100+ Super Sexy And Beautiful Back Tattoos Women Will Die For

Are you a woman looking for ideas of beautiful back tattoos? Check out this collection to help you decide what tattoo would best suit you!

100+ Super Sexy And Beautiful Back Tattoos Women Will Die For


  1. Back Tattoos For Females
  2. Beautiful Flowers Make for Beautiful Tattoos
  3. Beautiful Bird Tattoos
  4. Back Tattoos of Beautiful Butterflies
  5. Angel Wings on the Back
  6. Back Tattoos of Globes or Maps
  7. Mandalas as Back Tattoos
  8. Other Spiritual Tattoos
  9. Spine Tattoos That Go Down the Back
  10. Lower Back Tattoos
  11. Back Tattoos From the Animal Kingdom
  12. Beautiful Mermaid Tattoos
  13. Words of Beautiful Wisdom on Female's Backs
  14. Music Tattoos
  15. Beautiful Laced-Up Tattoos
  16. Beautiful Tree Tattoos
  17. Miscellaneous Back Tattoos That Are Just As Beautiful
  18. Be Sexy With Ink

Back Tattoos For Females

scottcookseytattooer's post
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Tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body (and in some cases, with inner lip tattoos, in the body). However, back tattoos go into their own category.

There’s something sultry, cute, sexy and beautiful about back tattoos on females. In order for them to be seen, you would need to want them to be seen. Back tattoos are easily covered up, so when they are visible, you know that female intentionally wore something to show it off. Backless tops, cut out dresses, tank tops, and crop tops are worn by inked ladies so the back tattoo can be enjoyed by all.

But what to get? And where on the back? Possibilities are endless, so check out this back tattoo gallery for some ideas and inspiration!

Beautiful Flowers Make for Beautiful Tattoos

Flowers make for great back tattoos as, like females when they grow up, they bud and bloom into pure beauty. Each flower has its own meaning and symbolic connection, but some ladies choose to get flowers tattooed on their bodies because of the beauty. 

koray_karagozler's post
33627112 174166979900239 57198106705395712 n

Cherry blossoms are symbolic and treasured in the Japanese culture. They resemble life and all that comes with it. No wonder this would make for such a great tattoo for a female. Here, the branch of the cherry blossom travels up the spine. For more spine tattoos, keep reading!

bukutattoostudio's post
34983655 2412155978798216 4319866707473596416 n

You know what I love about this cherry blossom branch? The placement is unexpected and unbalanced on the back, but makes for a beautiful back tattoo.

adelejohnsontattoo's post
35000468 2054972854774893 7543737389701660672 n

This cherry blossom tattoo incorporates the watercolor tattoo trend. The shoulder blade is a great spot for a tattoo of flowers, and it even wraps around to the front.

hayliefarrelltattoos's post
33967440 214837845798921 5516825753011879936 n

This tattoo is crazy. It’s not even done, and it already looks super cool. Looking for a full back tattoo? This may be an option.

creative.tattoo.ideas's post
33625062 197590811069855 1669800885737226240 n

This iris flowers tattoo stretch up from the back, past the neck, and onto the back of the head. Crazy what can be imagined for back tattoos!

alanchiam83's post
33914016 1491530364285656 4675121551517941760 n

This is a classic tattoo of a dandelion that transforms into birds in the wind. Which is also a perfect segue into the next category of back tattoos (possibly almost too perfect?).

lostartgallerytattoo's post
17333912 1489630311058902 4943866116314234880 n

These roses, with perfect shading, are dedicated to a cancer survivor. A back tattoo that is both beautiful and for a good cause? Yes please!

mauijane4evr's post
26151953 185275252066876 7595620835155509248 n

Check out the vibrant colors on this one! The variation of flowers makes it feel like you just walked into a botanical garden. I also like the twist of the placement. It’s unexpected and accentuates the small waist of this female.

henymcfly_hendrix's post
29094775 1002958929871673 2304170080797196288 n

For ladies that are hardcore and like the image of skulls, this tattoo is for you! This includes the hardcore image of a skull with the cute image of budding roses.

