50 Hottest Short Haircuts For Women You'll Want To Try

Figuring out a haircut that frames your face nicely is hard. Don't worry, we have compiled a list of 50 cute, short haircuts for women that you can try.

50 Hottest Short Haircuts For Women You'll Want To Try


  1. Cute bob haircuts for women
  2. Cute pixie haircuts for women
  3. Short haircuts for black women
  4. Short haircuts for older women
  5. Haircuts for females with thin hair
  6. Messy haircuts for short hair
  7. Haircuts with bangs
  8. Haircuts for round faces
  9. Haircuts for square faces
  10. Haircuts for curly hair
  11. Haircuts For wavy hair
  12. Haircuts for black women with straight hair

Cute bob haircuts for women

1. Medium cut for thin hair

This cute medium length bob is perfect for older women with thinning hair, who still want a stylish yet age appropriate style. You can spruce it up by adding highlights and you could even make it your own by styling it with a side bang. Use a flat iron to style it like the picture. If you're younger, you can style this by adding cute curls or waves. You could go bold by dying the hair a fun color, or keep it natural.

2. Short with layers

This layered bob is a perfect look for females of all ages. The darker color with highlights helps portray a youthful, yet mature look. You can keep it classic by adding a full bang, or cut a side bang to fit your face. If you want to add some depth to it, you could break out the curling iron and create cute curls. You could even do beach waves. This look is so versatile, it's perfect for anyone!

3. Curly bob with bangs

This haircut is great for young females with short curly hair. You could even cut full bangs to amplify the youthful look. This look is also perfect for women who have very coarse, wavy hair. It frames the face in a great way, and it looks so cute when finished. If your hair is super curly, don't straighten your bangs. Rather, leave the bangs natural to create a unique, youthful style. Be bold and go for this look!

4. Classic bob

This sophisticated haircut is perfect for older women with thick, straight hair. This timeless style is classy and cute. Part it down the middle, and curl the ends, to help frame the face. If you have wavy hair, this look is also perfect for you. Just style it with a part down the middle and you have a look that's youthful, while still maintaining elegance. No matter your hair type, this is a look that you couldn't go wrong with.

5. Cute bob for thick, wavy hair

This bob haircut is perfect for older black women with medium length, thick, coarse, wavy hair. It's a cute style that is great for older women, but would look great on younger women too. Add layers to give it dimension. This cut frames the face, giving you a soft, yet elegant look. This is such a classy cut and it's so versatile. It looks great no matter how you decide to style it.

Cute pixie haircuts for women

6. Wispy pixie cut

This Tinker Bell style haircut is a perfect, youthful look for females with short hair. It is also perfect for women with thick hair. It's perfect for women of all ages. You don't need naturally straight hair to make this cut work for you. If you have wavy hair, this look is fantastic. Your natural waves will add dimension to the hair, and give off a casual yet classy appearance.

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7. Pixie cut for black women

This is the perfect youthful look for black women with short, relaxed hair who are looking to hop on the pixie cut train. It looks great on women of all ages, and frames the face nicely. It even works for women with natural hair. You can leave the front long so that your natural curls hang in your face, giving you more of a bang. This short pixie cut is in right now, and looks so cute.

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8. Cute short cut for thin hair

This is the perfect pixie haircut for females with short, thin hair. This cut is great for women with rectangle shaped faces, as it flatters the face, giving it a softer appearance. The dark color helps to achieve a fuller look, and the layers give the hair depth. This is another look that can be rocked with curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair and would like to achieve this look, just break out the flat iron.

9. Pixie cut with bangs

This red Pixie Cut with bangs is such a unique and flattering style that is perfect for thick hair. What makes it unique is that not a lot of women are able to pull this off, but if you have a round face and are looking for a new look, this could be for you. It's a great look for women who want to try out a pixie cut, but don't want to go too short. This style is youthful and fun, and can be achieved by using a flat iron to style. Going with a bright color like red, adds a fun element to this, but you can dye it any color that suits you.

