5 Ways to Score a Date with my Introvert Crush

Introverts could be one of the most interesting people

By Aey
5 Ways to Score a Date with my Introvert Crush

What Are Some Characteristics Of An Introvert?

To get closer with your introverted crush, you must first be familiar with what introversion is. Introverts as a stereotype are perceived to be very shy, reserved, and perhaps a bit hostile. But introversion must not be confused with shyness.

There is a difference though. A shy person does not have great social confidence but they enjoy being around people and want to interact anyway. An introvert, on the other hand, may or may not be confident but what makes them an introvert is how social gatherings make them feel. Introversion is when a person feels highly exhausted and drained after interacting with some people. Similar to the batteries in our cellphones, human beings also feel drained sometimes, which is what makes “me time” so crucial and necessary. While introverts feel drained, their counterparts feel energized after hanging out with a big group.

Introverts prefer to work on their own as it helps them have better concentration and focus. They don’t do well in activities that involve groups or teams. Your crush may seem zoned out a lot too. This is due to the reason that introverts sometimes tend to escape their current situation when they feel overwhelmed. They do this by returning to their internal imagination and finding the ‘calm’ in there.  

What makes introverts attractive?

So you are head over heels for this one person, but have you ever wondered what makes them so attractive to you? Introverts tend to be a bit more on the mysterious side of things. They are not intentionally secretive but their nature compels them to not be as open to new people. This mysterious aura is one of the many factors that make an introvert so interesting. They unintentionally play hard to get. Your crush’s introversion is what holds him back from revealing too much about themselves.

Another reason introverts are so attractive is their ability to listen without interrupting you. An extrovert will cut in your sentences even when they are trying to listen to you. Being a good listener is a vital quality that you must look for when finding a romantic partner because a good listener will surely be good at communicating. And communication is the foundation for any healthy and thriving relationship. Introverts also know themselves very well. They aren’t afraid of being alone and enjoy their own company often. This way they have a lot of time to be in tune with their internal being. They know what they like and dislike. Someone sure of who they are is usually much more attractive than a person who just can’t seem to decide.

When it comes to any form of courtship, the person who is more of a challenge to get close to is always the more desirable person. People like to chase their crush. The tug and pull of a blooming relationship is something that fills you up with adrenaline and who doesn’t love that rush and thrill? No wonder introverts can be so enticing.

Do introverts text first?

Unfortunately one of the downsides to having an introvert crush is that they will rarely be the one to text first. Their texting game is so off that they come off as hostile and cold. Let us assure you this is not the case. If your introvert crush doesn’t text you first, leave your ego at the door and make the first move yourself. They will surely text back. Introverts prefer flirting through text rather than in real life. So you might notice that their energy through the screen and their energy when you are face to face are drastically different. Most introverts are over thinkers and they will mull over the idea of texting you first a thousand times in their brain before they can do it.

Heavy flirting can be a little intimidating for some introverts so try to keep it casual and friendly at first. Share memes through Instagram or send cute voice notes. This way your crush will slowly begin to trust you more and open up to you. Gaining an introvert’s trust is the most vital step in getting them to like you. They will begin to feel like talking to you is less and less tiring until one day when they start to look forward to your texts. Don’t worry if he responds a little later than you wanted, he might just be thinking of the perfect thing to say to impress you.

How do I know if an introvert is interested in dating me?

An introvert’s gestures of affection are not obnoxious and loud. Rather they adopt a skillful subtlety to their flirting that leaves you wondering if they were even flirting in the first place. It’s all in the little things for the introverts. Your crush likely values his space a lot. The places where he is alone are the ones where he is likely to spend most of his time. So if he takes you to his favorite library, a clearing in the forest, or simply just his room, you are someone special. These private places are not places where your crush will take just anyone. It shows you mean something to him.

A second sign that an introvert is interested in you is that they get awkward and flustered around you. They don’t know what to say so sometimes they choose to not say anything at all. An adorable and heartwarming thing that introverts do to gain your attention when they like you are going to events they have no interest in attending just as an excuse to get to see your charming face. They will try their level best to step out of their comfort zone and attend parties they know you will be at or go to a school football match they know you won’t miss out on! They will do anything just to see you one more time and if that isn’t the cutest thing a crush can do I don’t know what is.

How do I get an introvert to ask me out?

1. Make them feel safe

If you want your crush to finally ask you out, you need to create an environment where he feels comfortable enough to be himself around you. Introverts take time with things so this won’t be a relationship that you just rush into. They are very picky when it comes to selecting their people. Since it takes an introvert a long time to warm up to someone they have to be careful who they let into their inner circle.

2. Talk to his friends about it

You could also consider talking to their friends if you are on a friendly basis with them. Sneakily hint that you want your crush to ask you out and their friends might just help push them along to do it.

3. Joke about dating

 Other than talking to his friends you should also try to drop a few subtle hints here and there for your crush. Tease him a little about it and he will surely prove that he does want you all to himself.

4. Get yourself alone with him

Try to get the two of you to spend more time alone. This will make it seem normal that you are hanging out by yourselves which will eventually get him to pop the question and ask you to be his girlfriend.

5. Develop a friendship first

You should do this in all cases but with an introvert, it is especially important to establish your friendship. Become friends before you can become lovers. This will make it much easier for your crush to be open and confess his feelings at last.

How should I treat an introvert in a romantic setting?

Once you two finally start going out and you cross the talking stage, here are a few tips for being in a relationship with an introverted person. Try to make your dates comfortable for both of you. While you might enjoy a loud concert with huge crowds of people, your crush may not feel as keen.

It is critical to give the other person some space when it is required. Both partners in a relationship should never let go of their other friendships or family bonds. Make sure you have someone else to hang out with other than your partner. Don’t depend on each other only. While dating an introvert, you should try not to take it personally if he does not want to hang out for a day or two. This may mean he just needs to recharge his social energy. Remember to communicate so the two of you are on the same page.

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There is a whole new world lying behind that mystery wall.


Dating an introvert can be a wonderful experience. Although it is hard to get to know them in the start it will all be worth it in the end. The tips and advice in this article will equip you with all the information you need to win over your introverted crush.