Fetish Dating: 9 Best Apps to Find Like Minded People

Connect with people who share the same fetish #embracefetish

By Sophia R
Fetish Dating: 9 Best Apps to Find Like Minded People

What is a Fetish

The obsessions with certain parts of the body or with certain objects are something more common than is believed. Such philias are also very specific to each individual.

A fetish is a sexual deviation that consists of fixing some part of the human body or some garment related to it as an object of excitement and desire.

Are Fetish Weird?

In the 21st century, however, does it make sense to speak of fetishism as paraphilia?

No, no. The thing is a matter of definition since psychoanalyst theories do not speak properly of disease, normality, or abnormality. It's called paraphilia, that is, what is out of the ordinary.

And the paraphilias can become something that disturbs the life of the person or turns them into a pervert?

Well, sleep, nightmares, debt can disrupt a person's life. Medicine and psychology do not define fetishism or paraphilias as something good or bad, it can be perverted but by definition, as someone who disrupts the order of things. If you are a fetishist, you live your fetish fully and happily, you have never hurt anyone, you are whole, happy, you cannot be considered bad.

Rapists are generally not fetishists, so remember that the fetishist seeks the object, not the subject.

The fetishist can steal shoes or boots, or any fetish object, there the fault is not in being a fetishist, but in violating private property.

9 Best Apps to Find Like-Minded People

Flirting online is in fashion. Tinder transformed the way people meet through apps. There are all kinds of platforms: to find only sporadic sex, to flirt with those you share tastes and hobbies, for retirees, for celiacs, for ugly people, and even for prisoners. There are even apps to have dates with kinks or fetishists.

It doesn't matter if you feel like something stable or you just want to meet someone who shares your same erotic tastes in bed, there are hundreds of applications and websites that make it easy for you to find someone who specifically suits what you hope to find. . If you are a member of the BDSM community, forget about the typical dating apps and give the ones that are specially designed for you a chance. Today we bring you new app options so that you have a great variety to choose from and find that special someone; or even new friends with whom to share your tastes and your most exciting experiences.

1. KinkD

KinkD: Fetish, BDSM Dating & Kinky Fet Lifestyle
‎KinkD: Kink, BDSM Dating Life

It is the so-called Tinder for lovers of sadomasochism and fetishists and comes with the aim of reactivating sexual desire and passion. During testing in the United States, the application achieved about 30,000 users.

"The purpose of KinkD is to help fetishists connect with each other and bring madness and debauchery into the bedroom," explains KinkD co-founder John Martinek. "When sex is monotonous this can help," he explains.

"The app came from one of the co-founders: his sex life had become very monotonous and he wanted to find something to reactivate it," he tells. "He was surfing the net and a video about sadomasochism caught his eye."

Most fetish users are between the ages of 35 and 55. "I think it is something different than the average age of Tinder, which will surely be younger than that," he declares. In addition, he states that it is also for the LGTB collective and that users can select their gender as transgender.

2. Fantasy

‎Fantasy Match: Couples App

This is Fantasy, the application for risky people who want to find their ‘half-demon’, a lover who has similar sexual tastes. The theory of "opposites attract" does not apply here.

The 'app' asks for detailed information on what a person is specifically looking for in bed and what he or she does not support and finds a partner who enjoys their resemblance to the fullest. Its advantages put it to compete strongly against Tinder, Grinder, or Bumble, although there is no romantic promise involved here, it is just sex. In addition, it delves into the depths of fantasies, as it questions fetishes so that these data are visible to other users

3. Vanilla Umbrella

VU:BDSM Dating& Fet Life Style Chat Meet Personals
‎VU: BDSM Dating Fet Life Style

If you are into BDSM, finding a sexual partner through most dating apps can be difficult, but you don't have to worry much because there is also a community so you can connect with people who share your sexual tastes. Vanilla Umbrella is a dating app where you can connect with all kinds of people with a fondness for fetishism, swingers, and ultimately unconventional sexual tendencies. It also has a chat where you can share experiences with groups of people and arrange meetings with like-minded people.

4. Whiplr

‎Whiplr - Messenger with Kinks on the App Store
Whiplr for Android - APK Download

Whiplr is the largest online community for BDSM experts and beginners. They have more than two million users and it does not discriminate for any reason. It allows its members to list their fetishes, to ensure greater compatibility with their matches. Its privacy options are very good, although it also has an option to remain anonymous (with certain limitations to guarantee the safety of other users).

