Kate Hudson Wiki: Movie, Net worth, Pregnancy, 'Almost Famous' And Facts to Know

Kate Hudson has been in nearly 30 movies and she has a net worth of $38 million dollars. Kate Hudson is not just an actress, she is also a business woman who is about to have a baby! She is also the daughter of Goldie Hawn and the brother of Oliver Hudson.

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Kate Hudson Wiki: Movie, Net worth, Pregnancy, 'Almost Famous' And Facts to Know

Kate Hudson: Savant, Baby Momma, Daughter of Goldie Hawn

Kate Garry Hudson was born on April 19, 1979 to two famous parents: Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson. Her mother and father split when she was about 18 months old and it was then that Goldie Hawn got together with another famous actor by the name of, Kurt Russell. Kate Hudson considers Russell to be her father. While she was raised by two actors, Kate’s fame is all her own. She worked hard to get where she is and she hasn't been see riding anyone’s coattails.

Kate Hudson and Family

Getty Images. #Squadgoals

Kate Hudson is not just an actress, but she is also a powerful role model, an author a mother, and a business woman. To put it plainly, Kate is a savant. She has been in nearly 30 movies, including 'Raising Helen, as well as 7 TV shows, and she has a net worth of $38 million dollars. Kate has a unique style, that she refers to as boho chic and she recently announced her pregnancy with her third child, a baby girl with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. Kate is also an author who recently released her own book "Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love your Body". She loves making her own jewelry and shopping at vintage shops. Kate and her family are definitely #SquadGoals. Here are some things you might not know about Kate Hudson.


Kate made her TV debut fin 1994 on 'Party of Five.' She later went on to make her movie debut in 1998 with two movies, 'Desert Blue' and 'Ricochet River.' She went on to star in 'Almost Famous,' in 2000. It was her role in 'Almost Famous' that earned her Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards. She went on to act in 30 movies, including 'Raising Helen' and was on 7 TV shows, including her recurring role on Glee.

Kate Hudson in 'Almost Famous'

Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in her 2000 movie 'Almost Famous.'

Kate Hudson: Business Woman and Net Worth

Kate Hudson is much more than an actress. She also directed a short movie titled 'Cutlass,' in 2007. along with her step-father Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Chevy Chase, Virginia Madsen, and Kristen Stewart. In 2001 Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, and Oliver Hudson started the production company 'Cosmic Entertainment, ' and then Kate went onto co-found Fabletics in 2013 with Justfab. In 2016 she wrote a book called “Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways To Love Your Body”. As of January of 2018 her net worth is $38 million dollars.

Kate and her dad Kurt

After losing her oscar nomination Kurt told Kate "now you can have a career"

Life Outside of Stardom

If all of that wasn’t enough to love Kate Hudson- she has three adorable dogs: Clara, Doctor, and Bella. She also can play guitar and piano as well as speak french. Kate also has adopted her mother’s Buddhist beliefs and practices transcendental meditation twice a day. She makes jewelry and she enjoys shopping. She's never had the opportunity to buy clothes for a baby girl, so this should be fun for her.


Kate Hudson wearing her athletic fashion line, Fabletics


Kate comes from a large family. She is the little sister of actor Oliver Hudson, as well as Emily Hudson, Zachary Hudson, Lalania Hudson, and Wyatt Russell. Kate has two sons Ryder Russell and Bingham Hawn from previous relationships. She also recently announced that she is expecting a baby with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.


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