How To Ask A Guy Out In A Cute Way And Win Him Over

This is your ultimate guide to asking a cute guy out in a way that he won’t even realize what you are up to. Forget about the typical dating rules.

How To Ask A Guy Out In A Cute Way And Win Him Over


  1. How to ask him out
  2. 1) Don't be afraid to ask a guy out
  3. 2) Start with a simple conversation
  4. 3) Offer your guy a drink
  5. 4) Be the center of attraction
  6. 5) Go out with a group of friends
  7. 6) Show your true feelings for him
  8. 7) No flirty games when asking a guy out
  9. 8) How to ask him out without sounding desperate
  10. 9) How to ask a guy out through a text
  11. 10) Find out what he likes
  12. 11) Be confident; just ask
  13. 12) Keep it low-pressure
  14. 13) Don’t focus too much on his answer

How to ask him out

Trying to ask out a guy is something that can give you nervous sweats. It is tough and may breed anxiety, but only if you make it a huge deal. You will start freaking out if you over-think about it or start imagining the possibility of the cute guy rejecting you. But, if you can tone things down a few notches, you would come to realize that trying to ask out a guy on a date is not that intimidating. Now, the big question is how do you do it so that he says yes? The secret is in how you make the bold move.

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1) Don't be afraid to ask a guy out

If you have fallen for him, what are you waiting for? Be bold enough and make the first move. It will feel intimidating; but you have no idea how refreshing it can be, and in the end, it’s your choice. Fear is an obstacle you must know how to overcome and if you don’t ask for something, how will you get it? Be a free-spirited lady who understands what she wants and quit worrying about the typical dating principles. Once you make the first move, you never know, maybe this rendezvous leads to a road of happiness; so take the chance while it lasts What others consider right or wrong is not your concern and must not determine your decision. If you are a free woman, you should be in a position to make your own decisions, based on your true feelings. It is your life after all and you have to choose. Sometimes, your intuition might tell you that the guy is interested as well but is shy, then follow your instinct. Every man is different - while you may be uncomfortable asking Joe out, it may be a totally different scenario with Nathan. But being uncomfortable is okay because you are almost sure that you will win him over.

2) Start with a simple conversation

No way can you ask out a guy without knowing what kind of a person he is. Is he worth getting to know or is his character your type? Initiating a conversation first will enable you to see if he might be into you and save you from an awkward moment later. If you are the only one doing the talking while he says nothing, you would know that he is not worth pursuing. In that case, search for another fish in the pond.

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3) Offer your guy a drink

Now, this is for the classy girl. First, you will not sound desperate and will have a great time together. So, next time you meet him, ask if he might be interested in checking out the new restaurant in town or hanging out with you for a few drinks. Perhaps you spot him in a club; ask a waiter to give him a drink and he might return the favor! Keeping it simple is the key and he won’t know that he’s being asked out. If you have some free time on Saturday or simply watching a game, ask him if he would mind a few drinks and you might end up spending a great time together.

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4) Be the center of attraction

It helps to be the main focus. You can tell him that you will be grabbing coffee in the afternoon and he may go with you if he wants. No guy would turn down such an offer if he is interested. You can also ask out a guy to help you with something, say homework or fixing the TV. It is a very indirect way of asking him out; yet casually exciting and it works for sure. Discuss the problem you are facing but don’t put any pressure. Let him know it’s not urgent and he can come over to your place when he’s free. Most guys find it hard to say no to a girl who is in distress and he might show up immediately if he surely likes you.

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5) Go out with a group of friends

Going groupie is simple and doesn’t sound like a date, but it will take off the pressure. To avoid making a big deal about the two of you meeting up, tell him that you have a number of friends you will be going out with for a match and he may join if he likes. Or tell him that you are crashing at a friend’s home and he is free to come. He will not turn you down if he is interested and spending such times together will help both of you know if you are comfortable around each other. From there, you can plan for a normal date.

