The Best & Worst Hairstyles (With Bangs) For A Square Face Shape

Bangs can completely alter the look of your face. Here are some best and worst hairstyles with bangs for a square face shape.

The Best & Worst Hairstyles (With Bangs) For A Square Face Shape


  1. The Square Face Shape
  2. Determine Your Face Shape
  3. Tips and Tricks for Bangs for a Square Face
  4. Best Bangs for a Square Shaped Face
  5. Worst Bangs for a Square Face Shape
  6. Conclusion

The Square Face Shape

The square face is not one of the most desired face shapes for women. If not appropriately styled, a square face may look manly. It is also a very tricky face to style with bangs. There is a very thin line between the bangs style doing justice to the face and a style that ruins the look of the face. 

You need to choose a hairstyle that softens the sharp jawlines. Bangs on a square face should be able to make the eyes pop and not hide them. Use the right makeup and the right bang hairstyle to add some softness to your square face. Curly hair and wavy hair are the best hair types for a square face.

A female with straight hair might find it tough to contour the sharp angles with her layers, waveless and straight hair. But there are a lot of bang styles that cleverly help to create an illusion of roundness. 

The following article is dedicated to bang styles for square face shape. One has to keep in mind their hair texture and style their hair accordingly.

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Determine Your Face Shape

To begin, it is best to determine your face shape. While an oval face shape is considered the best for a female, many famous personalities rock a square shape face like a pro. Many celebrities in Hollywood have a square face such as Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, and many others. When these celebrities can style their square-shaped faces so well then so can we!

A female with a square shape face has an angular and strong jaw. The measurement of the face help to determine the shape of the face. A square face has the same width from the jawline to the cheekbones to the forehead and hence is squarish from all the sides. A square face has a square or a flat chin, strong and angular jawline, straight cheeks and broad forehead. The widest parts of your face help to determine your face shape.

Scroll down below to know about some best hairstyles for a square shape face.

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Tips and Tricks for Bangs for a Square Face

The best hairstyle for a square face shape disguises the squareness and makes it appear oval. The wrong hairstyle enhances the squareness of the face. To find the right hairstyle with bangs for a female with a square face shape can be quite tricky.

Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Lily Aldridge, Olivia Wilde, and Angelina Jolie have a square shape face. If you look at their hairstyles carefully, you get an idea about the various bang hairstyles you can sport according to the texture of your hair. There are many celebrity fashion blunders too, and below there is a segment of worst bang hairstyles for square shape face.

Here are some of the best tricks and tips you need to keep in mind while selecting a hairstyle for your square face:

* Always go for the opposite of your face shape. Do not go for sharp fringes or all-one-length hairstyles if you are a square-faced female. 

* Go for rounded layers, lots of texture and soft fringing to break the sharp angles and add softness. 

* Feathered layers create an illusion of an oval shape and looks flattering on a square face. 

* A female can also consider side parting with bangs to take away the squareness of the face. 

Best Bangs for a Square Shaped Face

Given below are some bang hairstyles sported by famous celebrities with a square face. Look at these bang hairstyles closely if you are a square-faced female and choose your pick according to your personality, hair texture and lifestyle. 

1. Bardot Bangs

Bardot Bangs or curtain bangs look good on a square face. Contrary to myth, a center part makes a square face look more prominent. However, using a center part with Bardot bangs looks good as they cover the sides of the big forehead adding roundness on the top.
Nicole Richie is a celebrity with a square face shape who rocks Bardot bangs. She also styles the rest of her hair in soft layers to cut the prominence of her sharp jaw angles.


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2. Tousled Bangs

Although her picture is not available right now, celebrity Lucy Liu used to sport tousled bangs some ten years ago. With tousled bangs, there is no definite parting in the hairline. The bangs do not fall straight down on the forehead. The tousled strands stay on top of the forehead adding softness and movement on the top. The rest of the hair is cut in such a way that it balances the bangs on the top.
Cleverly applied makeup with this look entirely transforms the squareness of the face. Enhance your eyes the most with makeup if you have a square face.