Beautiful Bird Tattoos

Birds symbolize freedom, independence, and separation from the corruption of society, This is a good tattoo for free-spirited females, who would just to be like a bird and fly away. 

chenjie.newtattoo's post
34326155 493631321088701 1721954570533339136 n

Hummingbirds are symbols of eternity and the joy of life. The symbol of eternity comes from the ever fluttering of their wings as well as the direction their wings flap, which is in the shape of the infinity sign.

thisisemmamclachlan's post
33793079 235427657041418 96578468568891392 n

A flock of birds is begging for freedom and independence. Also check out that scenery. This woman appears to have everything the birds have!

adriannaa_'s post
33919707 1575935255867129 1520340404703068160 n

There’s something beautiful about the placement of this tattoo. The bird is perched perfectly on her shoulder blade. 

miriam_jacks's post
34078493 1695069933916782 1562654529877442560 n

Small bird tattoos on the upper back are cute and classic! This tattoo looks perfect with an off-the-shoulder top, as shown in this picture. 

katiejanewhitlock's post
34880119 167145474140499 6156563914889887744 n

This woman got a bird drawing her son did when he was 4 tattooed on her back. This tattoo is personal and meaningful to her, but no one else. This shows us to find tattoos that may not mean much to others, but mean something to us.

Back Tattoos of Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies are classic female tattoos. They have many different meanings in the symbolic world.

Many believe butterflies are signs from heaven, that they are loved ones that passed that are visiting the mortal world. When a butterfly is seen, it is a comforting feeling for these people. 

Others see butterflies as a symbol of a beautiful transformation. After their natural transformation, butterflies emerge from their cocoons as beautiful and graceful creatures. 

Another meaning behind the butterfly may be that due to the short lifespan of a butterfly, it sends the message to live life to the fullest and live in the moment, as life is too short. 

teresamarietsetse's post
33959160 170630167124426 922221992046755840 n

These scattered butterfly tattoos look perfect on the back, especially with that sexy dress.

blkserum's post
33238863 491350204601520 8575241921197244416 n

While not exactly a butterfly tattoo, this silk moth placed on the upper back is simple and elegant!

hardlife_ink's post
33885480 503154746767188 8585925381763104768 n

This tattoo of half a butterfly and half flowers is beautiful. It showcases two parts of nature and the synchronicity of the two. This cute tattoo is a great addition to the tattoo gallery.

lostartgallerytattoo's post
20065763 276165642860823 3001880272422567936 n

Coverup tattoos are always amazing to see the transformation that the tattoo undergoes. This cute butterfly flying over tulips will make you feel like you are just walking through the park.

Angel Wings on the Back

Females get angel wing tattoos on their back for different reasons. Angel wings are can be used as a memorial for a passed loved one, indicating a belief in heaven and the afterlife. They can also be tattooed on the back in a life-size scale, personifying the female as an angel herself. 

ikaw_storyzii's post
34571651 141085003426606 857262419875987456 n

A hybrid of a fairy and an angel with symbolism of the moon and stars offers a beautiful memorial in the form of a back tattoo.

live_lift_run's post
33956181 258232098079254 8726551235328475136 n

These angel wings stretched across her back are simple in an elegant way. The wings are personifying the woman as an angel herself.

quadjilla41's post
33854629 226574344787047 5688104156808609792 n

Wow! Quite the opposite as the previous full back angel wings, these have complex shadows, making the feathers lifelike. This also accompanies a quote down the spine: “He gave me roots, she gave me wings”, lyrics from a Miranda Lambert hit.

needlearttattoo1's post
34667962 408559496292310 5911632121956401152 n

These angel wings are placed in memoriam for a loved one (a father). The embellished text on the tattoo makes this back piece angelic.

blancxnxir's post
33721553 877298972456636 5547667208789819392 n

With script lettering accompanying it, this angel wing tattoo is a beautiful memorial for a loved one on the back.

inkyourskinamsterdam's post
31428271 1940037699405074 1647472222643683328 n

This is a great back tattoo for females. The angel wings are paired with black pearls. I also like that the feathers of the angel wings are very detailed. That must have taken quite a while to finish!

