Ink Your Love Forever With These Cute Couple Tattoo Designs

Strength of your love shows in how you express your love. Here are a few couples tattoo designs ideas for expressing your love.

Ink Your Love Forever With These Cute Couple Tattoo Designs


  1. Ink Your Love Forever With These Cute Couple Tattoo Designs
  2. Erupting Volcanic Heart Couples Tattoo Designs
  3. I Love Tattoo Designs For Couples
  4. XO Couples Tattoo Designs
  5. Matching Heart Tattoo <3
  6. Heart Lock And Key Couples Tattoo Designs
  7. To Infinity And Beyond Tattoo Designs
  8. Bendicion Couples Tattoo Designs
  9. Matching Fingerprint Heart Tattoo Designs
  10. King And Queen Couples Tattoo Designs
  11. Mr. And Mrs. Finger Tattoo Designs For Couples
  12. Matching Heartbeat Couples Tattoo Designs
  13. Cute Mickey And Minnie Tattoos
  14. Beautiful Matching Rose Couple Tattoos Desins
  15. Beauty And The Beast Tattoo
  16. Tiger And Tigress Couples Tattoos Designs
  17. Matching Name Alphabet Couples Tattoo Designs
  18. Yin Yang Fish Tattoo Design
  19. Matching Watercolour Bird Tattoos
  20. Watercolor Swallow Tattoos For Couples
  21. Name Tattoos For Couples
  22. Always Couples Tattoos Designs
  23. Matching Sun And Moon Tattoo For Couples
  24. King And Queen Crown Tattoo
  25. Important Date In Roman Number Tattoo Designs
  26. Connecting Heart Tattoo Designs For Couples
  27. Love Quote Tattoo Designs
  28. Chess King And Queen Tattoo Designs
  29. Autism Tattoo Designs For Couples
  30. Watercolor Splashed Puzzles Tattoo Designs
  31. Puzzle Piece With Heart Tattoo Designs
  32. Butterfly With Puzzle Pieces Wings Tattoo Designs
  33. Cute Colourful Turtle Tattoo Designs
  34. Prism Tattoo Designs
  35. The Drawing Of Your Kids Tattoo Designs
  36. Superhero Icon Tattoo Designs
  37. Wrapping It Up

Ink Your Love Forever With These Cute Couple Tattoo Designs

Love can be expressed in zillion ways. And in modern times, expression of love has found a way through tattoos. Couples often get each other name tattooed on their body, be it arm, wrist, elbow, stomach, back of the neck and some women even get it done under their breast. You can also express your love for each other similarly through tattoos. You can have each other's name inscribed, or find something that stands for your love, like a song that holds a dear memory for both of you.

These tattoos, in some way, also stands for your strength as a couple since these tattoos are permanent and having it means you are heart set on being together for your entire life. There are numerous styles of tattoos both of you can get, either similar or the kinds that look complete when both of you place your tattoos together. But before you go for a tattoo, be sure what you want to get.

Find a design you both like. Research about the tattoos, their designs, their color, and what they mean. Decide a place where you both want the tattoos to be done. Once you have decided everything, find a place where you can get your tattoos done safely. Find a tattoo parlor that’s clean and who knows what they are doing. Tattoos are lifetime commitment. Hence be sure before you go for it. They will tell you what you need to do before getting the tattoo and even after that.

There are a few things you must remember before getting a tattoo done. You should find out if you are allergic to tattoo inks. Well, if you are allergic to hair dyes, cheap fragrances or costume jewelry, chances are you might be allergic to the tattoo inks as well. So before you go for a tattoo, check yourself for these allergies. Also, pick a reputed tattoo artist, and not just any cheap tattoo making outlet.

Remember, a good tattoo doesn’t come cheap, and a cheap tattoo is never good or safe either. Find out about the tattoo studio and visit the place. If it’s not safe, you can even acquire infections and even aids along with tattoos. The secret to a perfect tattoo is communication and proofreading. Tell your tattoo artist everything about what you are looking for and want. Even have them draw it on a sheet and show to you. Once you are satisfied with the design, have them draw it on your body with a pen or a marker. Check that design minutely to see if they are precisely the way you wanted them to be. A tattoo is going to be with you lifelong so that any mistake will spoil it for you for life. Having them corrected is a long procedure. So, always be sure first about the design before you have them inked permanently.

