnut Blonde
  6. Strawberry Blonde
  7. Dark Blonde
  8. Go Try it Out!

Why Women are Going Blonde

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They say that blonde hair is associated with youth. Natural blonde hair is most prominent in those of a younger age so it only makes sense that blonde would be the color to go to when wanting to look younger. Looking younger can also be associated with good health and fertility. Looking younger, good health, and fertility all sound like great things to me, so why not make the change to blonde?

More and more women are changing their hair to one shade of blonde or another. Blonde hair comes in a lot of different shades so there are many options out there for you to try and play around with. Finding the perfect shade of blonde may take a while, but who says you can't have fun while doing it? Let's go over some shades of blonde that you should consider trying.

Ice Blonde Hair

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Ice blonde may not be the most natural blonde hairstyle out there, but it is sure to turn heads. Ice blonde hair is a great way for women to add a bit of drama and flare to their hair, outfit, and lives. Ice blonde hair is achieved by having a mixture of platinum blonde and also some silver to give your hair the look of ice. 

Many women have seen this hair most recently pulled off on the show Game of Thrones by the character Daenerys Targaryen. Throughout all the seasons, she has pulled off the ice blonde look beautifully. The boldness she has to pull it off proves that women everywhere can do the same thing. 

White Blonde

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Women who have white blonde hair enjoy having hair that stands out. With white blonde being just one step darker than the ice blonde, it will still have close to the same dramatic effect. Especially with the addition of a bright red lip, this hair color will always stand out in a beautiful and stunning way. 

Golden Blonde

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Golden blonde hair is one of the more natural shades of blonde hair. Women tend to favor this color because they feel that it can easily look good with any skin tone. Golden blonde hair is also a favorite for highlights as well. This blonde color is one that sits beautifully against most other blonde hair colors.

The golden blonde is a playful hair color that is seen worn by the girl next door character in a lot of movies. This means that the women like golden blonde hair because it is flirtatious. Women can use this shade as a way to bring a youthfulness back into their lives, especially if they feel they have been missing out on that element. 

Chestnut Blonde

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Chestnut blonde hair is a nice mixture of brown and blonde. Women like this hairstyle idea because it can be done in many different ways and still be considered chestnut blonde. This allows for flexibility and creativity to come through. When creating chestnut blonde hair, the brown color will usually be as the base color. Then you can add the blonde onto the outer layers of your hair. The blonde generally starts a couple of inches down so this way the brown color shows through beautifully. 

Strawberry Blonde

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Strawberry blonde is a blonde that can almost be classified as a dark blonde. Strawberry blonde is a beautiful blonde that has subtle red tints all throughout. The red comes through the blonde ever so slightly and shows like a natural highlight. Women like strawberry blonde because it is a different shade of blonde that is not seen around much. If you want to stand out, but in a subtle way then the strawberry blonde is the way to go. It is not super bright, but it is sure to turn heads because it is a rare shade of blonde. 

Dark Blonde

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Dark blonde hair on women is a classic look that will forever be a favorite. This idea is simple to achieve when your natural hair may be leaning toward the brunette or brown color. Women find that when making the transition to blonde hair, just going one step lighter is the easiest step to make. With dark blonde hair, women can keep the slight undertone of their brunette or brown hair because it is easy to layer the blonde right on top. This look does not take much time to achieve, but if it is something that you have never tried before then it is a good first shade to try. 

Go Try it Out!

Now that you know a few shades of blonde that are out there to experiment with, go have fun! You can start with one of these shades or go a completely different direction with a shade that was not mentioned. You have plenty of options when it comes to blonde hair and women love options! Blonde hair is the way to go when wanting to achieve a more youthful, playful look. 


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