Back Tattoos of Globes or Maps

Globes and maps are symbols of travel. Ladies that have a love for travel are typically cultured and adventurous. Tattoos of globes and maps depict these qualities of females. Check out these tattoos on the backs of females that have a love for travel. 

artdiscovered's post
34374393 604245066611658 7750285081385631744 n

Looking for a full back tattoo? Although I can’t imagine how long this one would have taken on the table, it definitely does not disappoint! Using vintage-style cartography, this tattoo is timeless and symbolic!

anita_olivetti's post
33683828 1726318290788743 8735373901313343488 n

This one is incredible. The imagery of a globe as a hot air balloon (symbolizing travel) mixed with the art of the watercolors is mind-blowing. 

wanderlustts2017's post
33965433 171336253533881 3711332299044814848 n

This map tattoo includes small mandalas inside it, combining the idea of travel and culture. Imagine the cultures you’d experience by traveling around the world.

tattoocudrea's post
31977768 2041954379408763 1034913511462928384 n

This may not be the map you were expecting. This is a map of the galaxy that travels down the spine. I love the symmetrical pattern the smaller outer planets create on the back. 

thedutchessofdenver's post
33066588 2034389090143345 7868611065318211584 n

A mountain landscape with creative arrow imagery is a perfect way to say “I love to explore the outdoors”. The photograph of the woman on a mountain also says it all!

devilwearsink's post
27891048 558412724551621 5620271869992108032 n

These scenery bubbles spark imagination and adventure! They are also very detailed and complex so each scene looks life-like. It’s a gallery in and of itself. 

fashionistasblogger_'s post
26870532 1190562374412579 4590953352296136704 n

This globe tattoo is unique, simple, and cute. A paper airplane, a symbol of big dreams, whizzes around the globe, indicating ladies with this back tattoo

Mandalas as Back Tattoos

In Buddhist and Hindu cultures, the mandala is a sign of balance of the universe. They are symmetrical and radical patterns. Some are colored in, yet some are not. Getting them tattooed shows a female's spiritual side, one that strives for peace in the world. These ladies certainly know the power of the mandala!

alexbawntattoo's post
33640392 247301529371212 1825293897446719488 n

This mandala tattoo is as pretty and unique as a snowflake.

albufeirabraidstattoo's post
33792430 1722467457874582 690109757368827904 n

If you look closely, the lines of this mandala are not perfect, which makes it relatable. There is still balance and there is still a consistent pattern, but it looks like it was hand-drawn, not made with a computer.

wielowarstwowa's post
33734142 484721318628990 6231075369772908544 n

Twice the mandalas, twice the meaning! But if you think that’s impressive, check out the next back tattoo.

tacsciences's post
33961158 578035542581626 5128041366303014912 n

This full back piece takes mandala to a whole new level. This is the nirvana of mandalas.

neatneedles's post
28752088 435590310203920 5648656535757258752 n

So unique! This mandala tattoo is actually cut in half. Only filling up half the back, this mandala includes a great mix of colors and clean lines.

