What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute: Pretty Or Hot

A guy called you pretty, cute, or hot and you can’t stop thinking what he meant. Relax because this article will help you decode these endearing word

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Cute: Pretty Or Hot


  1. What does a guy mean by calling you hot, cute, or pretty?
  2. What a guy means when he says you are cute
  3. 1. You are everything he wants
  4. 2. He means you have a cool temperament
  5. 3. He wants your approval
  6. 4. He likes your perfect imperfections
  7. 5. You are different from other pretty girls
  8. 6. You are a wife material if he calls you cute
  9. 7. Your cheerful attitude attracts this guy
  10. 8. You are not an expensive chick
  11. 9. He sees you as Miss Independent
  12. 10. You are classic, not trendy
  13. When a guy says you are pretty
  14. 11. You have a natural look
  15. 12. You arouse him
  16. What it means when a guy says you are beautiful
  17. 13. He puts you on a pedestal
  18. When A Guy Says You Are Hot
  19. 14. Your body is smoking
  20. 15. He likes everything about you
  21. 16. The guy wants you to relax on your first date
  22. 17. He wants you to know he is okay with your cute dressing
  23. 18. He wants to get intimate
  24. When he calls you sexy
  25. 20. He admires your confidence
  26. Conclusion

What does a guy mean by calling you hot, cute, or pretty?

There are important things you need to know about the words guy use to compliment girls: they are subjective. What one guy finds hot may not be the case to another. Like women, men have different tastes, choices, and preferences. Beautiful, cute, hot, dope, pretty, and gorgeous are just words which carry different connotations to different men. But this post shares what these words actually mean. Hopefully, you will get some clarifications. Concerning all the endearing words a guy may use to describe you, stop trying to make deeper inferences. Some men aren’t always certain about their meanings. But you can always make a few deductions as explained below. Some meanings will flatter you while others might offend you - take it easy.

What a guy means when he says you are cute

To some girls, the word cute is demeaning, like referring to a cute little baby. But hey, don’t think too far, a cute girl is not like a cute infant. A man referring to you as cute is just trying to compliment you. The word cute doesn’t carry any sexual appeal but is far from negativity. Here are the different meanings of ‘cute’ compliments.

1. You are everything he wants

Cuteness goes beyond your looks. It carries your overall package - your character, values, and personality. Every man wants to have a pretty and hot girl by his side, but they know that a cute girl is the most attractive. According to men, cute girls are not just pretty; they rule the world, they are intelligent and kind. If he is seeking a meaningful relationship, you might be just on top of his dating list because you are cute! So, feel good if a guy calls you cute.

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2. He means you have a cool temperament

If you have a reserved temperament, a guy may tell you that you’re so cute. Maybe you are shy and are not the type to seek cheap attention from people. You only want to be noticed only when necessary- so you are cute. Moreover, he finds you approachable, unlike moody girls who don’t open up easily. If he managed to break the ice and you came out of your shell, he will definitely find you cute.

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3. He wants your approval

The word cute is a general term, and it encompasses every form of attraction. A guy will use this word when he is not sure whether you like him or not. It is a way of asking for your approval. Deep down he knows he is dealing with a wonderful girl. You may not have the supermodel figure he watches on TV, but you are very attractive. Perhaps you don’t realize it, but you fit in his league. To him, you don’t try too hard to appeal to him or any other guy and yet you attract him. So, the next time he says you are cute, know that he sees beyond your physique. There is some goodness he finds in you and would want to know if you are interested in him. In other words, he knows that you are a keeper.

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4. He likes your perfect imperfections

Cute is not always perfect. Yes, you have flaws, but somewhere in his heart, he finds you awesome. To him, you don’t need to be perfect to attract him because you have already done it. You are naturally beautiful, and you don’t need to change anything.

5. You are different from other pretty girls

He finds you outstanding if you can go out without makeup. The other pretty girls are so busy trying to please men, but you stand out from the crowd. He may not yet have noticed your sexy side, and that’s why he uses the word cute. He likes you because of who you really are and not someone you are pretending to be. You don’t show him any hidden motives; you are fun, engaging, and honest. He expects you to be your true self no matter what. You are way more textured that girls who are out to seek attention. Your personality style is just unique. If you are interested in him, you have a chance to show him your other side - seductive or smart.

