10 Home Remedies To Help Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast Overnight

Battling with razor bumps? Here are some 10 proven home remedies to help you get rid of them fast and give you a neat and glowing skin once again.

10 Home Remedies To Help Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast Overnight


  1. Razor Bumps: What They Are
  2. Razor Bumps Can Be Prevented
  3. Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
  4. 1. Aloe Vera Gets Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
  5. 2. Use Honey To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
  6. 3. Hot And Cold Compress Helps
  7. 4. Tea Tree Oil Also Works Fast To Get Rid Of Bumps
  8. 5. Use Baby Powder
  9. 6. For A Fast Healing, Use Coconut Oil
  10. 7. Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Rid The Bumps
  11. 8. Witch Hazel Gets Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
  12. 9. Use Cucumber To Get Rid Of Those Razor Bumps
  13. 10. Baking Soda Helps
  14. Final Remark

Razor Bumps: What They Are

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In the scientific world, it is called Pseudofolliculitis barbae; many people know it as bikini bumps while others know it as razor rash. Whichever name you know it to be, razor bumps or rash is a condition that develops in both men and women after shaving. Although primarily prominent in men, more women now come down with it because they too are beginning to shave too often. It is not actually the frequency of shaving that necessarily causes those red and inflamed skin beneath your neck, arm, or leg; it is caused by ingrown hairs and hair follicles infected by bacteria. If you have a very sensitive skin, you might easily come down with the condition too. Hair follicles are found in the dermal layers of your skin where they work based on some hormonal influences to regulate hair growth in any part of your body. As you approach puberty, you start experiencing hair growth on your face (for men), armpit, legs, and pubic region. There may be a need to get rid of these hairs at some points or lower them. It is during this process of shaving that razor bumps develop. The way it happens is such that for certain reasons, the hair follicle still retains part of the hair you are trying to shave off, and these retained hairs instead of growing outside the skin starts growing inward. Of course, the body interprets that to be a non-self and an auto-immune response is thus triggered. The result of that is the itchy, painful, pimple-like, and reddish growth you have on your neck or any other body part where shaving has taken place.

Razor Bumps Can Be Prevented

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It's hard to see anyone that doesn't shave at one point or the other, but not everyone comes down with razor rash or bumps. That's because some have learned to prevent it from happening in the first place. Prevention is always better than cure. However, preventing razor bumps or rash would require that you understand the nature of your skin and the right method of shaving. Here are some methods are known to help prevent razor rash or bumps. 1. Ensure that your blade or razor is sharp enough, so you don't keep shaving the same spot like up to 5 times. A blunt blade would try to uproot the hairs rather than shaving it and this, of course, is a great irritant to your skin. If you can afford it, you shouldn't use a razor more than 2 times or at most 4. 2. Don't be in a hurry when shaving. If you don't have the time, it's better you postpone it to some other time when you'll be freer. Shaving your vag area (for women) or armpit can even be more delicate because the skin there is twice more sensitive than in other places. 3. Ensure that you shave in the direction of hair growth. This would ensure that there is less pulling on which might irritate your skin. This precaution is even much important when shaving very sensitive areas such as the vag, neck, and armpit. If there is a pulling feeling, it's because you are shaving in a direction opposite hair growth, that might lead to rashes, bumps, and even injury. 4. Avoid dry-shaving. As much as possible, get a trusted lubricant (not just water) to reduce irritation which might arise due to the coarseness of the spot. 5. Once you are done shaving, endeavor to moisturize the spot by using aftershave products which would help lessen the possibility of irritation. As many of these aftershaves contain antiseptics, you would want to exercise caution when applying them on your vag and bikini lines so you won't be introducing them into your skin. 6. Remember that constant shavings can increase the risk of skin irritation. You should allow the space of 3 to 4 days between each shave so that even if there is a minor cut or irritation, it would have been healed before you run the blade on that same spot again.

Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

Now, assuming you have come up with razor rash or bumps or whatever name you know it to be, we are glad to let you know that there is a way out. You need not be perplexed. There are simple and proven home remedies to get rid of those reddish, itchy, and painful razor bumps. Here they are.