Other Spiritual Tattoos

revolver_id's post
34012575 244705506281618 1691987278039089152 n

This small and cute tattoo showcases Christian symbolism. It depicts the Mother Mary holding baby Jesus with a rosary surrounding the scene. Many people get the face of Jesus tattooed on their bodies. However, this tattoo has a unique simplistic nature to it that makes it beautiful.

everything.ev's post
34287579 350421392150589 2600095968896483328 n

Angelina Jolie’s beautiful back tattoos have a deep meaning for each one. They include Gothic lettering of a song title, a Buddhist prayer that she dedicated to her son Maddox, a Buddhist design of a temple, Buddhist mantras, and the grid of the elements (water, air, earth, fire) and four continents. A lot of Buddhist beliefs and culture in those tattoos, and a lot more unique than a mandala!

manoir_tattooshop's post
33021635 371579056582977 2714441115146125312 n

Greek twins symbolizing duality along with a lightning bolt (Zeus?) are emblazoned on this woman’s back.

mariecherie93's post
31326580 431353710647584 707195695618064384 n

Lyrics to the Florence and the Machine song, “You’ve Got the Love” make up this tattoo. The song is a female acknowledging other’s love for her is getting her through all the chaos in life. This back tattoo forms the lyrics into the shape of a cross, a spiritual symbol, indicating this female’s beliefs and values.

jasonfarmertattoo's post
30593645 384106838758828 1295344024596512768 n

A yin and yang symbol resembles balance in life. This tattoo of a yin and yang on this female’s back also includes elements of a mandala. A lot of spiritual symbolism in just one tattoo!

anna_maria_rah's post
28752007 1916426671703637 3848296121759694848 n

What better back tattoo for a female than the Egyptian queen, Nefertiti. Surrounding the queen is Egyptian symbols, such as the Eye of Horus, the symbol of royalty.

Spine Tattoos That Go Down the Back

Spine tattoos have become a huge trend in the tattoo industry. There are variations of these tattoos, but they all have lines that line the spine which mixes art and anatomy. 

tattoos_by_pook's post
34071539 460922907682227 8166953082974896128 n

A quote down the spine is a unique and beautiful way to showcase your back tattoo.

sonniegirl86's post
34050655 2279026822111913 8650598780262940672 n

This woman used her spine as the artistic line for a star design tattoo. This looks perfect for the summertime, paired with an open-backed bathing suit.

junejungart's post
33620725 1757990510957387 7913879848819359744 n

Paw print tattoos up the spine is the cutest tattoo I’ve seen today! They are small and discreet, but with a cut out dress or low-back shirt, these will be the focal point!

claberry_'s post
33569540 394099264419132 2307970589983244288 n

The spine is also used as the line of a stem in flower design tattoos. The stem lines up on the back and then it flowers into a beautiful work of art.

anrizzle's post
26273672 310264926147569 7705579007319736320 n

Coordinates are a unique way to showcase an important location. This is also a conversation starter, as the location the coordinates point to and the reason it is important is left up in the air.

tat2bymarlonm's post
27891656 161479124508051 5948061287236763648 n

Talk about unique! This rose tattoo that travels down the spine depicts the stages of a flower. Starting as a bud on the upper back, the flower slowly blooms into the beautiful rose on the lower back.

Lower Back Tattoos

Gone is the "tramp stamp", and in its place are tattoos located on the small of the back with meaning and purpose. 

jagoozz_mx's post
33545912 461668257621735 3447984794447642624 n

These flowers are emerging from the lower back, as if to say there is something beautiful coming out of something ugly (the ever-womanizing idea of “tramp stamp”).

lady_spider's post
34872211 1967849870211837 7507072714184589312 n

This sketched art of moon phases is on the lower back, and is anything but a tramp stamp. Moon phases and astrology are spiritual and important in many cultures.

aserone_tattoo's post
32474603 2071584299756187 5525035797746548736 n

This lower back tattoo scripts the word “damned” across the body. It is sexy and a perfect addition to this gallery.

