What Men Look For In Women Based On His Venus Sign

Venus in astrology represents our qualities in love, romance, affection and sex appeal. But do you know that out zodiac signs differ in compatibility?

What Men Look For In Women Based On His Venus Sign


  1. Venus Sign Compatibility
  2. Venus Sign Compatibility: Aries
  3. Venus Sign Compatibility: Taurus
  4. Venus Sign Compatibility: Gemini
  5. Venus Sign Compatibility: Leo
  6. Venus Sign Compatibility: Cancer
  7. Venus Sign Compatibility: Virgo
  8. Venus Sign Compatiblity: Libra
  9. Venus Sign Compatiblity: Scorpio
  10. Veuns Sign Compatibility: Sagittarius
  11. Venus Sign Compatibility: Capricorn
  12. Venus Sign Compatibility: Aquarius
  13. Venus Sign Compatibility: Pisces
  14. Conclusion

Venus Sign Compatibility

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Zodiac signs aren’t just there for nothing. Many people use their signs to find out their horoscope for the day—whether they’ll be fortunate or their day will be full of jinx. Zodiac signs are also used to determine our different qualities and personalities. Sagittarius people, for example, are known to be independent and straightforward, Leos are energetic and possessive, and Aquarius people are honest and affectionate and so on.

But do you know that we also use our signs to determine our compatibility with our partners? Every planet is associated with our signs—the sun represents our basic personality, Mars is our drive and energy or vitality and sexuality, etc. But Venus is the most beautiful of all because it represents love and attraction. Our Venus sign can help us to foresee whether the relationship we are in will be full of happiness.

Do you want to know what a man wants for a woman based on his Venus sign?

Venus Sign Compatibility: Aries

Aries are born on dates March 21-April 19.

If a man’s Venus is in Aries, he is straightforward with whatever he wants. He prefers to be in pursuit rather than him being pursued. The Mars sign in an Aries is strong because he has a high level of energy and competitiveness. When he wants something or someone, he’ll do everything to get it now.

However, just as quickly he can get a love interest, the fire can quickly burn out as well because Aries’ love nature is self-centered.

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Compatibility With Women

For a woman to match her compatibility with an Aries, she must be courageous, loves challenges, and most of all independent. His Venus sign prefers women who are authoritative and dominant when it comes to love and sex. Get him excited by letting him feel the competition during bedtime activities. Don’t worry to play a little rough because it’s an Aries’ weakness based on his Venus sign.

If you are the type of woman who's whiny and a nagger, An Aries' Venus sign won't have patience with you, and you'll just quickly irritate and drain him.

Venus Sign Compatibility: Taurus

Taurus is born on dates April 20-May 21.

When a man’s Venus sign is in Taurus, he is passionate and serious when it comes to love. He doesn’t get into a relationship just for self-satisfaction, but rather to fully commit himself and do his purpose to his partner. A Taurus’ Venus sign is very demanding of his lover’s physical presence that he tends to overlook a woman’s emotional and spiritual needs.

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Compatibility With Women

A Taurus’ Venus perfectly matches his compatibility with a woman who is down to earth. He loves a partner who is very caring and very wife-material—the typical housewife who cooks for the family, who cares for the children, and very loving.

His Mars sign doesn’t show that much aggressiveness, but an argument now and then might dampen the heat in the romance.

Venus Sign Compatibility: Gemini

Gemini is born on dates May 21-June 20

The meaning of the Venus sign in a Gemini man is fun and happiness! He can find compatibility with a partner who he can have meaningful conversations with in a short period. A Gemini’s Venus sign is all about jokes, laughter, and lively relationships even in sex.

However, Gemini may be a little bit elusive as they are not really in touch with their feelings. You can expect to joke around with him, but they’ll find it challenging to answer pressing questions related to your relationship.

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Compatibility With Women

If a man’s Venus sign is in Gemini, his compatibility goes with a woman who is extremely intelligent and can endure long hours of conversations just about anything—whether politics or funny stuff. The compatibility’s even better the more you show him how mysterious and fascinating your mind is.

Venus Sign Compatibility: Leo

Leo is born on dates July 23-August 22.

A Leo’s Venus sign tends to clash with the Mars sign as his passion for love and energy in it collides. During the first stage of romance, both partners can’t get enough of each other, and a Leo man doesn’t want that stage to end! He wants to be with his lover every time and is very expressive with his feelings.

His compatibility will only work with a woman who has the same view of what a relationship should be, and that is possessiveness!  

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Compatibility With Women

The Mars sign in a Leo is rather stronger than the Venus sign, so his compatibility with women works when you are just as aggressive as he is. He loves loud and flashy women. He likes seeing his partner proud and over confident.