As for the designs you can pick them from the catalog of an artist or search them online. You can also be creative and give a personalized touch to the already existing tattoo designs. Or better, you can make one of your own entirely. Tattoo designs are open to being played with and customized. Here some designs of couple tattoo that you both can be get inked together.

Erupting Volcanic Heart Couples Tattoo Designs

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This tattoo design shows cute volcanoes erupting with the outline of the shape of a heart. This couples tattoo design is similar and has a male and a female volcano that you can easily figure out. From the designs, it could be deduced that when one sees the other, their heart erupts like volcanoes with love.

You can have this inked on your wrist or at the back of your hand near your elbow. Or you can also find a spot of your liking for getting this tattoo done.

I Love Tattoo Designs For Couples

It is better to have a meaningful tattoo than having a meaningless tattoo. These tattoo designs say ‘I love him’ in her tattoo and ‘I love her’ in his tattoo designs.

You can have this tattoo designs inked on your wrist in nice handwriting. Or you can also have it written in each other’s handwriting before getting them inked. These few words say a lot, especially when inked. These matching tattoo designs would look wonderful on both of your hands. Or you can even get it inscribed at the nape of your neck.

XO Couples Tattoo Designs

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XO stands for hugs and kisses. It is a modern and cute way of expressing love. You could get X inked that stands for kisses, and your man could get O inked which means hugs. You can have them inked on your wrist, or near your elbows. Or you can make it a little more intimate, and your man can have it inked on his stomach or abs, and you can have it inked under your breast.

Matching Heart Tattoo <3

This is not a conventional couples tattoo designs idea. This one carries a heart but is incomplete without the other. One has the top of the heart inked while the other has the bottom. They don’t look meaningful until they are seen together, side by side. And when they are where they should be, together, it looks complete.

This tattoo shows your bonding and strength as a couple. It says that no one of you is complete Without the other by their side. Have them inked on the back of your palm, at thumb or at a place where they look complete when you hold hands.

Cute, isn’t it?

Heart Lock And Key Couples Tattoo Designs

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This one is another cute and minimalistic Couples Tattoo Designs. The girl has the heart-shaped lock inked on the side of her wrist while the man has heart-shaped key inked on his side of his wrist. You have it vice versa as well. Or you can find a different place to have this tattoo inked, like on your stomach, around your navel or under your breast, just so to make it more intimate.

This tattoo indicates that one holds the key to other’s heart. This couple tattoo design not only shows your bonding but also shows the strength of your love. 

To Infinity And Beyond Tattoo Designs

If you have seen the movie Toy Story, you would remember Buzz Lightyear, a character from the movie screaming these words ‘to infinity and beyond.’ It is not just the most memorable one-liner in cinema, but it also stands for the strength of love in couples. It stands for the fact that love is beyond time. You can get this tattoo inked on you. It can be either matching or half on the wrist of one and the other half on the wrist of the other. This way the quote won’t be complete until both are together. An always reminder you that you are incomplete without each other.

Bendicion Couples Tattoo Designs

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Bendicion means blessing. This similar couples tattoo designs are cute and show the strength of your love for each other. It means that you think your beloved is a blessing to you and in your life. These designs are simple and can be inked anywhere, like on the back of your neck or wrist. Or, to be a little more intimate, you can get these designs done on your stomach or under your breast.

Matching Fingerprint Heart Tattoo Designs

The couples tattoo designs of matching fingerprint heart are unique and decorative. You can have the heart-shaped tattoo made in the design of fingerprints, or you can use each other’s fingerprints.

This is a tattoo for showing off, so you can have this inked on your wrist, near your elbow. If you are getting this tattoo on your chest or breast, which is understandable since it is a heart tattoo, get it done where you can show it off. Don’t have it inked where it hides under your clothes like on your stomach.

King And Queen Couples Tattoo Designs

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This is an adorable king and queen tattoo design for couples. You both can have it inked in your arm, near your elbow or anywhere you prefer. You can do that in red since red is the color of love. Or you can pick your or each other's favorite color for the tattoo.

