Blonde Hair Black Eyebrows: Perfect Pairing To Change Your Look

So what if you weren't born a natural blonde, you can still wear your hair and keep those black eyebrows too. Being natural is the black.

Blonde Hair Black Eyebrows: Perfect Pairing To Change Your Look


  1. Blondes & The Fun They Have
  2. Blonde Hair & Black Eyebrows Cliche?
  3. Fun Styles to Try
  4. Celebs with Blonde Hair & Black Eyebrows
  5. Now Go Have Fun Too!

Blondes & The Fun They Have

Ok, you weren't born a natural blonde, but really does it even matter? You've wanted to join in on that blonde fun you've been hearing about around town and frankly, what's stopping you? Did you know that most natural blondes try at least three different hair colors throughout their lifespan? So why can't you try being blonde for once and get in on all this fun everyone's talking about?

Oh, right, your eyebrows are black. So you feel self-conscious about walking around trying to have some fun with blonde hair and black eyebrows. Why? Did you know that the saying of "blondes having all the fun" came from men finding them more attractive and easy to approach? Nowhere does it say "blondes with blonde eyebrows" have more fun. Nope, just blondes and this is one reason you should proceed with joining in on the fun because your black eyebrows will not hinder the level of fun you will have.

But before we build false confidence, answer the following question:

Why do you think your black eyebrows and blonde hair can't be fun?

This question helps you better understand your perception of being blonde and how you can eliminate any negative ideas you may have. No matter your natural hair color, dark, red, or blonde, you too can join in on all of this fun. Let's explore the possibilities together.

Blonde Hair & Black Eyebrows Cliche?

Did you know that most natural blondes have dark eyebrows? No matter your blonde color, chances are the color of your eyebrow will be the darkest shade of blonde strands on your hair. Blondes don't necessarily have light eyebrows unless they are natural platinum blondes who are mostly found in Finland, Norway, and Sweden nowadays. These women with natural platinum blonde hair, have this hair color all over their bodies. So, don't be fooled or find yourself in distress when trying out blonde hair with your black eyebrows.

As a matter of fact, some blondes have brown, red, or even dark hair all over their bodies. So if you believe going blonde and having black eyebrows is a cliche, you're all wrong. Going blonde is about letting yourself be free and to be able to live out of your comfort zone, even if it's just temporary. Being blonde means living out your ambitions and not letting anything stop you from doing whatever it is you feel you need to do.

So, stop putting yourself in a box. Understand it's not a cliche. And let your blonde hair flow while wearing your natural black eyebrows boldly.

Fun Styles to Try

Either way, build some confidence and go for it already. Life is short and you only live and go blonde once. Here are some fun styles to try with your blonde hair and dark eyebrows.

1. Sleek & Straight Blonde Hair

A woman with blonde hair and black eyebrows tells the world that she is ambitious and unafraid of judgment. If you're just starting out, the best style to try in your hair is the sleek, long, straight style as it is versatile and easy to manage.

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2. Pull Up Blonde Mohawk

If you're a fearless woman with natural black or dark hair who wishes to go blonde, try out this pull back mohawk and let the world know who you really are.

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3. Natural Hair Pull Back

Blonde hair isn't for straight hair only, natural hair styles can be dyed blonde and be fun as well.

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4. Not a Girl's Only Club

Guys as well look great in blonde hair and black eyebrows. So let out the rebel in you with this fun combination of dark and blonde style.

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6. Blonde Hair Side Bang & Red Lipstick

Dress up that blonde hair with red lipstick and bring out those black eyebrows for the most enjoyment. With this side bang and your hair pulled straight, you will look stunning.

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7. Two-tone Blonde

Couldn't stick to one blonde color? Well, this style is perfect as it blends the worlds of blondes like never before.

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Celebs with Blonde Hair & Black Eyebrows

In the world of Hollywood, no one plays by the rules and neither should you. Here's are some celebs who make their own rules when it comes to how to wear their blonde hair and black eyebrows.

Kim Kardashian

Kim K is one of those celebrities that is always making and breaking rules in Hollywood. When it comes to her hair, she lets no one put her in any boxes. Kim K is one of those women who makes sporting blonde hair and black eyebrows the thing everyone must try at least once.

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Scarlett Johansson

When it comes to beauty, Scarlett Johansson could give some away and still be in the lead of the race. Therefore, no one sports a blonde and black eyebrow mix like this starlet.

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Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson makes being young and beautiful look so easy, and no one looks nicer in blonde hair and black eyebrows like she does.

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Now Go Have Fun Too!

As you've learned, being blonde is all about confidence. The more self-esteem you have, the more blonde you will wear your hair. And most importantly, those eyebrows are to be left alone. The color of your eyebrows should never impose on your decision to go blonde. 

This life is to be filled with fun, freedom, and blonde fun, so go out there and capture all that fun that blondes seem to always be having.


MJ Faublas
Hope you enjoy.