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6. You are a wife material if he calls you cute

No man wants to marry a fake woman. To him, you are authentic from your smile, dressing, and character. You are warm-hearted and non-pretentious. Cute ladies are keepers, and that’s why men find them attractive. He doesn’t want to just express his physical attraction to you, but he’ll show you how much you mean to him as a potential wife. To him, you are the type of woman mother-in-law’s desire because you are respectful. Despite your encounters with bad people, you are always grinning or ignoring their bad attitude. You are not a drama queen who turns friends or family members against one another, so you are the perfect wife material.

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7. Your cheerful attitude attracts this guy

There is nothing cute about a moody girl. If he says you are cute, it means your attitude is cheerful and not stuck up. You have a way of making him happy despite everything that is going on in his life. You are cute, and you don’t even know it. You smile all the time, and you create a welcoming presence. What could be cuter than this?

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8. You are not an expensive chick

Every man desires a hot woman, but most of the time, these hot women are high maintenance. This is what pisses off most men because they are looking into settling a simple woman who will not put their finances in jeopardy. If he has told you that you are cute, he has noted your simplicity.

9. He sees you as Miss Independent

A cute girl is classy, witty, and open-minded. A man who calls you cute knows that you are capable of doing things on your own, unlike a grade five clinger. You are cute because you profess independence. Guys find independent girls attractive because they always know what to do as opposed to being helpless all the time. That could be the reason e refers to you as cute.

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10. You are classic, not trendy

If you have a unique style you stick to, it means you are not moved by common trends. A cute lady wears whatever she likes as long as she is comfortable with it. You are not a fashion slave, and you don’t move with the crowd. You can pull off a simple t-shirt and look pretty in it because it fits you and you feel good in it - you are cute. ‘Cute’ is not trendy; it is classic, timeless, and elegance. You never go out of style because you have a unique style that upstages the rest.

When a guy says you are pretty

Many times, men will use the word pretty to compliment girls. So what does it really mean?

11. You have a natural look

When he calls you pretty, he adores your natural beauty. You don’t need to apply makeup or dress up like a slut to impress men. Your looks are wonderful all the time. You have an innate gift that outshines the rest. Maybe he is not into you romantically; he just acknowledges your natural beauty. Maybe he has other preferences when it comes to dating but in this case, he is just appreciating you. It doesn’t mean he is shallow, only that he is being choosy.

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12. You arouse him

When he remarks something like ‘you are damn pretty,' he means that you provoke sexual thoughts in him. You would know he’s sexually aroused if he spells out his internal monologue about your looks. Saying you are so pretty is his way of expressing his sexual thoughts in just a few words rather than making some naughty or creepy comments.

What it means when a guy says you are beautiful

A very small percentage of men can utter this word - beautiful. And if a guy calls you beautiful, it is most likely when no one else is listening. If he describes you as beautiful, in his eyes, you are one of a kind. All he needs is a single glimpse to realize your beauty. You might catch him with a gaping mouth, or his eyes transfixed on you because you are simply jaw-dropping. You don’t have to be the prettiest woman alive, but he will tell you so. This is what it means.

13. He puts you on a pedestal

He never thought he would ever get a chance with you. You are the type of girl he wants to hold down and not simply take home for one night stand. He is referring to something more than lust. A beautiful woman has qualities a man looks for in a wife. Beyond physical beauty, there is something about you he likes. Beautiful is far from hot or pretty. A beautiful woman is cute and has everything a good guy wants. You are like his girl next door who doesn’t try so hard to stand out. He doesn’t merely look at your dress, hairstyle, or makeup. He has interest your inner beauty. A naturally beautiful woman wakes up looking just the way she was before sleeping. If you don’t shock him in the morning due to lack of makeup, then you are beautiful. You are the same sweet, lovely, and charming woman he sees every time- that is his definition of beauty.