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6) Show your true feelings for him

If you feel that he likes you but he lacks the courage to make the first move, follow your guts and let him know how you feel about him. But don’t freak out the poor guy - have a private moment together and let him know that you like him. Make him know your motives and whether you want to develop a romantic relationship with him.

7) No flirty games when asking a guy out

Avoid being flirty because you might send the wrong first impression. Flirting might make him feel intimidated if he is not yet ready to formalize things. Try to be casual about it and do not jump off the roof if he rejects you. Don’t forget to mention the things you find attractive in him, but no flirts. And there you go. It is not as hard as you thought, right?

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8) How to ask him out without sounding desperate

Fear can be your best weapon at times. Not unless this cute guy flirts with you and projects the green lights; asking him out is a risky undertaking. He will require time to assess his feelings and whether he wants to go public. One of the safest ways to ask him out without looking desperate is, ‘Are coming to the grand opening of the town hall this weekend?’ Such an inquiry discreetly proves you are into him. You can also ask if he wants to take a movie on Friday night. In case he declines, do not ask him another question like, ‘How about next Friday?’ Your idea is to seem interested rather than desperate. Always keep in mind that he is just human and cannot dictate your worthiness. Whether he likes you or not should not affect your self-esteem. And before you ask him out, ask yourself why he would be interested.

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9) How to ask a guy out through a text

Sometimes, if you’ve been chatting for a while, you have to break out the normal texting and just get to the point. If there is something common between the two of you, take advantage of it. As you text, refer to him with endearing words like dear, cute, handsome, sweetheart, etc. Then, you can send him pictures of an awesome place and tell him that you will be checking it out on the weekend. It is a discreet way of telling him that it would be fun if you go out together. Suggestive texts are great because they leave him wondering whether you like him or not. If he agrees to come along with you, it is a clear sign that he wants to know you better and have some alone time, which is a good thing. But it doesn’t mean that he has romantic feelings for you, maybe he just likes you as a friend, so watch out for his behavior during the date.

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10) Find out what he likes

If he has a passion for nature, talk to him about a cool place and find out if he is up for it. The exciting thing about this is that you will be focused on exploring nature without directly asking him out on a date. Ensure that your suggestion is not an expensive adventure, which will make him want to break a bank. Maybe you have noticed something he really likes and is committed to, like art exhibition. Tell him through text that you want to learn the same and he might suggest that you accompany him the next time he attends the exhibition. A date that triggers your intellectual curiosity is one of the best.

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11) Be confident; just ask

Sitting around and wondering how to make a move might take away a valuable chance. If you didn’t know, most guys love women who take the lead. If you allow the nerves to catch the best of you, you will never know if he is interested. You don’t have to be discreet all the time. But the thing is, you must be relaxed and gather all your confidence. Do not ask him out in front of your friends as you might suffer humiliation in case you are rejected. The direct approach is for the courageous women and guys love it when a girl takes control. So, don’t fear to do it.

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12) Keep it low-pressure

Your best bet is keeping things cool and light. For instance, you cannot ask a guy you just met to accompany you to your cousin’s wedding. You want something casual that will not scare him, like getting coffee or watching a tournament. The way of asking him doesn’t need to be formal - you are not asking for his hand in marriage - and so you don’t have to turn into a nervous wreck because he might get nervous as well. One of the best tactics is to apply humor so that you don’t sound too serious.

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13) Don’t focus too much on his answer

For your information, asking him out is not all about the answer he will give you, but rather the feeling provoked by the answer. So, put your heart first because you are more important than anything else. Your move is not a make-or-break thing. If he says no, you will be fine. Go to him with this mindset: if he declines, it’s because he wants a different thing and not that you are not good enough. There is nothing wrong with you if a cute guy rejects you. Just respect his decision and do not try some desperate moves. Be realistic and don’t be nervous about what he’s going to say.

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Should women take charge in pursuing dates? If this is a question you have been asking yourself, the answer is yes. In the end, it comes down to your own preferences. And if you are the type who knows how to handle rejection, then you can and should ask any guy out so long as you are interested.



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