50 Best Couple Tattoo Ideas – Matching Designs to Show the Love

If your love is at the point where you can be yourself and couple tattoo designs make sense, then you are ready for these ideas!

50 Best Couple Tattoo Ideas – Matching Designs to Show the Love


  1. Matching Couple Tattoos
  2. Couple Tattoo Designs That Include Quotes
  3. Couple Tattoo Designs that Are Complimentary
  4. Yin and Yang Couple Tattoos
  5. King and Queen Tattoos
  6. Couple Tattoo Designs That Can Stand Alone
  7. Small and Minimalist Couple Tattoo Designs
  8. Couple Tattoo Designs That are a Bit Nerdy
  9. Disney Couple Tattoos
  10. Couple Tattoo Designs that are Meaningful
  11. Couple Tattoo Designs For the Truly Daring
  12. Love Tattoos

Matching Couple Tattoos

Many people are against couple tattoos. After all, even most marriages don’t last forever. However, if you are sure this is “the one,” then love lasts forever, which is as long as your couple tattoos are going to last.  

If you are interested in getting a love tattoo with your boo, here are some ideas for designs for couples.

Couple Tattoo Designs That Include Quotes

Tattoo quotes may be the same quote or two pieces of a whole quote. Either way, tattoo quotes do not stand alone and is meaningful to the couple receiving these designs for couples. Here are some ideas for tattoo quotes that may spark your imagination.

couplegoals_jr's post
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“Be the one to guide me, but never leave me.” This tattoo quote is accompanied by fitting nautical symbols: a steering wheel and an anchor. The wheel guides the boat in a certain direction, hence the part of the quote “Be the one to guide me.” The anchor represents stability and protection, something that is valued in a relationship. The anchor is associated with the other half of the quote “but never leave me.” If you are a couple that is serious enough to pick out tattoo designs for couples, then you feel a sense of stability and protection within your relationship.

rachellebreuren's post
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“Remember that we will always have each other when everyone else is gone.” Two people that love each other through thick and thin may consider this tattoo quote, especially if that quote holds true for both of you. Friends come and go, but true love lasts forever.

tattookraze_jaydevvarpe's post
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“Every day for the rest of our lives.” This is an idea for a true commitment tattoo quote. You are committing a lifelong full of love, no matter what. Be sure you are ready for that commitment before taking the plunge to get the tattoo!

Couple Tattoo Designs that Are Complimentary

If your significant other is the peanut butter to your jelly, the pop to your tart, the Ross to your Rachel, then you may like these ideas for couple tattoos that are complimentary of one another. They are two parts to a whole that when put together, make something beautiful (kind of like you and your significant other)!

yuki_dark_ink's post
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These tattoos fit uniquely together to create a paradise. Unless you get the whole tattoo of the palm tree and island tattooed and wrapped differently around your finger, so it fits with your partners, it may look odd just to have bits and pieces of the whole picture. However, this would give you an excuse to hold each other’s hands for the rest of your lives!

gabriellupp's post
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What I like about this couple tattoo is that it includes two different elements of pieces fitting together—puzzle pieces and a key and keyhole. What I would change about the puzzle piece tattoo ideas would be to have two pieces that fit uniquely together. Notice how one puzzle piece is a corner piece, not having another piece to connect to on the other side of it. However, the other puzzle piece has an open side, leaving that side open for someone else to connect to. Only you and your significant other are the only ones that need to finish this puzzle of love, so finish it! Don’t leave sides left unsolved.

These complimentary love tattoos make up a heart, along with the word “vegan” and each other’s initials. Eccentric, yes. Two vegans making it very known they are vegan, yes. Two people that make the perfect couple and are willing to get matching tattoos to show it, yes! This couple has made not one, not two, but three commitments in getting this tattoo. They are committing a lifelong love for one another. They are committing in getting a tattoo that will be on their body forever (unless they would like to pay for expensive coverups or tattoo removal) that must have the other tattoo with it for it to be whole. And they are committing to a life of veganism.

Let’s hope someone in the relationship doesn’t get a craving for meat!


mammi_gamer's post
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I would not recommend getting these couple tattoos until you are married (papers signed, ceremony complete, and name changed). These are for the real deal relationships that make it to marriage, the kind that you are 100% committed to your significant other and would not mind showcasing that in an ankle tattoo.

abliveshere's post
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A popular tattoo design trend is half of a picture of a real animal, and the other half made up of either a geometric design or a flower design. One of the designs for couples is this one—one person has half the wolf which is portrayed as a real wolf (depending on the tattoo artist, this can be very life-like!), and the other person has the other half of the wolf, the one with a unique design. The matching tattoos shown above used a geometric design for the non-life-like half of the wolf. What I like about this is the trees are also incorporated into the matching tattoos design—the half with the geometric wolf has life-like trees, and the half with a life-like wolf has geometric-style trees.  