Mr. And Mrs. Finger Tattoo Designs For Couples

These cute tiny tattoo designs are for the couples who are married and working at the places that don’t allow employees to get a tattoo. You can have Mr. and Mrs. inked on the side of your ring finger. These designs won’t be visible until you want. You can also hide the designs under your wedding ring. You can flaunt it when you want to and hide when you don’t want to. Easy eh.

Matching Heartbeat Couples Tattoo Designs

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This similar heartbeat tattoos designs is cute and is suitable for the couples who want to express their love for each other through tattoos. You can have these designs inked anywhere you want - near your ankle or elbow, on your wrist or nape of your neck. Men can have it inked on their chest and women under their breast. This tattoo shows the strength of a beating heart. It shows that your heart beats just for your beloved or that your beloved makes your heartbeat.

Cute Mickey And Minnie Tattoos

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Often we forget the iconic comic character couples like Mickey and Minnie. How we adored these cartoon couples. They were so much in love and so cute. You can have them inked on your arm from near the elbow down to the back of your palm. Have them facing each other when you hold hands.

The design is also colorful and stands for the true love, pure like in childhood and cute like Mickey and Minnie. You can decide the size as it suits you.

Beautiful Matching Rose Couple Tattoos Desins

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A rose is beautiful in itself and often stands for the strength and purity of love. Have similar rose tattoo inked on the side of your wrist. This matching tattoo indicates how your beloved has filled your life with the purity, fragrance and beauty, everything a rose stands for. You can either for  all black rose or have the flower done in red. You can also go creative and add each other's name to the designs of rose tattoos.

Beauty And The Beast Tattoo

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Beauty and The Beast is yet another timeless story of true and undying love from Disney. So, when there are talks of true love, how can we leave them behind? If you are the cartoons and the Disney kinds, you can have Beauty and The Beast inked on your arm, from near your elbow to your wrist.

And if you like them but aren’t sure if you want to display them, you can have them inked on your stomach, under your chest and breast. You can have them in colored or in monochrome or regular black ink.

Tiger And Tigress Couples Tattoos Designs

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Tiger and tigress are the symbols of strength and are considered a powerful couple. Hence, to show the strength of your relationship, you can have them inked on your wrist. The man can get the tiger, and the lady can get the tigress tattoo. The circle connects them. It means that they are incomplete without each other and is complete only when joined together.

Matching Name Alphabet Couples Tattoo Designs

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Getting the first alphabet of your names inked together is the best way of depicting that you belong together. So, pick a stylish font and go through some amazing designs of tattoo for deciding what style of tattoo you want. You can have the tattoo on your arm, near the elbow, on your shoulder,  or in the neck. The matching tattoo will stand for your strength as a couple and your belief that you belong together.

Yin Yang Fish Tattoo Design

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Yin and yang are two opposites and yet are incomplete without each other. And fish stands for faith and abundance. So, reading the tattoo, it means that you are incomplete without each other and have immense faith in each other.

It also shows the abundance of love and respect you have for each other. It is a tiny tattoo that can be inked anywhere. You can have them around your ankle, on your finger, wrist, near your elbow, just about anywhere.

Matching Watercolour Bird Tattoos

Watercolour adds a splash of colors in tattoo designs. So, you can have similar birds inked to both of your arms in different positions and all that in watercolor. You can pick kingfisher since it’s beautiful or scarlet macaw since it’s beautiful and they mate for life. Or you can pick a bird that is of significance to you.

Have them inked on your arm, near your elbow. Let the one on the arm of the female be sitting, waiting and the one on his arm be flying, eager to reach her. You can also put tiny crowns around their head for giving them king and queen effect. 

You can also have the tattoos done on your ankle or back. To be a little intimate, have them inked on your stomach, under your breast or chest.

Watercolor Swallow Tattoos For Couples

Some birds mate for life. Among them are a few species of swallows. They stand for dedication and loyalty. So, you can have this tattoo done on you with your mate. Watercolor makes a tattoo look beautiful and appealing. You can have this tattoo inked near your ankle, near your elbow or on your stomach, near or under your breast or chest. Swallows are a beautiful bird, and they make an equally fantastic tattoo. You can decide how light or dark you want your swallow to be. You can also have them in all black if you want.