When it comes to sex, his Venus sign‘s compatibility goes with a woman who is full of adoration and when you show him that you can’t get enough of him.

Venus Sign Compatibility: Cancer

Cancer is born on dates June 21-July 22.

When a man’s Venus sign is in Cancer, he’s the softest of all soft-hearted people. His Venus sign looks for security and safety in a relationship rather than physical satisfaction. The meaning of a Leo’s Venus sign is nurturing and caring. The compatibility in a relationship works when his partner is genuine and sincere.

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Compatibility With Women

A Leo’s Venus sign’s compatibility with women works when you are compassionate and just as caring as him. He has no problem with you being emotional and clingy because for him, it’s a sign of genuine love though of course, in return, for the compatibility to work better, you have to pay attention to his needs too.

Venus Sign Compatibility: Virgo

Virgo is born on dates August 23-September 22.

When a man’s Venus is in Virgo, he gives almost all his attention to his partner. He fusses over you, and makes mental notes of your likes and dislikes. A Virgo’s Venus genuinely cares for you so expect that he’ll help you and listen to whatever you have to say. In return, he’ll also give you an intelligent response.

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Compatibility With Women

The Venus sign’s compatibility in a Virgo goes with women who are practical and simple. You don’t have to wear heavy make-up and wear laced dresses to impress him because he prefers the natural you.

Venus Sign Compatiblity: Libra

Libra are born on dates September 23-October 23.

The meaning of a man’s Venus sign in Libra is pure romance. He has no problem pleasing his partner whether it’s about your needs or your wants. His partner’s individuality is more important to him than his own that he has the tendency to lose his identity inside the relationship.

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Compatibility With Women

Libra men are compatible with women who are artistic, romantic, and feminine. If you are the type who loves to wear dresses, it’s a big turn on for him. It’s a plus if you are knowledgeable in the field of literature, film, music, and arts. But avoid being loud and vulgar because it’s a major turn off.

Venus Sign Compatiblity: Scorpio

Scorpio is born on dates October 23-November 21.

If a man’s Venus is in Scorpio, expect that the romance in the relationship is a little bit intense. It’s all or nothing for a Scorpio when it comes to love, and he isn’t afraid of anything. He may become possessive and controlling, and that will ultimately drain his partner eventually.

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Compatibility With Women

A Scorpio’s Venus sign is attracted to mysterious women. The less he knows about you, the more he’ll chase you. His compatibility works with a deep lover whom he can share his forbidden secrets. Your emotional intensity is important as well.

Veuns Sign Compatibility: Sagittarius

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Sagittarius are born on dates November 22-December 21.

The Venus sign in a Sagittarius means confidence and positivity. He is fond of learning, adventure, and self-growth. The Mars sign is powerful as he is full of energy and very timid of stagnant relationships where he might feel caged.

Compatibility With Women

Just like him, he is attracted to adventurous and fun-loving women. Don’t be afraid to show him some sense of humor because it’s a major turn on for him. And along with fun moments, he enjoys a meaningful conversation as well so being knowledgeable is a plus!

Venus Sign Compatibility: Capricorn

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Capricorn are born on dates December 22-January 19.

A man’s Venus sign in Capricorn means reliability. He gives comfort and security to his partner and assures that he’ll never do something that will hurt you. However, he takes extra care not to get hurt himself so there will be instances where he distances himself when the romance is getting deeper.

Compatibility With Women

The Venus sign in a Capricorn is attracted to an authoritative woman. He can be someone who has an ultimate crush on you just because you’re his boss! He respects women who have ambition and self-goals, so it’s okay for him if you have plans on conquering the world!

Venus Sign Compatibility: Aquarius

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Aquarius is born on dates January 20-February 19.

Aquarius’s Venus sign is a little stubborn as he doesn’t follow the rules of love. He prefers to love his way and is ignoring how an ideal relationship should be. He easily gets infatuated too and elusive when it comes to genuine love.

Compatibility With Women

The Venus sign of an Aquarius is attracted to rebellious, revolutionary and anti-authoritarian women. He loves women who are “being themselves,” and your uniqueness is a major turn on for him.

Venus Sign Compatibility: Pisces

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Pisces are born on dates February 19-March 20.

The Venus sign in a Pisces means compassion and tenderness. He is a peacemaker and very sensitive when it comes to his romantic relationships. He easily attracts other people because of his soft quality and charm. He craves deep connection with the people around him.

Compatibility With Women

Pisces are very sensitive people so he is timid to stressful situations. He prefers women who are easygoing or those who are “go with the flow” type. He has an adventurous side but not the energetic kind. He loves simple dates, a walk in the park, or a moment together while sitting on a couch so be sure to be extra sweet and caring to him.


No matter what sign your Venus man is - each relationship will indeed be fun and full of love and romance.



Neko Yama