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When A Guy Says You Are Hot

Men enjoy labeling women in multiple ways and figuring out what they mean is a bit tricky. If he calls you hot, it might ring in your head that he thinks you’re sexy. These titles mean different things and it is complicated to try and understand what he’s trying to put across when he labels you ‘hot.' If he were, to be honest with you, some answers would surprise you. You don’t have to keep guessing: here are the most probable answers.

14. Your body is smoking

This guy who labels you hot enjoys looking at you because you have a sexy body. He prefers to use the word hot to give you a verbal confirmation that he indeed admires you from afar. You cannot deny it - you also like this kind of compliment.

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15. He likes everything about you

He knows you in and out, and that’s why he has the guts to say this to you. He adores your looks and personality, and even though he understands your weaknesses, he still finds you hot. Trust me a guy who calls you hot is very sincere. He might be interested in more than a casual hookup, and that is why he is flirting to see if he can build a special relationship.

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16. The guy wants you to relax on your first date

First dates are usually awkward, and smart guys do everything they can to create a comfortable atmosphere. If he thinks you are hot and says it on the first date, it means he wants you to be more relaxed and enjoy the moment. Wouldn’t you feel good if a new guy finds you hot? He actually wants to see you smiling and get to know you better. He might add some light-hearted statements if he is really into you. But if he constantly uses sexual innuendos throughout the date, then he might be after your body.

17. He wants you to know he is okay with your cute dressing

A true friend will appreciate you. Whatever you’re wearing, he is cool with it and supports you 100%. If he is your BFF, he wants to let you know how gorgeous you look and you deserve the compliment. Your guy friend wants you to set your relationship goals straight even if he might not be your future boyfriend.

18. He wants to get intimate

Hot is commonly used by men who are trying to seduce women. Sometimes, it could just be a sign of pure physical attraction. If this guy just met you and is not interested in any other thing, he will call you hot because he wants you physically. To him, you have got all the goodies he wants from a woman and wants to hook up with you for one night stand. You appeal to him on a physical level only. Sometimes, a guy can look at you and see beyond your physical appeal, and he will want to know you more; but other times, he just wants to get naughty. It is not easy to explain this, but when he uses ‘hot,' he might not want anything else but your naked body. As shallow as it sounds, it could be true. Watch out!

When he calls you sexy

You don’t need anybody to tell you that you’re sexy because you already know it. If you are his main attraction in the party or at the club, he will refer to you as sexy. You appeal to him with your physical characteristics from the choice of your dress, shoes, accessories, and makeup. Sometimes it has something to do with your body language - seductive tactics like swinging your hips, biting your lip, or sexy eyes.

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20. He admires your confidence

He will also find you sexy, the more you are as a confident woman. It doesn’t have to carry lustful connotations all the time. Maybe you are a career woman, and you carry yourself with the same swagger as a club waitress. You are simply sexy because of how you carry yourself.

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The next time a guy calls you cute, pretty, hot, beautiful, or sexy, you will be having a handful of knowledge to apply. Use the given tips plus your own instincts to decode the meaning of his endearing words. You will definitely find the answers, so you don’t have to ask him to elaborate. The benefit of knowing the meanings is that you will be in a better position to respond to his compliments. Keep this in mind: a guy who doesn’t know you uses compliments you to create an easy ambiance; while a platonic friend wants to appreciate you as BFFs do. But if this guy has known you for a while and he has been acting all flirty around you, there is a big chance he is into you. Nonetheless, you must consider your feelings. What emotions does he provoke in you? Before you act out loud, figure out first what his compliments mean. Then you will know whether you can buy or disregard what he just said. If this guy sounds creepy, tell him a big NO - he should let go of you. The key idea is knowing you, your reactions, and what you want so you don’t end up regretting sooner or later. If you feel okay with him calling you sexy and hot, you need to do a few assessments. Is it because he is super handsome that you cannot resist him? Be careful not to get into a relationship based on a guy’s looks. You should only flirt back if you truly like him and know him well. A little smile would not harm. Remember that you only have a single lifetime, and in the end, you will regret more for things you couldn’t accomplish than what you did wrong.




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