This is kind of a yin and yang design, two halves that balance each other out. The wolf is also symbolic—the wolf is symbolic of loyalty and a pack-mindset, the idea that you will never travel alone. Great for couples!

janineschoepf's post
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We all remember these sweet frozen treats when we were kids. They were better than just a popsicle or fudgsicle because there were two of them blended into one. Who knew they would spark ideas for matching tattoos?  

I think these were meant to be shared, which begs the question, who would you share yours with? However, when I still ate these, I didn’t have anyone to share them with so I typically just ate both halves.  

Relationship goals: find someone who you can not only share your double fudgsicle with but also get couple tattoos of each half of the double fudgsicle.

nikd_26's post
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You may have seen this design on pillowcases. This design was altered to be a love tattoo! Two stick figures are on either end of a tin can phone line connected with a heart. These designs for couples would be perfect for long-distance love.

divinatintaqro's post
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For wine-drinking couples, these two tattoos are complimentary. The bottle perfectly lines up and pours into the wine glass. This can also be taken more symbolically than just two people who love wine. The man with the bottle tattoo may symbolize his desire to fill all of the woman’s desires, such as a full glass of wine. Cute, and it has hidden meanings!

tatoos_original's post
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For a couple who values their support and love for one another, this love tattoo would be perfect. The unique designs are puzzle pieces, one fitting right into the other. However, unlike the common puzzle piece couple tattoos, these designs for couples are cute, unique, and don’t need to be interpreted as something more than it is: simply, “you complete me.”

valev4le's post
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Magnets attract, just like love. This love tattoo would work well if the two people in the relationship were complete opposites but head over heels for each other, as opposites attract — like polar opposites.

juliaseizure's post
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Half of this color couple tattoo is half of the color wheel; the other half is the other half of the color wheel. Two people complete this color wheel. The symbolism of the circle of color may be the continuous love for one another. This simple tattoo can be interpreted as a love tattoo. However, these tattoos would not stand alone well. Each person would have half a circle on their arm, and without the other there to complete the whole picture; it would appear to miss something.

marion_ha_tattoos's post
32969911 2024374854489334 4538217269934686208 n

A bow and arrow go together as much as a TV and remote. Without the other one, it is pretty difficult to get much done (the bow would be useless alone, just as the remote). A couple that gets these tattoos can have a lot be said for them—without each other, they are nothing. Together, they can conquer most anything.

Yin and Yang Couple Tattoos

Yin and yang is a timeless symbol for balance of life. When it comes to couples, yin and yang signs mean balance in the relationship. One person completes the other and vice versa. One cannot live without the other.

calli_artista's post
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These matching tattoos of koi fish are symbolic, as koi fish represent good luck and perseverance. A yin and yang symbol within koi fish is asking for a lifelong love of balance and good fortune whatever may come your way.

adam_marshall_tattoos's post
34820267 181538409176204 2546208255479119872 n

This yin and yang symbol is two halves of a whole. Although these would look odd separately, when they are together they create peace and balance in the world. This would only encourage you stand side by side more often!

rachelddddd's post
33886359 638168009909040 2033109244433137664 n

A unique yin and yang tattoo design includes more symbolic elements: fire and water. The orange/red side is the fire, looking almost as a sun. The blue side is water, with geometric shapes looking as droplets. Water and fire, two of the four elements of the earth.

King and Queen Tattoos

sugarandspikes.shop's post
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chef.lflamand's post
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seabottleskeletons's post
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The most classic of the couple love tattoos, King and Queen tattoos are complimentary of each other and evoke the sense of royalty. You and your man reign over everything else, so why not show it on your matching tattoos?

However, sometimes a queen or king must reign alone (Queen Elizabeth II has done it for 65 years, as her husband, Philip, could not take the title of King). If a king and queen break up, the tattoo remains. However, the meaning may change. A female may keep the “queen” tattoo, which may carry the idea that queens don’t need a king in order to rule.

larabobesponja's post
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A kind of king and queen designs for couples include this cute idea—a lion and his lioness. However, if your lion takes the role too seriously and has multiple lionesses, then your lioness tattoo can stand alone, especially if your designs are cute and symbolic in and of themselves.

