Is There A Male G Spot and Where Exactly is It?

How to find the coveted G spot to be the perfect goddess!

By Sophia R
Is There A Male G Spot and Where Exactly is It?

Is there really a Male G Spot?

Yes, you read right: not only ladies have a G-spot; men have it too! And let me tell you that when you find it, the results are explosive. Most people do not know about this secret spot because it is in a place that not everyone is willing to go (hint: the anus). Do you want to face the male point G and take your man to unimaginable places? To start and get in tune, you can be inspired by the postures of Kamasutra, to give free rein to your imagination and your pleasure. Find more out by reading this article!

Where is the spot and how to find

To start, we must know what we are talking about. Most of us females can locate our G-spot, but finding your male partner's is another story. To excite a man, you must know that man's G-spot is his prostate gland.

This is the gland responsible for producing the majority of semen, but also one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. It is located down in the pelvis, under the bladder and almost in front of the rectum. The prostate gland tends to grow with age, causing discomfort such as oppression of the urethra and not passing urine. Men in their 30s and 40s can start having these symptoms. The exploration of male G-Spot is another way of exercising prevention measures.

Now, you can look for his prostate about 7 cm inside his anus, near his genitals. It is about the size and shape of a nut. You will feel an area that will feel like a bump. We know it doesn't sound easy, but you'll both be delighted when you get it done.

Tips and Tricks on Getting the Male G Spot

Now that you actually know that the male G-Spot exists and what it is, you might be ready to give it a try with you man. Here are the best tips and tricks on getting the male G-Spot so this particular sexual practice is enjoyed by both of you! Who knows, it coud becme his favorite!

1. Try it during oral sex

It is better that you try to find his G Spot while practicing oral sex so that he is calm and relaxed. So, while you're making him enjoy that, try to focus all your attention on your hands on his butt. But remember: always tell him what you are about to do, no surprises or else he probably won't be comfortable with it. At least for the first couple of times. 


2. Find the area

To find his G-Spot, you have got to find and prep the area before you go for it, kind of like a little foreplay. Try massaging the part of skin between his anus and testicles (the perineum). It is a very sensitive and explosive area for them, so it is perfect to prepare him for what is coming. Then move your finger around his anus. Do this for a bit until you feel he is excited enough. 

2. Go for it

Take some lubricant and insert your finger little by little, carefully! Try to put your finger about 7cm until you feel the little "nut” we talked about earlier. When you get there, you will be in the right place.At first, it is normal that he will feel a little weird, but he will start enjoying it soon, so no worries. Once you are inside, try to imitate with your fingers the “come here” movement.This will massage the area and drive him crazy! Try to think about what you like when your partner stimulates your G-spot and do the same. Take the same care and time you would use for yourself in regards to pressure and speed. Do it slowly at the beginning, no rushes, and then just go with the flow of movements and his reactions. He will probably reach orgasm very quickly when you find his G-Spot.

3. Use sex toys

Now that you are in the right place and you know how the thing works, you can try different things with your man like sex toys for men, because they are not only for women as it is believed. Maybe you two can use toys like plugs or anal plugs, prostate massagers, or vibrating rings for men. Using these toys when you have sex will encourage sexual intercourse and will have a lot of fun for your partner. It will just take the whole experience to another level! Male Prostate Massager Vibrators Anal Sex Toys Warming 2 Motors 7 Vibrating Modes Prostate Stimulator Waterproof Remote Control Perineum Butt Plug Anal Vibrator Sex Toy for Men: Health & Personal Care

Convincing your man to practise on getting the G spot

We know that due to lack of information or false prejudices of what a man should do in bed and whatnot, there are many who do not even dare to talk about the male G-spot. It is all because as you may now know, it is located within his anus. The pleasure provided through it is mainly associated with homosexuality, and the idea of ​​introducing anything, such as the finger or a dildo in order to stimulate the prostate, causes rejection. And even if they wanted to try it, they may not dare to ask their partner for fear of misunderstanding.

In order to make your man want to try on getting the G Spot, you need to remind him that our sexual orientation is not determined by what we like to do in bed; that is to say, that we try other ways does not doubt our heterosexuality, virility, or anything similar. That is why many men have refused to admit (or refuse) that they get sexual pleasure from the stimulation of the prostate or that area, but, again, you need to make your man know that this is in no way right. There is nothing wrong with wanting to try this practice.

If you have now learned about it and wish to introduce your man to this world, all you have got to do it talk to him about it. That is the way to get him to try this practice. And it is a vital step before getting into any of this. As much as you know that he is going to freak out with pleasure, it is not acceptable for you to enter his anal cavity with your fingers surprisingly. That will only make him pretty much traumatized and he will probably not want to try anything related again.

One of the first keys to enjoying this experience is relaxation, so let him know your intentions and assure him that you will follow his instructions if it does not convince him or he is not feeling good. Just talk to him about it, show him the facts, including this article, and let him know that you wish to practice all of that with him. It is as simple as that! Now, if he does not want to do it even after all of this, the right thing is to drop it and give him time to think about it. You could ask him again sometime later, but never push him or make him do anything he is not comfortable with or is not ready for. Sex is something that should always be consented and liked by the people that are doing it. The opposite will only drive you apart. 


Yep, every day you learn something new! This time, it was something that will make your sexual encounters much better for your man. Seriously, he will love it, and will even love you more for willing to try and give him so much pleasure, too. Now that you know all the basic tips and tricks, start getting into it and become better each time around. Remember, show him all about it, talk to him, get him ino it, and finally try it. If it is for the two of you, you will both love the experience, and of course, will be getting better at it everytime. You will be thankful that you learned to do that to your partner, too! Win-win situation here!