10. Cute side-swept bang

This cute layered cut is perfect for females who don't want a full front bang. You have the classic pixie cut, but with layers added to give the hair dimension. Side-swept bangs also help to frame the face, giving you a youthful look, while still keeping things classy and professional.

Short haircuts for black women

11. Shaved sides

This fohawk haircut is perfect for black women with curly hair who want some leave out on top. It's easy to maintain, and since you're not constantly styling your hair, it promotes growth. You can twist up the top leave out, giving you nice curls. You could even do a wash and go look with this style. Add highlights to add depth, or dye it a different color altogether to create a look that fits your style.

12. Short natural cut

This look is the perfect thing for curly haired females who don't want to commit to the typical short haircuts that involve shaving the sides, but who do want a shorter look. It fits any face, and it doesn't require constant shape ups. You can keep the long bang as pictured, or make the look your own by going for a classic short bang. Twist it out for curls that pop.

13. Straight with shaved sides

This is a cute look for women who have relaxed hair, or who may even be transitioning from relaxed to natural. You can use a flat iron to create waves as pictured, or you could use a curling iron to add some dimension, making this style your own. If you're transitioning and your natural hair begins growing in, you can still work with this haircut. It's incredibly versatile.

14. Short bob

This bold, colored bob cut is great for women with thick, relaxed, medium length hair. You can add a side part to help frame your face. Cut layers in to add dimension. This is the perfect casual look for younger women who want to show off that playful side. If your natural hair is the same length as pictured, then this cut works for you too.

15. Cute shaved haircut

This cut is perfect if you're tired of messing with your curly hair and you want a low maintenance style. So many women are going with this cut nowadays, because it flatters almost everyone. You can freshen it up by going blonde, or make the look your own by dying it a color that fits you. It also works for relaxed women who are looking to do a big chop and transition to back to their natural hair.

Short haircuts for older women

16. Short messy bob haircut with bangs

This short messy bob look is great for older women with straight hair. The messy look and bangs help with the youthful effect. You can also add layers to help make the cut youthful. If you don't like the messy look, you can always use a flat iron to give this a neater look.

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17. The versatile pixie haircut

This cut is perfect for older women who want a look that they can work with. You can comb it back or create a bang effect to fit any occasion. You can style it messy to give off a fun, casual vibe. The Versatile Pixie Cut is a great sophisticated look.

18. Short cut for curly hair

This look is great for short, thick, curly hair. It is sophisticated, cute, youthful, and frames any face. You can even spruce it up by adding a side part, and giving yourself a side bang. The darker color helps give a youthful effect. If you like this look but have straight hair, use a curling iron with a small barrel to create the look of small curls.

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19. Short cut for black women with thick hair

This is the perfect haircut for older black women with thick hair. You can spike it up, creating an edgy, youthful look. Use a styling gel to achieve the look pictured or use a flat iron to achieve a more tamed style.

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Haircuts for females with thin hair

20. Messy pixie cut

This messy pixie cut is one of the best haircuts for women with thinning hair. It's stylish and timeless. It helps to create a youthful appearance, and it's elegant. Add a bold color to help spruce it up.

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21. Short sides with side bang

If you're young with thin hair, this is the way to go. It helps to maintain your youthfulness, while still pulling attention away from the thinness of your hair. Give this style a darker color to help reduce the appearance of thinning. Use hairspray to achieve the desired volume, or a flat iron for a tamed look.

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22. Super short cut

Depending on how thin your hair is, this look could work for you. It is a low maintenance style that brightens your face. It gives a youthful effect. It is such a cute style for any age.

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23. Super short pixie

This is great for older females with very thin hair. Layers help to add dimension, and they also help in drawing attention away from the thinness. Going with a darker color will also help with making your hair look fuller. You could style this cut by using a small barreled curling iron to give yourself cute curls, giving the cut depth and giving you a youthful look that nicely frames the face.

