20 Amazing Burgundy / Red Hair Color That You Can Imitate

Have you wanted to try red or burgundy hair color? Unsure where to start? Check out this list of 20 amazing burgundy and red hair color for you to try!

20 Amazing Burgundy / Red Hair Color That You Can Imitate


  1. The Many Shades of Red
  2. 1. Auburn
  3. 2. Copper
  4. 3. Red Mahogany
  5. 4. Rose Gold
  6. 5. Burgundy
  7. 6. Cherry Brown
  8. 7. Cherry
  9. 8. Black Cherry
  10. 9. Ruby Red
  11. 10. Red Violet
  12. 11. Magenta
  13. 12. Ombre
  14. 13. Balayage Ombre
  15. 14. Magenta with Yellow Highlights
  16. 15. Sunset
  17. 16. Bright Red Balayage
  18. 17. Ombre
  19. 18. Reversed Ombre
  20. 19. Colorful Variation
  21. 20. Braids
  22. Tips for Keeping your Red Hair Fresh

The Many Shades of Red

As a long time fan of hair color, I've tried everything that I can. With so many hair colors to choose from nowadays, it's hard to pick sometimes. But, shades of red have always been my personal go-to. Among the many shades of red, from bright copper to deep burgundy, it's no secret that many women gravitate toward various burgundy colors.  

There are many things to consider when dyeing your hair red or burgundy colors.

First, there are two types of red hair color. Natural and fashion. Natural red shades tend to look best on those with warmer skin tones and eye color. Fashion shades, like burgundy, usually work best on those with cooler skin tones. This does not mean you cannot choose whatever shade of red or burgundy you would like; this is just a guide. 

Second, red and burgundy hair colors are either difficult to color over or difficult to keep. If you are considering going red or burgundy, do consider if you are ready to commit to red and burgundy hair colors for awhile or commit to keeping it colored. It all has to do with your hair's chemistry. 

Last, the way you color your hair is also important. You can buy many red and burgundy hair color dye at the pharmacy, grocery or box store. They are available in permanent and temporary formulas. A temporary formula is a great way to try red and burgundy hair colors, especially if you want to try very drastic fashion shades. 

Read on for our idea list of 20 burgundy and red hair colors for you to try yourself.

1. Auburn

Auburn is a blend of light blonde, brown and red hair color. It varies from lighter auburn red to dark auburn red. Light auburn hair color works well on women with peach and golden tones, medium auburn works best with porcelain complexions, and dark auburn hair color works well on those with warm and neutral tones. 

Great examples of auburn hair color include Emma Stone and Julianne Moore.

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2. Copper

From bright, shiny copper to copper highlights, this red hair color shade has a wow factor. Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams both have beautiful copper hair. Copper hair color looks best on peach or golden-toned skin. Dark copper hair color works well on warmer skin tones. Copper can also be used as highlights on darker red hair color shades. 

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3. Red Mahogany

Red Mahogany hair color is a red-brown and works well with fair or medium skin.

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4. Rose Gold

Possibly my favorite red hair color trend of the moment is rose gold. It can be very subtle or very intense and works well on just about everyone. It is an extremely light golden red hair color, almost a pink.  It's shimmery and reminiscent of rose gold jewelry.

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5. Burgundy

One of my personal favorite hair color shades of all time has to be burgundy. It's been my go-to hair color shade since my sophomore year of college. There are many different shades of burgundy hair color as well. Darker, less obvious shades, to bright, almost blinding shades. Burgundy hair color has violet tones that make it extremely striking. Typically, it works best on people with warm or olive complexions. 

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6. Cherry Brown

Cherry brown hair color is a rich brown with deep red tint. Similar to cherry cola, mostly the dark brown shows, but when the light hits it, the red pops! This darker red hair color shade works best with medium to warm skin tones.

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7. Cherry

The name says it all - a dark, rich shade, with a hint of blue-brown, cherry hair color is simply delicious. This shade works best on people with dark or olive tones.

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8. Black Cherry

Black cherry hair color is a dark, blue-black tone with deep-intense red highlights. It works best on people with darker skin tones. 

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9. Ruby Red

This red hair color is a rich shade inspired by the red ruby itself and works best with pale, porcelain skin.

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10. Red Violet

Red violet hair color is a unique blend of red and purple. While not a natural hair color, this shade of red is a definite statement maker. Red Violet hair color works best on those with darker complexions.

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11. Magenta

Magenta is a very bright, purple tinted hair color. A favorite among artistic types, this is a fashion forward shade! It looks best on medium to dark skin tones. 

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12. Ombre

This vibrant red hair color combination is more than your average ombre. This fire ombre, aptly named for its resemblance to a hot flame.

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13. Balayage Ombre

This burgundy balayage ombre hair color begins with an almost black shade at the roots and gradually lightening to a bright magenta at the ends.  

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14. Magenta with Yellow Highlights

This all over burgundy base hair color is highlighted with bright yellow, really making a colorful statement!

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15. Sunset

This red hair color combination resembles a sunset. Blending various shades of red, from deep wine to bright copper. 

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16. Bright Red Balayage

This beautiful hair color combination of black with bright red highlights is a statement maker!

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17. Ombre

Another ombre hair color, with yet another color combination! Starting at the roots with deep burgundy and ending with rose gold.

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18. Reversed Ombre

Here, ombre hair color is reversed with a dip dye version of blonde hair with burgundy ends. 

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19. Colorful Variation

So many shades here, it's impossible to count them all! A combination of red, burgundy, and golden hair color shades creates a rich tapestry of hair color. 

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20. Braids

Finally, this combination of burgundy hair color and braids is just amazing. The braids show off the hair color, and the hair color shows off the braids. It is a winning combination.

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Tips for Keeping your Red Hair Fresh

Assuming you've taken the plunge and gone red, here are some things you need to know. 

If you've chosen a bright red hair color, you'll need to reapply hair dye very often. A darker red or burgundy or balayage isn't as high maintenance. Whatever red or burgundy hair color you've chosen, don't wash your hair too often. Most stylists recommend only washing your hair every two to three days, if possible, to help slow down the fading process of your hair color. When you do wash your hair, use sulfate-free shampoo. 

If you get another idea and decide you're ready to change your hair color again, be prepared. If you've dyed your hair shades of red or burgundy multiple times, it will be a process to lighten and color over your hair, especially if it was dyed with a permanent formula. Certain shades, like auburn, are easier to color over. Of course, a temporary formula will wash out on its own.


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