1. Aloe Vera Gets Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

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You probably have this plant in your backyard but don't know how powerful it can be in getting rid of razor bumps or rashes. The fact is: Aloe vera is highly useful. It can kill bacteria as well and also have healing properties. When you cut an aloe vera stem, you would discover it has a gel coming out of it. This gel is very useful. Many people even mix it with their food for various healing purposes, but for razor bumps, you only need to apply the gel to the troubled area. Before doing so, it would be nice to rinse the spot with warm water. Once you've applied this aloe vera gel, allow it to stay there for 30 minutes. Suppose some opportunistic microorganisms (particularly bacteria) have started colonizing the spot due to your incessant scratching, this gel would kill them and also bring about fast healing. If you apply aloe vera this way, you will start seeing results within few hours. That's because its action is fast. Apart from using aloe vera as a treatment for razor bumps, you can equally use it to prevent it in the first place. Just apply it to the body part you want to shave before doing so, and you are good to go.

2. Use Honey To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

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Honey is one of such home remedies that works for skin rash and even pimples. Like aloe vera, it is equally bactericidal, that is, it kills bacteria. But much more than killing bacteria, honey hastens the healing process. Usually, after a time, the bumps if not quickly addressed, starts releasing some fluids and might turn to injury. If that has happened, you can apply honey to the surface, and leave it for 20 minutes. After that, get some warm water to wash the spot and you would soon see the expected result. The wounds would be healed, and you are not going to get those black spots that can disfigure your face. Honey takes care of the scars. It would be nice that you get pure, unadulterated honey for this purpose. That's because anything that is not honey cannot give you the result described here; it might even worsen the situation. Pure honey would heal; kill the bacteria, and take care of the scars (if any).

3. Hot And Cold Compress Helps

Part of the effects of having razor bumps are inflammation, redness, and itchiness. In the case of inflammation, a hot compress would be appropriate. To do this, you need to get some warm water and a clean towel (or similar cloth). To emphasize, the water must only be warm and not boiling water, so you don't burn your skin. You would have to dip the towel in that water and place it on each of the bumps applying pressure as you do so. That would open up the pores and allow the ingrown hairs to grow outside. By so doing, the inflammation would subside. You can add more hot water if you sense that the initial water is getting cold. For the itching and redness, a warm compress would suffice. You need packs of ice here. All that is needed is for you to place those ice on the spot and apply little pressure. If you do this for up to three times a day, the redness and itching will disappear. You need to, however, note that the compression method may not be completely appropriate if the razor bumps are in your vag or pubic area because of the sensitivity of the skin in those areas. The neck or leg is the best place to apply this method.

4. Tea Tree Oil Also Works Fast To Get Rid Of Bumps

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Another natural solution to razor bumps is tea tree oil which is gotten from the leaves of tea tree. This oil is very powerful and highly concentrated. As such, before usage, you would have to dilute it with water, so it doesn't become too much for the skin. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties which makes it apt in relieving the symptoms of razor bumps. If you don't get home remedies like this to tackle bacteria, they will slow down the healing process which would make the bumps to remain there for a while. However, with the oil, you can be sure of fast action. You only need a cotton ball to pick a small portion of this oil and apply it to the troubled area. Doing so would hasten the healing process.

5. Use Baby Powder

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By applying baby powder, you can address the issue of itching and inflammation of your razor bumps. That's because the baby powder has a cooling effect which can help address further irritation to the skin. It should be, however, stated that baby powder might not erase the scars and black spot that the razor bumps may leave behind. For an effective application, you can also use a cotton ball to apply the powder on the troubled area, and you'll witness an almost immediate relief. Baby powder can also bring about the softening of your skin and can be used to prevent razor bumps in the first place by applying it mildly to the spot before shaving.

