Love, Sex, Communication: The Best Matches For A Cancer Man

So, you’re crushing on a Cancer man. Are you his best bet yet?

By Hana O.
Love, Sex, Communication: The Best Matches For A Cancer Man

Ever found yourself interested in a Cancer man? Want to know if you’re ready to commit to someone who is highly intuitive, nurturing, and emotional? Read on to discover more. 

First, let’s look at the general information surrounding a Cancer man. They are those born between June 21 to July 22. Their symbol is the crab and is the fourth sign in the zodiac. Their planet is the moon, and their element is water. 


Cancers are primarily known to be a very sensitive sign. They are emotional, very intuitive, and have a nurturing personality. People have described Cancers to wear their hearts on their sleeves, meaning you can definitely feel their emotions. 


Cancer men can be overly moody or sentimental, hence the term “crabby.” Consequently, they are introverts, meaning they prefer having a small group of close connections and would rather stay home than go out. When it comes to conversations, you would need to go the deep and intimate route than superficial topics. 


As for Cancer men in a relationship, they are very loyal, protective, and caring. His partner would definitely be well-taken care of. Think this type would suit you best? Do read on to confirm. 

Cancer men: negative traits

To get these out of the way, let’s consider the traits of Cancer men that might not be attractive. For example, they are very sensitive and moody, making them annoying at times. They don’t respond well to criticisms or emotional situations. They’re also prone to brooding, so what you say could bother them for extended periods. 


Cancer men are also vindictive. Although their default setting is to get their way through kindness, they can resort to revenge should someone cause them pain. These are the top traits to watch out for when pinning interest in a Cancer man. 

Cancer men: positive traits

Now, for the good stuff. We know that they’re emotional and introverted – these also have a good connotation. Cancer men care deeply for those they love. This means they are loyal. Get them to open up and give you trust, and you have yourself a man who is committed. You can expect your Cancer man to do what it takes to support you and provide you with love. 


Cancer men are also very intuitive, which goes hand in hand with their protective nature. Their heightened emotional senses make them detect changes in others. Their intuition is more often than not accurate. With that, you can expect to be cherished and protected because your Cancer man understands you. 


He will shower you with love, safety, and comfort because you matter most. As they are tied to the symbolism of “home,” much like a crab and its shell, you can be sure that he will protect what is his.  

What characteristics attract a cancer man?

Do you think you have what it takes to capture a Cancer man’s heart? Let’s take a look at the top characteristics that attract a Cancer man.


We’ve mentioned earlier that family is most important to a Cancer man. They do love to spend time with their loved ones. With that said, the quickest way to a Cancer man’s heart is through his family and your love for yours. This means you will need to be on good terms with his parents. Show him that family is a priority for you, and you’ve got a shoe-in. 

Vulnerable and trusting

Just as much as he is open to you, a Cancer man expects you to be vulnerable to him. He might take a while to give you his trust, so you would need to do it first. Let him in on your secrets, ask him for his opinion or advice, and make him feel important in your life.

Traditions are upheld

Next, you must be ready to create and uphold traditions with a Cancer man. They are also quite old-school when it comes to social norms. For example, the term “friends with benefits” or a one-night stand does not exist in his vocabulary. 


There is also properly asking each other out and gaining the parents’ approval to consider. If you prefer an open relationship or one with no labels, it might clash with a Cancer man’s values. The same goes for traditions that you create together. He expects a commitment to them. 

Outspoken and bold

Given that Cancer men are introverts and emotional, you might have to be the one who makes the first move. They are shy. It will be your bold, outspoken, and strong personality that attracts him out of his shell. 


Equally nurturing

Lastly, a Cancer man finds someone who has a naturally nurturing character to be attractive. He will need to be coddled and pampered, after all. This goes beyond your relationship with him but extends to his loved ones. 

What traits shy them away?

You might have gotten a glimpse of the traits that push a Cancer man away based on the things that attract him. Here are a few more, just in case. 


Cancer men hate fleeting, unstable, and unsure personalities. They are gentle, sensitive, and loyal by nature. Someone who is unpredictable, commitment-phobic, and is a flight-risk would not be compatible with a Cancer man. 


Furthermore, those who do not want to be tied down, whether on family traditions or settling down in a particular area to build a home would not gain a Cancer man’s approval. Those who love socializing and going out might also clash with a Cancer man’s need to stay indoors.


Cancer men also hate secretive and private personalities as they tend to be very transparent individuals and expect the same from their partner. Lastly, someone who is arrogant and always steals his thunder or spotlight, making him insecure and overthink, would not do well with a Cancer man. 

Which zodiac signs are the best love matches for a cancer man?

We’ve got the traits, good and bad, listed down. Now, let’s talk about love compatibility. There are five signs that are most suited to a Cancer’s personality in terms of love.


One is Virgo. This sign’s strong sense of self and confidence can lead to the two falling in love easily. What’s more, Virgos are known to be perceptive, an equal match to Cancer’s intuition. Virgos are also practical to balance Cancer’s moodiness. 


Cancer men are also compatible with the Taurus sign because they complement one another and are both very romantic beings. They love to spoil their partners, leaving the other fully satiated. Taurus signs are also very passionate, which match a Cancer’s intense nature. 


A Cancer-Capricorn match is another compatible relationship because of the two signs’ generous nature. They’re both sensitive, love to be in love, optimistic, and equally stubborn. The complementing aspects make for a functioning relationship. 


Scorpios are compatible with the Cancer sign due to their highly dynamic senses. These are two intuitive signs, meaning there are minimal risks for misunderstandings and confusing fights. Add that to their rational natures, and you have a balance. Lastly, the Cancer sign matches Pisces well because of the sense of security the latter brings in a long-term relationship. Pisces are dedicated and sentimental in a partnership – traits that work well with the Cancer sign. 

Which zodiac signs are the most sexually compatible with?

When it comes to sex, Cancer men look for emotional involvement and stability before engaging in the act of physical intimacy. Sex is not something done on a one-night-stand basis. He expects his sexual partner to be someone he can protect and nurture. 


With that said, the best matches for a Cancer sign in terms of sexual compatibility would be Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces because of the traits mentioned above. Consequently, they do not go well with Aries and Libra because of their need to be free and be adventurous. 

Which zodiac signs can they communicate with most deeply?

In any relationship, compatibility in communication is a crucial thing to consider. We’ve already established that Cancer men prefer deep conversation over small talk. Because of that, they mesh well with Scorpio. These two water signs know how to get any conversation flowing. They’re instinctive and intuitive. Once their walls are down, these two can reach great depths in communication. 


Going the “opposites attract” route, Cancer men are also compatible with Capricorn signs because they are opposites and are naturally drawn to one another. Their communication is a tango and quite fulfilling – there is giving and receiving. With this setup, a deep bond is created in this partnership. 


Cancer men might be moody but having a relationship with one is definitely satisfying. Check to see for compatibility and if you have what it takes to match their needs and requirements, and you’re good to go!