Name Tattoos For Couples

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These tattoo designs are pretty common and preferred by the couples. And only those couple go for the name tattoos which are very sure about spending a lifetime together. Because once you have someone’s name inked on your body, it is hard to hide, change or remove it.

So, before going for the name tattoos, be very sure about it. Just pick a font and the style you like and the design of your tattoo. Also, decide where you want to have it, on your wrist, nape of neck, stomach, back, anywhere you want. You can either have it in black or have it done in colored ink.

Always Couples Tattoos Designs

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Always is a word of eternity. This one word contains a lot of promise in it. So, both of you can get this one word inked. Have it done on your wrist, on your arm, at your stomach, under your breast, nape of your neck, anywhere you want? Do it in black or colored.

Pick the font you want. And with this hold a promise to your beloved in this one word that you will love each other always. Promise that you will be together always.

Cute isn’t it?

Matching Sun And Moon Tattoo For Couples

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Moon and sun represent different temperament and different shades. Getting them both together could mean two things. One, that if you are the sun, your other half is the moon. You both balance each other. When one of you get mad, the other calms you down with his/her cooler mind.

The other thing that it could mean is that you have seen both the bright and the dark side of the other and yet love each other deeply. Get both of them done inside a circle showing they are connected despite their difference. The minimalistic tattoo designs like this one are simple and yet very meaningful.

King And Queen Crown Tattoo

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Crowns are beautiful. They are the symbol of power. You can get these crowns inked on you, near your wrists. You can go for an all black tattoo. If you want to add some colors to it, it will look prettier. The lady can go for the queen's crown, and the man can go for the king's crown. It will stand for the power you have in each other.

Important Date In Roman Number Tattoo Designs

Important dates in Roman number makes good tattoo designs. The Great could be an important one that is common in both of your lives. It could be the date when you first met, the time you proposed to each other, the date you got married. You can have the date in and Roman number on your shoulders, arms, stomach or anywhere you want.

The starter will always remind you that you belong to each other. It will always be a symbol of your love and togetherness. You can have it done in all black or you some colors for making it look more appealing and beautiful.

Connecting Heart Tattoo Designs For Couples

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The connecting heart tattoo designs are beautiful designs for couples expressing their love for each other. Both of you will have one half of a heart Inked as a tattoo on your body part in a way that it looks complete when you both are together. Both halves will have wings. They will denote the strength of your love and your dependency on each other.

These tattoo designs are an indication that both of you are parts of one heart. It also means that you can only be complete when you are together. Without each other, you are just a half. You can have these tattoo designs done either in all black or some color.

Make sure you get this tattoo done where it automatically gets completed when you stand together like on the edge of your shoulder, your wrist or the side of your stomach.

Love Quote Tattoo Designs

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This is yet another wonderful tattoo designs idea for couples. You can pick a love quote that stands for your love and feelings for each other. Or you can pick a quote that you both like.  You can have it inked on your shoulders, arms or stomach. You can also add some designs like an arrow or hearts to the tattoo.

Chess King And Queen Tattoo Designs

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Chess is a classic example of two different identities being incomplete without each other. So pick the king and get it inked on your body with the little design and crowns as tattoo designs. It will be a symbol that even when you are two different people with different identities, you can't exist without each other, completing each other, and are meant to be together.

Autism Tattoo Designs For Couples

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Autism tattoo designs have become very common these days and that for many reasons. And the main reason is that people are becoming more aware of this condition. They have come to realize that autism is a neurological disorder. Autism tattoo designs are an excellent way of showing support to children with this condition. Couples with kids can go for some meaningful autism tattoo designs. That does not necessarily mean that your kid has autism.

Some of the autism tattoo designs are also a confidence booster for your child. It will show them that both their parents are understanding and supportive. Your children know that you would understand what is going on in their life and that you will carry them through their tough times. All you have to do is pick the correct autism tattoo designs.

Here are a few autism tattoo designs ideas for your reference.