6. For A Fast Healing, Use Coconut Oil

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You have possibly heard of coconut oil being used for hair treatment; that's true, but its usefulness far surpasses that. It has a lot of nutrients that your skin requires to be smooth, and healthy. Its moisturizing effect can help prevent razor bumps in the first place and if you have come down with one, it equally can hasten up the healing process. Its usefulness in tackling razor bumps is also attributable to its ability to inhibit bacteria growth. If bacteria are thus inhibited from multiplying on the bumps, the healing process can come up faster. Coconut oil also moisturizes your skin thereby helping you to heal the rashes and get rid of the scars too. To get fast action, apply the coconut oil to the spot at least 2 times a day.

7. Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Get Rid The Bumps

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This is also among the universal home remedy treatments for razor bumps. Apple Cider vinegar is weakly acidic and deals appropriately with the bacterial infection that might slow down the healing of your rashes. However, if you are using it in a very sensitive skin area such as the vag and bikini lines, you must ensure that it is well diluted, so it doesn't cause further irritation to the skin. When used on the neck or leg, you may not have to worry about diluting it further. With the aid of a cotton ball or a good absorbing cloth, you can pick a small quantity of the apple cider vinegar and apply it on the spot uniformly. Make sure the application is uniform and allow it to stay there for about 20 minutes. After the expiration of this 20 minutes, wash with warm water and allow to pat dry. A day or two after using this remedy, you should begin to witness an appreciable change. The itching should subside almost immediately, but the inflammation may take a few more hours to disappear.

8. Witch Hazel Gets Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

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You know the witch hazel plant? It has very potent anti-stringent and antibacterial properties. The leaves and bark of this plant are of particular importance in this wise. The extracts from these two sources help to get rid of the inflammation and pave the way for fast healing. The usage is quite simple; simply extract the fluid from any of these two sources and apply directly to the troubled area. As witch hazel can be very strong, you may have to dilute it very well before applying to your very sensitive skin part (vag and bikini lines) so as not overreact on your skin. Also, avoid using your bare hand to apply the witch hazel to the bumps. Employ a cotton swab instead to guarantee a uniform distribution and to prevent a possible transfer of microbes from your hand to the spot. Witch hazel would get rid of the rash or bumps within few hours of usage.

9. Use Cucumber To Get Rid Of Those Razor Bumps

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A very cold cucumber has been shown to provide a soothing effect on razor bumps or rashes. Cucumber also has a lot of nutrients in it to nourish your skin and help to get rid of the black spot and possible scars even after healing has taken place. To use cucumber, just slice it and place it directly on the spot for 5 to 10 minutes. You can get more than one slice so you can interchange when you notice the current one you are using is no longer chill. Repeat this procedure up to three times in a day, and you are sure to get rid of the razor bumps quickly.

10. Baking Soda Helps

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We use baking soda at home for some purposes; but do you know it works pretty well to get rid of razor bumps very fast? Yes, it does. Baking soda can help overcome the itching and inflammation that accompany razor bumps. Since baking soda comes in powder form, you would have to mix it properly in water to form a paste before using. You can use moderately cold water for this mixing process. Once you arrive at a consistently paste-like mixture, apply it to your neck, leg, or other places the bumps are and allow it to stay there for 20 minutes. As soon as you apply this baking soda, the itching symptom subsides, and the inflammation begins to go down. After 20 minutes, you can rinse it off and pat dry. Repeat the procedure twice a day for a few days, and you are sure to get rid of the razor bumps as fast as possible. Care has to be taken when applying it to your very sensitive skin area especially the vag region, so it doesn't get into you.

Final Remark

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Razor bumps isn't a genetic condition but a product of wrong shaving approaches and perhaps, over-sensitive skin. Those pimple-like swellings can take away your beauty and make your face becomes multi-colored as a result of the black spot it leaves behind even after healing has taken place. As much as possible, prevention of this skin condition remains the best antidote against it. That's because even if healing takes place, there might be some scars here and there which may leave your facial skin less perfect than it should ordinarily be. These scars give your neck or armpit a black and unattractive outlook that you may be looking for another home remedy to combat them. Nevertheless, if you already suffer razor bumps, home remedies as discussed in this piece remain your best bet. It minimizes the blackness and scars without the risk of any side effects unlike some creams and other products that may bring with them numerous side effects. We hope you find the information here useful.


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