5. KinkS

‎KinK, BDSM & Fet Dating: KinkS
Kikoo - Kink, BDSM, Fetish Online Dating App

KinkS is an app that allows you to meet other members of the BDSM community through their roles. That is, to connect one person with another, what matters is whether he is submissive or dominant; and what role are you looking for. Connect couples or threesomes of any gender and sexual preference. A great plus of KinkS over other apps is that it also allows voice, text, and video chat.

6. Kinkoo

‎Kinkoo: Kinky, Fet BDSM Dating
Kinkoo: BDSM, Fetish & Kink Dating for Kinky Life

Kinkoo is a quite interesting app for people with sexual fetishes. It has a simple design that hides the most pleasant perversions behind an app that, at first glance, looks very elegant due to its isotype that consists of a necklace, the kind that is used as sexual accessories that encourage you to give in to your most burning desires. Knout guarantees that the profiles of his BDSM-loving users are completely real.

7. Luxy

‎Luxy- Selective Dating
Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single

They define themselves as the leading dating app for the "rich, successful, beautiful, and attractive singles who love luxury." Ok, segmenting your interests is not bad, but when 41% of your users earn more than 1 million dollars, there is talk of tremendous exclusivity, because according to their income algorithms, there is no way that someone who earns less than 200 thousand dollars can enter. Ah, but yes, they clarify that it is not the space to continue with the sugar daddy boom, but that it is perfect for the millionaires of the world to find love.

8. Hater

It is very nice to find love with a person who shares our tastes, but maybe it is much better to find it with a person who hates the same things as you, right? (insert you sigh here) In Hater you can do it because you know like-minded people who hate that people walk slowly down the sidewalk, that other couples love each other, that people take time to use an ATM, that someone chews making a lot of noise, and more. If you have iOS, you can download it and see what happens.

9. Desire

‎Desire - Couples Game

Desire is an app for couples that is very much in the line of Kindu but with a more playful spirit. It allows you to send spicy messages and propose challenges of all kinds that also have an expiration date. As challenges are completed on time, the app gives points to each of the participants and allows them to win up to 50 different trophies. It also has a private internal chat in which messages disappear once they are read.

Safety Tips in Apps and When Meeting Up

Dating apps are great, they allow us to meet people and have fun in the process. However, there are a few cases where some users of these apps have been victims of crime. The good news is that by following the 3 tips it is easy to avoid experiencing a dangerous situation on dating apps:

1. Don't trust strangers

Any crime originating from these apps begins with an excessive deposit of trust by the victim towards the perpetrator. On one hand, we can often feel a "special connection" while chatting with someone. On the other hand, we tend to have a certain excess of confidence in our abilities to "defend ourselves". Both attitudes are what put our safety at risk.

2. Never give financial aid or information

 Many people feel the crush of cupid while chatting with their match. As "trust" increases, your match poses an economic need. They can also say they belong to a company and deliver an award, but to access it you need a credit card or a management fee. The excuses are many and very elaborate.

It does not matter how much attraction or trust you feel on your part, never send money or provide your bank or credit information. The tricks they use are elaborate so there will be attractive promises. No matter the story or if the amount is small, never do it no matter how convincing it sounds.

3. Have dates in public places

Mary was chatting with a very attractive boy for three weeks. He was cool, friendly, and open-minded which led to sexting. That is why they agreed to meet in a secluded place and if there was chemistry they would fulfill their first fantasy together.

The area was ideal, there was no one, while Mary waited, she saw a man walking through the area. After about 10 minutes the same man approaches her and introduces himself. That person was the one who had spoken to her but it was not the one in the photos. She was afraid to scream since the man was huge. Luckily it was a fake scare and it was a relief that nothing else happened.

Unfortunately, we know similar stories but with much less fortunate outcomes. The good news is that these types of situations are very easy to avoid. To protect your safety, it is best to meet your date in public places. Within the public places, the ideal is pubs, bars, restaurants, etc.

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So here you go. Go for your fetish and connect with like-minded people with these apps. Be smart about meeting strangers and build trust before going further. Have fun and keep safe!