60 Simple Arrow Tattoos For Men With Cool Design

Need ideas for cool simplistic tattoos? Check out these 60 arrow tattoos and discover their meaning. These tattoos are a great option for any guy.

60 Simple Arrow Tattoos For Men With Cool Design


  1. History of the Arrow
  2. It's your body do as you please!
  3. Single Arrow
  4. Two arrows that cross
  5. Two arrows pointing away from one another
  6. Broken Arrow Tattoo
  7. Bundle of Arrows
  8. Arrow and Compass
  9. Let the inking begin!

History of the Arrow

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Tribal Meaning

Arrows have been prevalent throughout history since the time of our ancestors in the hunter and gatherer era. Arrows have served the purpose of sport and also aiding in directions. In Native American culture, the bow has been the cornerstone for their existence.

The meaning of an arrow to a Native American can mean multiple different things. From hunting to protection to directions. It doesn't have to be tribal but its roots go back to these days. 

There is meaning to everything we do in life. So take a look and decide what it will mean to you when you decide to get that arrow tattoo.

It's your body do as you please!

Just like any tattoo, you are in charge of where you want to be inked. Arrow tattoos are very common on the forearm. Finger arrow tattoos are also popular. They are small but yet still cool.

However you are the boss, so you decide where you want the arrow to be placed. So let’s dive into the different simplistic arrow tattoo designs.

Single Arrow

You’re a man! You are told from society you can stand on your own. Guys don’t need anyone! Well to some degree we are told this. At least back in the day that’s how it was. If you often find yourself often as a lone wolf then consider this arrow tattoo. The single arrow represents self-reliance and protection from evil and negative forces.

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This cool tattoo design is used with a scripture from old testament in the Bible that relates to warding off evil. It looks great on the forearm. 

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This arrow tattoo has its own personal touch to it with the snake surrounding the arrow.

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Guys, add your own arrow style!

A single arrow can look really cool with your own personal touch. All the arrows look the same but have different specifications that match up to their own style.

Two arrows that cross

Friendships are what get us through life. The load is a lot easier when we have a bro to count on. We all have that one guy we would do anything for! It may seem kind of girly but I know there are guys out there who have matching tattoos.

If you get matching tattoos, why not get two arrows that are crossed? The two arrows that cross represents friendship. The friend will often have the same tattoo on the same spot.

However you don’t have to have a bro with a matching tattoo. You can just have the two arrows to show that you value friendships.



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This cool tattoo has a knot to represent the strong bond of friendship.

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Two arrows pointing away from one another

Sometimes it feels as if the world is out to get you. There is no one on your side and sometimes it feels as if you aren’t even on your own side.

Life is full of conflicts and sometimes we must fight. When you see two arrows pointing in opposite directions this means war.

Sometimes you will find arrow tattoos on the fingers. Not always will they be found on the forearm

It's War

This cool tattoo has an arrow in opposite directions on different legs.

Broken Arrow Tattoo

What may come to mind when someone sees a broken arrow is a broken heart. Guys, a broken arrow actually means peace! You have broken the weapon that could cause damage. This demonstrates peace.

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Even though this arrow is not snapped in half it still represents a broken arrow so this tattoo means peace.

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This tattoo has vibrant detail that brings in the meaning of peace when the arrow is broken.

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Bundle of Arrows

Arrows in a group together represents strength in unity. You have a squad that no one can mess with. A single arrow may break easily but a bunch of arrows together is a strong force not to reckon with.

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This unique bundle of arrows tattoo has a bear instead of a common rope tied around the group of arrows.

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Meaning of bundle tattoos

When there are more than two arrows, that is considered a bundle. It is harder to break a bundle of arrows because they are in unity.

Arrow and Compass

If a compass has arrows passing through in the directions of north, south, east, and west this shows that you are starting a new chapter in your life.

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With the “R.I.P” part of the tattoo this must represent a new chapter in his life with the death of someone close to him.

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This cool rustic tattoo shows the arrow passing through the compass.

Let the inking begin!

So next time you think about getting a tattoo, consider these ideas to represent what is important to you. A single arrow for protection, two arrows crossing for friendship, arrows in opposite directions for war, a broken arrow for peace, a bundle of arrows for unity, and a compass with arrows for a new chapter in life.

So ink up and go hunting for your tattoos!



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