Couple Tattoo Designs That Can Stand Alone

Tattoos are permanent. Love is eternal. Sometimes, relationships are neither. Here are some tattoo designs for couples that match, but in the case that your relationship doesn’t last as long as your tattoo, they can stand alone and still look okay just on you.

smuffie's post
34123528 2091181561096606 6754305164993101824 n

These geometric shape tattoos are unique and, although when put together they match, they are not a perfect match and may mean something differently to each person.

acanthus_tattoo's post
34114977 398494647318962 1352734060505464832 n

I love this one! The carabiner tattoo is actually a picture frame for a beautiful mountain landscape with constellations in the sky. This couple may have gotten each other’s astrological constellations, but when looked at separately, these tattoos are still cool and beautiful to have!

The two halves of these tattoos do make a whole when put together—two owls in the middle of two branches that form to make a heart. However, when separated, these tattoos still stand some solid ground, an owl looking incredible in a crescent-shaped branch.

kerozzart's post
35001199 174363993238582 6419092880324820992 n

Teddy bears with monograms are cute and can stand alone, in case your relationship doesn’t last. Together, these tattooed bears are the perfect couple, but they are also independent and do not need each other to be great.

isacpe's post
32976954 2065535000437323 4877873325335904256 n

These Braille matching tattoos spell out an important date to the couple, possibly an anniversary. If the relationship does not last, it’s fine! If someone asks what the tattoo says, just say it’s a tattoo quote; something like “Hakuna Matata.” Unless they read Braille, there is no reason for them not to believe you!

inkbreak's post
33473514 179047556265450 7791862709863055360 n

This could have fit under the tattoo quote category, but these are great examples of tattoos that can stand alone. Although they make up a symbolic relationship (the anchor is a strong security, the wheel is the guidance), these two symbols with their corresponding words can certainly stand alone as independent tattoos.

victoria.denske's post
32754288 2076441592598805 7660843014511656960 n

These tattoos can be taken in different ways. The words “love life” could mean that the couple is loving life and are living life to the fullest. However, it can also be taken as two separate ideas—love and life, things taken for granted on a daily basis by society. Together, these tattoos represent infinite love and life. Surprisingly, the meaning remains the same when they are seen separately. Bonus points for the watercolor tattoo design!

Small and Minimalist Couple Tattoo Designs

Minimalism has a unique flair to it when it comes to tattoos. Also, if you are not quite committed to big, extravagant tattoos, these might be for you.

These are so small and cute, but they say so much! What good is a key that cannot fit into any keyhole, and what good is a keyhole that doesn’t have a key to fit in it? A key with a matching keyhole opens up a world of possibilities!

jules_fro_love's post
34495891 176155979726303 3420103687828144128 n

What I love about these love tattoos is that they are so simple, yet they speak novels. Love is eternal with these matching tattoos, and each person in the relationship is willing to literally write it on their wrists for the world to see.

mammi_gamer's post
32649889 833199146863350 411821801010626560 n

These are adorable. Small and simple, the girl’s margarita glass pairs well with the boy’s whiskey glass. I’ve also seen this with a wine glass for the girl, but I’m not a wine drinker, so bring on the margaritas!

cute_tiny_tatoo's post
34063521 218913695375567 1366491265956315136 n

This isn’t the typical “two halves of a whole” tattoo design, but they are small and cute and fit the same theme. These would be simple to get and are great for couples who are willing to be in outer space together.

Couple Tattoo Designs That are a Bit Nerdy

I’m a nerd, and I would be one of those people that gets a tattoo that exemplifies my love of Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Hunger Games. I only don’t have one now because my boyfriend is not one of those people and has somehow managed to talk me out of it every time I see a great idea. If your boyfriend IS one of those people, have fun with these nerdy and flirty couple tattoo ideas!

o.houseman's post
34334856 254328205115878 1810991733660450816 n

The stag and doe are symbolic in the world of Harry Potter. They represent true love in a time of war and destruction. James Potter (the stag) and Lily Potter (the doe) were inseparable and built a family full of love until Voldemort came and destroyed it all. Even in their last moments of life, they both gave their lives for the sake of love. The deathly hallows symbol is also a universal HP symbol of eternal life, unlimited power, and wisdom.

wellings_tattoo's post
33523983 447716382341061 8375842893339820032 n

This one is very similar to the last. However, it includes the word “always,” which plays a big part in the book. Although, a true nerd would see the issue with the word “always:” tied in with images of a stag and a doe.

Harry Potter’s father, James Potter, produced a Patronus in the image of a stag. His wife, Lily Potter, produced a doe. However, “always” is associated with, not James’, but Snape’s love for Lily. Snape’s Patronus changed to be a doe after he lost the love of his life, Lily, in a tragic accident. When Dumbledore saw his Patronus was the same as her’s, he asked “After all this time?” and Snape replied “Always.” Although the intention is cute for these matching tattoos, I believe the stag and doe’s image contradicts the intent.