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3. Textured Fuller Bangs

If you believe that you need to steer clear of fuller bangs on a square face, then think again. Full textured bangs on a square face look good. Make sure that the bangs hit around the brow level and are textured on the ends. This hairstyle option is great for straight hair. While adding some texture to the bangs, make sure you do not do it in a straight line as this will make the below jawline even more prominent.
Make it natural and remember to add some side-long bangs giving a look of naturally blended with the top bangs. Celebrity Lea Michele sports some great bang styles and she was once seen in a textured fuller bang style too.

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4. Choppy Bangs

Celebrity Olivia Wilde is quite famous for sporting different bang styles. Choppy bangs were once seen on her face with a full and straight across the forehead layout. She added a lot of choppiness to break them up and styled the rest of her hair in a high ponytail. Remember to pull out some strands of hair or bangs on both the sides to add some softness to the face.

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5. Long Side Bangs

A common bang style for females with a square face, these look great. Celebrities like Katie Holmes are usually seen sporting this style. It looks like a sweeping curve across the forehead. These bangs when long fall easily to the side and can be tucked behind the year when not required.
Long side bangs look great whether they are long breaking at the cheekbones or shorter and breaking just at the eyes. You can even create some waves when styling these bangs with a round brush to add some texture to the bangs. A little outward curl to these long side bangs diffuses the sharpness of the jawline. 

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6. Flippy Side Bangs

You can even wear your side bangs a little shorter than celebrity Katie Holmes. Celebrity Mena Suvari styles them a bit shorter. These cover her entire forehead and yet are towards one side. Such bangs need to be cut from higher up the crown along with some layers on the sides to create softness around the face. This particularly looks great with a sleek long bob hairstyle.


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Worst Bangs for a Square Face Shape

There are many celebrity faux pas about square face bangs. There is a very thin line to getting the perfect bangs for your square face shape, and it is quite possible that many celebrities also create fashion blunders from time to time.
Have a closer look at the wrong hairstyles and try to understand exactly what went wrong with these bangs on a square face so that you refrain from doing the same mistake.

1. Short and Wide Bangs

Short and wide bangs give a very boxy look to the already square face. Beautiful celebrity Bai Ling always styles her hair in short and wide bangs which bring out the squareness of her face all the more.
In the image below, you can see clearly how she has styled her bangs way above her eyebrows in a wide and straight line and added long bangs on the sides. This is one of worst hairstyles for a square face.

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2. Very Short and Blunt Bangs

Rosario Dawson was once spotted in this terrible bang hairstyle. She had cut her bangs really short which makes her face look rather weird. 


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3. Long and Heavy Bangs

Sandra Bullock once came to an awards function sporting long and heavy bangs grazing her eyes. If these would have been a little shorter and grazing her eyebrows, it would have made all the difference. Such long and heavy bangs look very unflattering, and all focus draws attention to the lower side of the squarish face.

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4. Rounded Bangs

Bella Heathcote once sported rounded bangs. If you look at the image at a glimpse, nothing seems quite wrong as rounded bangs are meant to counter the squareness of a face.
But her bangs were cut rather too straight and flat without any texture to them which directed more attention to her jaw. If they were a little more choppy, it would have made all the difference.

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5. Thin Bangs

Thin and wispy bangs were seen for quite some time on celebrity Demi Moore. Thin and wispy bangs appear clumping together and do nothing to hide the vastness of the big forehead. If they were a little longer, they could have been swept on the side, but hanging on the forehead like this, as in the image below, makes a face appear too squarish.

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6. Blunt Bangs with Long Side Bangs

Blunt bangs with long side bangs look like a helmet kept on a square face. The long side bangs look rather weird. Celebrity Keira Knightley was once spotted in this hairstyle, and it was a terrible idea.

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Hopefully, with the above article, you understand the different bang hairstyles one can have and those which one should not try for square face shape.
There are plenty of makeup techniques to camouflage the sharpness of a square face and make it appear more oval. The right makeup and hairstyle for a square face shape can alter the look of your face completely. 

Happy styling!


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