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Messy haircuts for short hair

24. Short choppy cut

This is the perfect youthful cut. It works great on thick hair, and is a nice style for the upcoming summer season. It's a fun and carefree style that gives a youthful look to older women and a casual, yet sophisticated, look to younger women. Add a bold color to really make this cut pop. Use hairspray to create the voluminous look in the back. You can switch up the style by parting it to the side.

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25. Short cut with highlights

This messy, layered look is good for young girls who want a low maintenance, bold style. You can add light highlights mixed with a darker color like black or brown, to help create a bold yet feminine effect.

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26. Messy waves with highlights

This is the perfect look for summer. It is a great cut for women with thick, wavy hair who don't want to go too short, but still want to make a big chop. The highlights and layers help with adding dimension. This look is very in right now, and works with all face shapes.

27. Messy cut for straight hair

This is a super cute haircut for women with straight hair. You can add a side bang and layers to make the style fun. It frames any face nicely, and is great for creating a youthful effect. Use a curling iron to change up the style. You could use hairspray and braid your hair in sections overnight, taking out the braids out in the morning creating a cool wavy look.

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Haircuts with bangs

28. Blunt cut bob

This medium length style is great for women who want to switch things up by adding bangs and a darker color. This cut shapes the face nicely, and works for all hair types. If you have straight hair and would like to achieve the pictured look, use a flat iron. That will then give this look a sleek style, or you could use a curling iron to give this cut a fun, bouncy look.

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29. Sleek cut with highlights

Perfect for older women, this sleek cut with layers and bangs helps to make you look young and stylish. It's classy, yet casual. Adding a darker color with light highlights help with the youthful effect. If you have wavy hair, this look is also perfect for you. The waves of your natural hair will give this look dimension.

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30. Messy cut for thin hair

If you're a young person with thin hair, this cut is great for you. The choppy style helps to give the dimension, and draws attention away from thin spots. You can add some mouse or hairspray to give this look volume. Go with a darker color to help give your hair depth and youthfulness.

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31. Short bangs

This look is very popular amongst hipsters. It doesn't matter how short your hair is, or if your hair is straight, wavy or curly. This look will work for you. Curly haired girls can straighten the bang, adding dimension, or leave it curly giving off a really cute vibe. Wavy haired girls can style it almost exactly as pictured. Straight haired girls can switch up the style by pulling the top half of the hair up into a little bun or ponytail.

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Haircuts for round faces

32. Clean cut

This is a classic, elegant cut that flatters your face shape. It works for women with straight and wavy hair, and would look great with highlights. You can part is down the side to match the picture, or you can make it your own by adding a part down the middle, giving yourself a different look.

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33. Chin length bob

This is such a cute, sophisticated look for mature women with straight hair and round faces. The longer hair in the front helps to elongate the face, while the shorter cut in the back helps flatter it. You can style the hair as pictured, or part it down the middle to give yourself a different look.

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34. Super short messy cut

This short messy cut is cute and is perfect for women of all ages. It's a fun style that anyone can rock. This look is versatile, so if you don't like the messy style or need more of a neat look for a special occasion, you can straighten the hair to give it a more professional look.

35. Short dark style

This is such a cute style for round faces. It is youthful, and it works on straight or wavy hair. This cut is so versatile that it works for natural hair as well.

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Haircuts for square faces

36. Angled bob

This angled bob cut is a cute look for women with square faces who have short to medium length hair. Make the style your own by adding layers, or going with a lighter color like blonde. You can part it to the side as pictured, or you can part it down the middle if that fits your style. This look works great with straight or wavy hair.

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37. Curly cut

This look is a great way to soften the face, and is super cute for all hair types, but especially curly hair. You can add a bold color like red, and a side bang. Work this with your natural curls, or use a curling iron and add them.

38. Sleek bob with bangs

This cut helps to shorten the forehead, while keeping it shoulder length helps with elongating the face, reducing the boxiness. You can add waves to give the hair dimension, or layers and highlights to give it depth. This is a cute, classic style that has held up through the time.