_annikarenee's post
33058361 1985328484880744 7452515612934275072 n

Rather, you could get these matching couple tattoos of just the word “Always”. The word itself still sends chills down my spine and warms my heart at the same time.

umby_tattoo's post
34120950 626796577672385 8326627168037634048 n

Are you and your man classic Nintendo nerds? Do you often spend your time together playing games like Super Mario Bros.? Then this Mario and Princess Peach matching tattoo set may be for you! These are classic characters and cannot be trumped by any new game to come out. They have a special place in our heart, just like our significant others.

Disney Couple Tattoos

alessandrogioui's post
33728660 593690234364221 3615213628199796736 n

If you’re more of a Disney nerd, these next couple tattoos might be for you. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the official symbols of Disney and everlasting love (after all, they’ve been together for longer than any other couple around, and they’re still going strong).

itsybitsy.tattoo's post
34036901 255667345179387 7350609589622013952 n

These rose-filled symbols are cute and unique!

madamecarrie's post
32272252 643161412731982 8332656288508936192 n

These are more minimal, but still impactful!

dr_junptattoo's post
33926252 264164744151756 547693057059848192 n

If you feel you and your significant other are more of a Donald and Daisy Duck, you can also get these Disney characters as tattoos. This would be perfect for a couple where the guy is pretty grumpy and unsettled, but the woman keeps him grounded and is patient with him. Great realistic couple!

vinczeferenc88's post
33348198 218849092179303 5401094973003137024 n

This is my all-time favorite Disney movie! I will watch this in all mediums (cartoon movie, live musical, real-life movie). If you and your man are as passionate about this story as me, then this would be the perfect couple tattoo for you. This tattoo is also very well designed and done!

park_alexander_n's post
32158104 256478348252976 8499439880181383168 n

Wall-E and Eve is the underrated Disney couple. Although very little was said between them, they developed a love story better than Twilight (yep, I said it!). This would be a great couple tattoo for Disney fans, especially if you like to root for the underdog!

yvonnejane88's post
34492300 1035710826554060 6139622772873101312 n

(Technically Disney now)

Designs that incorporate anything Star Wars is A+ in my book! I especially like this idea, of the classic Han Solo/Princess Leia moment—the “I love you,” “I know” moment. Fun fact: Harrison Ford’s line should actually have been “I love you, too,” making this a touching and romantic moment between this Star Wars couple. However, Harrison Ford felt that line was not something Han Solo would say (and he was right; Han Solo was too arrogant and self-centered to say something so romantic!). While filming this scene, Ford changed the line and instead said “I know,” the classic cool-guy reply to a heart-driven woman.

Couple Tattoo Designs that are Meaningful

These tattoos have much a deeper meaning to them than normal tattoos. They would only mean this much to certain people. Someone’s anniversary date is not going to mean the same to me (and I certainly would not get it tattooed on me).

aldonatattoo's post
34276104 1781130885317484 5550236952147525632 n

If there is an important date in your lives (an anniversary, birth of a child, day that you met, day that you first said “I love you,” day that he called you back after the 3 day waiting period after you first met…), then getting it written as a tattoo solidifies the importance of the day and of your love. A tattoo is as permanent as a memory of this special day.

mrs.pelletier11's post
34838666 1069993726481604 1978765959539720192 n

Similar to the last one, these couple tattoo designs include a date, written in Roman numerals (to look classy, of course), around the ring finger. This would be a nice replacement to wedding rings, as rings can be lost, stolen, or taken off. A tattooed wedding band would be there forever, a true commitment to the one you love.

handitrip's post
34097357 456641411448396 3882580135559299072 n

These tattoo designs are silhouettes of the couple in a picture of them two sitting side by side, the girl with her head on him. What I especially like about these tattoos is that they are scaled to size—the artist took time to not just make two of the same tattoos, but one bigger for his bigger arm, and one smaller to be a better fit for her smaller arm.

What better way to say “I love you” than get your significant other’s handwritten message tattooed on you? I can’t think of anything else that would be more personal and cute. Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s penmanship is less than attractive and would not be something I would want tattooed on my body!

Couple Tattoo Designs For the Truly Daring

These tattoos have no words for them. They are limited to couples that are daring, that do not care what other people think. These couples are usually eccentric and do not mind tattoos that may not have a deep meaning. As long as they have each other, they will always have someone to get weird matching tattoos with.

mirifrank's post
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_ybao_'s post
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Love Tattoos

True love is as permanent as tattoo ink. Couples who are considering getting inked with matching tattoos have probably also considered the many ideas of couple tattoos that they could get. Depending on you and your significant other, you may want big or small tattoos, complimentary tattoos, tattoos that can stand alone, or nerdy tattoos. Just make you sure to get tattoos that mean something to both of you!


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