5 Colors That Go Well With Yellow: The Perfect Combination For Yellow

Yellow is the perfect color to combine with other colors to make clothes and walls stand out. A yellow dress or shirt will go great with colors, such as gray.

5 Colors That Go Well With Yellow: The Perfect Combination For Yellow


  1. The Beautiful Color Yellow
  2. 1. Yellow and Black
  3. 2. Yellow and Gray
  4. 3. Yellow and Purple
  5. 4. Yellow and Blue
  6. 5. Yellow and Red
  7. Perfect Combinations of Colors

The Beautiful Color Yellow

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The color yellow can be seen pretty much everywhere in the world. First of all, it is the color of the sun! Besides the sun, many yellow colors can be found in nature as in flowers or some birds. Yellow is also used for walls and clothes. There are endless examples of yellow colors that you see every day. 

We all know that yellow is everywhere and we enjoy looking at it. It comes in many different shades, and you can even find it in patterns. There does come a time, however, that we think, what colors can I match with yellow?
Because yellow can be so bright at times, it is difficult to decide on colors that will complement the yellow or contrast it. This guide will present five colors that will go perfectly with the color yellow.

1. Yellow and Black

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Yellow and black are colors that are a classic combination. The first thing you think when you see or hear the colors yellow and black is the bumblebee.
It would seem that mother nature favors this combination. Other than bumblebees, yellow can be the perfect accent on anything black. Yellow can be used to lighten the black room. Whether you have one black wall or all black walls, adding yellow colors around the room will help to draw in the color as opposed to the black just absorbing any light that enters the room.
The picture above is an example of how you can use yellow colors as an accent. By adding yellow pillows or by painting a door yellow, the room will feel warmer and more welcoming.

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A second way that the colors yellow and black go well together is in clothing. When you are wearing a mostly black outfit, you can always throw on something yellow to make the whole outfit pop.
The above picture shows you an idea of how the yellow and black colors go well together. Of course, you could switch it up and do a black skirt or pants with a yellow shirt. The options are endless when it comes to coming up with an outfit that has black and yellow colors.

2. Yellow and Gray

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The colors yellow and gray complement each other well. The softness of the gray can be easily brightened up by yellow colors. With the subtle tones of gray throughout an area, most of the times it needs a pop of color and yellow is the perfect color for this. You mostly see these colors together in rooms. Using gray as a wall color has recently become popular, so you will see many rooms that are gray. The gray tones are colors that are used in modern homes and the yellow can be the perfect way to bring some additional colors into a room. 

Using gray furniture is also something that is commonly seen nowadays. The gray can always use an accent. In the picture above, the yellow colors can be seen in the background in the wallpaper and also with the lamp to add a little extra to the room.

3. Yellow and Purple

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Yellow and purple are both equally bold colors that in no way contrast. Being able to play with purple and yellow colors in your clothing is something fun to do. It is like you are using the colors to always bring a sunny day with you.
Especially if you have to be inside most of the day, you and others will benefit from having such bright colors around. Having a plaid shirt like the one featured above is a great way to combine both of the colors. The yellow and purple colors play off of each other in such a fun way that you will find it difficult not to smile when looking at yourself in the mirror. 

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This yellow and purple dress shows off how great these two colors go together. These colors balance each other out, while still remaining equally beautiful in their own right. The colors are a perfect mixture of bright and dark. The yellow colors add brightness to the outfit and the dark purple colors allow for the yellow to shine in a controllable way. 

4. Yellow and Blue

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Blue and yellow are colors that are featured in many things, from nature to art. In nature, the colors are beautifully seen in a field of sunflowers against a blue sky, just like in the picture above.
This is the ultimate combination of the colors naturally flowing together. The blue sky as the background complements the way that the yellow colors of the sunflowers flow over the hills.

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Another way that these colors show how they contrast just enough for the result to be beautiful is in art. Bringing the colors yellow and blue together through art is a way to showcase how the colors can mix in a successful way.
Looking at the picture above, it gives a great example of how the yellow and blue colors work together in the piece of art and also how that art hangs beautifully over the blue couch.

5. Yellow and Red

The colors yellow and red have been paired up for as long as I can remember. Some flowers beautifully showcase the colors yellow and red. The main M&Ms are yellow and red. And who could forget that the best condiments for hotdogs and hamburgers are yellow and red!

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Aside from those previously mentioned combinations of colors, these colors are all over the fashion world. Yellow and red clothes have been catching fire quickly and are a fun mix to play around with. The colors work perfectly in a shirt and pants combination like the example shown above. By breaking up the yellow with a darker red pant, you create an outfit that is sure to dazzle and turn heads. 

In the picture below, the yellow and red colors work wonderfully together to create a lovely dress. The colors of this dress are a mix of bright red and a milder yellow. This balance of one of the colors being brighter and the other being softer is the perfect way to showcase the two colors. 

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Perfect Combinations of Colors

Yellow is that perfect color that goes well with many other colors. These five examples are good colors to start with when wanting to find the right match. These are not the only colors that yellow goes well with, but they are the perfect place to start!


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