39. Wavy, asymmetric bob

This is a really cute look for those with short, wavy hair. Bobs help flatter the face, and the waves add dimension. This style helps to flatter women with sculpted jawlines.

Haircuts for curly hair

40. Shaved side with long top

You can give yourself an edgy look by shaving one side of your head and the back. This look is cute for younger women with naturally curly hair, who want a bold style. You can achieve this look with straight hair by using a large barreled curling iron or rollers to give yourself large curls. Use hairspray to make the curls last. You can achieve this look if you have wavy hair by first using a flat iron to iron out the waves, and then using a large barreled curling iron or large rollers to achieve curls.

41. The classic curly bob

Bobs are such a great look and work on all hair types. This specific bob cut is tailored to curly haired women. It frames the face nicely and is the perfect casual look for younger women. You can switch this style up by flat ironing your hair and wearing it straight, or adding waves. You can also achieve a similar look with straight and wavy hair. For straight hair, use a small to medium barreled curling iron along with hairspray for curls that last throughout the day. For wavy hair, first flat iron and then use a small to medium barreled curling iron.

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42. Curly pixie cut

This cut is perfect for naturally curly girls. It's incredibly low maintenance, while still cute. You can switch the style up by straightening your hair. You can make it fun by adding red highlights as pictured, or make it your own by adding whichever colors suit you.

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43. Bob for thick, curly hair

This style is perfect for curly headed girls with thick, coarse hair. This bob cut is flattering for diamond shaped faces. You can style it as pictured, with a long side bang and light brown highlights. If you have lighter hair, you can style it with highlights that compliment your hair color.

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Haircuts For wavy hair

44. Colorful cut

This textured cut is perfect for women with wavy, sleek hair. The colorful look is always in style, and it's super flattering.

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45. Wavy bob

This layered razor cut adds depth and dimension to your hair. By keeping the hair longer around the front, you are framing your face in a flattering way. Add fun highlights or try a new color altogether.

46. Layers for thick, wavy hair

This style is perfect for those with thick, wavy hair. The messy style and layers add a youthful elegance. The cut is done in a way that makes the style look effortless and carefree. It's a fun look that's perfect for all ages.

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Haircuts for black women with straight hair

47. Mohawk

This mohawk cut is a bold look. It's fun, daring, and edgy. You could style the hair in a way that gives you a cool side bang, or use hairspray to achieve the full mohawk effect as pictured. Curly haired girls could even try this look by using a flat iron to straighten the hair on top.

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48. Super short pixie

This is a go-to cut for those who are looking for the ultimate low maintenance style. You can rock this look with your natural color, or spruce it up by going blonde as pictured. Layers add a really cool effect to this short style. Glam it up with a cute headband or wrap.

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49. Long pixie cut

This haircut is perfect for women with voluminous hair who want a pixie cut, but don't want to go so short. You can make this look fun by going with a bright color as pictured, or add depth to the hair simply by adding highlights to your natural color. Layers help to add dimension. You can switch up the style by slicking the hair back, exposing your face and giving yourself an elegant look.

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50. Slicked down mohawk

This cut is different from the previous mohawk in that the remaining hair is not long in the back. This style has the back of the head shaved, leaving hair from the middle of the head to the front. Rather than having your hair going back, this style has your hair going forward. It's almost like a reverse mohawk. You can make it bold by adding a bright color, as pictured, or keep it simple by staying with your natural hair color.

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Although each haircut was broken out into categories, all of these looks are perfect for women with all hair types, of all ethnicities. All of these looks are versatile and are pictured on women with different face shapes, to help you get an idea of what may work for you. Every look can be tailored to fit your age, comfort level, style, and hair length. If you feel like a look is outdated, just add a fun color, highlights, or layers to help give it a youthful appearance. Don't be afraid to try a style that you think is cute. Hair will grow back, so take a chance. You may end up loving it.


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