Esmee Visser Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympics Gold Medalist Skater

It was like a dream for the Dutch speed skater, Esmee Visser, to win a gold medal. Here are some interesting facts about the skater & the net worth she bagged.

Esmee Visser Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympics Gold Medalist Skater


  1. Esmee Visser – the rookie skater
  2. Esmee Visser - pro in long-distance skating
  3. Esmee Visser's Net Worth
  4. Some interesting facts about Esmee Visser

Esmee Visser – the rookie skater

Esmee Visser was nowhere in the picture prior to her gold medal win in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Though the Dutch team has been performing well in the speed skating event, still nobody thought that Esmee Visser could fetch the gold medal for the country.

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Visser participated in the women's 5000 metres speed skating as a rookie. The funny thing is that even Visser never thought of walking up the podium. Visser wanted to give her best shot in the women's 5000 metres in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, and that’s it. In an interview, she said that she wanted to enjoy the race and focus mainly on how she skates. Visser bested her previous record by six seconds, becoming the youngest gold medalist in the speed skating event.

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Visser qualified for the Dutch team as a skater over Christmas, and within a few months, she has already made her country proud. This is the sixth gold medal that the Dutch team has bagged out of 7 races at the Olympics. The Dutch skaters haven't won this title in this event in 30 years, making the win even more special. Martina Sablikova wasn’t able to strike a hat-trick and nab the gold medal because of the Dutch skater Esmee Visser. Sablikova saw how the Dutch skater crushed her dream of winning the gold medal three times in a row.

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Esmee Visser - pro in long-distance skating

This is not the first time that Esmee Visser has won a gold medal in the long distance speed skating event. It seems that long-distance skating suits her best. Visser won a gold medal at the 2018 European Speed Skating Championships as well. This time around, her time was 6:50:23.

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In 2015, at the World Junior Championships, Visser participated in the 1500 metres and the 3000 metres events.

Esmee Visser's Net Worth

The net worth of Esmee Visser is still under review. The Dutch skater is only 22 years old and started participating in the international events only a few years back. Now that she has won the gold medal, there will surely be companies that would love to get associated with Visser.

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This will help Visser in earning a good amount of net worth for herself. As of now, her net worth mostly comprises of prize money and other perks as an athlete. Visser is smart enough to manage her net worth and increase it too.

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Some interesting facts about Esmee Visser

Apart from speed skating, Visser is also interested in inline skating, tennis, and cycling. Her Instagram account suggests that she is a student of pharmaceutical sciences. The Instagram account of Visser is filled with photos of her win.

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Visser keeps updating her page for her followers, showing them all the photos of her events.