Back Tattoos From the Animal Kingdom

ella_tattoo_love's post
34982997 647262858958331 8227141990156861440 n

This lion is king of all the light touches. This back tattoo is a piece of beautiful art, something for an art gallery.

muddogmompottery's post
34099670 627508010917842 8168994966261989376 n

The majestic elephant back tattoo is ornate and traditional, perfect for cultured females!

reppinink's post
33852890 939736459542625 3247416637837541376 n

Like the elephant, this monkey is ornamentally decorated. So far the animals on these back tattoos have been very symbolic in many different cultures. Coincidence? Nah. Us ladies are just deep and cultured!

jagoozz_mx's post
33686652 222904111828854 986882909371629568 n

Whoever did this beautiful owl back tattoo deserves a spot in a museum. This is a work of art and the colors are so vibrant and perfectly chosen!

panitudziara's post
33788195 269472110263791 8810803804887842816 n

A wolf howling on the upper back says that you are part of a pack and you protect the ones you love. This tattoo also has a unique sketched design.

tall_garrett_tattoos's post
33473397 1836640429966116 3689165354354868224 n

Half this wolf tattoo is realism and half is in a geometric style. There are also other variations of this two-faced wolf that includes a flowery side rather than a geometric side. How cool either way!

littleferntattoo's post
33226231 213866049340799 2009491644474195968 n

For those who work on a farm or have a bit of farm girl in you, this is the tattoo for you!

eddieboy510's post
33910540 177556453085350 7250359022799290368 n

This honeycomb design tattoo was dedicated to this individual’s teacher. How beautiful! Also perfect placement for the bee over an older tattoo, the sunflower.

Beautiful Mermaid Tattoos

tattooist_ida's post
32923944 2352551835022510 1029834429167566848 n

This watercolor back tattoo is a beautiful interpretation of a mermaid. Colors are perfect and it depicts the mermaid a child dreams up.

sailing9lives's post
33120623 1784786914911585 7580169539984293888 n

A mermaid is depicted differently in this back tattoo. The tail extends into a beautiful flow that is unique for females.

margaretbushell's post
29717600 188424055102112 2417694132379058176 n

The amazing thing about mythical creatures, like a mermaid, is that there is no one image of them. Since they are not real, imaginations run wild with them. On the back of this mermaid is a fin that is definitely not something on Ariel.

ali_whelehan's post
29089586 369681276882189 3720413118333976576 n

This mermaid even has ombre hair that flows down past the waist. This mermaid is sexy and is a beautiful piece of art.

Words of Beautiful Wisdom on Female's Backs

immy.artwork's post
34160518 612233869152867 796011058044076032 n

“Stay Beautiful” is beautifully written on the upper back with a small accent of a bird. This tattoo is in the best placement and simple.

lostartgallerytattoo's post
28428619 211145719466390 2772744402836127744 n

“Serenity” is a word that resonates with many females. It is means calmness, tranquility, and equanimity of the mind. In very stressful times of our lives, this back tattoo may help us remember to remain calm.

small.tattoos's post
27891125 1635587736529660 2743550818635481088 n

“Whatever you are, be a good one.” A free-spirited and empowering quote is written in a unique font in the middle of the back. This is a good reminder to do whatever you want to do, but make sure you do it well.

chickswittskills's post
34291489 1088705444602230 5800208794713587712 n

“Your wings were ready but my heart still is not.” This is a memorial quote, stating a loved one passed and became an angel when they were ready, but the survivor was not, and still is not, ready for the loved one to be an angel, as that means they are gone. Also, notice the infinity sign made with the “r” in “heart”. Symbolism at its best!

danafmeow's post
30917975 394984534245460 6346602950583910400 n

“See you on down the trail”. This tattoo includes a symbol that I described earlier as a sign of a passed loved one, the butterfly. This butterfly is paired with the quote and a dandelion blowing off in the wind for a beautiful memorial.

Music Tattoos

For music lovers and music players, this tattoo gallery may help you find inspiration. I don’t know much about music, but I do know those are beautiful tattoos! 

eleven_ink_tattoo's post
34674090 2001280996614035 4290998492815425536 n

If I could read music, I’m sure these scattered music notes would look like a symphony of beauty. Nonetheless, this is still a pretty sweet tattoo!

