The Best & Worst Bangs For A Small Forehead

Bangs for a small forehead can be a tricky affair. Read all you need to know about the best and worst bangs for a small forehead.

The Best & Worst Bangs For A Small Forehead


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  2. The Best Bangs for a Short Forehead
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Bangs for a small forehead

Love bangs? Wondering whether you would be the right candidate for bangs considering your short forehead? For years, women have believed that bangs are best suited to women with large foreheads and also that bangs are a necessary style factor for them to cover the vast expanse of their forehead. But that is not true anymore. Bangs can be right for anyone provided they choose the right bang style. 

Bangs require regular trimming and styling but if you are ready for the commitment then bangs can definitely raise your style quotient. There are many variations to the style and one needs to choose a style that flatters their face shape. Your bang style should be able to flatter and complement your face and also balance the proportions of your face. So before you let your stylist cut you a fresh set of fringes, scroll through these tips to know the best and worst bangs for a small forehead.

The Best Bangs for a Short Forehead

Since you have a short forehead, there are a few bang styles which might suit your face depending upon your face shape. These bang styles actually make your forehead appear broader and help balance the proportions of your face. People with a round face have to choose a suitable bang style but those with oval-shaped face look good with every kind of bang style- except for rounded bangs. Airy and pin-straight bangs accentuate the prettiest features of an oval face and also add some balance to the proportions of your face. 

1. A Full Blunt Fringe

This style not only broadens your forehead but also gives you a very trendy look. These are best suited with a modish long bob hairstyle. The graduated bob looks ultra-stylish and makes you look younger. This style is also best suited to those who have poker straight hair. This style of bangs can be done from little above your hairline to give a longish look to your face. 

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2. Long Side-Swept Bangs

If you want to create the illusion of length to your forehead, then choose these long side-swept bangs. Keep them long enough to be touching your cheeks on one side. Perfect for those who want maintenance-free bangs but still desire them to give a longish appearance to their foreheads. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon sport some great hairstyles featuring bangs. She is often seen sporting this bang hairstyle to add some length to her small forehead. 

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3. Graduated Bangs

Graduated bangs form a soft frame on your face and they also give your forehead a lot of length. These look good when the edges are left blunt in order to balance the soft features of your face. The graduated length of the bangs should be such that the hair towards the sides blends easily with the rest of your hair. Make sure that this style will suit your face shape before getting this kind of bang style. 

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4. Soft Wispy Bangs

Soft wispy bangs do not give a prominent bang style look. This is a good option for those with a soft forehead and who do not want to have very prominent looking blunt or sharp bangs. These bangs blend seamlessly with the rest of the hair. 

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5. Textured Bangs

Textured bangs look best on women with round faces and small foreheads. It helps to counter the roundness of the face. The trick in this style is to chop off the bangs a little above the eyebrows to give a longish appearance to the round face. 

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Worst Bangs for a Short Forehead

It is easy to err in the bangs department. Here is some information on what bang styles to avoid if you have a particular face shape. 

1. Wispy Bangs for a Round Face

Wispy bangs were more in fashion in the 90s. They make a round face look even rounder. They also add oodles of softness to your round face when you should actually be looking for a style that counters the softness of your face. Wispy bags look the best on oval faces. 

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2. Rounded Bangs for Round Face

Rounded bangs on a round face make the face appear more round. Christina Ricci also has a very rounded face but her forehead is very broad. Rounded bangs on a woman with a round face and small forehead looks very weird. 

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3. Long-Rounded Bangs for an Oval Face

Too-long and too-heavy bangs hide the features even of a well-balanced oval face. You need to get bangs which show some of your forehead. Side-swept bangs look best on an oval face. 


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Many celebrities have also committed serious hair faux pas when it comes to bangs. Ellie Kemper and Carly Rae Jepsen have had unflattering bang hairstyles in the past. One needs to study their face shape and their hairline before chopping off some precious locks from the front of your head. Emma Stone has a short forehead. She often chooses a sloping and asymmetrical fringe which makes her forehead appear stronger and more prominent. 

To choose the best-suited bang style for your small forehead, study the shape of your face and get a cut that suits your face and not one that you love. With bangs, you do not have the freedom to choose any bang style but you will instead have to go by your face shape. 



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