Watercolor Splashed Puzzles Tattoo Designs

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Both of you can have a few puzzle pieces tattoo designs inked on your arm with a splash of watercolors. For a personal touch, ask your kids to write their name in the middle of the tattoo in their handwriting.

These autism tattoo designs will always make them realize they are the most important person in both of your lives and that you both love them dearly.

Puzzle Piece With Heart Tattoo Designs

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You can have a puzzle piece inked on your wrist or arm with a heart with autism tattoo designs. Have some watercolors randomly splashed on the designs. You can also ink a quote on autism a simple line like 'Wouldn't change you for the world' around it.

If you have a child, autistic or not, he or she will realize that both of you love them despite the shortcomings.

Butterfly With Puzzle Pieces Wings Tattoo Designs

Couples can also go for simple tattoo designs like a butterfly with wings made from colourful puzzle pieces. These simple tattoo designs says a lot of things. These tattoo designs mean that you know your kids are different from other kids and yet they are more beautiful than them. You can also get the names of your kids in the tattoo designs, under the butterfly. This tattoo designs on both of you will always remind that you love them despite everything.

Cute Colourful Turtle Tattoo Designs

You can also have a cute colored turtle tattoo design as a symbol of your awareness of autism. Turtles are slow but needless to say that they are efficient in getting their work done. Their life is different, but they know how to get through it.

An autistic child is very much like a turtle. These tattoo designs are a perfect symbol for autistic kids. Moreover, a colorful turtle looks pretty cute. If you have an autistic child or couples, who want to have a meaningful tattoo could go for these kinds of autism tattoo designs.

Prism Tattoo Designs

Prism tattoo designs are unique and very expressive tattoo designs for autism awareness. You can have it inked on your wrist or any other body part. On one side get a source of life and on the other get its reflection in the form of a rainbow. Let those rainbows be made of puzzle pieces. It shows that they see things differently.

Autistic children are different in many ways. They have uncanny ways of understanding and doing things differently than normal kids. That doesn't mean they are crazy in any way. These couples tattoo designs for autism shows just that.

The Drawing Of Your Kids Tattoo Designs

Another fantastic way of expressing your heartfelt love and care for you kid, autistic or not, is to have their drawings turned into tattoo designs. Ask them to draw something at the place where you want to have a tattoo. Then ask the tattoo artist to turn that drawing into tattoo designs. Your kids will always be happy and proud that you have given so much importance to them.  It will also remind them lifelong about how much you love them.

Superhero Icon Tattoo Designs

Another interesting autism tattoo designs for couples is having a superhero icon filled with colorful puzzle pieces. Like you can have a bat for Batman or alphabet S for Superman inked on your arm or shoulder. Get them filled with colourful puzzle pieces. Also it with words that read 'I will fight your fight' or 'I am his/her voice and he/she is my heart'. You can also get other similar quotes inked in the designs.

It will tell you children that you are always there fighting their fights along with them. It will make them understand that they are never alone. And will remind them that you love them you have their back always.

Wrapping It Up

As mentioned earlier, tattoo designs are a beautiful way of expression: be it love, awareness or any other emotion. These tattoo designs tell a lot about you, your life and your relationship. So, it is always better to have a meaningful tattoo done instead of the meaningless ones. You can find many meaningful tattoo designs online. And if you are creative enough, you can even draw one.

If you are in a relationship, you can have meaningful romantic tattoo designs or the ones that express your love for each other deeply. A tattoo can also display your affection and your desires very well. Couples can have matching tattoo designs, tattoo designs that complete each other or even different ones. You can have tattoo designs that mean something to your beloved or something that they love. Or both of you can go for something more meaningful.

For example, you can have tattoo designs for spreading awareness about lesser known issues and problems. Just like the one we talked about earlier - autism. You can also have tattoo designs for your kids, showing that you love them and understand them. It is also a good way of always reminding them that you are with them in every step of their life.

These tattoo designs will remind them of their beauty childhood lifelong. It will keep them connected to you on a spiritual level, right from their heart to your heart. They are going to be with you forever, reminding you of what you have or no longer have. They could be the source of joy, problems and even pain sometimes. 

So, pick your tattoo designs and have them do the talking for you, expressing your love or awareness. Remember, pictures are more expressive than words.

Choose wisely.