_blackrose17's post
33721500 1061679250648389 7126378796025905152 n

For music lovers of all walks of life, this is the tattoo for you! The watercolor design makes this quote and treble clef (see, I know a little something) pop!

define_strange_designs's post
34324697 184549212203579 8349755150314766336 n

Fairies are said to make beautiful music. This song of the fairy is pleasing the butterfly, a symbol of nature. 

minora.flamingo's post
33626100 174928206692506 5040511968625033216 n

I’ll admit, I had to look this one up. Why did I include this one in the gallery then? There was beauty in the placement (again, fighting those stereotypes of “tramp stamps”) and in the line work. The lower f in music means loud. When this is on a sheet of music, the music is meant to be loud. This says a lot about the female with the tattoo!

touche_tattoo's post
33989971 916392078558618 4547801291887214592 n

Another treble clef tattoo! This one is decorated with small embellishments that give it even a more artistic look then it already has!

Beautiful Laced-Up Tattoos

Some ladies will get their back pierced so ribbon can be laced down and look like the back of a corset. Inked ladies prefer to just get a tattoo looking as if that is what happened!

cleofarplane's post
34306490 1018074715012830 3386142110108352512 n

This lace-up is done with rope and birds controlling it at the top. This is perfect for ladies who like the sexy corset look!

westhillink's post
12907264 221986221503559 1826211315 n

Are you sure there are not rings attached to this woman with ribbon laced up? Are you sure this is just a tattoo? It’s hard to believe! Nevertheless, this tattoo looks sexy on ladies.

hotbodytattoo's post
24126927 1626191594094315 2919171726426243072 n

This laced-up tattoo looks as if the koi fish inside the woman is trying to fall out and this lace is the only thing holding everything together and the fish inside. This wicked tattoo would be great for daring ladies!

tatu_artmujer's post
24127040 302359376932249 860667723351326720 n

Rather than just a ribbon being laced up the back, this tattoo is of a full-back corset. Sexy and great detail in this tattoo!

thecorsetlady's post
23498285 370702360035241 289624896198148096 n

My stomach ties into a knot when I look at this tattoo, but that’s the reaction this tattoo means to elicit! It looks almost as if the laced ribbon is actually going through the skin and pulling it. 

Beautiful Tree Tattoos

Trees symbolize life and balance. It may also refer to a tree of knowledge, indicating learning is a value. Trees also look pretty cool as tattoos!

lovecrafttattoo's post
34494535 2085196711752419 8503418763654201344 n

At first glance, this tattoo shows a dead tree with a watercolor background. However, if you look closely, you’ll see the colors and the swirls of other things (leaves) show the four seasons in a clever way!

lera_tor_tattoo's post
34016510 177256536294231 8612339615317098496 n

What a unique way to shape the branches and roots to be a circle! 

kadeart.tattoos's post
33838314 615965388771832 2573260545079640064 n

The willow tree may seem to symbolize something negative, like grief, as the branches are drooping. However, the focus of the willow tree remains in the trunk—a strong base for this unique structure. 

vera.rei's post
19228703 315739718878635 2187119912604925952 n

This one was captioned “Wild Child”. The tree is small and simple, but begs the question of why it is important, which generates interest and intrigue. 

tarantula_tattoo's post
33396329 995098837323868 2294971613763862528 n

This tree is in the shape of a bird. Or is the bird made up of a tree? Either way, it is a great idea for nature-lovers! 

old_remains's post
34858788 921341858038205 5016227725317242880 n

A tree whose leaves turn into birds and fly away might symbolize freedom of life.

myskow_slawomir's post
34373561 240723103178809 6054294082077851648 n

This tree scene brought to us by Kwadron Tattoo Gallery is spine-chilling. It depicts conflicting ideas: innocence and immorality, nature and industrialization, air and land.

Miscellaneous Back Tattoos That Are Just As Beautiful

mendes_ink's post
33956181 385172805312447 8006696819390152704 n

Dream catchers are a native cultural symbol. They are used for protection against bad spirits, and they are mostly associated with protecting children. Who wouldn’t want to protect the future of our world?

blancxnxir's post
34074036 727980367326193 8969784948516978688 n

A small and simple tattoo such as a coat hanger on the back of the neck can actually opens the door of symbolism possibilities. Is she saying that she’s nothing but an object, hung up on a hanger by its neck? Is she a fashionista, with a passion for clothes?

dany_tattooo's post
33473503 1710425528992618 8991099007191220224 n

Neurotransmitter anyone? Serotonin makes an appearance on the list of best back tattoos for females because its genius. Serotonin, in the body, serves to regulate your mood and lift your spirits. Serotonin, on the body in the form of a back tattoo, aims to remind people even with low serotonin that there is some serotonin in them to harness.

ink_ogram's post
30592853 563158337393094 1973988332408930304 n

There is no deeper love than ladies and their dogs. Dogs are our kids and deserve cute tattoos dedicated to them! These paw prints on the back are paired with the quote “when I needed hand, I found your paw”. Awww!

glorious_tattoo's post
33645816 2076487729342365 4595687059091357696 n

This wild back piece takes the word “art” to a whole new level. Imagine sitting for the duration of that tattoo. Let’s hope it was done in parts!

joscreatesalot's post
34014108 141251666746280 168558074590658560 n

This back tattoo depicts a bunch of herbs, labeling them with a name and a use. This would be great for a reminder when planting your herb garden!

kimiduck's post
34318010 1974628492850518 2901385102917369856 n

Elegantly done, this back tattoo looks almost like actual jewelry strung around the woman’s back. It has a Victorian and classic flair to it that I love.

elle_m_ink's post
34300339 239156820177553 4288548102303907840 n

An elegant and delicate piece of lace with gems and flowers embedded wraps around to the top. This back tattoo is a timeless work of art. The lace and gems look straight from the Victorian Age.

melissamarie's post
21569176 274496203041541 4893531363052879872 n

This zodiac back tattoo is more than meets the eye. This tattoo was meant for a dedication to family. To many females, family is everything. A unique way to show this would be to get your family’s zodiac signs tattooed on your back.

blutmarble_tattoo's post
33721520 211445536332094 8349274015193366528 n

Ladies can fight dragons too! This crazy dragon travels up the back. This would look sexy with a little black dress.

justinkedgirl's post
22351976 121448655205700 7107392467892174848 n
4lifetattoostudio's post
26225791 2036760083233657 800947607554752512 n

An infinity symbol resembles love’s eternity (love, after all, is one of the very few things in life that are eternal). This back tattoo of the infinity symbol has extra swirls and a flower-like design.

skullhallyu's post
34843006 1112967122176988 8253021027836100608 n
darkbetty.tattoo's post
30592007 1784001011621412 174054022116802560 n

Lacey bows are sexy and cute, especially when tattooed on your upper back. This bow is a perfect tattoo for short hair!

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There’s so much to this back tattoo. Let’s break it down! We have a unicorn, which is a sign of youth and innocence. The unicorn is inside a crescent moon, which is a spiritual symbol throughout different religions (in Christianity and Greek religions it symbolizes virginity). The moon also doubles as a dream catcher, the unicorn the center of it. Dream catchers are used as protection for children in Native American traditions. Pastel colors, which are used in this tattoo, also symbolize youth and innocence. This is the perfect tattoo to end my tattoo idea gallery!

Be Sexy With Ink

Females are strong, spiritual, and deep individuals. This is undeniable and this is part of the reason we are so sexy and beautiful humans. Typically, the back tattoos that ladies choose are representative of this. Throughout every female tattoo gallery, a theme of spiritual and symbolic tattoos is prevalent.

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